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enough to pay a bit of Herve's salary firehorse 05/12/23 1:17 PM
Darkness Alliance is barely selling on Android. Less frymuchan 05/08/23 6:42 PM
I'm almost positive Company Pasta went out of frymuchan 05/02/23 11:42 PM
I didn't get one yet, either (Charles Schwab rickn23 05/02/23 2:11 PM
Oh no! frymuchan 05/02/23 1:47 PM
The end is nigh. Got an email from firehorse 05/01/23 11:49 PM
He never replied to that email. firehorse 04/25/23 6:11 PM
Hmmmm. Very interesting idea... have you tried contacting frymuchan 04/25/23 10:32 AM
My guess is he just continues to pay firehorse 04/25/23 9:55 AM
Herve is listed as having 9 million shares frymuchan 04/24/23 6:36 PM
Yes, sold about 35% back in 2021 on firehorse 04/24/23 11:20 AM
Firehorse, Do you currently own shares of interplay? frymuchan 04/23/23 9:03 PM
Sadly Herve's accrued salary is probably >$20M now. firehorse 04/20/23 5:43 PM
Yeah, probably lots of back pay accruing... I'm frymuchan 04/18/23 7:03 PM
I assume whatever money they will make will firehorse 04/17/23 10:18 PM
Good find! Good piece of news! Anyone have frymuchan 04/17/23 6:20 PM
Interplay Entertainment Releases Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance for firehorse 04/14/23 11:47 PM
Sooooo quiet at Interplay... Makes me wonder if frymuchan 04/14/23 5:23 PM
Minimum effort? There isn't anything on their Instagram rickn23 02/11/23 9:21 AM
Yeah, Amico is dead... it was interesting that frymuchan 02/10/23 10:44 PM
Earthworm Jim 4 has seemingly been canned rickn23 02/10/23 8:05 AM
Howdy Ho Neighbors. Ned Flanderzss 02/02/23 8:04 AM
Crickets! frymuchan 01/27/23 3:57 PM
IPLY is the IP rights holder. I'm guessing rickn23 11/23/22 7:34 PM
Hmmm, I'm assuming that this means interplay has frymuchan 11/23/22 6:30 PM
‘Searching For Sugar Man’ Producer Passion & Circus rickn23 11/23/22 8:21 AM
LOL! frymuchan 10/19/22 11:31 AM
Hidey Ho Neighbors! Ned Flanderzss 10/18/22 6:21 AM
I wonder what happened to that Russian bot frymuchan 09/20/22 11:46 PM
I wonder what happened to that Russian bot frymuchan 09/20/22 11:40 PM
Hmmm, with those numbers makes me think they frymuchan 08/16/22 8:19 PM
Found this: rickn23 08/16/22 2:40 PM
Does anyone have an idea of how BGDA2 frymuchan 08/16/22 9:44 AM
No, they are just claiming they are still rickn23 08/14/22 10:00 AM
Is Intellivision claiming that they are launching soon? frymuchan 08/13/22 10:17 PM
IPLY explains website outage: rickn23 08/13/22 2:37 PM
NEW Earthworm Jim 4 Footage & Intellivision Amico Delayed! rickn23 08/10/22 5:54 PM
LOL I'm not sure why no game on their frymuchan 08/08/22 6:59 PM
Huge milestone reached...they have a working web site. firehorse 08/08/22 6:48 PM
Interplay website is down... frymuchan 07/21/22 9:47 AM
BGDA2 launch appears to have mostly gone well frymuchan 07/20/22 2:03 PM
Trailer looks really good frymuchan 07/13/22 9:15 PM
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 Set To Launch rickn23 07/12/22 7:54 AM
There's some drama on Twitter about Interplay's NFT frymuchan 06/26/22 12:14 PM
I do remember that there was a committee frymuchan 06/21/22 10:42 PM
No, I am not saying Herve IS paying firehorse 06/19/22 3:03 PM
I've always wondered how interplay has been able frymuchan 06/15/22 10:24 AM
Firehorse, Are you saying that Hervé is currently paying frymuchan 06/15/22 9:54 AM
BGDA2 is releasing on Steam, GoG, and Epic firehorse 06/10/22 3:21 PM
Perhaps they sold those shares in the crazy firehorse 05/25/22 12:08 PM
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