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Try and post something intelligent. If you can't then it sucks to be you.

There are posters who still don't seem to understand the above. Posting nonsensical posts are simply thread disruptions when it comes to
the main topic of the board. However other topics of the day such as sports, weather and trivia are certainly allowed considering that we all need
a little break now and again. 

And in the interest of fair play, there are some posters who are actually quite funny. I like Mustangs too. 

And by all means please read this post. No explanation is needed. 

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet 

Please do not post links to boards where posters here can not respond to the referenced link. It is frustrating not to be able to refute the original post.

A 4-Step Guide to Ranting Productively 


The 25 Words You Need to Stop Saying to Improve Your Communication Skills 


A link to a useful course for those who have not been properly introduced to it. Should probably go into the IBox for reference. 


You have finally reached the end of the internet! 


Journalists are not the enemy 


You Have a Right to Weariness 
The struggle for goodness and decency is an eternal struggle, not a seasonal one. 



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#117814   At least we still have libraries. I said newmedman 01/13/19 07:09:25 PM
#50362  Sticky Note Simon Schama, the British historian, recently tweeted: “Indifference BullNBear52 02/12/17 10:09:50 AM
#20052  Sticky Note So all in all, this was a pretty BullNBear52 04/18/13 07:52:12 AM
#118515   David Cameron, then the prime minister, once mocked ergo sum 01/20/19 09:42:21 AM
#118514   And 4 million contractors who WON'T get back Homebrew 01/20/19 09:39:36 AM
#118513   Explain it to the 800K workers not getting paid. BullNBear52 01/20/19 09:38:15 AM
#118512   And he is a proven racist, as it BullNBear52 01/20/19 09:36:37 AM
#118511   It's very lonely out on that limb. BullNBear52 01/20/19 09:35:09 AM
#118510   I'll pass on that one. BullNBear52 01/20/19 09:31:27 AM
#118509   VA was the last undefeated team. New rankings BullNBear52 01/20/19 09:29:26 AM
#118508   Many Voters Think Trump’s a Self-Made Man. What 12yearplan 01/20/19 09:06:10 AM
#118507   Some clarification on the BuzzFeed story, though not much: janice shell 01/20/19 03:04:35 AM
#118506   Especially one who spent his entire childhood being janice shell 01/20/19 02:38:57 AM
#118505   So even if we take your bullshit as DesertDrifter 01/20/19 02:27:19 AM
#118504   They are parsing words. Clinton Supporters started it. Tearex 01/20/19 02:17:40 AM
#118503   You are right. He did not say it Tearex 01/20/19 02:09:14 AM
#118502   I'm not ignoring anything. I acknowledge that. Tearex 01/20/19 02:08:00 AM
#118501   https://www.politifact.com/subjects/obama-birth-certificate/statements/?page=1 janice shell 01/20/19 02:07:36 AM
#118500   He said nothing about a "new trade deal" Tearex 01/20/19 02:05:10 AM
#118499   you blindly believe his incessant lies. Tearex 01/20/19 02:03:19 AM
#118498   Not once did he say it would be DesertDrifter 01/20/19 02:00:20 AM
#118497   He spoke many times of all aspects of janice shell 01/20/19 01:59:35 AM
#118496   You mean like you ignore the fact that DesertDrifter 01/20/19 01:58:23 AM
#118495   he's yammered on and on and on Tearex 01/20/19 01:52:56 AM
#118494   It was only "the Clinton campaign" according to janice shell 01/20/19 01:50:45 AM
#118493   No, it was misspoken. You insist it was Tearex 01/20/19 01:47:11 AM
#118492   Let's not forget: it was Trumpty who started Tearex 01/20/19 01:43:09 AM
#118491   No, it is not. From the time janice shell 01/20/19 01:37:35 AM
#118490   So improve it. Add other technology. Trumpty is Tearex 01/20/19 01:34:55 AM
#118489   McConnell now owns the shutdown along with his Tearex 01/20/19 01:29:16 AM
#118488   I wonder if he said what he did Tearex 01/20/19 01:21:32 AM
#118487   CGTN ?Verified account @CGTNOfficial blackcat 01/20/19 01:18:31 AM
#118486   Let's see, then. Obama makes ONE spelling janice shell 01/20/19 01:16:53 AM
#118485   So improve it. Add other technology. janice shell 01/20/19 01:15:00 AM
#118484   Misspoken? No. It was either yet another one blackcat 01/20/19 01:12:59 AM
#118483   A racist who can't even spell. Tearex 01/20/19 01:05:37 AM
#118482   No, the fence as implemented is not sufficient Tearex 01/20/19 01:02:32 AM
#118481   Well it was obviously misspoken. The stupidity is Tearex 01/20/19 12:58:16 AM
#118480   There is no doubt at all that he's janice shell 01/20/19 12:53:37 AM
#118479   Buzzfeed should have ran the story by Mueller's janice shell 01/20/19 12:52:03 AM
#118478   He's not a racist, you are. Tearex 01/20/19 12:46:28 AM
#118477   It's not a perception of intelligence we're seeing. blackcat 01/20/19 12:43:39 AM
#118476   What type of intelligence is needed in a janice shell 01/20/19 12:42:25 AM
#118475   Meanwhile, this week Pence announced to the world janice shell 01/20/19 12:20:38 AM
#118474   I don't think you have any diversity in Tearex 01/20/19 12:18:27 AM
#118473   He is genuinely stupid. I'll grant that janice shell 01/20/19 12:09:38 AM
#118472   You could get so much from Trump, if Tearex 01/20/19 12:05:55 AM
#118471   I still wonder how the County Sheriff's office Tearex 01/19/19 11:51:45 PM
#118470   Trumpty just wants his way. Because he janice shell 01/19/19 11:46:08 PM
#118469   Yes, a great cold open! And they janice shell 01/19/19 11:44:36 PM
#118468   Never ever disagreed with that. Neither did Trump. Tearex 01/19/19 11:42:44 PM
#118467   So far this has been worth the wait. Susie924 01/19/19 11:36:46 PM
#118466   That's a good point. janice shell 01/19/19 11:14:45 PM