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Loss to Profit, let's make your lost money back ! RSS Feed

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Moderator IPRE-Paramount
Assistants saigai

.Welcome to the Board 'Loss to Profit, let's make your lost money back !'


* * * *
A word from moderator .
Welcome and thank you for visiting the board.
I am glad  that after setting up this board, the board concept has addressed the need of some of you.
Thanks so much to some smart posters, especially to my assistant who continually bring to my attention a bunch of interesting stocks .

I'm using my own long years experience + sometimes some help from skilled guys on i-hub, trying to not miss some gems that i hear about , and I pick them .
I wish this Board is helping you reach a weatlhier situation .


* * * *

Tired of losing money trades after trades ?
Feel bad/down ? Not skilled/sharped enough for the fast crazy tradings ?
It is time to reverse this financial situation .

Let's start by investing long in gems or potential gems .
Let's focus on selected (future) winners, don't let us be diverted .

I encourage everyone who is interested in such strategy to give out their best stock (gem) DD for sharing and profit to all people of same Goal.

We can't fail if we are committed to turn things better together with our best will.

Let's Pick STRONG ones And go LONG now!

.One of most important rules: Once a stock is virtually picked up, the position should be bailed out if ever the price closed -50% below the entry price (Capital preservation ! ).

.Please understand the IBox picks classified here under :

IBOX picks are categorized PER RISK type :


-TRADE-TO-WIN : short-term plays .
-AGRESSIVE : Companies with a hot products ready to deliver huge revenues etc...
-LONG : A good position to own for long haul .
-LOW RISK : Core Long plays with Lower risk but good reward expected : strongly suggested to hold them before getting interested by other more risky stocks picked up in Ibox
-Venture Capitalist : Stake in early/mid-stage products development : fit for the Extra dollars you have for a possible funny surprise by holding them long as they could be the lucky speculative gems
-Special Situation : Shell R/M rumor, etc ...


Most Recent IBOX Alerts :    (Note : in this section, stocks currently/still  in play are those shown with charts )

.31-Jan-2014 post##10971 SELL STPFQ (=STP) 0.60 ('Trade-to-win') .
.31-Jan-2014 post##10970  BUY CARV 11,33 ('Agressive' list).

.27-Oct-2013  post#10946 SELL APOL ('trade-to-win' position ) at opening bell on 28-Oct .
.01-Oct-2013  post#10945 BUY STP ('Trade-to-win') at 1.79  .
.30-Sep-2013 post#10944 SELL FB ('Long') 49.97at opening bell on 2nd Oct.
.30-Sep-2013 post#10943 SELL MCP ('Trade-to-win') 6.57 at opening bell on 2nd Oct.
.20-Sep-2013 post#10940  BUY EGLE ('Agressive' list) 6,96$ at opening bell.
.09-Sep-2013 post#10932  BUY HASC ('Venture Capitalist' list) on Monday 09 SEP at opening Bell.
.23-Aug-2013  post#10927  BUY FB ('long' position) at 40.10 .   
.17-Jul-2013 post#10890  BUY RAX ('Long') @ 43.90 .
.16-july-2013   post#10888 Sell STP @1.55 ('Trade-to-win' position)
.21-May-2013  post#10885 BUY STP  ('Trade-to-win' position) 1.04 .     
.15-May-2013  post#10884 BUY APOL ('trade-to-win' position ) at 20.83 .

.10-May-2013 post#10881 Sell CNQR  ('Long') 81.45. +19%
.10-May-2013 post#10880 Sell GMCR  ('Long')  75.9 .+41%

.10-May-2013 post#10879 Buy MCP  ('Trade-to-Win')  6.73 .
.11-Mar-2013 post#10871 BUY GMCR ('Long' position) 53.75 .
.22-Feb-2013 post#10869 BUY IBCP ('Long' position) $6.90

.16-Jan-2012 post#10846 Alert Buy RIMM ('long' position) 14.99.
.11-Dec-2012 post#10842 Alert: BUY CNQR ('Long' position)  at 68.30.
.09-Nov-2012 post#10837 Alert: Sell OPNT ('Long' position) 41,x at opening bell.

.22-Nov-2011 post#10820 Sell ABCW ('long' list)at .38 now

.03-Nov-2011 post#10819 Buy OPNT ('Long' position) at opening bell on 04-Nov-2011.

.03-Nov-2011 post#10818 Sell LVLT on friday 04-Nov-2011 at opening bell.
.03-Jun-2011 post#10807  Sell FCEL (1.76) on monday 05-june-2011 at opening bell.
.03-Jun-2011 post#10807  Sell TIBX (26.55) on monday 05-june-2011 at opening bell.
.31-May-2011 post#10806 BUY FCEL ('venture capitalist' list) at 1.87

.23-may-2011 post#10805  Sell PLUG ('venture capitalist' list) at 3.15.
.13-may-2011 post#10804   Buy LVLT ('Agressive' list) 1.94 on friday 13-may-2011 at opening bell.
.03-apr-2011 post#10802 Sell MERR ('trade-to-win' play) at opening bell on 04-apr-2011.

.18-feb-2011 post#10767 Buy MERR 3.90 ('trade-to-win' play) .
.16-feb-2011 post#10761 Sell OCZ ('long' list) 8.02 at opening bell on 17-feb-2011.
.05-feb-2011 post10699#Buy ABCW ('Long' list) 1.69 on monday 07/feb/2011 at opening bell. (Update post#10803 :13-may-2011:Changed from 'Agressive' to 'Long' strategy)

.05-feb-2011 post10699# Sell IBCP ('trade-to-win')  on monday 07/feb/2011 at opening bell.

.01-feb-2011 post#10667 Buy TIBX (''long'' list) 23.96 at opening bell on  02-feb-2011.
.01-feb-2011 post##10666 SELL RVBD+SELL RDWR:(''long'' list) at opening bell on  02-feb-2011.
.24-jan-2011 post#10606 Sell ABCW ('Agressive' list) 1.35 at opening bell on 25-jan-2011.
.24-jan-2011 post#10604 Sell LEE ('long' list) 3.05 at opening  bell on 25-jan-2011.
.24-jan-2011 post#10603 Sell SODA ('low risk' list) 37.63 at opening bell on 25-jan-2011.
.24-jan-2011 post#10598 IBCP ('trade-to-win' play) : Set (protective) stop loss 2.6$ .

.19-jan-2011 post#10516  Buy PLUG ('venture capitalist' list) 0.99 at   opening bell . 

.19-jan-2011 post#10515  Buy IPCI  ('long' list) 5.25 at  opening bell . 

.18-jan-2011 post#10510 : Sell SRZ 7.7 and Buy LEE 3.25  ('long' list)  on 19-jan-2011 at opening bell . 
.14-jan-2011 post#10398 Sell XOMA ('venture capitalist' list ) 5.78
.12-jan-2011 post#10374 Buy OCZ ('long' list) 7.23.
.11-jan-2011 post#9962 SODA  moved to 'low risk' list from 'venture capitalist' list.
.08-jan-2010 post#10308 Sell CA:CTE (CTEFF) 0.58 at opening bell on 10-jan-2011.
.08-jan-2010 post#10307 ABCW moved to 'Agressive' from 'Long' list.
.08-jan-2010 post#10306 Sell DRL 1.56 and Buy IBCP ('trade-to-win')  2.45 on  10-jan-2011 at opening bell.
.07-jan-2011 post#10295 Buy SRZ ('long' list) 6.89 .
.03-jan-2011 post#10229  Buy DRL ('trade-to-win') 1.51 at opening bell on 04-jan-2011
.27-dec-2010 post#10185: Sell IBCP 1.49 ('trade-to-win') . 
.23-dec-2010 post#10166 Buy XOMA 5.63 ('Venture Capitalist' list)  . 
.20-dec-2010 post#10119  BUY IBCP 1.51 ('trade-to-win' list) at opening bell 20-dec-2010.
.13-dec-2010 post#10042  BUY RDWR ('Long' list) 39.82 at opening bell 13-dec-2010
.13-dec-2010 post#10041 Sell BIDU ('Long' list) 108.19 at opening bell 13-dec-2010
.23-nov-2010 post#9996 Sell ZLC ('long' list) 2.99 at opening bell on 24-nov-2010.
.09-nov-2010 post#9975 Sell MTCEF ('Venture Capitalist') 0.466 at opening bell on 10-nov-2010..
.08-nov-2010 post#9962 Buy SODA ('Low risk') 32.65  (moved from 'venture capitalist' see  post#10354).
.03-nov-2010 post#xxxx Sell AIB ('long' list') 0.96 .
.22-oct-2010 post#9905 Buy MTCEF ('Venture Capitalist') 0.38.
.22-oct-2010 post#9905 Sell ANMCF ('Venture Capitalist') 0.97.
.15-oct-2010 post#9891 Sell MIPS ('long' list) 9.88 at opening bell on 18-oct-2010.
.29-sep-2010 post#9876 Buy AIB ('long' list) 1.58 .
.29-sep-2010 post#9873 Sell MIPS ('long' list) 9.79.
.27-sep-2010 post#9859 Sell FUQI ('trade-to-win") 6.06.
.24-sep-2010 post#9846 Buy MIPS ('long' list) 9.68 at opening bell on 27-sep-2010.
.24-sep-2010 post#9841 Buy ANMCF ('Venture Capitalist' list) 0.921.
.24-sep-2010 post#9840 Buy BIDU ('long' list) 97.12
.24-sep-2010 post#9839 Sell GGC ('long' list) 16.12.
.24-sep-2010 post#9838 Sell LGL ('long' list) 20.09.
.17-sep-2010 .24/09/2010 post#9804 Buy FUQI ('trade-to-win") 7.15 . 
.30/aug/2010 post#9726 Sell HSCO ('trade-to-win') .0085. 
.30/aug/2010 post#9725 Sell GFGUE .034 ('trade-to-win') .034 
.30-aug-2010 post##9720 BUY GFGUE ('trade-to-win') at opening bell 0.018.
.26-aug-2010 post#9703  Buy HSCO ('trade-to-win') 0.015.
.26-aug-2010 post#9704 Sell LBSR ('trade-to-win') 0.108. 
.25-aug-2010 post#9691 Buy LBSR ('trade-to-win') 0.1165.
.18-aug-2010 post#9661 Buy LGL ('Long' list) 16.00 at opening bell on 18-aug-2010.
.10-aug-2010 post#9634 Buy GGC ('long' list) 15.86 at opening bell on wed 10-aug-2010.
.10-aug-2010 post#9633 Sell LNG ('long' list) 2.74 at opening bell on wed 11-aug-2010.
.09-aug-2010 post#9622 Sell CYCC 1.59 ('Venture Capitalist') .   
.09-aug-2010 post#9619  Buy CTE.V (TSX) (US otc: CTEFF) ('Venture Capitalist' list) at .25
 .20-may-2010 post#9561 Sell MNI ('long' list) 4. 
.15-apr-2010 post#9543 Sell CPE ('long' list) 6.61.
.12-apr-2010 post#9538 Buy CPE ('long' list) 8.25 .
.08-apr-2010 post#9534 Sell ASTC ('Venture Capitalist' play)  at market opening on 09-apr-2010.
.07-apr-2010 post#9532 Buy ZLC ('long' position) 3.71 at Market opening on 08 april 2010.
.07-apr-2010 post#9530 Buy LNG ('long' position) 4.81 at Market opening on 08 april 2010.
.09-mar-2010 post#9492  Sell PEIX ('Trade-to-win') 1.94 at Market open on 09-march-2010..
.15-jan-2010 post#9458 Buy PEIX 2.4('Trade-to-win').
.13-jan-2010 post#9454 Buy ASTC ('Venture Capitalist' play) 2.83 at market opening on 14-jan-2010.
.13-jan-2010post#9453 Sell XJT ('Long' list) 4.28 at market opening on 14-jan-2010.
.13-jan-2010post#9450 Buy ABCW 1.16 ('long' list) =>upgrade to 'Agressive' list see  post#10307.
.08-jan-2010 post#9446 Buy CYCC 3.18 ('Venture Capitalist' list). 
.07-jan-2010 post#9440  Buy MNI 4.8 ('long' list). 
.31-dec-2009 post#9418 Buy XJT ('long' list) 4.91 on 31/dec/2009  .
.31-dec-2009 post#9417 Sell LIZ ('long' list) 5.64 on 31/12/2009  .
.11-nov-2009 post#9379   Sell XJT ('long' list) 2.61.
.26-oct-2009 post#9310 Sell MNI ('long' list)  $3.30.
.11-oct-2009 post#9267 Buy MNI ('long' list) 3.35 at opening bell on 12 oct 2009.11
.09-oct-2009 post#9259 Buy LIZ ('long' list) 6.43
.03-oct-2009 post#9231 Sell LIZ ('long' list) at opening bell on 05 oct 2009
.02-oct-2009 post#9229 Sell RF ('long' list) at opening bell on 05 oct 2009.
.02-oct-2009 post#9225 Buy XJT ('long' list) 2.85.
.24-sep-2009 post#9198 Sell UIS ('long' list) 2.55
.22-sep-2009 post#9175 Sell EK ('long' list) at opening bell today 22-sep-2009.
.21-sep-2009 post#9171 Sell SFI $3.26 ('Trade-to-Win' list).
.21-sep-2009  STEC: Sold at  29.66 triggered by Stop Loss $30 (post#9160)
.18-sep-2009 post#9160 STEC: Set 'STOP Loss' Sell  on  STEC at $30 gtc valid from 21-sep-2009.. 
.16-sep-2009 post#9154  Buy RVBD ('long' list) 10.565 (readjusted due to forward split 2:1  $21.13) at opening bell on 17-sep-2009
.16-sep-2009 post#9154 Sell VMW 40.74 ('long' list) at opening bell on 17-sep-2009
.16-sep-2009 post#9153  Buy RF 6.41 ('long' list)  at opening bell on 17-sep-2009
.16-sep-2009 post#9153 Sell RBS 18.62 ('long' list) at opening bell on 17-sep-2009.
.16-sep-2009 post#9143 Buy SFI (''Trade-to-Win'' list) 2.72.
.15-sep-2009 post#9139 Sell ABK 1.65 ('Trade-to-Win' list) at opening bell 16-sep-2009.
.03-sep-2009 post#9103 Buy RBS ('long' list) 17.99 .
.27-aug-2009 post#9053 Buy ABK 1.75 (''Trade-to-Win'' list) . 
.02-aug-2009 post#9052 Sell LEE 2.04 ('Trade-to-Win' list) .
.14-aug-2009 post#8982 Buy STEC 35.15 ('long' list).
.10-aug-2009post#8897 Buy LEE 1.88 ('Trade-to-Win' list) 
.10-aug-2009 post#8965Sell AHC ('Trade-to-Win' list) 2.96
.30-jul-2009 post#8930 Buy AHC ('Trade-to-Win' list) 2.44 .
.30-jul-2009 post#8929 Sell LEE (Stop loss) 1.29 ('Trade-to-Win' list) .
.23-Jul-2009 post#8897 Buy LEE ('Trade-to-Win' list) 1.29  at opening bell on 24/Jul/2009.
.23-Jul-2009 post#8896 Sell GCI ('Long' list) 5.79 at opening bell on 24/Jul/2009.
.15-jul-2009 post#8880 Buy GCI ('Long' list) 4.5
.15-jul-2009 post#8881 Sell VODG ('Long' list) 0.19.
.15-jul-2009 post# 8879 Sell CROX ('Long' list) 3.14 .
.06-jul-2009 post#8872 Buy EK ('long' list) 2.89 .
.06/may/2009 post#8793 Buy CROX 3.61 ('Long' list) .
.06/may/2009 post#8792 Sell  BGP 2.89 ('trade-to-win')
.05/feb/2009 Post#8520 SELL TGC ('Long' list) 0.51 at opening bell 06 Feb 2008.
.10/01/2009 post#8372 BUY BGP ('trade-to-win' play) 0.78 at opening bell on 12 jan 2009
.09/01/2009 post#8369  Sell CADM ('Venture Capitalist' list) at open on monday 12th jan 2009
.08/jan/2009 post#8360 BUY LIZ ('long' list) $3.76
.23/12/2008 post#8278  Sold LEA @1.20 by Stop loss . 
.16/12/2008 Post#8219 Sell EBS ('Long' list) at opening bell on 16 dec 2008.
.11/12/.2008 post#8187  Sell CPE at 3.60 ('Trade-to-win' play) .
.10/12/2008 post#8154 Sell INGA 7.16 (EuroNext Amsterdam) ('Long'list) .
.09/12/2008 post#8143 Sell NFP at 3.5 ('trade-to-win' play ) .
.09/12/2008 post#8142 Sell PDGI 0.88 ('trade-to-win' play ) .
.08/12/2008 post#8127 Sell ZIXI ('Low Risk' list) 1.33 .
.08/12/2008 post#8124 Buy UIS  ('Long' list) 0.598.
.07/12/2008 post#8115 Buy CPE (''Trade-to-Win'' list) in in Pre-Mkt or at Open with limit max $1.45
.01/12/2008 post#8086: Sell SIRF ('Long' list) at 1.27. 
.02/12/2008 post#8098  Update : Move NFP from ''Long'' list  to 'Trade-to-win''
.01/12/2008 post#8085 Buy NFP (''Long'' list'') 1.80 .
.20/11/2008 post#8062 Sell PRSC (''trade-to-win'') 1.36 at opening bell  on 21 nov 2008.
.17/11/2008 post#8046 Sell Buy CAR ('Long' list) 0.88 at opening bell on 18 nov 2008.
.14/11/2008 post#8037  Buy LEA ('Long' list) at 1.32.
.11/11/2008 post#8030 Buy EBS ('Long' list) 20.92 at opening bell.
.11/11/2008 post#8029 Buy SIRF ('Long' list) 1.48 at opening bell.
.11/11/2008 post#8028   Buy CAR ('Long' list) 1.50 at opening bell.
.11/11/2008 post#8027 Sell LNG ('Venture Capitalist' list) 3.15 at open .
.11/11/2008 post#8026 Sell APPY ('Low risk' list)  at open.
.11/11/2008 post#8025 Sell FMD ('Long' list) at open .
.10/11/2008 post##8019 Buy PDGI  (''trade-to-win'') 2.14 .
.07/11/2008 post#8012 Buy PRSC (''trade-to-win'') 2.76 .
.04/11/2008 post##7962 Sell DTG 1.88 ('trade-to-win' list)
.04/11/2008 post#7953 Buy LNG (''Ventture Capitalist'' play) 4.84.
.03/11/2008 post#7949 Buy DTG ('trade-to-win' list) 1.96.
.30/10/2008 post#7909 Buy INGA (ING group Euronext Amsterdam) now 6.99 Euro 'Long' list.
.28/10/2008 post#7898 Move FDM to 'Long' list from 'Agressive list'
.19/09/2008 post#7634  Sell DSL ('trade-to-win) 3.08 at market .
.19/09/2008 post#7633   Sell ABK ('Agressive' list) 6.25at market .

.08/09/2008 post#7456 Buy DSL (''Trade-To-Win'' list) 2.79 at opening Bell
.25/08/2008 post#7360 Sell FLMP ('Venture Capitalist' list) on tuesday 26 aug 2008 at opening bell.
.18/08/2008 post#7327 Sell ULGX ('low risk' list) 1.70 now with a little profit.
.18/08/2008 post#7326 BUY FMD ('Agressive' list) now at 4.25.
.18/08/2008 post#7316 Buy ABK ('Agessive' list) 5.82 at  opening bell on monday 18/08/2008     

.18/08/2008 post#7315 Sell SRSR ('Venture Capitalist'list) at  opening bell on monday 18/08/2008
.14/08/2008 post#7281 Sell UNXL order Executed at $1.00 (stop loss set on 19/06/2008 post#6881 )
.12/08/2008 post#7246 Sell PRPM .012, Sell WWEI .09 from 'Long' list.
.08/07/2008 post#6963 Sell GETG ('Long' list ) at 3.91.
.11-04/2008 post#6405 Buy VMW  $53 ('low risk' play) .


.12/04/2008 : I-Box Q4 2007-Q1 2008 summary :
.30/09/2007 : I-Box Q3 2007 summary :
.22/07/2007 : I-Box picks Relifted for Q3 2007 : new list 'TRADE-TO-WIN plays'
.01 April 2007 : end of Q1 2007 Review & Relifting .

* * * * * * * * *

Some stuffs on watch :


or see post#6900 (etf+symbol)

Business Sectors :

CA:CLO:Claymore Oil Sands Sector

TAN: Solar sector :

KBE: BANK ETF / IYR: Ishare Real Estate

Indexes ETF's:


EWZ: BRAZIL index / ECH: Chile ETF

Other indexes : CURRENCIES :



.Other indexes: COMMODITIES  - METAL - ENERGY :

GLD:Spdr GOLD  / SLV:Silver Trust

JJC: Copper ETF / PTM: Platinum ETF

USO : Oil ETF tracker / UNG : Natural Gaz ETF


.Ultra speculative trackers :
[  More ETF's: 
Ultra Euro ETF (ULE)  / UltraShort Euro ETF (EUO
Ultra Yen ETF (YCL)  / UltraShort Yen ETF (YCS)
Ultra DJ-AIG Crude Oil ETF (UCO) / UltraShort DJ-AIG Crude Oil ETF (SCO)
Ultra Gold ETF (UGL) / UltraShort Gold ETF (GLL)
Ultra Silver ETF (AGQ) / UltraShort Silver ETF (ZSL)
Ultra DJ-AIG Commodity ETF (UCD) / UltraShort DJ-AIG Commodity ETF (CMD)
Energy Bullish 3x  (ERX) /  Energy Bear 3x  (ERY) ]

DUG:UltraShort Oil&Gas / UYG: ULTRA (Bull) Dow Financial ETF :

SDS: UltraShort S&P50 / SKF:UltraShort FINAN

FXP:UltraShort CHINA /  EFU: SHORT the EFA  etf

.Mineral/oil/Nat Resources Quotations  :

Oil NYMEX Crude :

Gold / Silver :

Copper / Coal :

Platinum / Palladium :

Uranium :

IBOX Selection on watch for a good entry :


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Stocks in play by I-P :



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