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Confirmation Regulation FD applies to social media April 2, 2013

LFAP Acquires LGBT Loyalty to Create the First-Ever LGBT Loyalty ''Preference'' Index Traded Fund
ACCESSWIRE February 14, 2019

WILTON MANORS, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 14, 2019 / LifeApps Brands Inc., (OTC PINK: LFAP) ("LifeApps"), an emerging growth digital media company, has purchased LGBT Loyalty LLC, a New York limited liability company from Maxim Partners, LLC, a New York limited liability company. Through LGBT Loyalty, LifeApps intends to create, establish, develop, manage and capitalize a LGBT Loyalty (ETF) Index Traded Fund, supported through newly created dynamic business channels. ''Connecting the world's most supportive LGBT companies to the dynamic loyal and time-tested spending power of the LGBT community is a consequential step forward for the LGBT movement and investing community,'' said Bobby Blair, CEO of LifeApps. ''The acquisition of LGBT Loyalty from Maxim Partners provides us with a tremendous opportunity to make a major impact to the LGBT community we intend to serve.''

The LGBT Loyalty (ETF) Index Traded Fund is expected to be the first ''preference'' index fund to survey a representative group of LGBT consumers to determine the top public companies that best support and are supported by the LGBT community. We expect the S&P 500 to represent the universe of companies surveyed. Expert LGBT economists have repeatedly stressed the value of the LGBT brand loyalty to corporations. We believe the companies that best capture the spending trends and loyalty of the LGBT consumer will be better positioned for financial growth and success. In 2017, LGBT consumer buying power was over $917 billion in the US market alone. Our business strategy is targeted to part of the $3.7 trillion purchasing power of the LGBT consumer demographic worldwide.

More than 450 million people identify themselves as LGBT worldwide and the LGBT community is composed of some of the most loyalty driven consumers in the world. Same-sex households have a 23 percent higher median income compared to mainstream households. The LGBT consumer is 1.23 times more likely to buy brands that reflect their lifestyle and 1.56 times more likely to consider themselves a spender rather than a saver. Fortune 500 companies have mandated diversity and equality as part of their marketing profiles, and we intend to become a leading conduit between this incredibly powerful consumer group and respective LGBT social-impact driven companies around the world.

SEC  final ruling on rule 6C-11 for open ended management ETF’s September 26, 2019

   Reference Page

Blueprint & Latest News 

Initial Capital November 4, 2019
Registration statement Form N-1A filed November 15, 2019
Registration statement Form N-1A filed December 10, 2019
 short-form registration statement, Form 8-A filed January 6, 2020
Statement of Additional Information (“SAI”) ,Form-497  filed January 14, 2020
LGBTQ100 ESG Index Reconstituted Ahead of LGBTQ + ESG100 ETF Launch May 14, 2021 12:03 ET
LGBTQ + ESG100 ETF Trading Symbol: LGBT Summary Prospectus May 14, 2021
Video: LGBTQ Loyalty (OTC Pink: LFAP), (NASDAQ: LGBT) Emerging Growth Conference 5/26/21
LGBTQ Loyalty Announces $10M Financing Commitment From NYC-based Investment Group May 28, 2021 9:28AM 
CNN write-up: June is Pride Month, Wall Street has taken.notice, Tue June 1, 2021
CNBC Video: What to know about the world’s first LGBTQ ETF for pride month, Wed June 2, 2021
Market Watch Opinion: There’s a new LGBTQ-focused ETF — here’s how it differs from two others that failed  June 4, 2021

      Shares will be listed on Nasdaq, Inc.


 To start off LFAP is the creator of the LGBTQ Index 100 
 utilizing ProcureAM’s PAL (Procure Asset Launchpad) in which
            ProcureAM helps bring ETF ideas to life. In this situation LFAP = Creator
of LGBTQ Index 100 and ProcureAM = ETF Fund Manager.
ProcureAM charges a manager fee of 25BP (or in layman terms .0025%)
for Assets Under Management.


 The LGBTQ ETF Index 100 charges a management fee of 75BP
(.0075%) on all Assets Under Management. ProcureAM is paid 25BP
 (.0025%) for duties as acting manager of the fund.

 For Example: LGBTQ Index 100 has $1,500,000,000 AUM
 LGBTQ Index 100 Management Fee:
 $1,500,000,000 X .0075 = $11,250,000

 LFAP keeps 50BP (.0050%) and ProcureAM is paid 25BP (.0025%) as
 acting manager of fund.

 LFAP revenue = $1,500,000,000 X .0050 = $7,500,000
 ProcureAM revenue = $1,500,000,000 X .0025 = $3,750,000

 What many here don’t realize, we are entering a whole new realm
of investing with this first ever “Preference Based Index”. This
will be the first index ever where a selected/targeted group will
 select the companies that make up the ETF. Also, as technology
 advances, our ETF’s performance will be for-seen by using Big
 Data Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning. We are looking at a
 new way to beat the market by using big data as raw material,
 combined with machine learning, to build ETF portfolios that
could potentially outperform active management — even actively
 managed ETFs.


 You can read more about Big Data and ETF’s in this link
rovided. Also watch the video within the article of Rob Tull
 explaining the technology:

 This is where Fuzzy Logix is tied in with our LGBTQ Index 100.
 Fuzzy Logix uses high powered Graphics Processing Units which
 can sort through data at an alarming speed. The software from
Fuzzy Logix ultimately helps predetermine which companies will
 outperform the market. More can be explained in this video

 This is how the our ETF (LGBTQ Index 100) was predicted to
 outperform the S&P 500 (see slides 8 & 9 of attachment:

 Revenue for LFAP will be accrued in 3 ways:
•Sales of Corporate Loyalty Program/ Loyalty Packages
•ETF Management Fee

 The average ETF costs about $250,000 a year to maintain based on
 complexity. Our Breakeven for our ETF is approx $40,000,000 AUM.
 With this in mind, our ETF will have a yearly maintenance fee of
 $200,000 given $40,000,000 X.0050 = $200,000.

 More on expenses of ETF’s can be read here:

 This ETF is rumored to be the next big thing in the ETF world.
 HACK accrued $1,500,000,000 AUM in approx 6 months of operation.
 We could possibly match pr exceed HACK’s AUM.

 LFAP has little to no overhead:
•ETF Maintenance Fee’s   

 LFAP has 3 revenue streams:  Advertising, Loyalty Packages, and ETF management fees.

Latest videos released 9/24 from BODs on YouTube
Robert Tull

Billy Bean

Barney Frank

Bobby Blair


Company Contact: 

LifeApps Brands Inc. 
2435 Dixie Highway 
Wilton Manors, FL 33305
(954) 947-6133

SOURCE: LifeApps Brands Inc


Investor Relations
LGBTQ Loyalty IR
+1 (310) 870-9661

                    Share Structure                       
Authorized Shares: 2,000,000,000 03/11/2022   
    Outstanding Shares: 
                912,068,287 03/11/22         
                    261,934,853 03/11/2022         
         650,133,434 03/11/2022
          Held at DCC: N/A   
              * Float: 413M 07/16/2021
  * % Held by Insiders:  199,883,201  42.2%  /  ** 14.18%

Brokerage Down Detector
for E-trade, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Schwab, RobinHood, etc.

LFAP: Worldwide Internet Chatter,LFAP%20stock

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