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GGGI reverse merger with Beverage Creations, Inc. filing confirmed with Delaware SOS. Joseph Meuse/Belmont Partners reverse merger. Robert Wieden, President and CEO, Beverage Creations, Inc. (formerly of Beverage Creations, LLC) CUSIP/CINS 08782W106 BEVERAGE CREATIONS INC DEL US08782W1062 Website: Transfer Agent PacWest Transfer, 2510 Pines Rd North Suite 206B Spokane Valley, WA 99206 Ph.# (509)926-2330 Share stucture confirmed on 12/31/2007 A/S: 100 million O/S: 21.6 million Float: 10.6 million Restricted: 11 million Beverage Creations has developed a new product concept that will revolutionize the beverage industry. Our Worldwide patent-protected and industry changing product is ready to launch into the $43 Billion dollar international bottled water market and the $92 Billion dollar international non-alcoholic beverage market. One of Beverage Creation's products is the patented bio2TONIC™ vitamin water beverage that is oxygenated. It comes in different flavors and is being marketed to athletes and consumers. Detailed information and pictures of the oxygenated vitamin water products can be found on their website (info from the website is also pasted here in the ibox). Pic of the vitamin water beverage products from their website: bio2TONIC’s Energized Hydration System Beverage Creation's product is the patented 'bio2TONIC' vitamin water beverage that is oxygenated. It comes in different flavors and is being marketed to athletes and consumers. Detailed information and pictures of the oxygenated vitamin water products can be found on their website. “bio2TONIC’s Energized Hydration System gives me the natural energy boost and hydration during exercise. It is the perfect compliment to my workouts.“ - Chad Hennings, 3-Time Super Bowl Champion ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Belmont Partners (Joseph Meuse) reverse merger. The firm has successfully taken over 60 businesses public with a total market capitalization in excess of $1 billion. Belmont manages transactions in a broad range of industry sectors and focuses on assisting privately held businesses with revenues between $15 and $100 million. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ New Worldwide Patented Beverage Product (from August '07) Beverage Creations, LLC has developed a new product concept that will revolutionize the beverage industry. Our Worldwide patent-protected and industry changing product, HYDR-O²™, is ready to launch into the $43 Billion dollar international bottled water market and the $92 Billion dollar international non-alcoholic beverage market. For decades, this industry has chosen to promote its products utilizing “secret formulas” and mere “brand recognition” but has never really been able to leverage an Intellectual Property (IP) strategy to its products. Our goal is to change this paradigm by building a totally new “patent protected” beverage product category across the globe. After analyzing the beverage industry and how it introduced new products, it became evident that a “developmental gap” existed between how a new product is developed and marketed in the beverage industry, and how it is conducted in other “protected” consumer product categories. Beverage Creations’ goal is to control this “gap” by leveraging our Intellectual Property rights through licensing and contract bottling agreements through strategic distribution partners. At this time, Beverage Creations is currently in negotiations regarding with distribution partners in the United States, China, Japan, Germany and Great Britain – just to name a few. Beverage Creations is confident that it will produce a very healthy revenue stream in the very near future and become the fastest-growing category in the beverage industry for decades to come. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Excellent DD on the merger - Joseph Meuse/Belmont Partners deal - Robert Feeback of Summit Advisory Partners/former Coca Cola VP involved with the company - Patented water/sports beverage with mass appeal for athletes and consumers For more info, check out the tdwv board, there is extensive dd on this company, including: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FROM THE GGGI/Beverage Creations WEBSITE: ENERGIZED HYDRATION SYSTEM HOME ENERGIZED HYDRATION ENERGIZED PERFORMANCE ENERGIZE THE CELL Investment Relations Beverage Creations Investment Relations Email: Direct Dial: 972-490-2352 Pink Sheets -------------------------------------------------------------- Rob Feeback is former VP of The Coca-Cola Company Beta Capital Group, LLC -------------------------------------------------------------- FROM THE BEVERAGE CREATIONS/GGGI WEBSITE: bio2TONIC helps alleviate the symptoms of a “hangover” bio2TONIC is the solution for that late-night attitude that catches up with you in the morning. ----------------------------------------------------------- FAQ PAGE FROM THE WEBSITE: Q. Why is bio2TONIC better than other products? A . bio2TONIC makes it easier and more efficient to be properly hydrated. It does something that NO other product does…it allows for both vitamin-enhanced water and oxygen to work together to increase your body’s performance and endurance. The oxygen provides the energy and the fortified water provides the means by which that energy is carried to your body. That’s why we call it Aqua Fuel and Oxygen Fuel. Q. Why is bio2TONIC the Ultimate Hydration System? A. Active individuals are continually faced with the limitations of their cardiovascular capacity when exerting themselves— this is regulated by how much oxygen our heart and lungs can deliver to our cells. Our lungs absorb about a quarter of the O² we breathe and transmit it to our blood. In turn, Blood carries O² to all the cells in the body where it is used in chemical reactions that provide the energy that keeps us alive. bio2TONICprovides the Aqua Fuel and the Oxygen Fuel to energize the body’s cells so it can spring into action and perform on demand. bio2TONIC is the “New Hydration Principal”. Q. Why would I buy Oxygen, when it is available in the atmosphere for free? A. The importance of breathing clean oxygen cannot be dismissed. Today’s air contains about 21% oxygen, but is filled with contaminants and impurities that don’t energize your cells sufficiently. Everybody’s body requires clean oxygen to carry out its many processes. Just by inhaling oxygen enriched air through your nose, you can expect to feel an immediate boost of energy that will leave you more alert and mentally sharp. With organizations like the American Lung Association continually conducting studies on the effects of air pollution on humans, it is easy to see how a groundswell of information is going to continue to be provided to the national media outlets regarding air quality. Beverage Creations believes that we are on the cusp of a behavioral change with regards to the air that we breathe, and bio2TONIC will be a huge factor of that change. Q. Isn’t the Oxygen we breathe enough for me? A. After the Industrial Revolution, the percentage of O² has drastically been reduced in atmospheric air – from around 48% to 21% today. Unfortunately our lungs have not expanded in volume to counter this development. Additionally, the earth’s source of O² is currently being depleted through the destruction of Rain Forests and continual emissions of Greenhouse gases. The pollution that continues to foul our air can drastically reduce your body’s energy to function efficiently. Q. Why am I breathing the Oxygen through my nose? A. The oxygen system nose piece is a very important design aspect of bio2TONIC. Most oxygen derived products on the market today use a mouthpiece device as the breathing apparatus for oxygen. This might be the easiest (and cheapest) application to incorporate into the product, but it is the wrong application to efficiently inhale oxygen into the body. The simple fact is that when inhaled from the mouth, a large percentage of the oxygen will end up in the stomach. Since the human stomach does not efficiently absorb the oxygen, the user is just wasting the benefits of the inhaled oxygen. This is why medical applications use a mask or inhalation tube for the nose. This enables the inhaled oxygen to go directly into the lungs, which is the most efficient organ to propagate oxygen throughout the body, and infuse it into the bloodstream. The bloodstream then energizes the body by delivering the oxygen to your body’s vital organs. That is why bio2TONIC incorporates an ingenious way to utilize this “correct” form factor for the inhalation method. Q. What do I do when I have finished the Aqua Fuel but still have Oxygen Fuel left? A. bio2TONIC’s ingenious design allows for you to disconnect the Aqua Fuel container from the Oxygen Fuel can. So just throw the Aqua Fuel container in the recycling bin and use the Oxygen Fuel at your leisure. Or you can buy another bio2TONIC bottle and affix the Aqua Fuel to your unspent Oxygen Fuel can. Q. How do I know that supplemental Oxygen really helps me? A. In the medical field, for several decades, use of supplemental oxygen is widespread. For example, Hyperbaric Chambers have been used for decades to speed the body's healing processes. During this process, a person's skin and lungs absorb the oxygen which injects the body with a life-giving oxygen boost. Q. What are the main benefits of O²? A. Supplemental oxygen use has been attributed to the following benefits: Increases Energy, Relieves Stress, Increases Brain Activity, Strengthens Immune System, Increases Metabolism, Relieves Fatigue and Depression, Heightens Sexual Awareness, Reduces Skin Aging Process, Relieves Alcohol Sickness, Relieves Jet Lag. Q. What is in Aqua Fuel? A. Aqua Fuel contains what your body craves to help carry out its daily functions efficiently. It contains a synthesized carbohydrate, essential vitamin matrix and a combination of electrolytes to help boost your energy and stamina. Q. How long can I expect the effects of bio2TONIC Oxygen Fuel to last? A. Depending on the use characteristics, the benefits of inhaling oxygen-enriched air will have varying degrees of duration. Q. What does inhaling oxygen feel like? A. After a couple of inhalations from the nose, you can expect to feel a quick jolt of energy (some people call it “the tingle”) that will instantly invigorate their body. Q. Does bio2TONIC have any side effects? A. No, bio2TONIC does not have any known side effects if used as directed. Q. Is bio2TONIC under pressure? A. Yes, bio2TONIC Oxygen Fuel is under pressure, but it is very low compared to other oxygen products on the market. By volume the pressure is 143psi - about the same as a standard aerosol can or a shaken up beverage can. Q. Is the oxygen in bio2TONIC flammable? A. bio2TONIC’s Oxygen Fuel contains oxygen enriched air (OEA) and is not deemed to be flammable or combustible. Just like other aerosols it is advised that it not be put in direct contact with a heat source and that you do not puncture the can. Q. Is bio2TONIC approved by the FDA? A. Because it is not a medical device or marketed for prescription purposes, bio2TONIC does not have to be regulated by the FDA. Q. How much oxygen is in bio2TONIC? A. bio2TONIC contains about 3 liters of compressed oxygen enriched air by volume - enough for 25 – 2 minute deep breaths. Q. When should bio2TONIC Oxygen Fuel be taken and how much? A. We recommend taking two or three deep inhalations of oxygen when you start feeling the onset of dehydration or fatigue. This is just a guideline – inhale enough oxygen to reduce your symptoms and provide relief. PRODUCT FAQ'S INVESTOR RELATIONS NEWS CONTACT US ©2007 Beverage Creations, Inc. All rights reserved. | Privacy Policy
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