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Intevac Photonics Inc., Santa Clara, California, was awarded TEEROY 01/03/22 10:38 AM
Accumulating. Risk reward favorable TEEROY 12/21/21 9:12 PM
Microsoft award from Army could be positive catalyst TEEROY 04/01/21 11:39 AM
Intevac Photonics Announces New $7 Million Development Program Source: TEEROY 03/23/21 9:55 AM
News: $IVAC Intevac to Present at 22nd Annual whytestocks 12/30/19 8:16 PM
News: $IVAC Intevac Receives Record $40 Million Digital whytestocks 07/18/19 10:50 AM
News: $IVAC Intevac Announces Agreement to Deliver its whytestocks 07/03/19 12:20 PM
* * $IVAC Video Chart 05-01-18 * * ClayTrader 05/01/18 5:24 PM
Where is everybody? srains 02/21/18 11:20 AM
IVAC bullish 12.70 stocktrademan 04/16/17 4:05 PM
If it can break the 50 day @ Bylerzone 05/27/15 8:42 PM
~ $IVAC ~ Earnings posted, pending or coming Penny Roger$ 02/02/12 2:23 AM
This is shaping up nicely on both the adelevet 05/31/11 1:34 PM
The upshot is that they can find cancer Crow3 06/13/07 8:46 PM
Quantom dots and old paint... Crow3 06/13/07 4:35 PM
DELTA and NU are both greek letters.. If Crow3 06/13/07 10:43 AM
Yall feel free to jump in at any Crow3 06/13/07 10:36 AM
RAMAN technology was named after the cat from Crow3 06/13/07 10:33 AM
Not a mining stock!! Crow3 06/11/07 3:27 PM
sounds interesting. how soon will they be mining? stockbird55 06/11/07 2:59 PM
This is not a penny stock. It has Crow3 06/11/07 2:24 PM
Most likely an over-looked stock with high potential. Crow3 06/11/07 2:20 PM
Intevac, Inc. Acquires DeltaNu Crow3 06/11/07 2:11 PM
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Intevac, Inc (IVAC)

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Moderators IVAC owns DELTANU and thus INSPECTOR RAMAN.. A hamd-held device with multiple applications. Homeland security and other things. Intevac, Inc. Acquires DeltaNu February 1st - Santa Clara, California USA Provider of High-Performance, Miniature Spectroscopy Instruments SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Intevac, Inc. (Company) (Nasdaq:IVAC-News) completed acquisition of the assets and certain liabilities of DeltaNu, LLC, a Laramie, Wyoming company specializing in small footprint and handheld Raman spectroscopy instruments. Intevac Imaging Vice-President and General Manager Joe Pietras stated, "DeltaNu has pioneered the development of miniaturized, high-performance Raman spectrometers. Their unique platform provides a family of portable and easy-to-use instruments for chemical identification in various laboratory and field applications, such as medical diagnostics, scientific research, forensics and industrial materials control. "We eagerly look forward to new product opportunities that can be created by combining DeltaNu's miniature Raman spectrometer designs with Intevac's capabilities in near-infrared sensors, which will enable a new class of portable instruments with greatly enhanced chemical detection capabilities." DeltaNu founder and Intevac's Raman Spectroscopy General Manager Dr. Keith Carron stated, "I am excited that DeltaNu will be a part of Intevac's growing imaging business. Intevac's capabilities in sensor technology provide a powerful, enabling addition to DeltaNu's experience in Raman spectroscopy instruments and applications, which will allow rapid growth of the DeltaNu business." DeltaNu will be operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Intevac, Inc., based in Laramie, Wyoming. Posted by: Xenophon Smiths Detection, the world's leading provider of detection equipment, has formed a strategic partnership with DeltaNu to introduce a hand-held Raman spectroscopy system that will be used to identify unknown chemical substances. The new system is designed to complement Smiths Detection’s widely deployed HazMatID FT-IR system and offers a confirming, independent analysis of unidentified liquids, powders and solids. Based on Raman technology, the new chemical analyzer will identify toxic industrial chemicals, nerve and blister agents, weapons of mass destruction, explosives, narcotics, and common chemicals in seconds. The system will non-destructively analyze substances directly or through glass and clear plastic containers. “To verify the identification of a potentially dangerous unknown substance, emergency response teams routinely conduct two or more independent tests,” said Jim Fitzpatrick, Smiths Detection General Manager for Emergency Responders. “Raman spectroscopy, when combined with FT-IR spectroscopy, enables first responders to quickly apply two fundamentally different techniques to a sample and thereby ensure a high degree of accuracy when identifying unknowns.” “We are pleased to partner with Smiths Detection,” said Dr. Keith Carron, CEO of DeltaNu. “Our hand-held Raman technology is a vital, new addition to the arsenal of tools enabling first responders to rapidly identify unknown chemicals at the site of the incident. Our company has been looking for the appropriate strategic partner to take our revolutionary technology to market and Smiths was at the top of our list.” Smiths Detection said the combination of the two analyzer technologies is particularly well suited to identifying complex materials such as mixtures containing multiple chemicals and wet samples. The DeltaNu Raman system creates a unique spectral signature by measuring the interaction of a low-power laser with a sample. Like the HazMatID, the signature is compared against an on-board database library of known chemicals for an identity. Because Raman measures a completely different behavior than the HazMatID, it is an ideal confirmatory tool for the analysis of unknowns.
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