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The JDZ lies approximately 200 km. offshore Nigeria and is adjacent to areas offshore Nigeria where several large petroleum discoveries have been made. The JDZ was established in 2001 following ratification of a formal bilateral treaty between Nigeria and Sao Tome and Principe. The JDZ is administered by the Joint Development Authority.

This Board will be specifically limited to oil/gas companies that operate in the JDZ, Nigeria, and Sao Tome e Principe. Obo-1 has recently been drilled by Chevron with a 51 percent stake, along with partner ExxonMobil with a 40 percent equity holding, and Dangote Energy Equity Resources holding the remaining balance. ERHC Energy, Inc. has Production Sharing Contracts in JDZ Blocks, 2, 3, and 4. Some other companies include: Afren, Addax Petroleum, A & Hartman, Centurion Energy, Equator, Foby Engineering, Hercules, Hyperdynamics Corp., MoMo Petroleum, ONGC Videsh Ltd., Pioneer, SNP -- China Petroleum & Chemical Corp., and Oriental Energy. It is very likely the list will grow!

You may view this site and post on this message board, but we ask that information on this site should not be linked or copied. You may link this site to another site with the approval of only IHUB or the board Moderator. Send your PM to instructmba for any particular requests or questions.


The Black Dot marks the spot of OBO-1 as updated per Oilphant's co-ordinates of 6/01/06.
The Blue Dot marks the possible spot of OBO-2 per various rumors and feedback to this board.
The Green dot marks the possible spot of OBO-3 based on information it was on the far west part of Block 1 near 3 & 4.

kownski = just west of JDZ054 next to Blk 4
magicatlast = near JDZ078
instructmba = just sw of JDZ079 where A and A-1 intersect

BLOCK Participants:
Block 1 (704 sq kms): (51%)=ChevronTexaco, (40%)=ExxonMobil, (9%)=Dangote Energy (Afren holds a 4.41 percent indirect net working interest in the JDZ Block 1 through a 49 percent equity interest in DEER). The JDZ Block-1 is located approximately 190 miles (300 kilometers) north of the city of São Tomé and approximately 125 miles (200 kilometers) from the city of Port Harcourt in Nigeria.

Block 2 (692 sq kms): (28.67%)=Sinopec, (22%)=ERHC, (14.33%)=Addax, (13.5%)=ONGC Videsh, (9%)=Equator, (5%)=MoMo Deepwater JDZ Limited, (5%)=Foby Engineering, (2.5%)=A & Hartman

Block 3 (666 sq kms): (51%)=Anadarko, (15%)=Addax, (10%)=ERHC, (10%)=Amber Petroleum (owns both MoMo Deepwater JDZ Limited and Equinox Deepwater), plus several Nigerian firms

Block 4 (857 sq kms): (38.3%)=Addax, (26.7%)=ERHC, plus (9.5%) Dana Gas PJSC who is for $1.02B buying out Centurion's 9.5%, which bought out Hercules which envolved a (0.5%) to an unnamed third party, while Conoil may have 20% and Godsonic 5% which all total the full 100 percent of this block.

Block 5 (1091 sq kms): (15%)=ERHC, plus other unknowns
Block 6 (588 sq kms): (15%)=ERHC, plus other unknowns
Block 7 (1286 sq kms): withdrawn
Block 8 (822 sq kms): withdrawn
Block 9 (1723 sq kms): (20%)=ERHC, plus other unknowns
Total all Blocks: 8,429 sq kms

This is the TDI-Brooks' 06-27-03 JDZ Piston Core & Heatflow map. For more info look up 2003 Nigeria São Tomé & Príncipe JDZ Consortium Program at:

Deepwater Discovery per RIG update March 31, 2006 is under contract until Aug-06 at $165K USD Dayrate with client CVX who has recently reported successful drilling in 1,720 meters of water in Block 1 in the JDZ. The area is thought to hold billions of barrels of oil. Oilphant can been seen in the background trying to chase her down as she's underway to drill the next hole.

Deepwater Pathfinder is looking alot like Deepwater Discovery.

Aban Abraham is looking like the real deal to begin drilling up to 5 firm and 5 optional wells at a $410,000 max daily rate.

H E L P F U L L I N K S :

JDA Main Site:

JDZ Treaty:
Business Aspects:
Analysis of JDA Model:

GLOSSARY of selected oil and gas terms:

US Dept of State info:
CIA FactBook Nigeria:
Sao Tome und Principe:

Oil news:
Oil news:
Oil news:
Oil news:
Oil news: instructmba's favorite
Oil news:
Oil news:
Oil news:
Oil news:
Oil news:
Oil news:
Oil news:
VANGUARD: get Nigerian news here:
African News:

Oil articles:
PWC Oil & Gas in Africa 22 pages:
Peak Oil Primer:
See Section 7 on STP:
São Tomé e Príncipe: The difficult transition from aid-dependent cocoa producer to petrol state (find at bottom of page):
Interesting NPV and estimated returns for Afren in OBO-1
Production Sharing Contracts:
Not really an article but some old Meridian posts:
Black Gold In The New Gulf:
"Our New Best Friend":
IMF JDZ report:


Anadarko Petroleum Corp. SEC Filings:
Addax: (great slides, maps and future plans for the JDZ)
ERHC SEC Filings:

Drillship Info: Special thanks to rocky822 for digging up this info!

$3 Billion [USD] dollar man
Sir Emeka Offor:

Sorta Off Topic:
China Business News:

RULES: Reasons to get deleted:
1. Duplicate – an accidental duplicate post by a member
2. Personal Attack – when someone attacks a person, with name calling, or relating to the messenger and not the message.
3. Spam – a message that is being posted promoting other sites, stock-related or not, that has no use in the discussion of JDZ oil/gas companies.
4. Vulgarity – cursing of any kind unacceptable on YOUR BOARD.
5. Violation of Privacy – posting of any personal identifiable information (email, real name, phone, address, etc)
6. Threat – someone threatening another member in some fashion
7. Thread Disruption - someone posting to disrupt the board, stir up trouble.

Special thanks to Silverbull for the idea showing board member location. If you want to be added see Message 553:
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Build up and don't tear down! Provide FACTS not ATTACKS. This is a FRIENDLY message board with an atmosphere that can make a difference!

Early history of JDZ and STP can be found here.

B.P.O.W.: currently the JDZ board has 84 Boardmarks
Best Post Of Week:

(All decisions by the judges are final and are based on content, timeliness, format, creativity, and usefulness.)
Past Winners: mrrhodes, saleen(x2), rocky822, Tapco1(x3), walldog0, david02835, Silverbull5, bayfisherii, mrogop, xchip, Lone Clone, NobleSlave, mart50

JDZ stocks of interest: Addax=AXC.TO (Canada), Afren=AFR.L (UK), Anadarko=APC (US), Centurion=CUX.TO (Canada)bought out by Dana Gas for $1 billion), Chevron=CVX (US), CNOOC Ltd=CEO (China), Equator=EEL.L (UK), ERHC Energy=ERHE (US), Exxon=XOM (US), Hercules=HERO (US), Hyperdynamics=HDY (US), Oil & Natural Gas Corp=ONGC.NS (India), Sinopec=SNP (China), Syntroleum=SYNM (US)

Got a public issue or questions such as rules, feature requests, TOU, etc., please go here :

"ERHC On The Move"is Joe Shea's Blog and favorite reporter on ERHE. You can find more at: 


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