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GRDO Twitter: 

CEO George Sharp Twitter: 

George A. Sharp 


George Sharp is an experienced businessman with a diverse background in information technology and growth companies.After studying at Canada’s University of Waterloo, George joined the Engineering Department of the City of Calgary’s Electric System. There, George engineered a software application to more accurately examine the physical stresses on electrical wood poles. That effort garnered him recognition at the 1983 Stanford University Congress of Electrical Engineers. George was then recruited to join Northern Telecom in Bramalea, Ontario as a software engineering consultant. In the early 1990s, George founded Progressive Microsystem Designs to develop a series of business software applications for the emerging microcomputer market. The centerpiece of PMD was one of the first Human Resources Administration software products designed for microcomputers. Eventually, George relocated PMD to Southern California in order to better service the bulk of its clients. Since 2002, after being a victim himself, George has dedicated himself to eradicating stock market fraud, specifically in the micro-cap genre. He has become a well-known and outspoken activist against penny stock fraud and has appeared on television and as an expert witness in litigation. His work has launched or contributed to investigations by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Industry Regulatory Industry (FINRA), the United States Department of Justice/FBI and the Alberta Securities Commission, many of which have resulted in criminal and civil charges. A former consultant to OTC Markets Group, George now provides services to publicly traded small companies seeking management advice; routes, including financing, towards progress; and, looking to stay onside of regulations.

Sharp on YouTube

Leonard Harris - Director: 
Leonard Harris Mr. Harris is a professional engineer with Metallurgy diploma and 50 years’ experience in all aspects of mineral processing and mining operations worldwide, a significant part of which has been in South America. Mr. Harris spent 16 years with Cerro de Pasco Corporation before joining Newmont Mining Corporation, where he served as President and General Manager of Newmont Peru Limited and Vice-President and General Manager of Newmont Latin America. Mr. Harris was General Manager (involved in construction and operation) of the Minera Yanacocha gold mine in Peru. Since 1995, Mr. Harris has been a consultant and director of several small capitalized mining companies including Glamis Gold Ltd., Solitario Resources Inc., Alamos Gold Inc., Corriente Resources Inc., Endeavour Silver Corp. and Cardero Resource Corp. In such roles, he has had extensive experience with the review and understanding of the accounting principles relevant to the financial statements of public natural resource companies, including companies comparable to the Company. 

Paul Pegolo - Director: 

“As Western Region Manager & CIO Mr. Pegolo brings 20 years of well rounded experience to bare. He spent 10 year in the IT arena; 7 years working for The Capital Group, Inc. Leaving as Distributed Systems Manager where he provided support, research, and implementation services on technologies ranging from mainframe systems, LAN & WAN, Unix systems, large scale printing, imaging, down to PC systems. The next three years he spent consulting to corporate america via Axiom Management Consulting and Andersen Consulting working in the areas of new technologies and legacy systems integration for clients such as Xerox, World Port of Los Angeles, Kaiser AARP and Nissan. Following this he spent 10 years building a manufacturing business as Vice President managing operations including; facilities, new technology, machinery, quality systems - including ISO9001 & personnel.” 



What is Trueline Corporation? That is Paul's last real job and merely an auto repair shop. What is Blue

Earth Partners? That is Paul's current "job", working for a company that

doesn't actually do anything. Please do your own DD







Guard Dog, Inc. Updates Shareholders and Potential Investors

Guard Dog, Inc. Repatriates Another 80 million Shares 

Guard Dog, Inc. Brings Financial Filings Up to Date and Continues Due Diligence on Past Transaction

  Guard Dog, Inc. Repatriates Over 6% of Its Outstanding Shares; Returns Them to Treasury

Guard Dog, Inc. Eliminates Liabilities in Debt for Equity Swap

Guard Dog, Inc. Retains HS & Partners for Accounting and Asset Acquisition 

Guard Dog, Inc. Appoints Well-Known Microcap Analyst, George Sharp, as President and CEO and Sets Course for Complete Transparency

Warning: This stock has been

manipulated numerous times by Bill

Schaefer and no definitive way

to know if he is 100% out!


 Bill Schaefer has been contacted by many and has confirmed he is NOT involved in GRDO: for any doubters it is encouraged to contact him yourself.  His contact number can be found on IHUB via search. Below is the official statement from CEO George Sharp

Twitter Statement from George Sharp 


OK, I'm going to address this one time & then never again. Bill Schaefer is not involved in . He has nothing to do with the company & as far as I can tell, he does not own any shares. Consider my credentials & read my blog post from August 2. (July 20). Then grab a brain and

Accurate information can be found at the following links:







Warning: Bill Schaefer is STILL (Wednesday, Dec

5th) involved with GRDO, thru his puppet Brian

Estrada who owns Preferred C shares, as noted by

"George Sharp" in the latest filings.

Who is Brian Estrada?? Proper DD will uncover that

very easily. Just grab a brain and #Think


Guard dog new motto: Let's make completely appalling and inappropriate jokes...



 10h10 hours ago


In today's press release, the word 'misappropriating" was supposed to be the word 'raping", but the wire service would not allow us to use that word. Unfortunately when they replaced the word they forgot to make the sentence sound like English. Oh well, you all get the idea

NEWS!!!!!!! George is currently pumping his stock portfolios because that's what

George does best! He is nothing more than an ambulance chaser and will

ALWAYS look out for George and only George!


On September 26th, 2018, $GRDO reduces AS from 5,964,500,000 shares to 2,464,500,000 shares. A reduction of 3,500,000,000 shares: 


On September 27th, 2018, $GRDO announces a few important things. No longer an association with Bitcoin, and that financials will be uploaded ASAP. $GRDO states that they will apply to FINRA for a name and symbol change: 


On October 2nd, 2018, $GRDO announces that new officers will be filed with the Nevada Secretary of State. 


On October 5th, 2018: Enter George Sharp as CEO. Sharp states a few important things. No reverse split, no toxic debt, TA to be paid up, new accountant and attourney to be announced: 


Who is George Sharp? 

OTC Markets Group Retains George Sharp as Consultant 


Reconsidering George Sharp: An Enigmatic penny stock crusader 


On October 7th, 2018, George Sharp states the Bill Schaefer is NOT involved with $GRDO in any capacity: 


On October 8th, 2018, enter Len Harris as a director of $GRDO: 


Len Harris is found on EV Minerals website as a director, here: 




Also on October 8th, 2018, $GRDO sends payment to OTC Markets for reinstatement and settles with TA: 


On October 9th, 2018, $GRDO announces and appoints Paul Pegolo as a director: 


Not much info is available on Paul Pegolo, but an older resume can be found here: 



On October 12th, 2018, $GRDO releases this PR: 

Guard Dog, Inc. Appoints Well-Known Microcap Analyst, George Sharp, as President and CEO and Sets Course for Complete Transparency 

Some important excerpts: 

"Management’s current mission is to eliminate all debt in exchange for preferred stock, and bring all of Guard Dog’s filings up to date, thereby making the company attractive to an existing venture and/or asset." 

"Until Guard Dog has become a viable entity, management will not be compensated neither in equity nor accruing salary. Furthermore, management will not, under any circumstances, engage in toxic borrowing or participate in any promotion of Guard Dog stock. As Mr. Sharp has long preached, such promotions are designed to benefit only those parties whose intentions are to sell stock, and potential investors would be well-advised to refrain from providing aid and comfort to those who would engage in such shenanigans by avoiding investments in the stock of promoted issuers." 


On October 16th, 2018, $GRDO announces the following: 

Guard Dog, Inc. Retains HS & Partners for Accounting and Asset Acquisition 

BOULDER CITY, Nev., Oct. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE-- Guard Dog, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GRDO), announced today, that is has retained Toronto-area based CPA firm, HS & Partners, LLP, to take over the accounting duties of the company, immediately following the acceptance of its past and overdue financials by OTC Markets. HS & Partners will keep Guard Dog’s books and prepare corporate tax returns. As Guard Dog is not an SEC reporting issuer, these books will not require an audit, if however, the company decides to voluntarily file audited tax returns, HS & Partners will prepare the books and records for review and subsequent audit by an American firm. 

HS & Partners, through its sister company, Charger Consulting Corporation, will also assist Guard Dog in the company’s attempt to identify a suitable asset acquisition. Charger Consulting has been providing business advisory services for over 25 years and has a wide network of like-minded and successful business people to which it can reach out. 

Reflecting on the need for reputable and dependable service providers, Guard Dog CEO and President, George Sharp, stated, “I have known HS & Partner’s managing partner for 40 years, and have always believed that it is good business practice that when you have an associate who you trust with your life and who is smarter than you, you keep him as close to you in your business endeavors as you can.” 


In this PR, Sharp is referring to the managing partner, Louis Sapi. 

More on Louis Sapi can be found at his personal website here: 


Here is Louis Sapi's Bio: 



Very important information about Louis Sapi and what he does can be found here: 



On October 17th, 2018, $GRDO announces the following: 

Guard Dog, Inc. Eliminates Liabilities in Debt for Equity Swap 

"BOULDER CITY, Nev., Oct. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE -- Guard Dog, Inc. (PINKSHEETS:GRDO), announced today, that it has eliminated its debt through an agreement to convert one creditor's debt to Preferred Class "D" shares, and the mutual rescission of an obligation to another creditor. The ownership of the Preferred Class D shares has been transferred to a third party. The latest financials will now reflect a clean balance sheet. 

In a separate agreement the owner of the newly created Preferred Class D shares has agreed to use them to exercise voting rights only, and not convert them to common shares for a period of at least 10 years. This makes the debt conversion completely non-dilutive for at least that period. The agreement will carry forward should ownership of the preferred shares be transferred in the future. 

Guard Dog President and CEO, George Sharp, commented on the company's path forward, "Guard Dog is committed to acting in the best interests of the shareholders and I believe that these non-dilutive agreements to eliminate the debt illustrates that commitment. We now expect to have the completed and clean financials presented to OTC Markets by the end of next week for their inspection towards our goal of bringing the company current again."" 


On October 22nd, 2018, $GRDO announces further reduction in AS: 

Guard Dog, Inc. Repatriates Over 6% of Its Outstanding Shares; Returns Them to Treasury 

BOULDER CITY, Nev., Oct. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE -- George Sharp, President and CEO of Guard Dog, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GRDO), announced today, that the company has reacquired 150 million shares of its common stock and returned them to treasury. The shares represent a reduction of over 6% of the number of shares that were previously outstanding. 

Mr. Sharp stated, “Our forensic audit of past share issuances revealed that 150 million shares were improperly issued for no value received. At our urging, the holder graciously return the shares and they have now been cancelled. We continue to internally investigate past issuances and hope to see a further reduction in the number of shares outstanding soon.” 

The share reduction has now been reflected in the number of outstanding shares reflected on Guard Dog’s profile page found at the OTC Markets website. This number will continually be kept update to date by the company’s transfer agent, Madison Stock Transfer, who at the company’s request has become a “Verified Transfer Agent”, as defined by OTC Markets. “We asked Madison to become verified in our continued quest for transparency, so that the public would not have to guess at the number of shares outstanding”, remarked George Sharp. 

The total number of shares outstanding is now 2,232,589,568. The total number of shares reported at OTC Markets is incorrect and much less than reported. This number will be corrected on the OTC Markets website shortly. The number of shares currently reported as “Float” as well as the number of shareholders should also be disregarded. 


On October 26th, 2018, $GRDO again clarifies that Bill Schaefer in NOT involved with the company: 


On October 29th, 2018, $GRDO releases this PR: 

Guard Dog, Inc. Brings Financial Filings Up to Date and Continues Due Diligence on Past Transactions 

Mr. Sharp chooses this time to review the events which occurred and led to the installation of current management. “On July 20, 2018, I wrote a blog post on my website which was critical of the way Mr. Schaefer was handling two other issuers that were under his control, and as a shareholder, I threatened litigation. Mr. Schaefer took a confrontational and defensive posture and informed me that Brian Estrada no longer had an interest in managing Guard Dog. He offered to introduce me to Mr. Estrada and challenged me to take over management of the company. After first resisting, I decided to take on this project in an attempt to show the microcap world that it was not necessary to be devious and engage in dubious relationships in order to build a company. Management may fail, however failure in itself is not a crime. What is criminal-like, is setting up a company to fail, by engaging in borrowing that is impossible to repay and then misappropriating the company of the proceeds through exorbitant salaries and trumped up debt, a tactic that is engaged by all too many microcap issuers. In truth, I believe Mr. Schaefer intended to set me up to fail, but I am determined to bring my best efforts towards making Guard Dog a viable entity. Already, the Board’s forensic investigation has led to the repatriation of 150 million shares of common stock and we expect more stock to be returned to treasury very soon.” 


On November 14th, 2018, $GRDO goes Pink Current: 



Also, on November 14th, 2018, George Sharp offers this update: 




What is Trueline Corporation? That is Paul Pegolo's last real job and merely an auto repair shop. What is Blue

Earth Partners? That is Paul's current "job", working for a company that

doesn't actually do anything. Please do your own DD

DANGER!!! Warning: This stock

has been manipulated numerous

times by Bill Schaefer and no

definitive way to know if he is

100% out!



Warning: Bill Schaefer is STILL (Thursday, Apr

4th 2019) involved with GRDO, thru his puppet Brian

Estrada who owns Preferred C shares, as noted by

"George Sharp" in the latest filings.

Who is Brian Estrada?? Proper DD will uncover that

very easily. Just grab a brain and #Think


REAL NEWS!!!!!!! George is currently pumping his stock portfolios because that's what

George does best! He is nothing more than an ambulance chaser and will

ALWAYS look out for George and only George!


Bill Schaefer is still here!!!

Read the filings!

His name is there!!!!




Chart from: https://www.stockscores.com/ 


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