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announced today ....Canadian government to soon make new OGINVU 06/20/22 12:47 PM
Huge potential if they do the right things, FutureInvestor 09/16/21 12:25 PM
I’m still in this, just not too much Edgenation 09/13/21 9:46 AM
This stock has gone quiet on here... FutureInvestor 08/25/21 4:39 PM
Hope so! Still down $0.15 on this one Edgenation 03/16/21 6:32 PM
2.00 by friday!! aftt36 03/16/21 4:52 PM
Eat Beyond Reports on the Recent Success of pual 03/09/21 9:14 AM
good natured Products Inc. Announces Closing of its pual 03/04/21 8:55 AM
Eat Beyond Portfolio Shows Early Returns, Seeding Larger pual 02/25/21 11:47 AM
good natured Products Inc. Named a 2021 TSX pual 02/24/21 11:07 AM
Glad I invested (relatively) plenty and early pual 02/19/21 9:26 AM
GDNP is a thing of beauty - serious B66 02/16/21 4:20 PM
In its Jan. 19 NR, the company certainly pual 02/10/21 9:37 AM
Took a small position (3,000 X $1,33) in pual 02/05/21 11:12 AM
This thing is gold. I wish I picked B66 02/03/21 10:41 AM
Eat Beyond Portfolio Company GOOD NATURED Posts Strong MjMilo 02/02/21 12:08 PM
Too rich for my blood MjMilo 01/21/21 3:07 PM
Yes, things are heating up... I wonder when B66 01/21/21 1:18 PM
Nice move today...been expecting this..financials and other info MjMilo 01/19/21 4:48 PM
Plant-Based Better Bites Bakery Switches to good natured(R) MjMilo 01/19/21 10:11 AM
Yes..this will get noticed and start to move MjMilo 01/17/21 11:29 PM
Heavy Growth B66 01/12/21 12:26 PM
Well..2nd half of the day wasn't all that bad! MjMilo 12/29/20 4:22 PM
That was an artificial pump...gave everything back today.....on MjMilo 12/29/20 11:26 AM
Cool! MjMilo 12/28/20 2:26 PM
US counterpart SLGBF is up 32% today and B66 12/28/20 1:48 PM
Canadian Markets closed today as it is a MjMilo 12/28/20 9:47 AM B66 12/27/20 2:58 PM
Juicy opportunity here in my opinion. Look at B66 12/23/20 4:18 PM MjMilo 12/23/20 1:49 PM MjMilo 12/23/20 1:42 PM MjMilo 12/23/20 1:31 PM
Good Natured Products Inc. Announces the Closing of MjMilo 12/23/20 1:28 PM
Eat Beyond Portfolio Company Good Natured Gains Traction MjMilo 12/15/20 10:56 AM
Got in and established a position today...very happy. MjMilo 12/10/20 3:40 PM
Plant based disposable packaging...invest in the future..that future MjMilo 12/10/20 12:16 PM
Part of Eat Beyond..... MjMilo 12/10/20 12:15 PM
UP 14% today MjMilo 12/10/20 12:15 PM
GDNP is active.... MjMilo 12/10/20 12:15 PM
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Good Natured Products Inc (GDNP)

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                                                                                                                                           We're producing and distributing one of North America’s widest assortments of better everyday products® made from the highest possible
                                                                                                                           percentage of renewable, plant-based materials and no BPAs, phthalates or other chemicals of concern potentially harmful to human health and the environment. 


                                                                                                                          By combining cutting-edge renewable material technology and the latest sustainable features, good natured® creates fresh and eco-friendly products and packaging
                                                                                                                                  that can do good for the planet, good for human health and good for business by focusing on innovative designs, minimizing waste and improving logistics.



Loved by the earth and all taste buds, good natured® plant-based food packaging has more going on than just planet-saving super powers.
From closures that easily seal and re-seal, to nips and tucks to take out wasted space, to smooth lids and tiered trays that amp up visibility, we go beyond earth-friendly to make sure you’ll always feel good and look good.

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