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No end to Russian/Chinese aggression.. seas/oceans/arctic contested.. HII$... Pisd 11/03/22 2:18 PM
HII's Ingalls Shipbuilding Celebrates Apprentice Program Graduates Pisd 10/17/22 3:42 PM
Long HII$ going hiier..think naval battles vs Chinese Pisd 08/18/22 9:31 AM
HII$.. Pisd 08/04/22 7:24 AM
Spring loaded for new Highs, jmo Porterhouse10 08/03/22 9:26 PM
Good Luck China! Haa Porterhouse10 06/30/22 8:44 PM
This is really their only formidable aircraft carrier Soco54 06/04/22 2:03 AM
On down days it's a beast Porterhouse10 06/03/22 7:04 PM
...sailing imminently: Pisd 06/03/22 10:19 AM
Flipped once, but I'm long/accumulating, w/lhx ... gl.. HII... Pisd 05/26/22 12:24 PM
Are you swinging this, or buying dips and Porterhouse10 05/26/22 12:18 PM
Ohh yeah Porterhouse10 05/26/22 12:17 PM love it.. Pisd 05/26/22 11:37 AM
I like you, and i like KISS band, Pisd 05/26/22 11:20 AM
These Boys will be or are the Leaders Porterhouse10 05/26/22 10:41 AM
No end..China/Russia Arctic circle vs Spratly isles/Taiwan.. HII$... Pisd 05/26/22 10:31 AM
Huntington Ingalls Indus Q1 Earnings Pisd 05/12/22 2:51 PM
HII Awarded Tactical Training Systems Contracts by the Pisd 05/04/22 1:26 PM
I think this is an awesome company imo.. Pisd 04/19/22 8:55 AM
Gotcha! And agree, thought you were " pissed", Porterhouse10 04/14/22 5:35 PM
Defense sector needs REE..goes hand in hand imo.. HII... Pisd 04/14/22 3:26 PM
Honestly I like the subs fighting Russians in Pisd 04/14/22 2:56 PM
Congress loading up the Defense Big Boys, nice Porterhouse10 04/14/22 12:44 PM
New 52wk high imminent..everything going great.. thx again.. HII$... Pisd 04/14/22 12:35 PM
Gotcha! Porterhouse10 03/19/22 12:39 PM
Little bit.. I took the quick run-up, bought Pisd 03/19/22 4:12 AM
You buying these channel dips? Porterhouse10 03/18/22 5:38 PM
Not every stock is a flip imo, gl.. HII$... Pisd 02/28/22 9:57 AM
Came here to say "BOOOOOM", beat me to it..HII$... Pisd 02/25/22 12:51 PM
Boom! Funny never bought any, good u got Porterhouse10 02/25/22 9:34 AM
Awesome pick HII, go from here, everything changing, gl... Pisd 02/24/22 5:18 PM
Yep awaiting Orcl and also growth and divi Porterhouse10 02/18/22 11:52 AM
Keeper, THANKS! HII$.. Have to wait couple things Pisd 02/18/22 11:40 AM
Boom! Porterhouse10 02/18/22 10:18 AM
CEO is a Stud, former Higher Up @ Porterhouse10 02/17/22 2:14 PM
HII Leaps Higher on Forbes' List of America's Pisd 02/17/22 2:09 PM
Was eyeballin' this and it shoots way up, Porterhouse10 02/12/22 6:28 PM
I don't have time...... Tower of Hanoi 09/23/20 1:22 PM
Just In: $HII Video Release - Virginia-Class Submarine whytestocks 09/12/20 1:15 PM
New 8 k going pennys Guccimayne 11/13/17 1:51 PM
$HII Daily Chart $Pistol Pete$ 02/14/16 5:36 PM
Huntington Ingalls Joins Lockheed Girding for Defense Cut Penny Roger$ 06/15/12 5:44 PM
~ Wednesday! $HII ~ Earnings posted, pending or Penny Roger$ 03/28/12 2:50 AM
Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc (HII) designs, builds and Penny Roger$ 03/28/12 2:50 AM
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Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc (HII)

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Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc (HII) designs, builds and maintains nuclear and non-nuclear ships for the United States Navy and Coast Guard, and provides aftermarket services for military ships around the globe. HII’s business divisions are Ingalls Shipbuilding and Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS). Ingalls Shipbuilding has the development and production of warships for the surface Navy fleet, United States Coast Guard, United States Marine Corps, and foreign and commercial customers. The Company operates its Ingalls Shipbuilding operations through its subsidiaries, AMSEC LLC, Continental Maritime of San Diego (CMSD). NNS is the sole-industrial designer, builder and refueler of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and capable of designing and building nuclear-powered submarines. The Company operates its Newport News Shipbuilding operations through its subsidiaries, Newport News Industrial Corporation (NNI), Newport News Nuclear (NNN), Inc. and Newport News Energy (NNE).
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