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About Juhl Wind Inc.

Juhl Wind is an established leader in Community Based Wind Power development and management, focused on wind farm projects throughout the United States and Canada. Juhl Wind pioneered community-based wind farms, developing the currently accepted financial, operational and legal structure providing local ownership of medium to large scale wind farms. To date, the Company has completed 11 wind farm projects and provides operations management and oversight across the portfolio. Juhl Wind services every aspect of wind farm development from full development and ownership to consultation. Juhl Wind is based in Woodstock, Minnesota and is traded on the OTCBB under the symbol JUHL.OB. Additional information is available at the Company's website at or by calling 877 584 5946 (or 877-JUHLWIN). 

What Is Community Wind?

The Originators of Community Based Wind Farm Development
Community Wind is a form of "C-BED" (Community Based Energy Development)

In 2005, the Minnesota legislature passed an omnibus energy bill which included important new mechanisms to support community wind. This system, known as C-BED, is intended to make it easier for community wind projects to be successful without putting an excessive burden on utilities. It accomplishes this by requiring utilities to create a new tariff utilizing a net present value rate for electricity, and the option of front-loading the rate in the first half of the contract's lifespan.

Historically, landowners in rural areas had only one option to benefit from the development of wind farms in their community and that was to lease their land to large wind developers. These large and usually foreign-based developers would then sell the wind energy to the utility company and retain a majority of the project's profits.Juhl Wind Inc. provides a better alternative for local communities by specifically concentrating on C-BED projects that are locally owned by farmers, investors, businesses, schools, utilities, or other public or private local entities. As a result, the C-BED or Community wind projects keep more dollars in local communities, preserve local energy independence, and protect the environment. Community wind projects average 10 - 20 turbines and can produce enough energy to power over 6,000 homes. C_BED has picked up considerable traction and growth as legislation is adopted in more states, making it possible for the local communities to not only lease their land but to take ownership in the projects.

The key feature of community wind is that local community members own and have a significant financial stake in the project beyond just land lease payments and tax revenue. Community wind projects can be any size, ranging from a single turbine to more than twenty, yet typically serve local communities or consumers. The key feature is that local community members have a significant, direct financial stake in the project beyond land lease payments and tax revenue.

                                    State and Federal Support                                                                  Economics of Wind Energy

 Our Projects




Woodstock Windfarms 10.2 mW
Kas Brothers 1.5 mW
West Pipestone 8.5mW
Brewster 6mW
Danmar I 18mW
Bingham Lake 15mW
Pipestone Schools .75mW
Spirit Lake Schools 1mW
Eastridge 10mW
GM Farms 30mW
Minwind I&II 16mW
Total: 117mw


Project Name: Size: Status:
Grant County, MN 20mW Construction
Valley View, MN 10mW Construction
Traverse County, MN 20mW Construction 2009
Crofton Hills, NE 42mW Construction 2009
Brownsdale (2 projects), MN 50mW Financing and PPA
Kittson/Marshall, MN 80mW Interconnection Study
Kennedy/Kittson, MN 20mW Interconnection Study
Meeker, MN 20mW Interconnection Study
Thief River Falls, MN 20mW Feasibility
7 Additional Midwest Projects
(Projects not yet announced)
118mW Initial Study/Feasibility
Total: 400mW

Wind Services

Feasibility Studies:
Juhl Wind has completed many Feasibility Studies for wind farms over 30 years. Details include -
  • Designating a lead person to support effective communication with proposed ownership group.
  • Perform an approved Wind Study for the proposed project.
  • Perform a specific site layout for the proposed project.
  • Investigate permitting requirements for the proposed project.
  • Provide complete cost breakdown analysis and project cash flow Proforma of the proposed project.
  • Initiate cursory discussions related to the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).
  • Initiate discussions related to cost and availability of Turbine Supply and associated agreements (TSA).
  • Initiate a preliminary investigation of interconnection and transmission access of the proposed project.
  • Complete and submit application associated with the Interconnection Agreements (if needed).
  • Provide the proposed ownership group with a written report and summary of the findings.
Full Development Services:
  • Develop financial Proforma with complete project cost breakdown.
  • Identifying qualifying sites whose meteorological characteristics permit successful development and operation of a commercial wind generation project.
  • Assist in negotiating options/leases with site owners to allow development of the project, including related transmission and interconnection facilities.
  • Negotiate Power Purchase Agreement with applicable utility, or apply Project to eligible utility requests for proposals.
  • Negotiating turbine supply, construction, design and warranty agreements.
  • Assisting in obtaining transmission capacity needed to deliver the Project output, as necessary.
  • Assist in applying for applicable environmental, zoning and building permits for the project.
  • Assist in establishing or contracting for necessary operation, maintenance and management capabilities for the Project.

Wind Farm Management Services:

Juhl Wind currently provides complete operations management and equipment maintenance for 11 wind farms.

Our Team

Dan Juhl - Chairman and CEO

Dan has pioneered conservation and renewable energy technologies, particularly wind power, in the Midwest for over 30 years. During his tenure in the wind industry, Dan's activities have covered every aspect of the technology including R&D, design, manufacturing, development, installation, and O&M. He has also been instrumental in helping to form public policy by working with legislators and regulators on the workings and benefits of utilizing renewables in the energy mix, and is considered to be one of the nations leading experts on wind technology and community owned renewable distributive generation. Dan has developed 1,500 MW of wind generation in his 30 years of experience in the field. He has been the principal consultant to Edison Capital, Johnson Controls, John Deere Capital, Nordex Turbines, Suzlon Turbine Manufacturing, Nebraska Power and Excel Energy. He has appeared before numerous state and federal governmental bodies advocating wind power and community-based energy development on behalf of landowners, farmers, and ranchers. Dan wrote the popular wind energy reference guidebook Harvesting Wind Energy As A Cash Crop.

John Mitola - President

Mr. Mitola has over 20 years experience in energy and environmental industries. He was the CEO of Electric City Corp from 2000-2006 leading the company from its start up phase for six years as a publicly traded company. While trading on the American Stock Exchange the firm was selected one of the fastest growing small companies in the U.S. Prior to Electric City, Mr. Mitola was a Vice President and General Manager of Exelon Thermal Technologies and led the creation of Commonwealth Edison's (now Exelon) first unregulated subsidiary. Mr. Mitola has also been a managing partner of Kingsdale Capital, a private equity and capital advisory firm and has been appointed twice by the Governor of Illinois as the Chairman of the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority. Mr. Mitola received his BS in Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana and Juris Doctor from DePaul University, College of Law.

Jeff Paulson, JD - General Counsel

Mr. Paulson is a former regulatory attorney and Senior Attorney for Northern States Power Company. He has extensive knowledge and experience with the regulatory environment that is critical in securing favorable power purchasing contracts and interconnection agreements. He has been point counsel for all of Juhl Energy's community based projects guiding LLC formation, land use documentation, and power purchasing agreements. He was the former top aid to US House Speaker, the Honorable Dennis Hastert.

Jeff Bendel - VP Construction Development

Mr. Bendel was introduced to wind turbine construction by Dan Juhl and has collaborated with Dan in over 150 MW of wind turbine construction. Jeff oversees the Company's day-to-day construction activities on wind projects.

Corey Juhl - VP of Project Development

Corey got his start in the renewable energy world in 2003 when he helped construct the 18MW wind farm know as DanMar I. Since then he has worked primarily in the development side of the business and is also the chief information technology officer for Juhl Wind.

Tyler Juhl - VP of Project Development

Tyler got his start in the renewable energy business in 1994 putting up wind monitoring stations and building back-up and off-grid power systems with his father (Dan Juhl). Tyler started his commercial wind career in 2000 working on foundation, tower erection crews and performing maintenance on his family's wind farm. He now works as a project manager and as VP of Project Development. 

Investor Information

Corporate Story:
From Main Street Minnesota to Wall Street: Wind Power Pioneer, Juhl Wind, Inc. Goes Public

Americans living in all neighborhoods can now invest in community-based wind farms (Woodstock, MN-June 25, 2008) - Americans no longer need farmland, large acreage or lots of money to invest in wind power. Juhl Wind, Inc, a national leader in Community-based Wind Power development and management, is proud to announce, as of today it is a publicly traded company. It's shares will be posted on the OTC Bulletin Board under the ticker JUHL.OB.

As oil prices soar and global warming becomes a realistic concern, the demand for renewable energy is on the rise. Wind power is one of the world's fastest growing energy sources, growing an average of 29% annually over the past five years according to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). It is only likely to get bigger as the U.S. Department of Energy calls for 20% wind power by 2030. Unlike other electricity sources, wind power requires no fuel and produces no pollution or waste. Best of all, it is inexhaustible. U.S. winds have the potential to generate more electricity in 15 years than all of Saudi Arabia's oil, without being depleted according to the AWEA. Energy.Gov

Wind farms can also have a big economic impact, something Juhl Wind, Inc., has been dedicated to bringing to rural communities for years. Founder, Chairman and CEO, Dan Juhl, developed the nation's first farmer-owned and community-based wind farms. "If we are going to develop wind farms," said Juhl, "we should do it right and get all the economic benefit out of it that we can by doing it community-based."

Juhl Wind's "Community Wind" differs from larger, utility owned wind farms by sharing the majority of wind farm ownership with the actual landowners and local communities. Under Juhl Wind's model, farmers or landowners don't simply lease the land to big companies who install and benefit from the turbines. They are investors who also collect a share of the profits, which has the potential to add 30-40% to their income. "It is a commodity that can help farmers diversify their crops without taking much land out of production," said Juhl. In addition to local ownership, Juhl Wind, Inc. only hires local contractors to work on its projects, which all funnels money back into the local economy.

Juhl Wind, Inc. has developed 11 wind farms throughout the upper Midwest, producing approximately 117 megawatts of wind power. It has another 16 new wind farms in development, which will bring the total megawatts to approximately 517. That is enough to power 155,100 homes at any given time.

Juhl Wind, Inc. is based in Woodstock, Minnesota. Its offices are powered 100% by wind and solar energy. Juhl Wind services every aspect of wind farm development from consultation to full development and ownership. Dan Juhl is a pioneer in wind energy and a renowned national expert on the subject. He has developed more than $100 million worth of farmer and community-owned commercial scale wind farms. Juhl helped initiate legislation supporting renewable energy in his home state of Minnesota and is largely credited with helping make Minnesota the third largest producer of wind energy in the country. "I'm very grateful our company's efforts in the wind industry have proven successful," said Juhl. "I am extremely excited about the opportunity to expand our company and community-based approach to harvesting wind. It is a dream come true!"    Stock Info


Juhl Wind, Inc (0001366312)


Estimated Market Cap


Number of Share Holders of Record

$11,715,550 as of Nov 27, 2009   37 as of Apr 15, 2008

Authorized Shares


Outstanding Shares

100,000,000 as of Jun 20, 2008   6,265,000 as of Dec 31, 2006





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