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Leveraged Low Floaters (RUNBABYRUN)

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We don't want other worlds; we want a mirror. We seek contact and will never achieve it. We are in the foolish position of a man striving for a goal he fears and doesn't want.  Man needs man!


   The Philosophy of Leveraged Low Floaters



The purpose of this forum is to research, perform proper DD, identify, plan runs for, and play low float stocks via collaboration and careful planning. The methods used are simple and require honesty and adherence to planned goals. If we plan carefully and think out strategies, we can derive massive profit via well managed floats and leveraged efforts. Be sure to check the blog page for the current plan -- if any. We are hoping to have one solid leveraged play per quarter starting mid 2009.

Who are We?

We are just traders like you who are willing to engineer massive leverage and plans as to trigger runs. Our job is to turn L2 in our favor and crush all that stand in our way. Hedge funds do it, so why can't traders do the same 

Possible Conditons for Liquidity

  • Nearly fixed OS/float with no/little/acceptable chance of dilution.
  • Preferred inside knowledge of a public release at the time of collaboration.
  • Mergers, buyouts, insider buying, and other share structure changing events are welcome.
  • Reverse splits are playable if we jump on it the moment of the split and push it hard.
  • Low floater or buybacks in progress will allow liquidty events we can manipulate in our favor.
  • Dividend plays allow a surge in volume we can play.
  • We can stage shorts into massive covers (as we enter "long") as to generate market interest.
  • Got a group of people willing to collaborate? If so, we can use them to generate massive open interest and manipulate the security.
  • Promotions to dump shares do not count since they rarely help planned trading. A possible exception is to plan around the dumping of shares as a "short" from which we build runs.
  • Also we can just use a nice, quiet, and stable low floater; a good old fashioned push that all of us can enjoy. 
  • Got a beat up low floater? They can be fertile grounds for a solid play! 

   Current Collaborative Projects



   Possible Projects



   FAQ and Other Statements


  1. Is this legal?
    If you have to ask this question, then you don't belong here.
  2. Can we pull this off?
    You bet. We can be the force that alters markets; yielding profits from collaboration. All we need is honesty, thoughtful planning, tools, goals, and a desire to make money. Planning and honesty will silence ignornace while allowing us to achieve goals.  
  3. Which exchanges can we play?
    Any -- we can make money no matter the market, exchange, or the opinions of others.  

Creating the Perfect Storm

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