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Inventergy Global, Inc. (INVT)

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Creating IP licensing and value creation strategies for today’s market-leading technology companies

Inventergy Global, Inc. is an intellectual property (IP) licensing partner specializing in IP value creation. Led by industry veteran Joe Beyers, former head of global licensing for Hewlett-Packard, Inventergy identifies, acquires and licenses patented technologies to help market-leading technology companies monetize and achieve more value from their innovations.

With more than 100 years of combined experience and track record of handling more than $15 billion in IP and technology transactions, Inventergy’s team of professionals handle every aspect of the IP business, from valuation and branding through legal analysis, decision making and patent sales.

Inventergy partners with world-class, market-significant companies who may lack internal manpower, budget or other resources necessary to realize appropriate return-on-investment. Through collaborative, business-centered, and forward-thinking strategies, Inventergy is able to create portfolios with significant market potential and optimize the innovator’s overall return-on-investment.

The company has established a network of key industry relationships to complement its solid licensing model and growing portfolio of assets, which currently stands at more than 760 global patent assets. Inventergy pursues maturing telecommunications technologies already adopted in the marketplace and earning accretive value.




The Inventergy Advantage

It's time for a new world in IP value creation; a time to put an end to troll behavior, backroom bullying, and dirty deals. It's time for a new way of doing business; a way of behaving like absolute professionals who know the real value of intellectual property, the tremendous leverage it gives to corporations, and the potential to truly make a difference for the global economy and the way people live. And it starts here, with Inventergy.

Six Inventergy Advantages

1 Maximum Value

Inventergy helps technology leaders achieve more value from their world-changing innovations by knowing what it's really worth, communicating that value convincingly and with integrity, and delivering improved financial returns in the short and long term.

2 Unparalleled Expertise

Inventergy CEO and founder Joe Beyers is well-known and highly regarded throughout the IP world for his accomplishments at Hewlett-Packard. He is joined by a stellar roster of IP professionals, each with a reputation for expertise in IP deal making. Inventergy professionals have deep knowledge of the IP market – they know the terrain, the players, and the best way to unlock value in ways that are both fair and rewarding.

3 Real Partnership

First and foremost, Inventergy is a team of investors and licensors with actual “skin in the game.” The company partners with world-class, market-significant companies who may not have the internal manpower, budget or other resources to realize the appropriate ROI for their innovations

4 A Win-Win Approach

Inventergy’s strategies are built with expectation of success that enables its partners to monetize IP assets for years to come. The company’s execution model is built on providing flexibility, some immediate monetary gain, investment in licensing efforts, and shared revenue over time. It's a model that offers the potential for greater gain within a reasonable timeframe with a managed level of risk.

5 Corporate-Minded IP Strategy

As a corporation, Inventergy’s credentials are a breath of fresh air. Inventergy understands the challenges and opportunities of the modern world and makes deals that are aligned with each partner’s vision, values, and short and long-term goals.

6 Integrity, Transparency And Fairness

It's time these words become the norm for the IP world. Inventergy is committed to making that happen, starting with the way the company does business and treats people. Inventergy sees the future for IP and knows that innovation is key to the global economy. Innovators should be fairly compensated for their inventions and their contributions to society – Inventergy expects no less.


IP’s Value to American Innovation

One important way to help encourage innovation is through the protection of intellectual property (IP). The investments necessary to develop IP are often quite substantial. Firms and individuals, in order to invest the necessary resources, need some assurance that they will benefit from and recover the costs of the creation of intellectual property. IP rights help protect authors, inventors, and merchants of goods and services from having their creations and innovations quickly and easily exploited by other firms or individuals, diminishing the benefits to the inventor of the IP. This reduction in private benefits to be gained from the underlying innovation could, in turn, reduce the incentives to undertake the investments necessary to develop the IP in the first place.

Certain industries find IP protection to be especially important and consequently register a relatively high number of patents, trademarks, and copyrights compared with other similarly sized industries.

Innovation protected by IP rights is key to creating new jobs and growing exports. Innovation has a positive pervasive effect on the entire economy, and its benefits flow both upstream and downstream to every sector of the U.S. economy. Intellectual property is not just the final product of workers and companies—every job in some way, produces, supplies, consumes, or relies on innovation, creativity, and commercial distinctiveness. Protecting our ideas and IP promotes innovative, open, and competitive markets, and helps ensure that the U.S. private sector remains America’s innovation engine.

There is a broad range of industries that benefit from IP, both directly and indirectly, and for every innovation in a given industry, generally there are corresponding economic opportunities for other industries to bring advances to the public. Examples of these complementary industries include the computer manufacturer that uses inputs made by semiconductor firms to make the hardware that is needed to run applications made by software companies, the Internet company that generates the on-line applications to distribute copyrighted music, and the auto manufacturer that incorporates patented energy-saving engines in the cars it sells. In each of these cases, industries are supported by the complementary products and services of another industry, so each industry is in a position to benefit from the safeguard of the IP underpinning their business models. When companies are more confident that their ideas will be protected, they have the incentive to pursue advances that push efficiency forward, costs down, and employment up.

Further evidence of this domino effect is seen as downstream businesses benefit from innovative products that lower their costs and improve their processes and finished articles. For example, a more precise machine could make manufacturing pharmaceuticals safer; a more reliable software program could improve military hardware while making it more affordable; or a clearer sound system could boost the quality of a recording studio’s album. In each of these cases, and many more, the innovation feeds directly into a new finished article or service that has commercial value. The innovation may increase customer satisfaction through a higher quality product or service or decrease production costs. This additional value can help businesses protect earnings that can support their labor force.

Finally, in addition to the companies that produce, complement, and consume the innovation, logistical and supporting businesses are required to keep these companies up and running. These entities include marketing firms that inform consumers about innovations that can save time and money, packaging companies that ship advanced goods to retailers, and Internet service providers that create and maintain the communications pathways needed to compete in an increasingly on-line world.

*Excerpts taken from Intellectual Property and the U.S. Economy: Industries in Focus, prepared by the U.S. Economics and Statistics Administration and U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

The Value of Ideas

Apple — $1.05B
Samsung patent case
Nortel — $4.50B
Sale of 6,000 patents
AOL — $1.1B
Sale of 1,000 patents
Google — $12.5B
Motorola Mobility Acquisition


Management Team

Inventergy is the brainchild of one of the IP world's most influential leaders, Joe Beyers. With first-hand knowledge of IP challenges and strategies, Beyers has joined forces with a handpicked “A-Team” of professionals to assist corporations obtain greater value from their inventions and ideas.

Inventergy’s backgrounds span more than 100 years working for global companies, handling more than $15 billion in IP and technology transactions. The company has expertise in every aspect of IP business, from valuation to technical and legal analyses to successful deal making.


Inventergy, Inc.
900 E. Hamilton Ave, Suite 180
Campbell, CA 95008
Phone: (408) 389-3510



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