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PREVIOUS IBOX HAD:This stock has a low O/S and looks promising.  I WILL TRY TO ADD SOMETHING TO THAT.  But, please be aware.  This is a very risky stock in that there is hardly any information that I can find on it.   PLEASE NOTE: NAME ON IBOX IS INCORRECT. S/B IMC MORTGAGE (2 g's in mortgage).

Below, shows IMCC's standing with Pinksheets and a bit of info.


Gratefully, eore's site: ALL FLOATS has the following from a message in June of 2009.  See below:



From :    Thomson Reuters Business Description:

IMC Mortgage Company was a consumer finance company engaged in purchasing, originating, servicing and selling home equity loans secured by first liens on one- to four-family properties. The Company focused on lending to individuals whose borrowing needs were not being served by traditional financial institutions due to such individuals' impaired credit profiles and other factors. Loan proceeds typically were used by such individuals to consolidate debt, to refinance debt, to finance home improvements, to pay educational expenses and for a variety of other uses. By focusing on individuals with impaired credit profiles and by providing prompt responses to their borrowing requests, the Company was able to charge higher interest rates for its loan products than typically were charged by conventional mortgage lenders. On November 15, 1999, the Company sold to CitiFinancial Mortgage (CFM) its mortgage loan servicing business and substantially all of its mortgage loan origination business.

The following is a summary given for a report that can be bought for $36.  I do not plan to buy the report.

Citifinancial Mortgage Co, a unit of Citigroup Inc, acquired the mortgage servicing assets of IMC Mortgage Co, Tampa, Florida for $### mil.

Acquirer:  Citifinancial Mortgage Sec Inc
Acquirer Business Discription:  Mortgage bank
Acquirer Ultimate Parent:  Citigroup Inc
Acquirer SIC Code:  6162 - Mortgage bankers and loan correspondents
Target Name:  IMC Mortgage Co-Mtg Servicing
Target Business Description:  Mortgage banking assets
Target Ultimate Parent:  IMC Mortgage Co,Tampa,Florida
Target SIC Code:  6162 - Mortgage bankers and loan correspondents
Please Note: Target Financials are not included in this report.Explain
Transaction Statistics are not included in this report.Explain

Free Sample: Click Here to Download
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I do not have much that I know to do as for DD so you MUST do you own DD!  NOTHING I post should be taken as your reason for investing. I am not a professional and do not hold any type of license concerning stocks or investing.  Therefore, you are responsible for the decisions that you make.


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