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Try and post something intelligent. If you can't then it sucks to be you.

There are posters who still don't seem to understand the above. Posting nonsensical posts are simply thread disruptions when it comes to
the main topic of the board. However other topics of the day such as sports, weather and trivia are certainly allowed considering that we all need
a little break now and again. 

And in the interest of fair play, there are some posters who are actually quite funny. I like Mustangs too. 

And by all means please read this post. No explanation is needed. 

But let's not beat dead horses. Admit you're wrong swallow some pride and move on
media.giphy.com/media/oaZk0WNSO7fXi/giphy.gif">media.giphy.com/media/oaZk0WNSO7fXi/giphy.gif" />

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet 

Please do not post links to boards where posters here can not respond to the referenced link. It is frustrating not to be able to refute the original post.

A 4-Step Guide to Ranting Productively 


The 25 Words You Need to Stop Saying to Improve Your Communication Skills 


A link to a useful course for those who have not been properly introduced to it. Should probably go into the IBox for reference. 


You have finally reached the end of the internet! 


Journalists are not the enemy 


You Have a Right to Weariness 
The struggle for goodness and decency is an eternal struggle, not a seasonal one. 


#158021  Sticky Note This is a good site to see who BullNBear52 03/19/20 10:25:14 AM
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#159231   Jade Helm 2020 canceled over COVID-19 concerns blackhawks 03/28/20 11:18:17 AM
#159230   For the US maybe but not for other SoxFan 03/28/20 10:55:35 AM
#159229   Good point. I didn't think of that. blackcat 03/28/20 10:53:54 AM
#159228   Well Alex is a slumlord along with Jared. SoxFan 03/28/20 10:51:34 AM
#159227   If only! blackcat 03/28/20 10:15:49 AM
#159226   Nobody is remotely suggesting SNAP is 'offered' in blackhawks 03/28/20 09:44:16 AM
#159225   You succeeded with the 'azz' part. blackhawks 03/28/20 09:32:23 AM
#159224   https://img.favpng.com/7/22/18/check-mark-symbol-clip-art-png-favpng-WA0Tn15cXxE 12yearplan 03/28/20 09:21:10 AM
#159223   pbs.twimg.com/media/EUMlD0NWsAAonRz?format=jpg&name=medium newmedman 03/28/20 09:19:18 AM
#159222   That was a good one Sox, holy crap! ;). 12yearplan 03/28/20 09:14:25 AM
#159221   Censorship is a poor example, unless Its just 12yearplan 03/28/20 09:12:00 AM
#159219   Been enjoying ur posts B4 (and presently, lol) 12yearplan 03/28/20 08:27:10 AM
#159218   So very sad and a harsh reminder of BlindSquirrelFindsNuts 03/28/20 07:11:10 AM
#159217   It’s not a life sentence. 4 more years. Taurus69 03/28/20 06:16:20 AM
#159216   The 456.00 we get in foods stamps doesn't janice shell 03/28/20 04:18:13 AM
#159215   And God knows I hope we stop Trump B402 03/28/20 04:10:57 AM
#159214   And in what way has Trump served blue janice shell 03/28/20 03:50:27 AM
#159213   What gave rise to Hitler, The Versailles Agreement...Desperation B402 03/28/20 03:43:11 AM
#159212   I honestly don't know why Trumpty won. janice shell 03/28/20 03:37:12 AM
#159211   Producing "most things" here would be extremely expensive. B402 03/28/20 03:35:18 AM
#159210   Producing "most things" here would be extremely expensive. janice shell 03/28/20 03:23:47 AM
#159209   If Hillary was such a good winner, how janice shell 03/28/20 03:18:06 AM
#159208   And I agreed with you and I complimented B402 03/28/20 03:17:22 AM
#159207   It's more complicated than that. Our labor janice shell 03/28/20 03:09:21 AM
#159206   And where is China in an idea to B402 03/28/20 02:58:03 AM
#159205   You said, in the post to which I replied: janice shell 03/28/20 02:55:33 AM
#159204   what How Does China have anything to do B402 03/28/20 02:51:30 AM
#159203   You sound like a Republican twisting words... B402 03/28/20 02:45:15 AM
#159202   My turn to be an Azz, What didn't B402 03/28/20 02:41:58 AM
#159201   Oh for God's sake. That's ridiculous. janice shell 03/28/20 02:37:18 AM
#159200   "Now they offer Food Stamps! That's not what blackhawks 03/28/20 02:17:32 AM
#159199   Whoaaaaaa Rhode Island will knock on doors and stop 236T568 03/28/20 02:08:57 AM
#159198   What exactly does the left want to give away? blackhawks 03/28/20 02:05:37 AM
#159197   Food is different. I'd never buy canned janice shell 03/28/20 01:57:58 AM
#159196   My quote was the left wants to give B402 03/28/20 01:09:49 AM
#159195   And I have some Ideas..Yang is smart. But B402 03/28/20 12:58:49 AM
#159194   And I have some Ideas..Yang is smart. But B402 03/28/20 12:58:44 AM
#159193   Some Dems have done that. Yang, for janice shell 03/28/20 12:52:23 AM
#159192   Isn't it sad...Democrats should seize on the fact B402 03/28/20 12:42:31 AM
#159191   I know. But I was up practically janice shell 03/28/20 12:18:45 AM
#159190   Geez I was getting worried. You’re usually out BlindSquirrelFindsNuts 03/28/20 12:14:58 AM
#159189   LOL!! And I absolutely agree. janice shell 03/28/20 12:04:45 AM
#159188   JESUS!! WTF is wrong with Birx?? janice shell 03/28/20 12:04:17 AM
#159187   quality of life comes first, if I can't Samello 03/28/20 12:03:45 AM
#159186   Which is a point Trump will exploit, but janice shell 03/27/20 11:57:45 PM
#159185   Approval will take a year--if ever Samello 03/27/20 11:55:31 PM
#159184   No one with sense would want that... janice shell 03/27/20 11:53:39 PM
#159183   Me too Samello 03/27/20 11:52:33 PM
#159182   Trumpty is just hopeless! blackcat 03/27/20 11:39:20 PM
#159181   McCormick Place will be turned into makeshift COVID hospital blackhawks 03/27/20 11:24:54 PM