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That was a textbook play with only one error. Involuntary-Recluse 03/20/21 4:05 PM
>> Praise that man for giving us that long9johnson 03/20/21 3:23 PM
Right oh! Involuntary-Recluse 10/03/19 5:02 PM
thanks geodan 09/30/19 5:51 PM
Yes, bankrupt and out of business... tdbowieknife 08/30/19 9:25 AM
This thing is still trading? Why? .0028 and geodan 08/27/19 3:17 PM
Geesh! Let it die already! jugs 04/13/18 12:47 PM
I see Ray Leonard has a new position. Oilguy54 04/13/18 11:17 AM
Unfortunately, HDYN's only hope is to change its ferab 03/08/18 8:52 AM
Not really...less than 8,000 shares traded at 2¢ jugs 03/07/18 7:13 PM
Amazed HDY has still potential to rise Tamtam 03/07/18 5:35 PM
How much did you lose on this pick? jugs 01/29/18 1:51 PM
Maybe Ray can get a job with the Oilguy54 01/29/18 1:41 PM
Exxon does not spend just investor's money. Oilguy54 01/11/18 3:16 PM
Every single CEO out there spends money brought jugs 01/10/18 2:24 PM
Ray could have done something to generate revenue. Oilguy54 01/10/18 1:08 PM
How will Ray feed his family. Oilguy54 01/10/18 1:05 PM
I'm not convinced drilling is his bag. He's jugs 01/09/18 2:59 PM
What do you think are Ray's options? What ferab 01/09/18 2:44 PM
Permit me to disagree. You point to oil jugs 01/09/18 8:06 AM
I fail to understand why sp went up Tamtam 01/09/18 3:43 AM
Yep....I sold this turd sammich at .50 and Bowser619 01/08/18 9:51 PM
Yes. A lot of folks bet a lot tdbowieknife 01/06/18 9:01 PM
It's over. Sad but over. jugs 01/06/18 8:39 PM
HDYN Changed to HDYNQ... tdbowieknife 01/06/18 12:18 PM
Just sold this garbage today....they are done and Bowser619 12/26/17 10:55 AM
Trips on Tuesday, shame shawley 12/23/17 3:08 PM
Petitions for chapter 7 bankruptcy... liquidation. tdbowieknife 12/23/17 9:21 AM
I see that it is over now. Oilguy54 12/23/17 9:01 AM
What's Guinea going to do now? Oilguy54 12/21/17 10:08 PM
Why are disappointed? Oilguy54 12/21/17 10:00 AM
I agree. What's Guinea going to do now? ferab 12/20/17 10:25 AM
I believe that Guinea gave Ray 2 extensions tdbowieknife 12/19/17 6:55 PM
I find it hard to believe that Guinea MU_Redskin1 12/19/17 5:49 PM
Simple: Experts in the investment arena wouldn't dare touch jugs 12/18/17 12:03 PM
Why do you think people are still buying Two2 12/18/17 10:35 AM
I would not worry about Ray L. Oilguy54 12/16/17 3:41 PM
The Chinese bailed too... tdbowieknife 12/16/17 9:44 AM
Didn't you read the news: ssc 12/16/17 9:22 AM
With the Chinese takeover, what's going to happen ferab 12/16/17 9:19 AM
Yep... A sad end indeed and I still tdbowieknife 12/15/17 11:19 PM
Yep. No extension and no CLNG deal. Story hillzman 12/15/17 9:37 PM
1.02 AMOTE1 12/15/17 8:26 PM
It does look like the co will make DD2068 12/13/17 10:18 PM
Keeping one's privates in a support is very important. jugs 12/13/17 4:06 PM
I have some money set aside as well, MU_Redskin1 12/13/17 2:59 PM
Actually an inexpensive way for those private companies hillzman 12/13/17 2:51 PM
Actually if this gets done and they do MU_Redskin1 12/13/17 1:32 PM
From the 14F-1 MU_Redskin1 12/13/17 1:03 PM
Thanks, I believe I was thinking in feet MU_Redskin1 12/09/17 11:12 AM
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01/10/18 1:05 PM
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01/08/18 9:51 PM
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12/23/17 3:08 PM
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12/13/17 1:32 PM
12/13/17 1:03 PM
12/09/17 11:12 AM

HyperDynamics (HDYNQ)

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Latest News

Fatala a dry hole and it's likley the end of HDYN

HOUSTON, Sept. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Hyperdynamics Corporation (OTCQX: HDYN) ("Hyperdynamics" or the "Company"), announced that the Fatala-1 exploration well drilled offshore the Republic of Guinea in Northwest Africa has reached its total drilling depth and did not encounter hydrocarbons.

Fatala-1 was drilled in 2,897 meters of water and reached a total depth of 5,117 meters below sea level. The well encountered a 75-meter-thick Cenomanian sedimentary channel sequence, but it contained predominantly siltstone and clays with no hydrocarbon shows. The well will be plugged and abandoned.

"We are very disappointed at the results of Fatala-1, considering the extremely promising geophysical data on the prospect," said Ray Leonard, Hyperdynamics' President and Chief Executive Officer.

"Hyperdynamics and our 50% partner in the well, SAPETRO, currently hold rights to the Guinea concession through September 21, 2017.  In the very near future, we will be studying the results of the well and evaluating any future options we may have for further activity in Guinea.

"Fatala-1 was the deepest-water well ever drilled offshore Africa, and I'm pleased to say that it was drilled safely and within expected budget," Leonard added.





Management Team


Board of Directors



Hyperdynamics Makes Final Preparations for Fatala-1 Exploration Well Offshore the Republic of Guinea



HOUSTON, Aug. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Hyperdynamics Corporation (OTCQX: HDYN) today announced that the Pacific Scirocco deep water drillship has reached its target drilling location 165 kilometers offshore the Republic of Guinea in Northwest Africa and is making final preparations to spud the Fatala-1 well later this week.

The Fatala-1 well will be drilled in approximately 2,900 meters of water to test a large turbidite fan prospect in the Transform Margin play with prospective P50 recoverable resources of 647 million barrels of oil based on a 2016 Netherland Sewell resource report.

"We expect to complete final provisioning preparations today to be ready for the actual spudding of the well no later than Friday," said Hyperdynamics' President and Chief Executive Officer Ray Leonard.

"Drilling is expected to take approximately 40 days to reach a total depth of 2,500 meters below the mud line. The next six weeks or so are going to be an extremely busy and exciting time for Hyperdynamics, as we seek to unlock what we believe is world-class oil potential from this largely untested basin offshore the Republic of Guinea in Northwest Africa." 

About Hyperdynamics

Hyperdynamics is an emerging independent oil and gas exploration company that is exploring for oil and gas offshore the Republic of Guinea in West Africa. To find out more, visit our website at www.hyperdynamics.com.



Ray Leonard
President and Chief Executive Officer

Anne Pearson / Jack Lascar
Dennard-Lascar Associates



                                                        Concession Area: Offshore Republic of Guinea, West Africa


More from the OGIS/IPAA Conference here...













Location Information


Corporate Headquarters
12012 Wickchester Lane
Suite 475
Houston, Texas 77079
713-353-9400 Main
713-353-9421 fax
E-mail: info@hyperdynamics.com


Investor & Media Relations

Paolo Amoruso





Transfer Agent


  American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC.
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
Phone: 1-800-937-5449


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