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The objective of this board is to identify and track mutual funds which specialize in returns that are inverse of current markets, indices or instruments such as the S&P 500, Russell 2000, Emerging Markets, Bonds, etc.
In addition, certain alternate mutual funds will be covered such as for a strengthening or weakening dollar.
Mutual Funds are not an ideal investment choice due to fees, trading restrictions, holding periods, etc.  However, they may play an important part in certain portfolios such as a 401K.
Please use appropriate due dilligence to make sure a short mutual fund fits your investing objectives and risk tolerance.

-1x Inverse US Index Funds
-1x S&P 500 - ProFunds -1x S&P 500 - Rydex
-1x NASDAQ 100 - Profunds -1x NASDAQ 100 - Rydex
-1x Russell 2000 - ProFunds -1x Russell 2000 - Rydex
  -1x Mid-Cap - Rydex

-2x Inverse US Index Funds
-2x Dow - ProFunds -2x Dow - Rydex
-2x S&P 500 - Direxion  
-2x S&P 500 - ProFunds 2x S&P 500 - Rydex
-2x NASDAQ 100 - Profunds -2x NASDAQ 100 - Rydex
-2x Russell 2000 - ProFunds -2x Russell 2000 - Rydex

-2.5x Inverse Fund
-2.5x Small Cap - Direxion

Inverse Equity Funds
BEARX Inverse Equity - Federated Grizzly Inverse Equity - Leuthold
Gabelli Mathers Inverse Equity Fund - Gabelli PIMCO – StockPlus TR Short Strategy - PIMCO

-2x Inverse Country Funds
-2x UltraShort Latin America - ProFunds -2x UltraShort China -ProFunds
-2x UltraShort Japan - ProFunds -2x UltraShort Emerging Markets - ProFunds
-2x Ultrashort International  MSCI EAFE - ProFunds 2x Inverse SGI Emerging Markets - Rydex

Inverse Bond Funds
-2.5x Inverse Ten-Year Note - Direxion Inverse Government Long Bond - Rydex
Inverse High Yield Strategy - Rydex  

Dollar Funds
2x Strengthening Dollar Fund -Rydex 2x Weakening Dollar Fund - Rydex
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