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M a x i m u m  R S S

***updated Septemember 2015***

IMPORTANT! "RSS" is not a stock ticker! If you're looking for my hot stock picks, I mainly post them at my Van Scan board found here: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/board.aspx?board_id=12481

This board (the one you're at) is a board designed to help you understand and use an RSS reader and RSS feeds to WIN BIG AT THE MICROCAP MARKETS.


by cargo_hauler

"(((((It's Awesome)))) The RSS feedreader is the first thing I turn on in the morning to get an idea of what people are talking about on the MOMO boards... With just a 30 second glance, I can see what people on 10 different boards are talking about, without going to any of the boards...It's really one of the more useful tools I have found to navigate the I-hub maze with...Thanks for "turning me on" to it last spring..."

by pennies2007
"Everyone needs to set up the RSS feeder. It's an extremely valuable tool for navigating IHUB. For those that don't know, it literally keeps you up to date and connected with multiple boards at the same time. It's how many of our IHUB folks receive the news feeds we post right here on OTCBB ALERTS."

There are plenty more testimonials by users just like you on the forum below!


So if "RSS" isn't a ticker symbol, what is it??? Well, it is a free tool of unbelievable worth to investors. Please read on to find out more.

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." If you've ever seen little orange RSS or XML boxes on the sidebars or bottoms of websites and wondered what they are - now you know. They are links for those technologically advanced few that know the incredible value of an RSS reader. Basically it means that the webpage is set up in such a fashion so as to be uber-friendly to RSS readers. So what does "uber-friendly" mean? It means that the page has been coded in such a way as to allow these readers to slurp the meaningful data on the page and quickly organize it in a user-friendly manner...without the user ever having to actually visit the actual website/webpage. Think of it almost as new email arriving whenever the webpage is updated. RSS is especially useful to keep track of news sites, forums, and blogs.

Most browsers now AUTOMATICALLY discover if a website or webpage is equipped with RSS. Look for the little orange RSS symbol in or on or near your sidebar or address bar!

One of the most helpful tools available to stock traders is a good RSS feed reader. This will allow you to quickly scan the latest buzz regarding a vast array of stocks. RSS has helped me (and many others) to make a lot of money. If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of where investor dollars are going next - perhaps the most effective tool to help you will be an RSS reader.

On this board I'll be encouraging the use of only a couple different RSS readers. These readers are *FREE* to download and/or use. I am not selling anything here. I do not stand to profit from your downloading these or using these. My motive is to prove my worth to the iHub community and hopefully make a few new investor-friends in the process.

What an RSS feed reader allows me to do…
--Search the hottest boards for a specific stock ticker and see real-time posts about said ticker.
--Automatically download the latest posts of any board in real time. (even the ones that get deleted later LOL!)
--Put several different boards into one folder and see real-time chronological data across the entire spectrum of contents.
--Quickly scan thousands of words and easily browse (one click) to specific posts that look meaningful.
--Easily interact with posts/posters on boards you rarely visit based on their posting content of significance to you.
--Keep track of a specific iHub member and their latest posts (in real-time).
--Create ongoing "searches" (for things like buzzwords, ticker symbols, member names) that continuously scan and update data across a broad spectrum of hot stock boards.


In order to take advantage of the RSS feeds here at iHub, you'll need an RSS reader. There are hundreds available but I've found ONE that works best. It is called FeedReader. This is a standalone reader that is to your RSS feeds what Outlook is to your emails. (NOTE: you can also import your RSS feeds into Outlook, but I don't recommend it).

NOTE: This is freeware that is completely safe, works great, and has no spyware or viruses in it. 100% clean! FeedReader is still the fastest and most reliable in delivery *almost* real-time data. You'll have to ask me about the "almost real-time tweak." smile

Once downloaded, install it onto your computer.


RSS feeds can easily be imported or exported in an OPML file. Hopefully, something you will find to be of significant value is my OPML file that you can *freely* download and import into your reader. Yes, it's true. Free. No strings. Period.

This file should save you hours and hours and hours! If you're a microcap trader, I think I've got some of the very best RSS feeds of the best boards and the best posters that iHub has to offer. Barring any unfortunate unforseen dismemberments, I'll try and keep it updated somewhat regularly so you can be assured you're importing the latest and greatest (remember: iHub is in a constant state of flux):

Save the file to your Desktop and then Import it into Feedreader by selecting File/Import OPML


Adding A Board RSS Feed
Adding A Poster's RSS Feed

Select File/New/Feed or Just hit F3. Paste the URL of the RSS feed into the box.


Feel free to ask me questions on this board. I'll try and answer them. Just want to lend a hand to my fellow and sister investors!

Feel free to post your sage counsel on this board about RSS. Feel free to share your OPML file with others. If you try RSS and find it beneficial, please let the other investors know. Post a hearty "amen" or two and tell the world to use RSS.

RSS is an investor's best friend. RSS might even be better than charts at helping you win in the microcap markets!!!

***********CONCERNING THE OPML (FEEDS) FILE**************
If you would like to know every time I update the feeds file, please sign up for the email alerts (the link down just a teeny tiny little bit and to the left).


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#511   I have successfully installed FeedReader and the O* pocoru 12/13/11 09:31:26 PM
#510   Sweet, thanks for the update.. I need to Penny Roger$ 10/26/11 08:41:18 PM
#509   I did about two months ago. Plenty of vantillian 10/26/11 08:39:19 PM
#508   Oh, cool.. lol.. never even noticed. Have you Penny Roger$ 10/26/11 08:38:19 PM
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#504   Hey Van. IAMLEGEND 10/25/11 12:08:54 AM
#503   As of 3:30 Pacific time today, they have Aram 10/24/11 06:32:21 PM
#502   Fixed. IH Geek [Dave] 10/24/11 04:34:07 PM
#501   I sent a support request on this issue Aram 10/24/11 11:21:10 AM
#500   It looks like iHub removed aliases from their vantillian 10/24/11 05:50:26 AM
#499   Hey Aram, IAMLEGEND 10/20/11 11:32:30 PM
#498   I too am addicted to FeedReader and use Aram 10/20/11 10:42:18 PM
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#495   Hey vantillian, IAMLEGEND 10/20/11 11:01:18 AM
#494   LATEST RSS OPML FILE!!! September 2011 http://www.otcuniversity.com/DOWNLOADS/fe vantillian 09/17/11 08:28:41 PM
#493   there are some in the ibox! vantillian 08/13/11 03:06:49 PM
#492   Do you have a video tutorial? Choi 08/07/11 09:11:37 PM
#491   I wish I did. I'd go with a vantillian 08/07/11 07:06:58 PM
#490   Do you have any recommendations for the OSX platform? Gotusucka 08/07/11 07:06:12 PM
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#488   LATEST RSS OPML FILE!!! August 2011 http://www.otcuniversity.com/DOWNLOADS/feeds vantillian 08/07/11 06:32:09 PM
#487   Try feedDemon.com -- it syncs with Google Reader vantillian 08/06/11 11:25:35 PM
#486   hey Van, I'm using Google FR, is there MadeBucksOnThis 06/23/11 08:45:01 PM
#485   I'm shocked at how FEW people on iHub MrG 05/08/11 02:32:25 AM
#484   HaHa, thank you very much!! I got it StarSpangledBanner 04/07/11 10:54:19 AM
#483   here's the working link: http://www.otcuniversity.com/uploads/maximumrss.zip vantillian 04/07/11 10:44:55 AM
#482   Did you download the OPML file? All you vantillian 04/07/11 10:43:42 AM
#481   Thank you sir. I've already done that. What StarSpangledBanner 04/07/11 10:42:58 AM
#480   www.feedreader.com vantillian 04/07/11 10:38:35 AM
#479   Mr. vantillian, I recently (yesterday) became intrigued by StarSpangledBanner 04/07/11 10:37:49 AM
#478   Does IHUB no longer have RSS feeds? I juxtaposezen 04/06/11 11:00:01 AM
#477   Thanks! vantillian 02/19/11 02:10:14 AM
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