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KSCP Knightscope Inc mick 05/29/23 5:45 PM
KSCP Knightscope Inc mick 04/30/23 7:15 PM
Congrats you just hit a new low, and DK11 04/24/23 11:34 AM
Shorts are killing this stock I will not DK11 04/21/23 11:19 AM
You will never hit anything unless you put DK11 04/20/23 2:47 PM
See ya when it hits $10 dollars
drumkids 04/18/23 9:54 PM
KSCP Knightscope Inc
mick 04/15/23 3:17 PM
Good one here bottom play with lots of catalysts tw0122 04/14/23 6:38 PM mick 04/14/23 7:59 AM
NYPD Signs Contract with Knightscope • Business Wire mick 04/14/23 7:57 AM
Knightscope Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Robot Roadshow Heads to mick 04/14/23 7:56 AM
Knightscope Receives New Purchase Order from Mt. San mick 04/14/23 7:56 AM
$KSCP Annual Report (10-k) • Edgar (US Regulatory) mick 04/14/23 7:56 AM
$KSCP seems to be growing. mick 04/14/23 7:55 AM
hi glenn , i see dis one on mick 04/14/23 7:54 AM
KSCP......................... glenn1919 04/01/23 7:11 AM
Buyer .80 below you want me back in DarkPool 03/28/23 7:46 PM
Well made 75% on this turd. Will gladly DarkPool 03/28/23 7:45 PM
Big day. News up for tomorrow? CastorTroy 03/28/23 4:43 PM
Can Knightscope Bots Deliver Food to Dorms?
asp42001 03/21/23 5:12 PM
Down down down bukrinsky 03/15/23 3:47 PM
Soon we will be sub penny bukrinsky 03/15/23 12:24 PM
Well I found another Robot Company for Elder skipsvalue 03/08/23 7:37 AM
A lot of shares were bought pre-IPO and Porman 03/06/23 5:28 PM
It looks like they have been selling quite cuggegrosse 03/06/23 5:11 PM
Almost under a dollar. How long until they Porman 02/23/23 5:02 PM
If you keep searching for Knightscope through Google Bullish Green 12/31/22 2:55 PM
Lots of advertising for this one. Lime Time 12/29/22 10:17 PM
And yet in a much later filing: Bullish Green 12/28/22 8:27 AM
During their IPO they couldn't have been any Bullish Green 12/28/22 8:05 AM
Wel,l this company turned out to be another Porman 12/20/22 10:41 AM
KSCP is another dog that if you didnt PennyStockTrader2 10/13/22 6:02 PM
Anybody else worried about their dilution they increased FarAim 08/22/22 12:54 PM
Knightscope Robot Roadshow Coming to Detroit, Michigan Golden Cross 06/14/22 4:20 AM
IS CRAZYY HUGEEE!! KEVIN O' Leary ,,This New York ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/09/22 4:34 PM
more contract news will follow,KSCP ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/09/22 2:33 PM
could see a huge spike KSCP ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/09/22 2:32 PM
volume is picking up ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/09/22 2:31 PM
KSCP~4.32,,~crazyy bullish wild breaking chart to $20.00++ here,,http://c ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 06/09/22 2:30 PM
continuing to trade and lower average sitting at PennyStockTrader2 05/16/22 9:36 PM
I bet we see under 2 bucks a Porman 04/12/22 12:18 PM
and down down it still goes. I guess Porman 04/12/22 12:17 PM
Continuing to add/trade, I am about break-even at PennyStockTrader2 04/10/22 3:17 PM
Hard to keep up The stock price when hubbabubba1 04/05/22 8:13 PM
$5.70s (23 Mill O/s) tomorrows breakout watch stock1ace1 04/04/22 6:00 PM
100$ Mill equity facility news out stock1ace1 04/04/22 5:59 PM
Seems to be a steady and predictice drop Porman 04/01/22 12:56 PM
Ive been dabbling in Knightscope here and there, PennyStockTrader2 03/29/22 1:12 PM
KSCP News: Knightscope Plans Town Hall 04:30 AM TheFinalCD 03/17/22 3:39 PM TheFinalCD 03/14/22 12:41 PM
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Knightscope Inc (KSCP)

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Leading Autonomous AI-Robot Security Company Generating Millions In Revenue


What once was restricted to the world of science fiction is now a reality. 

This is not a movie, as robots are finally here to protect us—and thankfully, they appear a lot more like R2D2 than Skynet and the Terminator.

Autonomous Security Robots (ASR) are quickly becoming an essential part of our future1 
as the population continues to grow past 8 billion people and the very real problem of law enforcement and security guards becomes a reality.

Bringing us towards this robot-secured reality is Knightscope, Inc. (NASDAQ:KSCP),
a Silicon-Valley-based advanced security tech company that builds ASRs that deter, detect and report with groundbreaking technology
that’s proven to help fight crime and has the potential to be the largest disruption of public safety in history.


Knightscope (NASDAQ:KSCP) recently acquired CASE Emergency Systems4 and its impressive roster of key clients, like the NYPD and FDNY.

The company expects a revenue run rate between $12 million to $14 million following this acquisition, delivering on the
accelerated growth by a significant margin versus the $3.4M from 2021.

Clearly, something needs to be done to protect the liberty and safety of the growing population, as the
National Crime Victimization Survey confirmed that violent crime in urban areas is rising dramatically.5

To combat this and better equip domestic law enforcement and private businesses, Knightscope, Inc. (NASDAQ:KSCP
has developed timely solutions for the road ahead.


Learn More About Knightscope’s $40 Billion Recurring Revenue Opportunity! Click Here to Download the Corporate Presentation!

Investors Should Pay Close Attention to Knightscope, Inc. (NASDAQ:KSCP)

Discover Knightscope;

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