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GoingUpRoaringEventually to 5+.Ea the Dipper$... ~MulaGreen~ 01/30/15 12:10 PM
GURE: PM News of the day WeeeeGO... Sibware 01/30/15 11:08 AM
************THERE IS ALSO A $2M STOCK-REPURCHASE-PLAN************* MONEYMADE 01/30/15 11:03 AM
GURE: Gulf Resources Announced Finding Of Natural Gas surfer44 01/30/15 9:07 AM
Repurchase program is getting some buzz here. Penny Roger$ 01/03/15 10:20 AM
WARNING ! Illigal Dump and Pump ! Bilanz Popcorncharts 12/01/14 5:08 PM
recent weakness is because competitor ALB guided lower realfast95 12/22/13 10:26 AM
bromine prices up 10% in the last month realfast95 12/22/13 10:18 AM
class action should be near closure realfast95 12/22/13 10:11 AM
Of course the company will need a resolution Marketwise 10/28/13 9:20 AM
I would definitely be very pleased with anything Marketwise 10/27/13 7:29 PM
Over the years I've learned not to invest JD400 10/18/13 7:19 PM
The pump didn't even last 5 minutes today. stockamaniac 10/17/13 11:17 AM
premarket is always a headfake i hope it rollison 10/17/13 8:59 AM
9/10 your right,but i would like to sell rollison 10/17/13 8:58 AM
pump n dump. Did the same thing stockamaniac 10/17/13 8:16 AM
im not sure but i do know i rollison 10/16/13 4:42 PM
All day long blocks of 100 are being michaeldouglas 10/16/13 4:04 PM
All day long blocks of 100 are being michaeldouglas 10/16/13 3:57 PM
gure, really, 2.45??? really lets stop the head rollison 10/16/13 3:45 PM
$2.65 very key level has hit and stuck rollison 10/16/13 3:13 PM
OH YEA$ holding over night, yea its crazy, rollison 10/16/13 2:58 PM
She's Rolling Rollison Big Day Here :~)$(~: JD400 10/16/13 2:15 PM
gure looking goos hoping for 5$$ tomorrow! rollison 10/16/13 1:24 PM
this will be interesting tdy, transcript from CC: Thank lady glueck 08/15/13 7:04 AM
damn ryan44 08/12/13 11:06 AM
yeah I don't know much as to why ryan44 08/02/13 12:17 PM
I've had this for a long time. stocktalkpa 08/02/13 11:04 AM
hit 1.33 today so far ryan44 08/01/13 12:57 PM
from YMB--- From: Zachary Halper realfast95 06/20/13 9:51 PM
Sorry, I could explain that demand has conra gustavito 05/30/13 2:59 PM
They had settled the lawsuit, awaiting court approval. realfast95 05/30/13 12:21 PM
It has some important news or is only gustavito 05/30/13 12:05 PM
very bad balance, you see the future of gure gustavito 05/11/13 6:36 PM
very bad balance, you see the future of gure gustavito 05/11/13 6:36 PM
GURE - earnings realfast95 05/09/13 6:15 PM
This paper is a mummy, not moving gustavito 04/05/13 11:34 PM
GURE - Fourth Quarter 2012 Highlights realfast95 03/18/13 5:22 PM
This company when filing balance, is alive, is gustavito 02/23/13 10:20 AM
implies revenue of 14.195 for Q4 realfast95 01/21/13 9:07 AM
Gulf Resources Provides 2013 Fiscal Year Financial Guidance realfast95 01/21/13 8:58 AM
once the legal proceedings are resolved, it should realfast95 01/17/13 2:14 PM
GURE 1.21 50ma is at 1.23, keeping a fortuna 01/17/13 1:07 PM
Item 3.02 Unregistered Sales of Equity realfast95 12/21/12 4:26 PM
..Albemarle to increase prices of clear brine fluids realfast95 12/19/12 5:55 AM
oh well, not much here. maybe next time ryan44 12/04/12 11:04 AM
Response from GURE IR realfast95 12/04/12 7:13 AM
somebody bought a whole bunch of this in ryan44 12/03/12 7:54 PM
American company ALB has been getting a lot realfast95 12/03/12 4:00 PM
anybody know whats up here? up 20% ryan44 12/03/12 3:58 PM
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Gulf Resources, Inc

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Gulf Resources (GFRE)


Member of NASDAQ "Global Select" market


Chairman and CEO Ring Closing Bell 10-27-09 (video below)


Q3 conference call on Tues., 11-10-09, at 8 am ET  (details below)


Corporate website:


Investor Relations:

Matthew Sheldon

(310) 954-1346




Gulf Resources operates two divisions:


(1) 73% of 2008 income came from Bromine and Crude Salt. 

“The extraction of bromine in the Shandong Province is limited by the Provincial Government to six licensees.  We hold one of such licenses.  The other five license holders produce bromine mainly for their own consumption.  There are only six licensed bromine producers in Shandong Province, and the government has shut down hundreds of small unlicensed producers.  Part of our business strategy is to acquire these producers and to use our bromine to expand our downstream chemical operations.” (from 10-K)

Bromine Market Opportunity

“China's bromine production is currently only able to satisfy 80% of domestic bromine consumption.”

 Gulf Resources Provides Outlook on Bromine Prices 9-21-09


Gulf Resources Provides Update on Contractual Bromine Prices 10-23-09





(2) 27% of 2008 revenue came from the chemical products division.   

Product name

Application sector

Hydroxyl guar gum

Oil Exploration & Production

Demulsified agent

Oil Exploration & Production

Corrosion inhibitor for acidizing

Oil Exploration & Production


Oil Exploration / Agricultural


Paper Making

Iron ion stabilizer

Oil Exploration & Production

Clay stabilizing agent

Oil Exploration & Production

Flocculants agent

Paper Making

Remaining agent

Paper Making

Expanding agent with enhanced gentleness

Paper Making

 “We are a class-one certified supplier of oil and gas exploration chemicals for China's two largest oil and petrochemical companies, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (SINOPEC) and PetroChina Company Limited (CNPC). In addition to major oilfields, our chemical products are distributed primarily to China's largest domestic papermaking manufacturers.”

“We have recently successfully developed and commenced production of environmentally friendly oil and gas exploration chemicals. The production process includes more sophisticated filters and purification techniques, generating a less harmful end product and less toxic residue.”

Guidance for 2010


 Latest income statement:

 SEC Reports for Gulf Resources:



 Gulf Resource      

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2.) No personal attacks or repeating the same info, pro or con, over and over just to screw with the board..

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