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Going to be a big winner eventually;) HJ72 09/19/22 11:10 AM
LOLOL.....Broke $0 Asset Stinky-Pinky "buying" Rite-Aid...HAHAHA..... Homebrew 04/22/22 8:51 AM
wow is this real , buying Rite aid? https://www.otcmarkets.com/otcapi/company/dns/news/document/5864 i_like_bb_stock 04/22/22 8:44 AM
Merger announced xtyleradx 02/02/22 11:41 AM
Hell yeah xtyleradx 01/21/22 12:10 PM
Amendment and name change to Silverback United, Inc. Adamizer 01/21/22 10:56 AM
Nice action today Adamizer 01/04/22 2:24 PM
Break even point.. whoo hoo Bgallatin 12/13/21 4:06 PM
$5pps incoming on this share structure. megabandp 09/22/21 2:51 PM
We have activity. This one will move fast xtyleradx 09/22/21 2:27 PM
Same here Adamizer 08/11/21 11:24 AM
MLCG... On the bid zatafour 08/10/21 12:27 PM
$1 :) Adamizer 07/12/21 10:00 AM
Per CEO $MLCG and $TONR should have an drdoolittle 06/26/21 5:47 PM
Anyone know what's up here? Held on for Jazz71Man 05/24/21 10:45 PM
ML Capital Group Inc (MLCG) mick 04/24/21 12:24 PM
Nice volume today MMs. T4KingOff 06/18/20 12:43 AM
Wow 110k on the ask, wouldn’t be shocked T4KingOff 06/12/20 11:15 AM
50k purchased at 0.19 Wow T4KingOff 06/11/20 1:16 PM
wow big exchange of shares today. Volume T4KingOff 06/11/20 11:31 AM
1 mil OS, 30k market cap, recent officer T4KingOff 05/25/20 1:45 AM
Any news as to why it went up? mwhite57 04/07/20 6:44 PM
yep, looking good MadeBucksOnThis 02/28/20 11:00 AM
cant beat that T4KingOff 02/28/20 10:59 AM
Outstanding Shares MadeBucksOnThis 02/28/20 10:47 AM
Nice, give it some time to file, might MadeBucksOnThis 02/28/20 10:43 AM
I took some. Market Cap under $100k T4KingOff 02/28/20 10:41 AM
MLCG Profile was verified today, normally filings and MadeBucksOnThis 02/27/20 5:27 PM
Nevada is unlikely to ever be resolved. MLCG QaB2i 07/14/19 8:55 PM
MLCG now in default PRmaniac 06/17/19 10:30 AM
Dark/Defunct Company, per OTC Markets PRmaniac 06/05/19 2:43 PM
Beware - wash sale trades? PRmaniac 02/06/19 2:28 PM
I expect to see .000's before year end.. jindal 01/29/19 9:49 AM
I haven't even looked lately. They do jindal 01/29/19 9:48 AM
Wondering why such a disparity between the bid catchmeifyoucan 01/29/19 9:44 AM
And the pastries.. Wow.. Had some good Chillian jindal 01/29/19 9:39 AM
Sound tasting... ! :) catchmeifyoucan 01/29/19 8:46 AM
I had some Coffee con leche near 8th jindal 01/29/19 8:12 AM
Did you find anything interesting there? BTW, there catchmeifyoucan 01/28/19 6:53 PM
Oh yea. Similar name. About $9,000 to nail QaB2i 01/22/19 12:55 PM
Not permanently revoked, but is in default. The PRmaniac 01/22/19 12:52 PM
Lol Wow !! Well 1801 Coral Way STE jindal 01/21/19 10:57 AM
Dunno. It was a Nevada Corp but it’s QaB2i 01/21/19 10:53 AM
So What's the latest with mlcg ? Or jindal 01/21/19 10:17 AM
Fabulous Kevkev. What a winner QaB2i 01/07/19 5:30 PM
I am not luckely .. lol Pistha 12/29/18 12:19 PM
and they kept the share authorization the same PRmaniac 12/27/18 5:07 PM
If anyone was a share holder of MLCG elkonig 12/27/18 4:04 PM
CEO’s do tend to exaggerate................... It’s not news QaB2i 12/09/18 8:51 PM
Well, CEO apparently lied in a press release, PRmaniac 12/03/18 1:41 PM
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ML Capital Group Inc. (MLCG)

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ML Capital Group enters Binding letter of intent with Hawaiian Coaches LLC. Confirmed in 8K on 6/17/16

Hawaiian Coaches LLC is DBA as Platinum Tours, video of the merging company here


Updated pictures from the Merger!

Half Day Hana Helicopter Tour

Enjoy the road to Hana at your preferred pace. See Hoikipa Beach Park and Paia town on the North Shore.
Spend time walking the peaceful shoreline of Keanae Peninsula and swimming in fresh water ponds. Lunch at the local fruit stand before heading back to the resort.


Private Airport Transfer
Arrival accommodations with optional gate or baggage claim receiving including sign service, lei greeting, baggage assistance and transfer to resort. Departure transfers available as well. 


7 Passenger - Chevrolet Suburban LT

Two rows of bench seating, USB ports, 110v power outlets and extra large luggage compartment. 

9 Passenger - Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Captain's chairs seating, extra large panoramic windows and skylights, personal refrigerators and snack bars, window shades, USB ports, 110v power outlets and luggage compartment. 

14 Passenger - Ford E450 Coach 

Captain's chairs seating, extra large panoramic windows and skylights, window shades, wet bar area with counter top cooler and snack bar, USB ports, 110v power outlets and luggage compartment.




“This partnership between MLCG, PURA and Spanish Peaks is a sound strategy for every participant, and an opportunity for the shareholders of every participant to take part in the history making and money making transition from an illegal marijuana market to a legal one.”

Global travel is growing by leaps and bounds, and at the same time splintering into a seemingly endless number of extraordinary diverse market segments.  In 2000, international travelers number about 600,000,000.  In 2015, the number of global travelers reached 1.2 billion.  Travel industry sales topped $2.1 TRILLION in 2015 and travel sales are expected to reach $2.5 TRILLION by 2020.  


The massive, overall travel sector is segmenting into super specific sectors characterized by travel trends that include, for example, not just travel for women, but travel for women in India; not just mindfulness travel to include yoga and meditation sessions, but African safari, mindfulness travel.  Millennials in the travel industry are likely to be called “Roamies” – co-living nomads traveling around the world while co-living within a consistent community that all travel together.  One of the faster growing travel segments includes history hikes across the Middle East.  Theme park vacations are continuing to become more and more popular in Asia.  And the segmentation diversity goes on.  Cannabis tourism is hardly a stretch. 

A consistent, yet underserved theme that crosses every travel segment is that sub-segment of travelers looking for luxury treatment and accommodations whether on safari in Africa or on trek across the Middle East.  ML Capital Group has zeroed in on the luxury sub-segment and already operates a luxury tour service in Hawaii.  ML Capital Group has also recognized the expanding role of mobile technology within the travel industry and launched a dedicated initiative to build a mobile brand.


As a young, entrepreneurial company dependent on access to investment capital, it is simply practical to identify popular investment trends, and if possible, integrate popular trends, where appropriate, into the overall business strategy.  The cannabis sector is certainly hot and not by accident, or misplaced enthusiasm.  Face it, cannabis has been a multi-billion dollar business in the United States for decades.  It just hasn’t been a legal business.  By comparison, alcoholic beverage sales in the US before the end of Prohibition in 1933 were large and colorful enough to inspire Hollywood scripts that have yet to stop coming, and the growth of the legal alcoholic beverage sector continues to grow today over eighty years since legalization.  There are, no doubt, fortunes to be made in becoming part of the transition from illegal marijuana commerce to legal.


Taking a page from the super-segmentation of the 2.1 trillion travel industry, let’s not underestimate the segmentation potential of the marijuana industry.  It’s not all about smoking weed.  In fact, smoking weed will probably be only a fraction of the overall cannabis sector.  Cannabis infused cosmetics are already on shelves.  “Edibles” as a category can’t begin to represent the vast diversity of cannabis infused products for human consumption that are already hitting the market.  Let’s not overlook all those weed t-shirts or the high-end clothes actually made from cannabis fiber.  Again, with the far-reaching subcategorization potential of both the travel industry and the cannabis industry, luxury cannabis tourism is hardly a stretch.

While you might agree that luxury cannabis tourism is a viable business opportunity, you might still be asking how does acquiring a cannabis infused beverage company contribute to MLCG entering the luxury cannabis tour business? 


Consider the vineyard tours in Napa Valley or Tuscany; Picture the distillery tours in Scotland or the brewery tours in Bavaria. This should give an idea of the magnitude of the opportunity MLCG plans to build into Colorado’s $19 billion travel market with the help of Spanish Peaks ScrumpDelicacies and Puration. 

As an industry, however, cannabis cultivation and production has a long way to go in regard to becoming a universally attractive tourist destination.  Having evolved from clandestine grow room operations, today’s legal cannabis cultivation and production operations may be interesting, but probably not exotic or anywhere near a typical “luxury” destination. 

Now is the perfect time for MLCG to get involved with Spanish Peaks and PURA.  Earlier this year, PURA and Spanish Peaks entered into a $1 million collaboration agreement to produce a line of cannabis Infused beverages.  In conjunction with the agreement, Spanish Peaks conducted a cannabis beverage naming contest and announced the contest winners on October 21, 2016:

Puration and Spanish Peaks Announce Cannabis Beverage Name Contest Winners - First CannaCola Second CannaBliss and Third Canna Pur


Since the contest, Spanish Peaks has worked to establish brand name trademarks and to develop beverage formulations.  With MLCG getting involved at this early stage, the Spanish Peaks and PURA production facilities can be designed with luxury tourism in mind.  Consider the Napa Valley comparison one more time.  Nearly 25% of Napa Valley wines - almost $1 billion in wine sales - are sold to customers directly at the vineyards.  That’s selling wine to tourists. 

This partnership between MLCG, PURA and Spanish Peaks is a sound strategy for every participant, and an opportunity for the shareholders of every participant to take part in the history making and money making transition from an illegal marijuana market to a legal one.


While the Luxury Cannabis Tours offering will start in Colorado, additional Cannabis Tour locations, to include destinations outside the United States, are already in the works.  Stay tuned.





Company currently updating the following:
Company Website: (under construction, see Twitter)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/inc_explore

The Company's strategy is to acquire and roll-up revenue-producing travel-related businesses into a comprehensive portfolio. The Company has identified multiple targets that collectively represent business activities of over $100 million dollars in gross revenues per annum.

About the new CEO: Kevin Bobryk

"Mr. Kevin Bobryk is Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer of the company. Bobryk is known as a reputable leader and strategic developer with a successful background orchestrating start-ups as well as elevating organizational performance through skillful restructuring. These skills are invaluable in bringing the Company's financial and disclosure reporting requirements back to current status quickly."

$MLCG STOCK CHART (Updated Daily)

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Fri, 8 Apr 2016 - ML Capital Group Inc. Announces Reduction to Outstanding Capital Shares
      read full: http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=71051789
Fri, 1 Apr 2016 - ML Capital Group Announces Management Change
      read full: http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=70968671

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--> All $MLCG News: http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/MLCG/news
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