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Herborium Group, Inc.

One Bridge Plaza

Fort Lee, NJ 07024

The Healing Power of Botanical Therapeutics®




AcnEase all natural acne treatment for adult and teen acne


MONTHS ENDED August 31, 2020


Yes, former File:Pfizer logo.svg - Wikimedia Commonsexecutive is on the HBRM board

Heborium Management..... 

-Dr. Agnes P. Olszewski Ph.D, MBA. Founder & CEO – 20+ years experience in business strategy and global marketing with private and public companies 

-Dr. James P. Gilligan Ph.D. Co-Founder, Scientific Advisor & Director – 25+ years experience in biotechnology, drug development, manufacturing, clinical testing . . . 

-Lawrence Woo, Director; Asia Business Advisor – Past President File:Pfizer logo.svg - Wikimedia CommonsGreater China , President Wyeth Pharmaceutical China 

-Dr. Alhua Qi, MD and TCM/MD, VP Traditional Chinese Medicine – 30 years TCM drug development clinical practice, originator of acne and liver formulas.
-John E. Donahue, Controller/SEC Advisor – 25+ years experience corporate finance, M&A, public accounting 

-Sir Roger Jones (OBE), Director; UK & EU Advisor – Founder of Penn Pharmaceutical & Chairman (Pro-Chancellor) of Swansea University and Medical School ; Governor of BBC 

-Dr. J. Thomas August, MD, Clinical Advisor – Chair, Department of Pharmacology, Johns Hopkins Medical School 

-Buc and Beardsley, LLP, FDA Counsel 

Herborium Group, Inc., a botanical therapeutics company, develops, licenses, and markets proprietary, botanical based medicinal products to consumers and healthcare professionals. It offers dermatology products, which include AcnEase, herbal medicinal product for enhancing conditions associated with hormonal acne and multiple symptoms of Rosacea; and AcnEase Skin Management System for the treatment of acne marks/scars. The company also provides sexual health and performance products that are non-prescriptive alternatives to selected sexual disorders resulting from cardiovascular disease, use of anti-depressants, and surgical procedures, including hysterectomy. In addition, it offers energy restoration products, such as Lasting Energy, a herbal supplement to decrease the symptoms associated with hangovers and eliminating jet-lag; and for treating overall depletion of energy due to competitive sports, high levels of stress, and extensive sexual activities, as well as other long term or temporary physical demands. Further, the company provides Liver Activator Series for the treatment of liver damage; ProstAid, a natural product focuses on Benign Prostate Hyperplasia; and CardioVitae, a fermentation based product using a Lucidium derived cell line targeting cardio-pulmonary insufficiencies. Herborium Group, Inc. sells its products in the United States, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe through a network of distributors, specialty retailers, and e-commerce. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey.
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Herborium® Surpasses Million Dollar Sales Mark; Reduces Outstanding JMMatthews 05/03/2022 01:23:14 PM
Prompt response to my email $HBRM bobbertino 12/12/2021 01:41:45 PM
$HBRM Whole Foods, TraderJoe, Walmart and Target the Mr Walnuts 08/21/2021 02:45:54 PM
From Stocktwits $HBRM bobbertino 08/14/2022 08:22:05 AM
Trash stock with trash financials, nearly no profit. Shallup 08/13/2022 05:29:24 PM
Wow first time above 0.0003!!! When will CL601R 08/11/2022 07:43:49 PM
HRBM ACCUMULATION CONTINUES CMsixfigures 08/10/2022 01:45:37 PM
The typical I do it later in the jrsh 07/21/2022 08:40:14 AM
The Company will continue its efforts to reduce Mr Walnuts 07/21/2022 08:33:17 AM
Houston, July 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Houston, Mr Walnuts 07/21/2022 08:32:48 AM
Amortization expense amounted to $7,000 for the Quarter Alcyone 07/20/2022 03:57:31 PM
Expect a nice jump in os soon... Angus jrsh 07/19/2022 04:03:09 PM
Seems nobody wants to touch these critical issues!!! jrsh 07/19/2022 11:23:57 AM
Hi guys... looks good...loading Sirpeter 07/18/2022 11:56:00 AM
10-K out $HBRM Mr Walnuts 07/18/2022 08:18:25 AM
What's your take on the missing millions and jrsh 07/18/2022 07:48:31 AM
$HBRM 10-Q out! Mr Walnuts 07/18/2022 07:35:09 AM
Fins out in the last moment.... Kudos to jrsh 07/18/2022 03:03:19 AM
By the way, you forgot to ask her jrsh 07/17/2022 03:42:52 AM
Where.. .. do you even see it? cautiousoptimism 07/16/2022 12:14:32 PM
You have to wonder what Angus is doing jrsh 07/16/2022 09:21:43 AM
You have to wonder what Angus is doing jrsh 07/16/2022 09:21:36 AM
If history is the best predictor of the Alcyone 07/16/2022 06:50:20 AM
late again... $HBRM bobbertino 07/16/2022 04:24:18 AM
Just a typical big mouth OTC CEO who jrsh 07/15/2022 03:10:44 PM
She never did reply to my last email...If Alcyone 07/15/2022 02:54:00 PM
She's probably still busy counting the money from jrsh 07/15/2022 02:44:27 PM
She will probably get an extension....hopefully she will Alcyone 07/15/2022 02:21:59 PM
Isn't Angus supposed to file the fins today??) jrsh 07/15/2022 11:33:10 AM
I second that notion, we are ready for Sirdaniels1 07/11/2022 06:20:23 PM
Prime to run. Just needs volume JMMatthews 07/11/2022 12:51:41 PM
since 1 1/2 years the lady is bs jrsh 07/11/2022 10:58:42 AM
I totally agree. I lost 85% of my csterner 07/11/2022 10:45:59 AM
This company needs no bashers....10 billion os and jrsh 07/11/2022 10:04:30 AM
Thanks for sharing, And I for one never Sirdaniels1 07/11/2022 07:05:14 AM
Also emailed Q2 is due on Friday $HBRM bobbertino 07/10/2022 12:27:05 PM
email from Agnes re: bashers $HBRM bobbertino 07/10/2022 12:25:00 PM
A cool 97 millions dumped so far, great jrsh 07/07/2022 02:21:36 PM
i hope they finally show those 3 missing jrsh 07/06/2022 02:11:40 PM
Q2 due July 15 $HBRM bobbertino 07/01/2022 09:56:04 AM
told you it stalled out lol kaisdaboss88 06/30/2022 10:48:48 AM
It's all about the climb! Can the Sirdaniels1 06/29/2022 07:39:45 PM
3 billion shares at an average price of jrsh 06/29/2022 10:18:06 AM
Would be nice to see the new website Sirdaniels1 06/28/2022 06:41:27 PM
Could this thing possibly turnaround? That would be csterner 06/27/2022 01:36:09 PM
Looks like low trips are gone JMMatthews 06/27/2022 11:54:32 AM
Look at the history. EOT 06/26/2022 05:54:02 PM
$HBRM EYES ON MONEY FLOW INDEX CMsixfigures 06/26/2022 11:07:27 AM
HBRM is doing better, time will tell. Let vdt 06/26/2022 04:09:33 AM
Well said. $HBRM LetGoodTimesRoll 06/25/2022 06:37:12 AM
There is always a light at the end Sirdaniels1 06/25/2022 06:20:55 AM
told you lol kaisdaboss88 06/24/2022 10:31:43 AM
4 trades so far....the market doesn't believe that jrsh 06/23/2022 01:53:30 PM
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