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It was $88 oreenos earlier this morning!! Monterey2000 11:22 AM
GUESS WHAT ! ! ! FISH21049 9:36 AM
can someone post cliff notes on this mornings lumpy3 9:08 AM
Anything going on here?....it seems really quiet ..no.news!! teecee56 06/06/23 5:49 PM
I guess someone wanted “in” this morning. amrwonderful 06/06/23 12:05 PM
52 week high vegas options 06/06/23 11:20 AM
Vegas, thanks for your reasons why. israt 06/05/23 7:01 PM
israt, ASM on Wednesday. Insiders are not selling vegas options 06/05/23 6:22 PM
Why? israt 06/05/23 5:54 PM
On the new Form 4's they sold only vegas options 06/05/23 5:20 PM
Questions Abound On EU Plan For New Essential Paullee 06/02/23 3:45 PM
Paullee I hope Jones is going to buy my3sons87 06/02/23 1:18 PM
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- AN Paullee 06/02/23 10:26 AM
RE A.I....i think its a poorly teecee56 06/01/23 8:58 AM
InterDigital’s Alec Brusilovsky Elected Vice Chair of the dws 06/01/23 4:05 AM
TC, came for happy hour, stayed, and still Monterey2000 05/31/23 9:26 PM
Monterey...did 5 o'clock charlie wave to the crowd?? teecee56 05/31/23 7:50 PM
AND THEN....and then ...and then....teeeheee teecee56 05/31/23 7:48 PM
IDCC share price is up $2.46 in after Monterey2000 05/31/23 6:14 PM
Teecee and Gamco thanks. my3sons87 05/31/23 4:30 PM
My3sons87 - About 275k shares changed hands during Gamco 05/31/23 4:16 PM
leon...a little back and fill is ok...we've just teecee56 05/31/23 2:46 PM
Is it that no news is good news, my3sons87 05/31/23 1:22 PM
I saw the same thing you did...I interpreted teecee56 05/25/23 8:55 PM
Apple is buying 5G wireless technology from Broadcom (AVGO) Monterey2000 05/25/23 4:22 PM
Teecee56, on May 18th 760K of shares traded vegas options 05/25/23 3:20 PM
vegas....thats a healthy increase from 2.7myn......there was a teecee56 05/25/23 1:41 PM
Time to crank up the stock buyback program. scooby5 05/25/23 10:57 AM
Short interest 3.1M vegas options 05/24/23 4:46 PM
Vegas Options - Yes and YES. But, if Gamco 05/22/23 11:05 AM
Gamco, If the company has to wait until vegas options 05/22/23 10:52 AM
Vegas Options - just wait until the price Gamco 05/22/23 10:40 AM
Gamco, tell me where I can buy them vegas options 05/22/23 10:28 AM
Vegas Options - The bond holders at maturity Gamco 05/22/23 9:30 AM
Zacks.com featured highlights Interdigital Monterey2000 05/22/23 9:24 AM
Gamco, No. The bonds decay equal to the vegas options 05/22/23 8:49 AM
Glen you could buy the converts.back...and sell off teecee56 05/22/23 7:26 AM
Vegas options - after 130% of the $77.49 Gamco 05/21/23 11:30 PM
Gamco, why would you want to buy the vegas options 05/21/23 10:17 PM
I wish that I could answer of the Gamco 05/21/23 3:32 PM
How long will IDCC continue the stock buyback? Monterey2000 05/20/23 3:33 PM
imm....on a technical basis....this is what my favorite teecee56 05/20/23 9:51 AM
point of interest...5 o'clock charlie made an appearance teecee56 05/20/23 9:24 AM
InterDigital’s Energy Aware Media Team Awarded Best Full-Length Gamco 05/19/23 7:34 PM
@InterDigitalCom, leader in #wireless evolution from #5G to Gamco 05/19/23 7:23 PM
IMM, there is only one rule that always vegas options 05/19/23 3:33 PM
What's this board's consensus as to the share sinceIMM 05/19/23 3:04 PM
IDCC may have the technology Meta needs for Monterey2000 05/19/23 1:03 PM
Looks like about 150K shares will change hands vegas options 05/19/23 12:51 PM
IMO if IDCC has what Meta wants, the orientbull 05/19/23 9:01 AM
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9:36 AM
06/06/23 12:05 PM
vegas options
06/06/23 11:20 AM
06/05/23 7:01 PM
vegas options
06/05/23 6:22 PM
06/05/23 5:54 PM
vegas options
06/05/23 5:20 PM
06/02/23 1:18 PM
06/01/23 8:58 AM
05/31/23 9:26 PM
05/31/23 6:14 PM
05/31/23 4:30 PM
05/31/23 1:22 PM
vegas options
05/25/23 3:20 PM
vegas options
05/24/23 4:46 PM
05/22/23 11:05 AM
vegas options
05/22/23 10:52 AM
vegas options
05/22/23 10:28 AM
05/22/23 9:24 AM
vegas options
05/22/23 8:49 AM
vegas options
05/21/23 10:17 PM
05/21/23 3:32 PM
05/20/23 3:33 PM
vegas options
05/19/23 3:33 PM
05/19/23 1:03 PM
vegas options
05/19/23 12:51 PM
05/19/23 9:01 AM

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