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Please do not refer to other posters as IH Admin [Meg Frost] 11/10/20 8:07 PM
Next thing you hear will be Professor Li Researchfyi 10 hours ago
Why? The Johnson rumor? Researchfyi 10 hours ago
In 2023 LQMT, Everybody will be a Apologizing Treshold 12/03/22 6:18 PM
I have spoken to Li. It doesn’t take a Almosthere 12/03/22 5:10 PM
Your retort is an assumption, not a fact. pigshithorsefeet 12/03/22 5:06 PM
Yes, and we are now more than 8 Eagle1947 12/03/22 4:50 PM
Yep, 5 star summation .... and FACT : Eagle1947 12/03/22 4:47 PM
Another week passes and the downward call of Almosthere 12/03/22 1:35 PM
Potential is not meaningless, it’s the main Almosthere 12/03/22 1:33 PM
Another week passes and LQMT drops 2.6% from Researchfyi 12/03/22 8:18 AM
Great summation of past present & future. Researchfyi 12/03/22 12:54 AM
“ At present, Eontec's LiquidMetal products are currently pigshithorsefeet 12/02/22 9:30 PM
It’s been this way for years, not just Almosthere 12/02/22 9:05 PM
A one year chart,
poop deck pappy 12/02/22 8:39 PM
Good post .. unfortunately it could have been Eagle1947 12/02/22 6:34 PM
Another week goes down in flames. Actually, iateclube 12/02/22 4:57 PM
It’s as if LQMT doesn’t exist…it’s EONTEC”s liquidmetal, CantonG 12/02/22 10:24 AM
Thanks for your due diligence.
Monroe1 12/02/22 10:17 AM
A total of 265,000 shares traded yesterday-peanuts. 900 LQMT Almosthere 12/02/22 5:33 AM
Regarding LQMT’s outstanding shares. The authorized shares don’t Researchfyi 12/02/22 3:09 AM
Can't sell poop deck pappy 12/01/22 10:28 PM
Sorry to disagree ... according to TC (at Eagle1947 12/01/22 8:14 PM
Buy now so he can sell earlier. CantonG 12/01/22 12:48 PM
With the number of shares they already own, Jay21mc 12/01/22 12:36 PM
It’s the truth. 900 million shares and a Almosthere 12/01/22 11:46 AM
“I’m counting on reality not on hope hype pigshithorsefeet 12/01/22 11:37 AM
0 insider buys or sells in last 6 CantonG 12/01/22 11:25 AM
Think 2023 Treshold 12/01/22 11:24 AM
No insider buying either. At least with Steipp CantonG 12/01/22 11:20 AM
Not counting on it. It’s where the SP Researchfyi 12/01/22 11:11 AM
FOMO!!!!!!! Almosthere 12/01/22 10:30 AM
Exactly, 900 million shares and NO ONE SELLING!!! Almosthere 12/01/22 10:30 AM
So far today poop deck pappy 12/01/22 10:28 AM
Historically, this stock never hit three cents. Don’t count Almosthere 12/01/22 10:13 AM
My portfolio is monitored/watched by a large firm. Researchfyi 11/30/22 10:17 PM
"My price target is $15.00. My PPS IS iateclube 11/30/22 8:01 PM
"My price target is $15.00. My PPS IS iateclube 11/30/22 8:01 PM
LQMT can go under or it can go Researchfyi 11/30/22 7:00 PM
Never stopped at .03. No BS. Researchfyi 11/30/22 6:56 PM
Ten year charts have nothing about erroneous 0.03 Almosthere 11/30/22 6:34 PM
Ten year chart is not BS! Neither are 0.06’s. Researchfyi 11/30/22 2:59 PM
Cents. poop deck pappy 11/30/22 12:09 PM
Branding rights makes perfect sense! Almosthere 11/30/22 9:57 AM
TUYA William A 11/30/22 9:19 AM
Stay Focused in your Objectives. There Treshold 11/30/22 5:36 AM
Idk, what did he gain and what IP LQMTinvestor2018 11/30/22 2:10 AM
But why and how? Seems unnecessary… none LQMTinvestor2018 11/30/22 2:08 AM
More bullshit! Almosthere 11/29/22 11:23 PM
Liquidmetal branding rights. This is why Li Almosthere 11/29/22 11:22 PM
You expressed that much better than I .... Eagle1947 11/29/22 11:18 PM
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IH Admin [Meg Frost]
11/10/20 8:07 PM
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Liquidmetal Technologies (LQMT)

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Moderators Saving Grace PatentGuy1 Treshold


Liquidmetal® Technologies (ISO 9001:2008 certified) is a leading force in the research, development and commercialization of amorphous metals. Our revolutionary class of patented alloys and processes form the basis of high performance materials in a broad range of medical, military, consumer, industrial, and sporting goods products.

Discovered by researchers at the California Institute of Technology, Liquidmetal alloys’ unique atomic structure enables applications to achieve performance and accuracy levels that have not been possible before. The revolutionary class of patented materials technology redefine performance and design paradigms institutionalized by traditional materials.

As Liquidmetal Technologies controls the intellectual property rights with more than 70 U.S. patents, these high performance materials are dramatically changing the way companies develop new products.


Featured: Automotive Pressure Sensors, 9.36 billion market by 2020

1. LiquidMetal Website
2. LiquidMetal Manufacturing Facility
3. OTC Market Report
4. Engel Liquidmetal Forum (Nov 2015)
5. ENGEL Symposium 2015 
6. ENGEL Interview on Liquidmetal 


1. Search Crucible Intellectual (Apple and LiquidMetal R&D)
2. Search Apple and LiquidMetal 
3. Search Cross-license Patents w/Eontec
4. Search Vitreloy
5. Search Pre-grant Patents


1. OMEGA Liquidmetal Bezel 
2. ENGEL e-motion 110T 
3. Liquidmetal Bouncing Ball 


Professor Lugee Li, Chairman
Professor Li was appointed as a member of our board of directors in March 2016 and became Chairman of our board of directors in October 2016. Professor Li is the founder, Chairman, and majority stockholder of DongGuan Eontec Co. Ltd., a Hong Kong company listed on the Shenzen Stock Exchange engaged in the production of precision die-cast products and the research and development of new materials. Professor Li founded Eontec in 1993 and has served as Chairman since that date. At Eontec, Professor Li is responsible for strategic development and research and development. Professor Li is also the founder and sole shareholder of Leader Biomedical Limited, a Hong Kong company engaged in the supply of biomaterials and surgical implants. Professor Li serves as an analyst for the Institute of Metal Research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and serves part-time as a professor at several universities in China.

Abdi Mahamedi, Vice Chairman
Abdi Mahamedi has served on our board of directors since May 2009 and became Vice-Chairman of our board of directors in October 2016. Since 1987, Mr. Mahamedi has served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Carlyle Development Group of Companies (“CDG”), which develops and manages residential and commercial properties in the United States on behalf of investors worldwide. At CDG, Mr. Mahamedi evaluates and supervises all of the investment activities and management personnel. Prior to joining CDG, Mr. Mahamedi founded Emanuel Land Company, a subsidiary of Emanuel & Company, a Wall Street investment banking firm, and served as a managing director for Emanuel Land Company from 1986 to 1987. In 1983, Mr. Mahamedi received his B.S.E. degree in Civil and Structural Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and in 1984 he received his M.S.E. degree in Civil and Structural Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Isaac Bresnick
Currently serves as Legal and Regulatory Affairs Director for the Leader Biomedical Group, a private company based in Hong Kong and operating from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and has served in that role since October 2014. At Leader Biomedical, Mr. Bresnick is responsible for the direction and management of legal affairs, regulatory affairs, quality control, and quality assurance, as well as for advising executive management of Group companies. Mr. Bresnick also currently serves as Director of AAP Joints GmbH, a private company in Berlin, Germany, and has served in that role since July 2013. Mr. Bresnick received his J.D. from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 2013, and his B.S. in Industrial Design from the University of Bridgeport in 2008. After completion of his undergraduate studies and continuing through his enrollment at UCONN Law, Mr. Bresnick worked as Senior Arrangements Designer for Electric Boat Corporation, a subsidiary of General Dynamics, from June 2008 to December 2012.

Vincent Carrubba
An experienced corporate leader and serial entrepreneur with extensive senior executive, technical and manufacturing experience. Mr. Carrubba has created and guided new products to success in the consumer goods, electronics, automotive and construction industries and has conceptualized, financed and built factories and developed new manufacturing technologies throughout Asia. From September 2014 through the present, Mr. Carrubba has served as the CEO of Admiral Composite Technologies Inc. (“Admiral”), where he has developed new technologies for environmentally responsible and innovative building materials which represent Admiral’s product lines. Mr. Carrubba has also served as Admiral’s Chairman since its inception in 2009. From September 2014 through the present, Mr. Carrubba has served as the CEO of Asia Sourcing & Communications USA Inc. and he has served as its Chairman since its inception in 2013. From 2002 through August 2014, Mr. Carrubba served as the Director of R&D for Interdynamics Inc., IDQ Holdings, where he was responsible for all R&D and QC matters, including the management of engineering, legal, patenting, regulatory, insurance and consumer relations matters. From 1989 through 1992, Mr. Carrubba designed and installed the New York Stock Exchange telecommunications and information technology systems. Mr. Carrubba has held engineering and executive positions with Xerox, General Electric, Bristol-Meyers Squibb and AT&T and he is the inventor of several patents related to telecommunications, professional tools and consumer products. Mr. Carrubba received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Engineering Science and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University SEAS in 1982.

Tony Chung
Mr. Chung was appointed to our board of directors in August 2017. Mr. Chung had previously served as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer from December 2008. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Chung served as CFO at BETEK Corporation, a real estate and investment subsidiary of SK Engineering and Construction, and as CFO of Solarcity, a company providing advanced solar technology and installation services. Mr. Chung is a Certified Public Accountant and served eight years at KPMG as an Audit and Consulting Manager for several large multinational companies. He received his B.S. degree in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley. Mr. Chung is also an Attorney at Law and received his J.D. degree from Pacific Coast University School of Law.


Professor Lugee Li - President and CEO
Bruce Bromage - Chief Operating Officer
Bryce Van - VP Finance and Secretary, Investor Relations, Media Relations
Isaac Bresnick - Executive Administrator

(as currently known)

Dave Semanik, Senior Product Development Engineer
Daniel McHugh, Sales Engineering Manager
Angela Lopez - Corporate Secretary


- Supplies high-quality Liquidmetal alloy feedstock
- Partnering to extend, refine and optimize chemical formulations
- Installed capacity available to produce substantial tonnage far exceeding demands
- World’s technology leader of injection molding machines
- Supplies certified production injection molding equipment engineered to process Liquidmetal alloy
DongGuan Eontec Co. Ltd.
- The company is engaged in the production of precision die-cast products and the research and development of new materials.

Liquidmetal SEC Filings: https://liquidmetal.gcs-web.com/financial-information/sec-filings

Reporting Status U.S. Reporting: SEC Reporting
Audited Financials Audited
Latest Report August 4, 2020 10Q
CIK 0001141240
Fiscal Year End 12/31
OTC Marketplace OTCQB


Full Report (OTC Markets)
Share Structure
  Market Value1 $129,851,894  a/o Sep 24, 2020
  Authorized Shares 1,100,000,000 a/o Dec 31, 2016
  Outstanding Shares 914,449,957 a/o Sep 24, 2020
  -Restricted Not Available
  -Unrestricted Not Available
  Held at DTC Not Available
  Float 487,690,350 a/o Dec 31, 2017
  Par Value No Par Value


Transfer Agent(s)
Shareholders of Record 217 a/o Dec 31, 2017
Service Providers
Accounting/Auditing Firm
SingerLewak LLP
10960 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90024
United States

Legal Counsel
Foley & Lardner
100 North Tampa Street
Suite 2700
Tampa, FL, 33602-5810
United States

Investor Relations Firm
Liolios Group, Inc.
20371 Irvine Ave
Suite A-100
Newport Beach, CA, 92660
United States



The Liquidmetal "Maze" of Manufacturing Partnerships (Josh Update 1 Feb 21)
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