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Dead no volume...It was a good play when starkd748 05/23/22 1:13 PM
GRNBF 02opida 05/23/22 12:38 PM
.20s lol starkd748 05/23/22 10:03 AM
.20s hit lmfao i sold wave 5 on starkd748 12/15/21 11:37 AM
sounds good 02opida 12/14/21 8:19 AM
To .20s yeaa exactly starkd748 12/13/21 3:46 PM
Moving 02opida 12/13/21 3:45 PM
. 20s almost here starkd748 12/13/21 1:41 PM
I see 100lb hemorrhoids rolling down hill lmfao starkd748 11/29/21 9:56 AM
Up dank Epic Fail.. .20s around da corner starkd748 11/29/21 9:54 AM
Ooops 30s again starkd748 11/19/21 10:26 PM
will in time 02opida 11/01/21 12:34 PM
Need to break and hold above 48s to starkd748 11/01/21 11:16 AM
.44 next 02opida 11/01/21 11:02 AM
Whut a dud. 30s here come .20s loo starkd748 11/01/21 9:59 AM
Delivery service picking up here 02opida 10/13/21 12:41 PM
Here comes. 20s starkd748 08/30/21 3:43 AM
40s starkd748 08/19/21 12:17 PM
Bottom bout to fall out like a 100lb hemorrhoid starkd748 08/13/21 3:24 PM
50s assssss predicted starkd748 08/09/21 12:47 PM
Cdel 42,000 bid at .42 starkd748 08/09/21 10:09 AM
This pos will hit 50s next week lmfao starkd748 08/06/21 10:44 PM
Come on n tank to 40s starkd748 07/27/21 11:46 AM
Right shoulder crash time starkd748 07/23/21 4:19 PM
Bottom fell out here come 40s 50s starkd748 07/16/21 4:41 PM
Its a crash will revisit at .40s 50s range starkd748 07/15/21 9:58 AM
Right shoulder then crash or new highs starkd748 07/13/21 3:48 AM
Head n shoulders coming about to get Supa starkd748 06/24/21 10:26 PM
It's toast 5 count on the ELLIOTT WAVE...A starkd748 05/26/21 11:10 AM
Beauty of a day, looking forward to tomorrow! Flanker7 04/28/21 8:22 PM
Faring well today, looks to be emerging from Flanker7 04/26/21 1:08 PM
I’m in...... let’s ride!! $GRNBF BBallEwell 03/26/21 10:09 AM
GRNBF .89 stair stepping. This company has their Flanker7 03/23/21 10:29 AM
Thank u Cheetah SPEED 03/22/21 12:34 PM
GRNBF is a Merchant Banking play that invests Flanker7 03/22/21 12:26 PM
What’s the story here. Crypto related Cheetah SPEED 03/21/21 8:14 PM
Got in yesterday after huge volume spike, today Flanker7 03/16/21 11:12 AM
FYI - they may be distrbuting their Blockchain subsidiaries faqt 08/10/17 2:45 PM
Alt Cryptocurrency like BITCOIN faqt 05/24/17 1:00 PM
sideliner here too for now Chance 01/31/16 8:01 AM
(GRNBF) GreenBank Capital Inc.(CSE:GBC) http://www.greenbankcapitali Trendshare 01/25/16 11:36 AM
Great volume up +65%, but the real cash4 10/05/15 6:14 PM
Isle of Man Welcomes GreenCoinX cash4 10/05/15 10:42 AM
GreenBank Subsidiary GreenCoinX Enables XGC to Trade on cash4 09/14/15 10:16 AM
GreenBank Subsidiary GreenCoinX Plans Treasury Function to Reduce Volatility[ cash4 09/08/15 11:41 AM
GreenBank Subsidiary GreenCoinX Completes Online Wallet and Mobile Wallet cash4 09/01/15 10:11 PM
GreenBank Subsidiary GreenCoinX Addresses Block Chain Mining Longevity cash4 09/01/15 10:07 PM
GreenBank Subsidiary GreenCoinX Forms Advisory Board cash4 08/25/15 2:55 AM
Warrant Exercise [Market News Publishing (Canada)] cash4 06/18/15 5:01 AM
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Greenbank Cap Inc (GRNBF)

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Welcome to
GreenBank Capital Inc

About GreenBank

Greenbank Capital is a corporate finance investment business focusing on investing in small cap publicly listed companies. GreenBank’s subsidiary, GreenBank Financial has applied to the OSC for an exempt market dealer’s license. GreenBank’s 80% subsidiary GreenCoinX is a software company developing a unique cryptocurrency. GreenBank also has a mining investment portfolio of significant equity positions in Canadian Securities Exchange(“CSE”) listed companies Zara Resources Inc (CSE:ZRI), Hadley Mining Inc (CSE:HM) and Leo Resources Inc (CSE:LEO). GreenBank’s management has special expertise and experience in creating and listing companies on the Canadian National Stock Exchange (“CNSX”), which it can do quickly and inexpensively. GreenBank is based on the model of a London merchant bank, taking equity positions in its clients and participating in client company decisions via board of directors positions. GreenBank’s management has been involved in creating and listing 6 CSE public companies.
OTC Markets
Symbol GRNBF

Canadian Stock Exchange
Symbol GBC


The following listing represents the primary investments comprising the investment portfolio owned by GreenBank Capital Inc.


Greenbank Financial, a 100% subsidiary of GreenBank, has applied for an Exempt Market Dealers license from the OSC.
The management of GreenBank Financial are experienced in mergers and acquisitions. See below for the M&A activity since 2012.

Danny Wettreich, the CEO of GreenBank Capital, has participated in a number of mergers and acquisitions on the Canadian Securities Exchange as follows:


  • January 2013 Acquisition of 100% of Riverbank nickel-copper property from Melkior Resources Inc (TSXV:MKR)
    February 2013 Acquisition of 100% of Pigeon River nickel-copper property from Pele Mountain Resources Inc (TSXV:GEM)
    April 2013 Acquisition of 100% of Forge Lake gold property from Hudson River Minerals Inc (TSXV:HRM)


  • July 2012 Acquisition of 100% of Etamame nickel-copper property from private investors and Pele Mountain Resources Inc (TSXV:GEM)


  • June 2012 Acquisition of 60% of Elmtree gold project from Castle Resources Inc (TSXV:CRI)
    June 2012 Acquisition of 40% of Elmtree gold project from Stratabound Minerals Inc (TSXV:SB)


  • June 2012 Merger by way of a Reverse Takeover of Gorilla Resources Corp by CNRP Mining Inc to form Winston Resources Inc (CNSX:WRW)
    June 2012 Acquisition of 100% of Riverbank and Brokeback option agreement from Green Swan Capital Corp (TSXV:GSW)
    July 2012 Acquisition of 100% of issued share capital of 2238484 Ontario Inc
    July 2012 Acquisition of all rights title and interest to Etamame Airborne Survey from Largo Resources Inc (TSXV:LGO)



GreenBank focuses primarily upon Canadian publicly listed small caps in the natural resource and mining, oil and gas, and technology industries.

Company Date Listed Description
Winston Resources Inc (CNSX:WRW) June 2012 Public listing on the CNSX by way of reverse takeover
Hadley Mining Inc (CNSX:HM) December 2012 Public listing on the CNSX by way of spin off
Zara Resources Inc (CNSX:ZRI) December 2012 Public listing on the CNSX by way of spin off
CNRP Mining Inc (CNSX:CND) April 2013 Public listing on the CNSX by way of spin off
GreenBank Capital Inc (CNSX:GBC) April 2013 Public listing on the CNSX by way of spin off
Leo Resources Inc (CNSX:LEO) August 2013 Public listing on the CNSX by way of spin off


About us

GreenCoinX (XGC) is open source software developed to provide digital identification, easier means of transacting and inbuilt taxation for Cryptocurrency.

GreenCoinX developers teamed up with Canadian public company GreenBank Capital Inc (CSE:GBC) to form GreenCoinX Inc a software development company focused on creating a Cryptocurrency that addresses issues and through this has the potential for widespread adoption. The result is GreenCoinX, a unique Cryptocurrency built to coincide along the genius of bitcoin as a complimentary tool for when users wish to send/receive to identified addresses, make use of the easier email/phone features, and facilitate taxes to their government.

The XGC team will grow and expand over time, development is an ongoing process and contributors are welcome to submit additional modules through Github.

GreenBank Capital Inc is a corporate finance investment company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (symbol GBC). For more information on GreenBank please see

Download Wallet

GreenCoinx Inc is a software subsidiary of GreenBank Capital and is developing GreenCoinx, a new innovative cryptocurrency featuring digital identification by adding email or phone identification to all GreenCoinx transactions with the aim of resolving the “trust based concerns” with other virtual cryptocurrencies. Those intending illegal activities will not use GreenCoinx as they can be easily identified, and global governments will be able to collect taxes based on GreenCoinx transactions with rules for each type of transaction.


Unique Cryptocurrency addressing risk factors associated with identification.

A unique Cryptocurrency featuring digital identification that addresses the "trust based concerns" and identification is required before initiating a transaction, storing XGC, or mining XGC.

GreenCoinX identifies users and facilitates the collection of user defined optional taxes by worldwide governments, thereby removing the two biggest barriers to widespread adoption of Cryptocurrencies. In a Bloomberg TV interview in October, 2014 Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, when asked about bitcoin stated;

"The customers we’re talking about aren’t trying to be anonymous, they’re willing to be known, so bitcoin technology is key and you can add to it or you could build a similar technology where there’s enough attribution where people feel comfortable that this is nothing to do with terrorism or any type of money laundering."
Bill Gates, Bloomberg TV


XGC addresses these concerns by providing the attribution of identification that is missing from bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. By providing the facility of basic verified identification, XGC offers significant risk factor mitigation for users on a global scale.

GreenCoinX (XGC) allows users to identify themselves and facilitates automated user defined optional taxes by worldwide governments.


GreenCoinX - Government

GreenCoinX Inc is ready, willing and able to co-operate with all government entities in any jurisdiction worldwide to smoothly facilitate the collections of taxes related to transactions that use GreenCoinX.

GreenCoinX is flexible and modifiable such that each government can decide what identification rules they require for a GreenCoinX transaction and what country specific taxes should be attached to each transaction. Additional parameters can be added on an as needed basis depending on the requirements of each country.

We encourage all governments to contact us so that we can facilitate your parameters, by completing the following form.

Register with us

Register your department with XGC. Collect fees, payments, automated regular transactions. Your department will be verified and users will be able to send you transactions via your email, contact number, or through the standard long code.

Know your nations users

Account for all the identified users on XGC within your nation. Formulate economic plans, account for businesses and individuals, un-thought of analytical possibilities for financial departments.

Set financial guidelines

Enable automated financial sanctions. Design specific guidelines for your nations financial planning that our developers can integrate for your country.

Collect automated taxes

Set taxation levels for individuals and businesses. Allow your department (if authorized) to collect automated financial taxes. All tax collection can be viewed via the public XGC block chain for verification by individuals, businesses or government.

Digital law enforcement

Identified recipients are easy to trace via email, phone, or IP address. The ability to easily track financial crime through the XGC network will assist your law enforcement like nothing before.


The CEO of GreenBank, Danny Wettreich, has over 40 years experience investing in small caps, and started his career doing M&A work for two London merchant banks. Since June 2012, Danny has:

  • Created 5 CNSX listed public companies
    Raised $1,774,000 for these companies in private placements
    Completed 5 spin offs and Plan of Arrangements
    Acquired 6 mineral properties
    Completed 8 acquisition transactions with the following arms length public companies:
    • Castle Resources Inc. (TSXV: CRI)
      Stratabound Minerals Corp. (TSXV: SB)
      Gorilla Resources Corp. (CNSX: GOA)
      Green Swan Capital Corp. (TSXV: GSW)
      Largo Resources Inc. (TSXV: LGO)
      Melkior Resources Inc. (TSXV: MKR)
      Pele Mountain Resources Inc. (TSXV: GEM)
      Hudson River Minerals Ltd. (TSXV: HRM)

Danny Wettreich is also Chairman and director of Winston Resources Inc (CNSX;WRW), Zara Resources Inc (CNSX;ZRI), Hadley Mining Inc (CNSX:HM) and CNRP Mining Inc (CNSC: CND) He has been Chairman and CEO of Churchill Venture Capital LP, a Dallas, Texas private equity business, for more than 20 years. He has been a director of public companies listed on NASDAQ, the American Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange, the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange, and the Vancouver Stock Exchange, a predecessor to the TSX Venture Exchange. These public companies have been in diverse businesses in internet technologies, oil and gas, retailing, telecommunications, media, and real estate. He has facilitated 13 reverse takeover transactions of public companies in Canada , the USA and England. He is a graduate of the University of Westminster with a BA in Business. For more information see his personal website at

Raised in London, England, Danny graduated with a B.A. in Business Studies from what is now the University of Westminster. After working in corporate finance for merchant banks Hambros Bank and Charterhouse Japhet, he started his own company in his early 20′s. He acquired S.Biener a small business distributing motorcycle components which he successfully managed for 7 years and then sold.

Shortly thereafter, Danny became the CFO for a clothing retailer listed on the London Stock Exchange, and resigned in 1983 after obtaining his permanent residency in America. Danny has proudly been a US citizen since 1988.

During the 1980′s Danny facilitated reverse mergers with public shells he controlled. One such example was Phoenix Network, which after the reverse merger grew to a market capitalization of over $100 million and then was acquired by Qwest Communications in 1998. Presently there are four NASDAQ listed public companies which undertook reverse mergers by using public shells Danny established , namely Apollo Solar Energy, Unitek Global Services, China Wind Systems, and QKL Stores.

During the 1990′s Danny Wettreich was Chairman and CEO of Camelot Corporation a NASDAQ listed public company. Danny changed Camelot from a financial services business to a technology company employing over 120 people, and in 1996 raised over $22,000,000 in private placements of equity and convertible preferred shares. Camelot had affiliated public companies listed on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange and on the Vancouver Stock Exchange, and developed leading edge VOIP technology in the Voice Over The Internet field before being overwhelmed by the bursting of the dot-com bubble.

After 2000, in addition to reverse mergers, Danny focused on private investments via his Churchill Venture Capital, art investments via his European Art Gallery, and his nonprofit activities. In 2010 Danny founded Churchill Natural Resource Partners which invests in American and Canadian natural resource companies. Since 2012 he has focused on Canadian public companies, and has established GreenBank Capital Inc (‘CNSX:GBC’) a public company listed on the Canadian National Stock Exchange (“CNSX”). Greenbank is a corporate finance investment business focusing on investing in Canadian small cap publicly listed companies. December 2013, GreenBank established two new subsidiaries to invest in Bitcoin and Bitcoin startups, as Danny considers cryptocurrencies will revolutionize the worldwide financial payments system. Based on the model of an English merchant bank, GreenBank has particular expertise in listing companies on the CNSX. GreenBank also facilitates mergers and acquisitions, often participating with equity in the transactions. Danny is also Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Winston Resources Inc, Zara Resources Inc, CNRP Mining Inc, Hadley Mining Inc, and Leo Resources Inc all public companies listed on the CNSX with interests in natural resource properties.

Danny Wettreich - European Art GalleryA collector of European paintings for many years, Danny turned his hobby into a business in 2000 by opening art galleries in Mayfair, London, England and Fairmount, Dallas, Texas. Subsequently Danny relocated and consolidated the galleries to a new North Dallas location, changing the concept to “by appointment only”. Danny remains a passionate collector of 19th and early 20th Century European paintings.

Danny has long been an active proponent of conservative causes. When in England he was faced with socialism increasingly pervading British society. In 1979 the Chairman of his local Conservative Party asked him to stand for election as a Member of Parliament. At that time the marginal rate of income tax in England was 98% and Prime Minister Callaghan of the Labor Party was running for re-election on a platform of introducing a Wealth Tax of 3% annually on all taxpayer assets. Danny was convinced that America would continue to be the most free and capitalist country on the planet, and knowing that becoming an MP would be a long term commitment, he instead chose to commence the immigration process to the United States . In 2001 he entertained Callaghan’s successor, Margaret Thatcher, when she was given a private tour of European Art Gallery .

Danny Wettreich - European Art GalleryAfter 5 years as a member of the board of the World Affairs Council in Dallas, Danny devoted his nonprofit efforts to the Heritage Foundation. Heritage, is the largest conservative think tank in America, with a vision of building an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society flourish. Between 2005 and 2012 he was Chairman of the Dallas/Fort Worth Committee for Heritage the local affiliate of the Heritage Foundation . The DFW Committee hosts local events with conservative speakers including,Steve ForbesKarl Rove, Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and others . In 2007 he met with President George W Bush at Heritage. In 2009 he visited in Washington with Lady Margaret Thatcher who was a Patron of the Heritage Foundation before her passing in 2013. .


Danny Wettreich is Chairman and director of the Company. He is also Chairman and director of Winston Resources Inc (CSE;WRW), Zara Resources Inc (CSE;ZRI), Hadley Mining Inc (CSE:HM), Leo Resources Inc (CSE:LEO) and CNRP Mining Inc (CSE: CND) He has been Chairman and CEO of Churchill Venture Capital LP, a Dallas, Texas private equity business, for more than 20 years, and is Managing Partner of Churchill Natural Resource Partners, LP, which invests in small cap mining companies. He has been a director of public companies listed on NASDAQ, the American Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange, the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange, and the Vancouver Stock Exchange, a predecessor to the TSX Venture Exchange. These public companies have been in diverse businesses in internet technologies, oil and gas, retailing, telecommunications, media, and real estate. He has facilitated 13 reverse takeover transactions of public companies in Canada , the USA and England. He is a graduate of the University of Westminster with a BA in Business.

Mark Wettreich is a director, Vice President of Administration and Corporate Secretary. He is Vice President of Churchill Venture Capital LP and of Churchill Natural Resource Partners, LP which invests in small cap mining companies. Previously, he was President of European Art Gallery, fine art dealers in London, England and Dallas, Texas. He is a BA graduate of the University of Texas.


Paul Cullingham is a director, Vice President, and member of the Audit Committee. He is a Director of GreenBank Capital Inc., Winston Resources Inc, Hadley Mining Inc, CNRP Mining Inc, Zara Resources Inc and Leo Resources Inc all of which are publicly listed on the CSE. He has been in the investment industry since 1986 specializing in the resource and financial sectors, where he has worked for both large and medium-size Canadian companies, as well as a large Wall Street firm. He is President and CEO of Ubique Minerals Inc, a private exploration company, and of, an online portal for public company investors. Previously, he was the President and CEO of Celtic Minerals Inc., a public minerals company.


Peter D. Wanner is a director and member of the Audit Committee. He is the Managing Director of IG Aviation Tax Services Inc. providing accounting services to the aviation industry. Mr. Wanner is a director and CEO of Triumph Ventures II Corp and Triumph Ventures III Corp, which are Capital Pool Companies. He is a director and CEO of First National Energy Corp, a public company on the OTC in the USA and has been a director and officer of a number of public companies. Peter received his Certified General Accountant designation in 1981 and after working in public accounting he became VP & Controller of Worldways Canada – then Canada’s 3rd largest airline. He has 25 years experience in accounting and financial consulting, and has worked with companies in Canada, the United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom.


Ryan Hunter is a director.He is a securities and corporate finance attorney with Chitiz Pathak LLP in Toronto, and previously worked in the Calgary and Toronto offices of a national law firm. Ryan received his BA (Hons.) from the University of Guelph in 1996, his LLB from Queens University in 2000 and has subsequently completed the Canadian Securities Course. Ryan was called to the Alberta Bar in 2002 and the Ontario Bar in 2004


The ordinary shares of GreenBank Capital Inc are listed on the Canadian National Stock Exchange (“CNSX”) under trading symbol GBC. The Company is a reporting issuer in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario.



Common Shares Issued and Outstanding 11,142,460
Shares Owned by Management 8,332,198
Public Float 2,810,262


GreenBank Capital Inc, is registered with SEDAR and additional information concerning the Company will be found on the SEDAR website at under the name of GreenBank Capital Inc.



GreenBank Corporate Activity


GreenBank Files Form 45-102F1


Danny Wettreich, Chairman & CEO

GreenBank Capital Inc. 
208 Queens Quay West, #2506
Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2Y5

Main Tel: (647) 931 – 9768

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