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100,000 IBIZ Shares. Another company has the virtual DaveP63 05/11/21 10:18 AM
I've still got 42,500 shares. Worthless. OnlyinitfortheMoney 03/09/21 10:20 AM
I have 2,000,000 shares. Waiting for the big MaxH 07/16/20 9:46 PM
ibiz 45103B205 anyone? BLUEROCK 04/14/20 3:08 AM
I know this is random but TD Ameritrade Voeksie 09/19/19 5:11 PM
I'm afraid to, lol. They might tell it's coinsguy 05/01/17 9:52 AM
did you call brokerage rebelpenny 05/01/17 9:39 AM
What's up with IBZT. My Ameritrade account shows coinsguy 05/01/17 8:35 AM
Stalking dc_350 04/24/14 8:26 AM
Youthful indiscretions...see the date? iconoclassic 04/24/14 8:18 AM
Hey! What are you doing looking at penny dc_350 04/23/14 7:25 PM
it will rock this month as well,good to buccaneer1961 08/13/11 1:57 AM
Look familiar? coinsguy 11/21/09 4:43 AM
Yes, but in typical fashion, the main scumbags Jim Bishop 03/10/09 5:30 PM nosecret 03/10/09 5:20 PM
Thank You very much for Your comment!! soldier 08/22/06 11:35 AM
I READ THE 24 PAGE SEC. REPORT config 08/17/06 5:15 PM
@W3Research Wat do You meant with Your message? soldier 06/01/06 1:18 PM
OT: Skilling+Lay! Next IBZT Shilling+QBID Olsen! W3Research 05/27/06 9:51 AM
@ SEMSERUS: I just saw Your message, because soldier 05/25/06 11:14 AM
NOPE. Nothing NEW SEMSERUS 05/15/06 5:34 PM
Has anybody heard something new about IBZT? soldier 04/23/06 2:44 PM
SEC made it's investigation into IBZT formal over Jim Bishop 03/01/06 2:42 PM
I got into this stock on October 26th. Mr. Shagala 03/01/06 2:26 PM
Totally amazing that a stock soon to be Jim Bishop 03/01/06 11:45 AM
Come on Mr. MM...BOUNCE this stock back OVER RJ Trotts 03/01/06 10:59 AM
LOL a "nip it in the bud" kinda Jim Bishop 02/27/06 2:40 PM
New scam alert!! Sam Elimelech and Gai are usnas54 02/27/06 10:40 AM
Quite possibly they would have to disgorge as Jim Bishop 02/18/06 3:03 PM
lol--didn't see that part--Perkins gave shares to his power_forward 02/18/06 1:05 PM
Did you read the actual complaint? Pretty Jim Bishop 02/18/06 11:49 AM
You're right David, it's up to the individual Jim Bishop 02/18/06 11:09 AM
I was just wondering why you would inform David06 02/18/06 11:00 AM
Yep, finally they are going to be toasted. Jim Bishop 02/18/06 10:47 AM
the scam is finally coming to an end--been power_forward 02/18/06 9:05 AM
essentially,yes--there has to be a hearing to actually power_forward 02/18/06 8:55 AM
no,you can only deduct three thousand a year power_forward 02/18/06 8:51 AM Is this the end of IBIZ Technologies? soldier 02/18/06 8:45 AM
My best advice to you would be to No Problems 02/16/06 3:21 PM
I'm not so wise in $ let't smilincat 02/16/06 2:54 PM
The SEC has started the process to either No Problems 02/16/06 2:46 PM
It means that if you are holding any multivalue 02/16/06 2:39 PM
I couldn't open this...what does this mean??TIA smilincat 02/16/06 1:57 PM
Revocation pool starting now: No Problems 02/16/06 1:36 PM
Has anyone on this board actually bought one Goodbuddy4863 01/17/06 10:37 AM
I've send a message on 15. Dezember and soldier 12/28/05 2:26 PM
opsrex; It's been a month and no reply, guess mokew 11/16/05 6:06 PM
sent an email to and it was opsrex 10/15/05 5:44 PM
iBIZ Technology Corp. Expands Gomogear Product Line to X-Fortune 500 10/13/05 10:34 AM
Ouch! Oh well they can dump them Jim Bishop 09/26/05 10:29 PM
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03/01/06 2:26 PM
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03/01/06 10:59 AM
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IBIZ Technology Corp (fka IBZT)

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Brand new Ken Schilling interview today(1/13/04) on iBIZ Technology 2238 W. Lone Cactus Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85027 623-492-9200 623-492-9921 Fax IBZT's new PR firm: The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world's largest annual tradeshow for consumer technology and America's largest annual tradeshow of any kind. Photos from CES 2004(thanks Set4LifeNJ!!) Founded in 1979 by Ken Schilling, president and CEO, iBIZ Technology has evolved from distributing bank automation systems to becoming a leading manufacturer and distributor of accessories for personal digital assistant (PDA) and other handheld computing devices. The iBIZ name has become a recognized brand through innovation, high quality, competitive pricing and superior service. iBIZ' expanding product line of accessories for the fast-growing PDA and handheld computer market is distributed through large retail chains such as Staples, CompUSA and Fry's Electronics. In addition, they are distributed through a number of popular on-line sites. The company has developed a range of accessories for PDA devices, including keyboards, folding travel cradles, aluminum hardcases, AC rechargers, car chargers, 9-volt pocket chargers and various other innovative products. Management Ken Schilling President/CEO Mark Perkins Executive Vice President Ibiz Marketing is outsourced to MAD DOG MULTIMEDIA Links to anecdotal reports from CES attendees: ( ) Company Press Releases: SEC Filings: Recent CNBC interview: CNN Headline News Piece done by Leo Laporte of TechTV (thank you djhemp from RB for this link): Who's Leo? -,24330,2177586,00.html IBIZ and VKB mentioned on "The ScreenSavers" 1/12/04 Articles:,16106,387829,00.html#,3605,1122868,00.html Link to US patent granted to VKB, Inc. Which IBZT has an exclusive license from: Learn about charts and technical analysis here: 2 day 15 min chart: 10 Day hourly chart: 6 month weekly chart: Retailers where Ibiz Products are sold: This list taken from the Ibiz Webpage here -
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