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$HMC vs EV motorcycles $ALYI BottomBounce 06/14/22 3:13 PM
$HMC another EV motorcycle nearly $2 a share BottomBounce 10/19/21 10:19 AM
Honda announces all new models will be electric Bountiful_Harvest 10/14/21 1:30 PM
Honda launches low-cost U-GO electric scooter: Bountiful_Harvest 08/10/21 12:15 PM
Honda aims for 100% electric vehicles by 2040, Bountiful_Harvest 04/24/21 11:25 AM
Honda Motor Co Ltd ADR $HMC Is On ITMS 06/12/18 12:15 PM
Low volume on a down day. everyone is jones99 10/12/16 4:14 AM
Honda to stop making natural gas car, to ofspring 06/15/15 8:09 PM
Nabbed a bunch of April 17 $30 calls inversor86 10/29/14 12:23 PM
Since Microsoft ignored advancing computing to speech... Get DocLevi 10/20/14 9:26 AM
US should order a million Asimo's for ground DocLevi 09/23/14 4:06 AM
AIAA Bestows 2012 Aircraft Design Award on HondaJet Design starbuxsux 09/19/12 10:18 AM
Summary Of US Auto-Sales Data For August starbuxsux 09/04/12 2:23 PM
Honda's August U.S. Sales Jump 60% on Gains starbuxsux 09/04/12 2:19 PM
I am about to buy my 4th Honda... Pro-Life 04/30/12 7:05 PM
3 straight weeks of ugly... undeserved. Pro-Life 08/10/11 9:59 PM
For the week: -2.03% Pro-Life 06/12/11 9:34 PM
+3.78% is the scorecard for the week... Pro-Life 04/17/11 10:09 PM
Bullish looking daily chart... Pro-Life 03/21/11 12:04 AM
Honda share price at multi year highs... Pro-Life 02/13/11 8:42 PM
My friends, for the week: +2%!!! Pro-Life 02/04/11 10:16 PM
Seems to be successfully through resistance... Pro-Life 12/13/10 8:33 PM
The weekly shows a move to the top Pro-Life 10/14/10 9:12 AM
I STILL love my 2 Hondas... Pro-Life 08/15/10 6:22 AM
Overall, this year has not been kind... Pro-Life 06/26/10 3:28 AM
Outstanding reversal today... I hope it holds. Pro-Life 05/21/10 9:45 PM
Look at that weekly chart - SOLID!!! Pro-Life 04/06/10 7:05 PM
Honda holds up well as Toyota plunges on Pro-Life 02/13/10 2:42 PM
I still love my Hondas... Pro-Life 12/21/09 10:01 PM
PPS is all over on the daily but Pro-Life 11/29/09 11:37 PM
Yep... still intact but correcting a little during Pro-Life 09/30/09 10:43 PM
Honda's strong uptrend which started in December is Pro-Life 08/18/09 7:52 PM
The price has a few gaps it wnats Pro-Life 07/07/09 7:30 PM
Honda overtakes Toyota in parts supplier survey Pro-Life 05/25/09 8:53 PM
The Honda FCX Clarity was named 2009 World Pro-Life 05/20/09 9:53 PM
Weekly still looks strong... Pro-Life 05/10/09 3:33 PM
This stock is on the move... Pro-Life 04/10/09 9:27 PM
TATA NANO (off-topic) jimbonano 03/18/09 11:17 AM
I love my 2 Hondas!!! Pro-Life 03/08/09 7:11 PM
And they make great recreational equipment... Pro-Life 01/20/09 10:00 PM
And they make great lawn care equipment... Pro-Life 01/20/09 9:59 PM
And they make great motorcycles... Pro-Life 01/20/09 9:59 PM
Honda makes great cars... Pro-Life 01/20/09 9:58 PM
A A srsr srsr Refill 05/01/08 1:21 PM
Well, the question remains, how many $2-4M 4/5 greg s 07/25/06 4:05 PM
With the airplane announcement I think this stock tomglo 07/25/06 3:56 PM
Slacker.. HabaneroDog 03/14/04 2:05 PM
damn it EVO 03/14/04 12:50 PM
Grub... HabaneroDog 03/14/04 12:23 PM
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We see the world not as it is, but as it could be.
We see the world through the eyes of dreamers. Because we are a company founded by a dreamer. And we are a company built on dreams.
We see the pursuit of impossible dreams as an empowering force, capable of producing revolutionary ideas. Dreams inspire us to create innovative products that enhance human mobility and benefit society. Honda encourages all of its associates to pursue their dreams. And it's our mission to share these dreams with others and to make them a reality.
We see "The Power of Dreams" as a way of thinking that guides us and pushes us forward. The strength of our company comes from this philosophy — which is based on the visionary principles of our founder, Soichiro Honda.
We see things from a global perspective, always striving to create and produce products of the highest quality at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction. The power of Honda's dreams will continue to lead to new insights and technologies in automobiles, motorcycles, power products, parts and other fields of mobility.
We see it as our responsibility to serve humanity through our global commitments to helping protect the environment and enhancing safety in a mobile society. In every endeavor we pursue, we strive to be a company that people all over the world want to exist.
We see a bright future fueled by the Power of Dreams. Can you see it, too?

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2009 marks Honda's fiftieth year of operations in the U.S. Our success in the global marketplace is the result of our commitment to continued investment in America's future. That's been our philosophy since we opened our doors here in 1959. It's what we believe in. It's what you expect, and it's why we will continue to grow in America.
We thank our customers for the support and trust they've shown us, and look forward to challenging ourselves to create new products and services that bring value to our customers and society during the next 50 years.

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