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Absolutely sweet talker 06/10/22 11:34 AM
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Contact Details for JPO....fwifw: Zardiw 05/10/22 5:30 PM
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MOPN Recently reinstated in the state of Nevada Spartanfan1 02/20/22 2:04 PM
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MOP Environmental Solutions (MOPN)

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MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. and JPO Companies, Inc. Complete Merger

James O’Brien, CEO of the new MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. announced the completion of the merger between MOP and JPO Companies, Inc. bringing the JPO Absorbents line of products under the MOP banner

Fairfield, CT (PRWEB) August 08, 2014

MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. and JPO Companies, Inc. Complete Merger

The nearly-four-year saga of MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. (Pinksheets: MOPN) from near-bankruptcy following the death of CEO and Inventor Charles Diamond to a company poised to break out in the environmental remediation arena, is finally completed; as today James O’Brien, CEO of the new MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. announced the completion of the merger between MOP and JPO Companies, Inc. bringing the JPO Absorbents line of products under the MOP banner.

“We knew that this was going to be a challenging process,” said CEO O’Brien, “JPO was a great little company and MOP was in trouble, but had the intellectual property that we needed to break out - to make us stand out in the field. Bringing the two companies together with some new products - like MOP Plus - combining the technologies of the two companies has created a company where truly the whole is greater than the sum of the parts; we are incredibly excited about the future. ”

“For the past year we have been field testing the response of customers and prospects to our new JPO-Ultra Blend, the JPO-100 series, current MOP products, and to MOP Plus, our newest product. The response has been tremendous! Combining the intellectual property, the patents and the assets of the two companies allows us to aggressively reach out to both the response side and the maintenance side of the spill cleanup market - something that very few other companies can do. We believe that the result will be exponential rather than linear growth for the new MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. through the existing relationships and extensive network of JPO Absorbents.”

“Jamie O’Brien deserves a lot of credit for having the foresight to bring this merger to completion,” said James Reck, Vice President of the new MOP Environmental Solutions. “He has carefully tested the markets and then constructed a solid pathway for the merger that will allow us to hit the ground running, including bringing MOPN into compliance with Pinksheets and taking steps to protect the interests of shareholders in the process.”

With characteristic modesty, O’Brien said, “A lot of people deserve credit for where we are today, this hasn’t been a one man show. Jim Reck has kept us moving ahead even when things seemed to be tied up in knots.This has been a team effort and moving forward it will be the new core group that makes MOP Environmental Solutions a powerhouse in the spill response/clean up and environmental remediation field. I am proud to be associated with these folks and I look forward to making things happen for MOP and JPO.”

Forward-looking statements in this news release are pursuant to safe harbor provisions of Section 21E of Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Investors are cautioned that statements in this release are not strictly historical statements, including without limitation, management’s plans and objectives for future operations, assessment of market factors, statements regarding strategy, company plans and its strategic partners. These constitute forward-looking statements, are not guarantees of the company’s future performance and are subject to risks and uncertainties, such as funding for machinery and materials, success in acquiring customers, maintaining needed government relationships, and successfully executing a business plan, which could cause the company’s actual future results to differ materially from the forward-looking statements.



MOP-Maximum Oil Pickup™


MOP is an aggressive oleophyllic and hydrophobic
(oil attracting and water repelling) recycled fiber sorbent, made from fully
biodegradable components.

MOP sorbents are specifically formulated for either oil pick up on water, oils spills
on land or hard surfaces or spills containing water base or oil base liquids.

MOP products can be completely recycled by a number of processes:
bioremediation in a land farm, burning as a fuel in an appropriate biomass
system, composting or pelletizing the material for use in a stove. In most states, it
can also be simply disposed of as you would any other solid waste.

MOP Environmental Solutions is dedicated to creating sustainable approaches to difficult environmental challenges including oil spill remediation, recovery and filtration.


MOP Environmental Solution’s Oil spill containment and remediation remains the most important aspect of our mission and is built around our patented MOP Maximum Oil Pickup sorbents, MOP 201, MOP 301 and 401.

MOP sorbents are the most cost-effective and performance-efficient sorbents on the planet. MOP, (Maximum Oil Pickup) sorbents are used to create a family of products and solutions that yield a more environmentally sound and financially beneficial end result by reducing the generation of hazardous wastes where removal of oil from water based-solvents and coolants can be achieved.


MOP Sorbents

MOP – Maximum Oil Pickup oil sorbent (Oil absorption medium) is – by far – the most cost-efficient and performance-effective oil sorbent in existence.

MOP is manufactured in three forms

MOP 201 is optimized for use on water.

MOP 301 is optimized for use on land and specifically is designed to aid in the remediation of oil contaminated soil where recovery of the resource is not possible or desired. Both can be used in either environment, but their effectiveness is maximized when they are used according to their optimization. MOP 201 and 301 absorb oil and repel water.

MOP 401 absorbs both oil-based liquids and water-based liquids. MOP 401 is a Universal sorbent and a floor sweep. 

While the formula for MOP is a trade secret, it is possible to say that all the major components of MOP sorbents are created from all recycled materials. For customers and others interested in recycling and environmental stewardship it is important to know that the sorbents are created from sectors of the waste stream, known as “recovered materials” the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) term for materials that are technically recyclable but that otherwise are without markets for the recycled materials. EPA, understandably, places a high priority on the use of items that employ “recovered materials” giving MOP an additional leg up on the competition in government bids and contract negotiations. Furthermore, because recovered materials constitute the highest percentage of our sorbent’s makeup, our raw materials costs are more stable and predictable and less subject to the fluctuations of the market for other raw materials like polypropylene.

MOP’s patented process employs only biodegradable materials. The final formula makes 201 and 301 sorbents Oleophilic (oil loving/absorbant) and hydrophobic (water hating/repelling). With properties like this, the moment that the sorbent is spread on an oil spill on land or water, it sucks up the oil and repels any water. This means that as the sorbent is cleaned up only oil is captured with it. For those circumstances where picking up both hydrocarbon-based liquids and water-based liquids is desired (an automobile accident, a garage floor for example) MOP 401 is optimized to absorb almost all liquids.


Using any one of several different paths and processes, the oil-laden sorbent can be:

  • * burned as bio-mass fuel in a traditional biomass energy system or a pyrolysis fuel system to convert the biomass into biofuels, heat and energy
    * bioremediated in a landfarm or industrial compost
    * an absorbing medium and a filtration medium, the oil that emerges from any method of recapturing oil will be as clean or cleaner than the oil that was spilled


The current MOP product offerings are being sold as MOP but under the JPO Absorbents heading. So our price list shows  our JPO line of absorbent products, AND the current MOP products that we offer. And they are identified by their MOP part numbers. MOP 201, MOP 301, etc. It’s great to see MOP back in use and available from distributors.

Given JPO’s presence in the marketplace and the existing relationships we have in all major markets, it just makes sense to include the MOP line under one umbrella. With the MOP line of absorbent products, JPO is truly the  one stop solution for any spill, in any environment at any time.


MOPN (Daily)


















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