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Try and post something intelligent. If you can't then it sucks to be you.

There are posters who still don't seem to understand the above. Posting nonsensical posts are simply thread disruptions when it comes to
the main topic of the board. However other topics of the day such as sports, weather and trivia are certainly allowed considering that we all need
a little break now and again. 

And in the interest of fair play, there are some posters who are actually quite funny. I like Mustangs too. 

And by all means please read this post. No explanation is needed. 

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet 

Please do not post links to boards where posters here can not respond to the referenced link. It is frustrating not to be able to refute the original post.

A 4-Step Guide to Ranting Productively 


The 25 Words You Need to Stop Saying to Improve Your Communication Skills 


You have finally reached the end of the internet! 


Journalists are not the enemy 


You Have a Right to Weariness 
The struggle for goodness and decency is an eternal struggle, not a seasonal one. 


#177559  Sticky Note Change the Ref BullNBear52 09/17/20 03:48:59 PM
#174169  Sticky Note A state-by-state guide to voting in the age alvik 08/14/20 12:09:23 PM
#157977  Sticky Note Newtown Shooting the Worst Day of His Presidency, BullNBear52 03/18/20 03:13:59 PM
#50362  Sticky Note Simon Schama, the British historian, recently tweeted: “Indifference BullNBear52 02/12/17 10:09:50 AM
#178066   Thankfully what tipped off American intelligence was an janice shell 09/24/20 12:19:41 AM
#178065   Uh-huh. Have you by any chance met NYBob? janice shell 09/24/20 12:10:10 AM
#178064   Biden--and others, of course--need to call Trumpty out janice shell 09/23/20 10:55:14 PM
#178063   Lindsey has become truly pathetic... janice shell 09/23/20 10:32:27 PM
#178062   I'm 100 percent owl. From at least the janice shell 09/23/20 09:40:04 PM
#178060   Based upon this I'll call myself an owlar. blackhawks 09/23/20 09:36:02 PM
#178059   Did you happen to watch the orange-turd's deposition dukeb 09/23/20 08:19:51 PM
#178058   HSA eligible health plans mean that the Feds dukeb 09/23/20 08:14:41 PM
#178057   The description of "Jenny Carter" here fits me perfectly: janice shell 09/23/20 08:09:31 PM
#178056   I'm just pointing out an irony. Porgie Tirebiter 09/23/20 07:51:07 PM
#178055   But Trump as we know likes to make janice shell 09/23/20 07:38:25 PM
#178054   Thanks, there is no Goebbles in my world. newmedman 09/23/20 07:29:34 PM
#178053   Like your siggy. Porgie Tirebiter 09/23/20 07:02:57 PM
#178052   Yes you fuckstick, senator "Rand", I'm sorry your newmedman 09/23/20 06:51:32 PM
#178051   Herd Mentality!!!! newmedman 09/23/20 06:38:26 PM
#178050   Yet another oopsie! 236T568 09/23/20 06:15:33 PM
#178049   Pelosi expels all senators from the floor of B402 09/23/20 05:57:16 PM
#178048   I don't picture it going with any sort newmedman 09/23/20 05:42:52 PM
#178047   Cinta, a company that owns most of the blackhawks 09/23/20 05:31:29 PM
#178046   https://thecommonsenseshow.com/activism-agenda-21-conspiracy/why-canada-helping- amc 09/23/20 05:11:47 PM
#178045   https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-06-16-communist-china-invaded-usa-troops-disgui amc 09/23/20 05:10:12 PM
#178044   Jonathan Lemire 236T568 09/23/20 04:43:41 PM
#178043   Sucks that Billy boy won't be coming to BullNBear52 09/23/20 04:36:34 PM
#178042   NY AG James 236T568 09/23/20 04:29:04 PM
#178041   Not looking good for the dimwit of the family. BullNBear52 09/23/20 04:26:12 PM
#178040   Trump Campaign Actively Discussing Radical Measures To Bypass bearspread 09/23/20 04:04:45 PM
#178039   Trump Says He Deserves No Blame for State BullNBear52 09/23/20 03:58:57 PM
#178038   Well, no. The New York subway system doesn't BullNBear52 09/23/20 03:47:15 PM
#178037   Here is one of the responses to the BullNBear52 09/23/20 03:45:58 PM
#178036   Well, no. The New York subway system doesn't janice shell 09/23/20 03:44:10 PM
#178035   That an a token gets you a ride BullNBear52 09/23/20 03:40:08 PM
#178034   Many thanks! janice shell 09/23/20 03:32:54 PM
#178033   Meanwhile Trumpy has better approval ratings to handle janice shell 09/23/20 03:31:38 PM
#178032   A couple weeks ago I was at a Porgie Tirebiter 09/23/20 03:31:08 PM
#178031   done 236T568 09/23/20 03:30:57 PM
#178030   Trump Campaign Actively Discussing Radical Measures To Bypass B402 09/23/20 03:30:16 PM
#178029   The orangemushroomweenie going after the Florida Cuban vote 236T568 09/23/20 03:26:52 PM
#178028   Wow! Big day! janice shell 09/23/20 03:23:57 PM
#178027   Whoo-Hooo! And I had been excited when I Porgie Tirebiter 09/23/20 03:20:51 PM
#178026   Every father has their cross to bear when bearspread 09/23/20 03:04:51 PM
#178025   We have a new problem here at PTI. BullNBear52 09/23/20 03:03:31 PM
#178024   the Hunter Biden "crap" report came out today...a BullNBear52 09/23/20 02:52:54 PM
#178023   But it got worse...Lol,,So you need a master's B402 09/23/20 02:46:06 PM
#178022   EXCITEMENT!! BUSCAR [/b janice shell 09/23/20 02:44:35 PM
#178021   Pic Of The Moment: GOP Trying To Scare blackhawks 09/23/20 02:17:34 PM
#178020   Never got to see him play except on Porgie Tirebiter 09/23/20 01:49:11 PM
#178019   the Hunter Biden "crap" report came out today...a bearspread 09/23/20 01:38:01 PM
#178018   You are too kind 236T568 09/23/20 01:29:51 PM
#178017   “If I wanted one (running back) for a BullNBear52 09/23/20 01:27:00 PM
#178016   the Hunter Biden "crap" report came out today...a 236T568 09/23/20 01:25:53 PM
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