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Try and post something intelligent. If you can't then it sucks to be you.

There are posters who still don't seem to understand the above. Posting nonsensical posts are simply thread disruptions when it comes to
the main topic of the board. However other topics of the day such as sports, weather and trivia are certainly allowed considering that we all need
a little break now and again. 

And in the interest of fair play, there are some posters who are actually quite funny. I like Mustangs too. 

And by all means please read this post. No explanation is needed. 

But let's not beat dead horses. Admit you're wrong swallow some pride and move on
media.giphy.com/media/oaZk0WNSO7fXi/giphy.gif">media.giphy.com/media/oaZk0WNSO7fXi/giphy.gif" />

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet 

Please do not post links to boards where posters here can not respond to the referenced link. It is frustrating not to be able to refute the original post.

A 4-Step Guide to Ranting Productively 


The 25 Words You Need to Stop Saying to Improve Your Communication Skills 


A link to a useful course for those who have not been properly introduced to it. Should probably go into the IBox for reference. 


You have finally reached the end of the internet! 


Journalists are not the enemy 


You Have a Right to Weariness 
The struggle for goodness and decency is an eternal struggle, not a seasonal one. 


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#155211   "Caronavirus"? Once again... janice shell 02/27/20 01:58:48 AM
#155210   Damn! Too bad We're not Influencers. janice shell 02/27/20 12:45:51 AM
#155209   Good! I enjoyed that one too. blackcat 02/26/20 11:37:54 PM
#155208   Warren responds to a “bro” https://twitter.com/onceuponaross/status/12328705772 Susie924 02/26/20 11:36:08 PM
#155207   Thanks. The article following the Guthrie piece led blackhawks 02/26/20 11:25:01 PM
#155206   For the music buffs on the board this blackcat 02/26/20 10:07:28 PM
#155205   Katie Rogers Susie924 02/26/20 10:01:01 PM
#155204   That is putting it kindly. blackcat 02/26/20 10:00:45 PM
#155203   I am only a garden variety political junkie, DesertDrifter 02/26/20 09:57:16 PM
#155202   Here's the canary blackcat 02/26/20 09:39:18 PM
#155201   COVFEFE-19 The struggle is real. Give DesertDrifter 02/26/20 09:29:34 PM
#155200   "I found most of what he said incoherent." Susie924 02/26/20 09:18:37 PM
#155199   Well now I'm disappointed. The guide was wrong BlindSquirrelFindsNuts 02/26/20 09:06:18 PM
#155198   Group asks Congress to investigate how Devin Nunes Susie924 02/26/20 09:05:24 PM
#155197   yup and she will need to make a SoxFan 02/26/20 08:17:56 PM
#155196   My first choice is doing a CNN townhall BlindSquirrelFindsNuts 02/26/20 08:14:34 PM
#155195   I thought this was interesting. And maybe a blackcat 02/26/20 08:13:53 PM
#155194   I agree it will be a brokered convention BullNBear52 02/26/20 08:12:16 PM
#155193   I didn’t say I wanted her to drop Susie924 02/26/20 08:10:45 PM
#155192   Well if you want Sanders then let Warren SoxFan 02/26/20 08:09:07 PM
#155191   Yes- that was hilarious! blackcat 02/26/20 08:07:09 PM
#155190   Thanks Susie924 02/26/20 08:04:29 PM
#155189   Thanks Susie924 02/26/20 08:03:11 PM
#155188   How can you say that about Warren? Susie924 02/26/20 08:02:18 PM
#155187   They can release them and ask them to BullNBear52 02/26/20 08:02:03 PM
#155186   After watching Trump’s press conference I needed that! Susie924 02/26/20 08:00:50 PM
#155185   This is not a good thing. Somehow they blackcat 02/26/20 07:59:51 PM
#155184   Sanders SoxFan 02/26/20 07:57:03 PM
#155183   They don't drop out but suspend their campaigns SoxFan 02/26/20 07:56:11 PM
#155182   So we have a surgeon general who is BullNBear52 02/26/20 07:56:09 PM
#155181   Who do you project to win california? DesertDrifter 02/26/20 07:55:08 PM
#155180   If he doesn't make it, I trust him Susie924 02/26/20 07:55:04 PM
#155179   Mayor Pete has no shot. Sanders, Warren, Biden, SoxFan 02/26/20 07:53:18 PM
#155178   Bad. But he keeps pushing for them to BullNBear52 02/26/20 07:51:53 PM
#155177   Uncle Joe doing a CNN townhall in half BlindSquirrelFindsNuts 02/26/20 07:42:31 PM
#155176   Wonder how bad it has to get before blackcat 02/26/20 07:36:48 PM
#155175   Overenthusiastic dog flunks out of service dog academy blackhawks 02/26/20 07:35:32 PM
#155174   Pence drew the short straw since he has BullNBear52 02/26/20 07:35:03 PM
#155173   I'll hold onto that hope! blackcat 02/26/20 07:30:57 PM
#155172   Trump still hoping for negative rates. BullNBear52 02/26/20 07:27:45 PM
#155171   It is a sad thing that Dence was DesertDrifter 02/26/20 07:24:40 PM
#155170   And there's Mother to consider also. blackcat 02/26/20 07:22:45 PM
#155169   No female doctors allowed. I'd guess he'd be BlindSquirrelFindsNuts 02/26/20 07:20:46 PM
#155168   He's not my first choice as you know- blackcat 02/26/20 07:20:36 PM
#155167   OK- everyone might want to consider updating their blackcat 02/26/20 07:16:10 PM
#155166   I know. I did vote for him in BullNBear52 02/26/20 07:01:49 PM
#155165   It's like they are all bowed down in BlindSquirrelFindsNuts 02/26/20 07:00:33 PM
#155164   I hear you. It seems odd to DesertDrifter 02/26/20 06:36:42 PM
#155163   Makes sense. I am just trying to stop BullNBear52 02/26/20 06:24:59 PM