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Try and post something intelligent. If you can't then it sucks to be you.

There are posters who still don't seem to understand the above. Posting nonsensical posts are simply thread disruptions when it comes to
the main topic of the board. However other topics of the day such as sports, weather and trivia are certainly allowed considering that we all need
a little break now and again. 

At a formal cocktail party 2 things that should never be discussed are religion and politics. Consider the dress code here semi-formal. You can discuss religion (in context with the news of the day) but preaching to the choir/heathens will get you sent off. No one here is looking to be converted. 

And by all means please read this post. No explanation is needed. 

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet 

Please do not post links to boards where posters here can not respond to the referenced link. It is frustrating not to be able to refute the original post.

A 4-Step Guide to Ranting Productively 


The 25 Words You Need to Stop Saying to Improve Your Communication Skills 


You have finally reached the end of the internet! 


Journalists are not the enemy 


You Have a Right to Weariness 
The struggle for goodness and decency is an eternal struggle, not a seasonal one. 


#182677  Sticky Note Here is the deal. You can't come here BullNBear52 10/25/20 12:30:43 PM
#157977  Sticky Note Newtown Shooting the Worst Day of His Presidency, BullNBear52 03/18/20 03:13:59 PM
#50362  Sticky Note Simon Schama, the British historian, recently tweeted: “Indifference BullNBear52 02/12/17 10:09:50 AM
#207536   Yes. And the cops were chasing him when janice shell 05/24/22 08:25:44 PM
#207535   More info...he was a murder suspect who shot alchemytrader 05/24/22 08:23:56 PM
#207534   Yes indeed, sad to say. janice shell 05/24/22 08:18:56 PM
#207533   Exactly. alchemytrader 05/24/22 08:10:52 PM
#207532   Yes, exactly. It's always the same. Thoughts and janice shell 05/24/22 07:03:06 PM
#207531   another crazy 18 year old. 14 kids will alchemytrader 05/24/22 06:58:41 PM
#207530   I don't think I ever even heard about janice shell 05/24/22 06:52:12 PM
#207529   so it wasnt premeditated? this one brings back alchemytrader 05/24/22 06:43:39 PM
#207528   That was a VERY short press conference. I janice shell 05/24/22 06:07:20 PM
#207527   How little we care. Not one response. BullNBear52 05/24/22 05:40:11 PM
#207526   I take it you're not a Liz Cheney BullNBear52 05/24/22 04:09:00 PM
#207525   I think this guy speaks for all of alchemytrader 05/24/22 03:43:09 PM
#207524   file this under: "And why am I not 236T568 05/24/22 11:02:42 AM
#207523   "i can barely get to work and road sunspotter 05/24/22 10:46:57 AM
#207522   He also claims he won the election going BullNBear52 05/24/22 10:44:25 AM
#207521   he called it. wow. we love our high alchemytrader 05/24/22 10:22:02 AM
#207520   And that is why the south lost the BullNBear52 05/24/22 10:16:37 AM
#207519   North Carolina where it all started. BullNBear52 05/24/22 10:15:01 AM
#207518   Did someone say voter fraud? newmedman 05/24/22 08:23:08 AM
#207517   FL......................... The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racin blackhawks 05/23/22 08:54:19 PM
#207516   Who gets NASCAR ? k9narc 05/23/22 08:47:54 PM
#207515   In the same vein..... blackhawks 05/23/22 06:31:45 PM
#207514   Sent to me by a Canadian. It sounds BullNBear52 05/23/22 04:53:29 PM
#207513   Run, CauthyBoy, Run Run Run.... 236T568 05/23/22 02:18:04 PM
#207512   The effects of faculty cuts ripple across UMF BullNBear52 05/23/22 02:00:20 PM
#207511   Today's toons. BullNBear52 05/23/22 01:49:55 PM
#207510   Southern Baptist leaders covered up sex abuse, kept BullNBear52 05/23/22 12:19:42 PM
#207509   Kushner’s and Mnuchin’s Quick Pivots to Business With BullNBear52 05/23/22 12:07:20 PM
#207508   ha! 236T568 05/23/22 01:50:40 AM
#207507   Thanks! LOLOL!! janice shell 05/22/22 09:05:50 PM
#207506   I don't get it, I see it when blackhawks 05/22/22 08:47:56 PM
#207505   Your image didn't work... janice shell 05/22/22 08:15:18 PM
#207504   West Virginia Students “Say Something,” Preventing A School Shooting BullNBear52 05/22/22 01:41:54 PM
#207503   Squirrel hunting............very dangerous. blackhawks 05/22/22 01:06:06 PM
#207501   Just some facts for your view: 236T568 05/22/22 12:13:44 PM
#207500   How Trump’s 2020 Election Lies BullNBear52 05/22/22 11:32:52 AM
#207499   If Roe is overturned, there won't be lawsuits. BullNBear52 05/22/22 10:42:05 AM
#207498   Sunday Pages: "To a Mouse, On Turning Her BullNBear52 05/22/22 10:23:01 AM
#207497   Roberts has a lot of responsibility for this. janice shell 05/21/22 06:42:29 PM
#207496   If they over turn Roe v Wade Roberts BullNBear52 05/21/22 06:37:41 PM
#207495   As I understand it, important opinions are rarely janice shell 05/21/22 06:19:48 PM
#207494   We'll see. If Alito's decision holds up Roberts BullNBear52 05/21/22 06:08:43 PM
#207493   I don't think Gorsuch will change his mind; janice shell 05/21/22 06:04:28 PM
#207492   I can't imagine the 3 liberals leaking the BullNBear52 05/21/22 05:51:49 PM
#207491   That's quite interesting. I wonder if it's possible janice shell 05/21/22 04:10:36 PM
#207490   Tim Ryan: Prosecutors reviewing video of Capitol tours blackhawks 05/21/22 04:08:11 PM
#207489   I wouldn't be surprised if Thomas was behind janice shell 05/21/22 03:33:09 PM
#207488   A forum for the entire world? BullNBear52 05/21/22 12:27:54 PM
#207487   Opinion / Samuel Alito: One Angry Man BullNBear52 05/21/22 12:20:46 PM
#207486   Hopefully there is video. BullNBear52 05/21/22 12:01:00 PM
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