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10-01-2008 A letter from Jason to the stock holders:

Message from the CEO - Oct. 01, 2008 8:45 AM

As most of you (MNTY shareholders) are already aware, the SEC has recently filed a lawsuit against me, Jason Brola, as well as several other individuals and numerous business entities.


On or about September 24, 2008, the SEC filed a suit within The UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS DALLAS DIVISION alleging I, along with other named defendants, violated various sections of the Securities & Exchange Act.  The suit even went as far to say I "schemed" to "evade" a registration process for the shares I received from a third party.


Although the lawsuit does not include me nor my name as many times in which it does others, I am still of the absolute belief that the times I am included in the lawsuit are beyond unwarranted.


Please understand I am fully aware, there are many people out there who do in fact "scheme" via the OTC Market and use the Pink Sheet trading platform to scam people out of money, however I am absolutely not that person.  Any company in which I have personally started and been a part of has been a very real and a very legitimate company with a legitimate business model.


In 2004, I started an ebay drop-off store company that employed approximately 12.  We found our way into the Pink Sheets and began raising capital.  I, along with my partner, opened a few stores, one of which was in McKinney, Texas, and the other in downtown Dallas, TX, on Elm Street.  Due to the acceptance and interest from the public as well as the interested entrepreneurs who wanted to open their own drop-off stores we worked with a franchise firm from Chicago so we could begin selling franchises.  We also had our own software developed so our franchisees would have access to an online platform which offered the most efficient tools to get the job done.  Everything was going great until we were subpoena by the SEC and soon thereafter learned certain individuals had mislead us and lied to us while doing so.  Many shareholders believed my partner and I were the culprits who stole their invested money but that proved to be the furthest from the truth.


In 2006 I wrote a business plan to once again use ebay as the platform…Enter eCarfly.  I did approach a gentleman about buying the business plan from me for Free Trading Shares however I wouldn't exactly call that approach a "Scheme".  My goal was to continue writing legitimate business plans which created real solutions for real problems.  I thought I could write business plans and sell them much like a Song-writer does with music.  If you create and put something to paper, which you believe to be of value, then you desire to be compensated for it, if it is sold.  I was successful at making arrangements to receive shares in the company when it went public. 


Once I received the shares, which were not stamped with ANY restrictions whatsoever, I took them to a local Fidelity Investments branch and asked to deposit them.  The advisor at Fidelity was helpful and said I would be eligible to begin trading the security within 24 hours.   Not one person ever advised me of any restrictions and especially the financial advisors whom you would expect to know whether a security was restricted or not.  Nor did one person ever advise me of a need to register the security and especially the financial advisors whom you would expect to know whether a security needed to be registered or was simply classified as "Free-Trading".  There was absolutely nothing in the world to stop me from selling the security and I had no reason to believe I was violating any law in doing so.  Next, I did what anybody would do with securities and I sold my holdings over the next month or longer.


I realize this isn't a courtroom and it most certainly isn't the place to try a case for justice and I'm not posting this letter so to try and make someone feel bad for me or others.  However, I felt it very necessary to at least try and give my shareholders and the investment community some insight into the allegations and the so-called "scheme" the SEC has alleged I created or carried out.  Although I believe I am absolutely, positively 100% innocent of the allegations, I am truly embarrassed for all the shareholders of MNTY and apologize to each and every one of you for these circumstances.


I don't have any information to offer regarding an expected timeline or final outcome as to the lawsuit and at this point I believe it is better not to speculate.  I will say my brother, James Brola, and I are continuing to try and resolve the issues regarding MNTY.  I would also like to make clear any issues or reasons for which MNTY is being held at bay do not have anything to do with any actions taken by James nor myself.  The filings in question are from April 2006 and do not relate to the above stated lawsuit, whatsoever.


Until a regulatory body informs me that there is absolutely no way Market 99, Ltd. ( will be authorized to ever again operate as a normal Pink Sheet company, I will continue in resolving any and all issues, regarding MNTY.


Going forward, I have located and secured an additional Pink Sheet Symbol.  I have made arrangements to utilize this additional pink-sheet entity as a holding company.  I am exploring the possibility of having this holding company buy-out the assets and liabilities of MNTY so the shareholders of MNTY do not lose all they've invested BUT please understand this is not a promise for ANY buy-out, yet it is a potential backup plan, in the event FINRA or NASDAQ does not allow us to correct everything.


The holding company will most likely acquire the InVogue Accessories brand as well as other retail clothing boutiques and a new clothing label, of which I have already made initial agreements with, to be acquired.


My hopes are either MNTY will soon be given a stamp of renewal and approval by the powers that be OR our attorneys discover an efficient way to have the new holding company acquire all the assets and liabilities.  I will keep you informed of any further progress regarding Market 99 and InVogue Accessories Corp.




Jason Brola

Market 99, Ltd.




 7-5-08 RS seems to have been delayed


To see Accumulation/Distribution And Money Flow Index Charts for MNTY...

Transfer Agent Manhattan Transfer Registrar Co., 57 Eastwood Road Miller Place, NY 17764 Market99 Ltd Photos


DISCLAIMER: This is a message board, and nothing stated here is a guarantee of profitability. Stock purchases are risky. You should make your own decision before buying this or any stock. 





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