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PODA sale complete Abundance88 07/09/22 9:17 AM
Poda votes Yes to Altria Sale Abundance88 06/23/22 12:40 AM
PODA vote today for sale to Altria. Abundance88 06/22/22 9:49 AM
Look into ARDS if you are looking into RPMcKenna1976 02/01/22 3:29 AM
Well I guess when captain BS ran away RPMcKenna1976 01/08/22 6:57 AM
We are up 900% today. How did Dodger1 12/27/21 1:12 PM
Looked into this scam company a little further RPMcKenna1976 12/12/21 6:33 AM
So now we see what this hunk of RPMcKenna1976 11/10/21 5:31 AM
look at it now...u jackass fliegenfranz1 09/20/21 8:46 AM
Yes, I got my a** kicked here. Cosa 03/29/21 8:28 PM
its a really bad and expensive joke fliegenfranz1 03/10/21 4:08 PM
Spin out poda shares vote. 1000 poda shares Cosa 03/01/21 3:55 PM
once Dan left this was a disaster Cosa 02/12/21 6:03 PM
.0001 to .006. Wow lol Cosa 02/12/21 5:59 PM
Is this really 7 cents again!? Back from Cbdpotential 02/12/21 10:35 AM
Do you believe they still have a future? Cbdpotential 02/09/21 4:48 AM
more than you apparently Abundance88 12/20/20 9:56 PM
you dont even know eh....smh fliegenfranz1 12/20/20 8:39 PM
The shareholders who sold are the ones with Abundance88 12/19/20 12:52 PM
90% of investors money gone...bye bye....what a scam fliegenfranz1 12/18/20 2:53 PM
Invictus signs purchase agreement Abundance88 12/16/20 6:28 PM
Search after Dlzn 10/26/20 12:13 PM
We ar still in business, Look for Dlzn 10/09/20 4:21 AM
We ar still in business, Look for Dlzn 10/09/20 3:53 AM
all of em former board members are living fliegenfranz1 10/04/20 7:39 AM
IVITF where dreams go too die OD3 10/01/20 5:24 PM
checked, it has been moved into my tfsa, idowonder 09/03/20 4:01 PM
thanks idowonder 09/03/20 3:53 PM
Still showing poda in my TD Canada account. RPMcKenna1976 09/03/20 3:20 PM
Just looked at the account I had PODA idowonder 09/03/20 12:07 PM
Officially in the sub pennies. RPMcKenna1976 09/01/20 10:44 AM
Yepper, a real clash of the TITANS! RPMcKenna1976 08/16/20 2:52 PM
Haven’t been on dry land lately. Just sitting OD3 08/11/20 12:48 PM
A body bag? Thanks IVITF OD3 07/24/20 4:16 AM
Got it in the mail today.. thanks $ivitf Cbdpotential 07/21/20 10:47 PM
Free anchor with every purchase lol's! RPMcKenna1976 07/20/20 10:48 AM
go out of business already, gonna sit back OD3 07/20/20 9:31 AM
so they can come up with a scam OD3 07/19/20 1:46 AM
Why would they have a meeting with nothing Pomkilo 07/18/20 12:43 PM
poda shares=untradable, like gene.v (delisted)=scam. eom. RPMcKenna1976 07/18/20 2:24 AM
Free as in you had to be invested RPMcKenna1976 07/18/20 1:57 AM
It was free. Lol Pomkilo 07/17/20 11:54 PM
BTW, the product was supposedly already created a RPMcKenna1976 07/17/20 8:34 PM
PODA invested FIVE MILLION into product development. No RPMcKenna1976 07/17/20 8:14 PM
PODA going to pull down the money soon. Pomkilo 07/17/20 7:39 PM
Correction, Feb 2020 eom. RPMcKenna1976 07/15/20 9:50 PM
Interesting article from Jan 2020 by equity guru: RPMcKenna1976 07/15/20 6:50 PM
how ridiculous....even their old ceo dan k. filed fliegenfranz1 07/15/20 2:41 PM
This guy has been right all along... this tipfindr 07/15/20 1:44 PM
Still waiting on the product. Do they have RPMcKenna1976 07/14/20 9:49 PM
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Invictus MD Strategies Corp (IVITF)

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Invictus MD Strategies Corp.


Invictus MD targets small and mid size companies with proven brands, strong customer focus, and significant growth potential.

The MD in our name stands for Managing Director. We direct the strategy towards profitability and growth for each of our portfolio companies.

We assist the companies with business process integration and by structuring and deploying proper capital to support sustained growth.


The companies we seek to invest in demonstrate certain traits, which we believe are attractive to the creation of long-term shareholder value. Those traits include:


  • Proven brand recognition with a leadership position or opportunity in its market;
    Values-based culture and sound management;
    Compelling market that will support the sustained growth of the company;
    Strong operating margins with room for improvement through business process integration and proper capital structuring; and,
    Sustainable and differentiated advantage over its competitors.


We work in partnership with management teams to increase shareholder value through business planning and process integration, developing and executing growth strategies, leveraging our experience and relationships, and structuring and deploying the proper capital to support long-term growth. Our prudent approach to both investing in and developing successful companies ensures successful execution of the business plan in both times of economic expansion and contraction.


Invictus MD’s primary objective is to identify, grow and build companies that are complementary to one another. We not only provide capital to meet these objectives but also years of management experience from a team that has been successful in all facets of business from start-ups to running large international organizations. The fundamental core of our operations is centered on the vast opportunities within fragmented industries.




We recognize the key to success is in our people. Our strong management team has built and managed successful operations with enterprise values over $500 million in various industries. We believe each of our team members bring a unique skill set that helps drive the growth of our portfolio companies.




The benefit that results when we work together with our portfolio companies is much greater than when our portfolio companies work alone. Our investment philosophy requires all investments to be synergistic in order to allow for effective and efficient growth plans. This creates economies of scale and builds competencies that are core to our operating activities.




We recognize the importance of seeking leading edge companies that operate in emerging industries in order to build our global community. Our extensive business network allows for us to identify and executive on these opportunities.


Emerging Markets


Our core focus is to identify and invest in companies operating in emerging markets. We recognize that through technological advancements the world is getting smaller and various opportunities exist to assist and enter into these new markets.




Our team works closely with the management of the portfolio companies on a daily basis to help support them in all areas of their business including operations, financial reporting, information technology, human resources and marketing.


Financial Reporting/Disclosure
Reporting Status International Reporting: Canadian Securities Exchange
Fiscal Year End 3/31
OTC Marketplace Pink Current
Profile Data
SIC - Industry Classification
Incorporated In:
Year of Inc. 2013
Employees 9 a/o Jun 17, 2015
Company Officers/Contacts
Dan Kriznic CEO
Kelsey Chin CFO
Drew Lawrenson, JD Lawyer
Company Directors
Not Available
Service Providers
Accounting/Auditing Firm
Manning Elliott LLP
1050 W. Pender Street
11th Floor
Vancouver, BC, V6E 3S7

Securities Counsel
Miller Titerle
215 - 209 Carrall Street
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2J2


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