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$LGYV: New Filing Issued........... $330k Net Income makinezmoney 10/03/22 8:38 AM
$LGYV: Perfect SHELL Here for a TEXAS OILer makinezmoney 03/10/22 10:11 AM
$LGYV: One of the SMALLEST floats I ever makinezmoney 10/04/21 10:42 AM
$LGYV: Funny how $VRPX shot from $4 to $39 makinezmoney 08/18/21 12:38 PM
$LGYV: $150/sh not unlikely here makinezmoney 08/18/21 11:56 AM
$LGYV: Only 200shares to the Fiftys makinezmoney 08/18/21 11:45 AM
$LGYV: Now $12........ Only 14k float makinezmoney 08/18/21 11:23 AM
$LGYV: There goes $10 !!!!!!!!! makinezmoney 08/18/21 11:11 AM
$LGYV: There goes 7.70 !!!!!! makinezmoney 08/09/21 1:26 PM
Might be this Company (maybe not); if it Up/DownTrader 08/09/21 11:00 AM
$LGYV: Earnings report coming this week.......... makinezmoney 08/09/21 9:55 AM
$LGYV: She's looking very pretty..... kinda like $TZPC did makinezmoney 08/09/21 9:52 AM
$LGYV: Only 200 to get to $10 makinezmoney 08/09/21 9:23 AM
Hello, King 'EZ'!!! I want your markets SCANNER , Up/DownTrader 08/07/21 12:59 PM
$LGYV: Only 400shares to $10........ Stupid THIN makinezmoney 08/06/21 3:54 PM
$LGYV: $4 going here into the close............ makinezmoney 08/06/21 3:49 PM
$LGYV : Quarterly Report coming out Next week makinezmoney 08/06/21 3:14 PM
$LGYV: 90%-OS owned by Insider.... 14k-Floater !!!!!! makinezmoney 08/06/21 3:06 PM
$LGYV: Now at 3.50.......... And Verified Pink CURRENT makinezmoney 08/06/21 3:02 PM
$LGYV: Super CLEAN shell with one microscopic float makinezmoney 08/06/21 2:39 PM
601 @ $1.05 - huge volume for this Mr. Bill 07/30/20 11:00 AM
got on radar from yesterday again,thanks ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 12/27/18 10:22 AM
LGYV recent 8k showing new owner bought 91% funnyG986 12/27/18 10:19 AM
float of 28k can easily become 28m if kber 06/08/18 12:36 PM
LGYV~~love the float here,28k only,can move fast with ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/08/18 7:19 AM
hopefully something good comes of this . however kber 06/07/18 9:46 PM
LGYV~~the new CEO From September, 2003 to January, ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/07/18 5:22 PM
LGYV~~the new CEO was a special projects ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/07/18 5:18 PM
The new CEO Matthew Milonas ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/07/18 5:13 PM
LGYV~~ per 8k new direction will take place ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/07/18 3:54 PM
Matthew Milonas NEW CEO~ ~ Background ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/07/18 3:19 PM
Matthew Milonas NEW CEO~~ ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/07/18 3:18 PM
LGYV~~FLOAT 28,344 only ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/07/18 3:00 PM
LGYV~~Matthew Milonas – Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/07/18 2:57 PM
LGYV~~In addition, on June 6, 2018, Matthew Milonas ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/07/18 2:38 PM
you really sick,done with you,LGYV~~BINGO ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/07/18 2:36 PM
FLOAT 28,344 right now,, the new CEO bought ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/07/18 2:35 PM
are you sick,read the 8k lol,you need a doctor ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/07/18 2:32 PM
LGYV~~On June 6, 2018, Matthew Milonas entered into ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/07/18 2:31 PM
LGYV~~MONSTA HUGE 8k Item 5.01 Changes ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/07/18 2:29 PM
if you are haveing issues and need answers kber 06/02/18 2:15 PM
LGYV: effective Dec. 5,2016 a one for 1,000 Renee 12/02/16 8:21 AM
I'm out. It looks like they went from downthehatch 09/02/16 3:45 PM
Isn't the 10Q overdue? downthehatch 08/26/16 2:51 PM
LGYV has been struggling, is there any improvement edg2006 08/19/16 9:55 PM
Settled. On Watch 3ch0 08/18/16 9:16 PM
Reports and information due out this month. May Nighthawk_1 08/03/16 2:11 PM
Have we bounced off the bottom here? downthehatch 07/08/16 1:12 PM
LGYV most volume in a year almost 4M lukin4winners 06/13/16 2:46 PM
Looks good about to get a starter here INFINITI 06/13/16 11:24 AM
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Legacy Ventures International Inc. (LGYV)

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Legacy Ventures International, Inc. (LGYV) is an investment company seeking out high-potential businesses with big ideas that can be scaled in order to promote hyper growth. The company fuels innovation and passion by providing the capital, oversight and connections that young businesses need to reach their full potential.

The company's current brand portfolio is headlined by newly acquired RM Fresh Brands, a servicer of food and beverage retailers and distributors around the globe. RM Fresh Brands takes a unique approach to brand partnerships by maintaining a clear focus on sustainable, category-changing consumables. This strategy has helped it build an extensive portfolio of highly-desirable brands – including Boxed Water, Aloe Gloe, Uncle Si's Iced Tea and Chef 5-Minute Meals.

Following the successful acquisition of RM Fresh Brands, Legacy is in a strong strategic position to move forward with its efforts to promote sustainable growth. The company will lean on the considerable experience of its management team as it looks to build on its recent progress while promoting maximized shareholder value.


Investment Highlights

  • Strategically and Actively Positioned in $92+ Billion Marketplace
    Turnkey Services Help Partners Introduce Sustainable Products into Market
    Extensive Customer Base Includes Diverse Roster of Distribution Points
    Multi-Pronged Revenue Stream of Sales, Logistics & Warehouse, Marketing
    Strong Logistics Strategy Enables Domestic, Overseas Distribution Partnerships



Legacy's RM Fresh Brands subsidiary is a leader in establishing unique, sustainable and trending brands in North America and international markets. Through the strategic acquisition of RM Fresh Brands, Legacy's portfolio is differentiated by its unique approach to brand partnerships. With extensive consumer activation expertise, Legacy helps its partners generate brand awareness and drive sales.

Boxed Water

Inspire a better tomorrow by rethinking packaged water today. 5-step filtration delivers pure hydration. Supper reforestation. Boxed Water is better!


A delicious once-a-day, all-natural cleanse supplement with a potent nutritional boost.

Uncle Si's Iced Tea

Uncle Si's Iced Tea – based on the Robertson Family's brewed-to-perfection recipe – no fake sweeteners, only real cane sugar.

Chef 5-Minute Meals

Pre-packaged meals that are self heating and shelf stable, no added preservatives or fillers. Require no refrigeration and/or open flame; enjoy a hot delicious comfort meal, anytime, anywhere!

Gurkha Cigars

Gurkha is also known as the 'Rolls Royce' or cigars and is enjoyed by many of the world's elite, including members of royalty, military, leading government officials, and celebrities

Shimla Foods

Quality ethnic samosas and pakora products marketed to mainstream supermarkets across North America. Debuting in the Gulf and Europe in expansion.

Aloe Gloe

All-natural certified organic aloe vera water for people who strive to live a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Arriba Horchata

Energy drink with culturally familiar cinnamon flabour of Horchata in a portable, great tasting realy dairy drink


RM Fresh Brands

As a proven market leader in primary and emerging markets, RM Fresh Brands employs a powerful and innovative approach to brand partnerships. Leveraging extensive consumer activation expertise, RM Fresh Brands provides tailored solutions to help each partner achieve invaluable brand awareness and revenue generation.

RM Fresh Brands customer base includes:

  • Major grocery food chains
    Natural food chains
    Warehouse clubs
    Drug stores
    Major convenience stores
    Independent convenience stores
    C&G wholesalers
    Mass merchandisers
    Department stores
  • Independent specialty food stores
    Super stores
    Cash & carry
    Select food service accounts
    National & regional food service distributors
    Home delivery services
    Select gift basked suppliers


Executive Team

Legacy is led by a highly-qualified executive team with decades of relevant industry experience. Evan Clifford, the company's chief executive officer, has spent more than a decade establishing relationships with some of North America's most influential executives. He has served as a lead advisor to a collection of companies and individuals striving for personal and professional success. Likewise, Rehan Saeed, Legacy's chief financial officer, has more than 10 years of experience in the banking industry during which he built and managed a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.



Evan Clifford has extensive experience in entrepreneurial start-ups both in the private and public sector. Over the last 15 years, Clifford has built and maintained extensive relationships throughout many different industries, having earned a platinum record managing some of Canada's top music artists, while playing a leading role in building one of the world's foremost electric car companies. He has been a speaker at the world renowned Idea City Conference and throughout the last decade coached selected companies and individuals to achieve personal and professional success.



Rehan Saeed has over 10 years of diverse experience across multiple verticals in the banking industry. As the acting CFO of a start-up (UMF), he built and managed a $110 million real estate portfolio within two years. Later he joined AYA Financial as vice president and brought in over $30 million in revenue and increased profitability by 25% above the competition. Saeed teaches investments & finance at Centennial College Toronto and consults Bay Street law firms on product structuring specialty financing contracts for their institutional clients. Saeed has a Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology (BA), a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) and is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).


Legacy Ventures International, Inc.
22118 20th Ave. SE, Suite 142
Bothell, WA 98021
Phone: (800) 918-3362



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