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goliath logo

Goliath Film and Media Holdings
640 S. San Vicente Blvd., Fifth Floor, Los Angeles, California 90048, telephone
(213) 537-5730

"Goliath Film and Media Holdings ("Goliath"), through its wholly-owned subsidiary Goliath Film and Media International, intends to develop and distribute film content with an emphasis on "niche" markets of the entertainment industry, such as, without limitation, education, horror, faith-based, and socially responsible minority content.  Goliath will specialize in licensing quality films. Goliath also intends to develop screenplays with the intent of outsourcing the production, and locking in the distribution rights to the films produced through the Company's development efforts.. Goliath plans to license films domestically and internationally, through a wide distribution network to include major exhibitors, distributors and television networks. Our website is  Goliath Film and Media International.Com"

Share Structure
Common stock, 149,000,000 shares authorized, 67,283,334 shares outstanding as of February 29, 2012. 
CUSIP 381715 10 1    ISIN US3817151018
Public Float:

Preferred stock: 1 million shares authorized, 0 outstanding
Lamont Roberts, President, holds 7,000,000 shares directly and controls an additional 20 million.
               Kaila Criscione, COO, holds 20 million shares.
Transfer agent:
OTC Stock Transfer

 Company Management:
             Lamont Roberts, age 56, has been President of Goliath since October, 2011. In 1997 he co-founded Millennium Personal and Business Management Corporation with Wilt Chamberlain, representing and managing a client base comprising actors, athletes, directors, musicians and writers. In the late 1990s Mr. Roberts also began producing film and television projects. In 2003, he was hired as the chief executive of Reel Image, Inc., an independent production and distribution company.  As the head of Reel Image, Inc., Mr. Roberts partnered with film industry veterans Reuben Cannon and Michael Shultz and provided the initial funding of development capital for a future episodic series and/or film based upon the famous Blokhedz cartoon characters. Currently he is working on distributing a documentary that he wrote, funded and produced entitled "Chosen By God- the Great Black Pharaohs of the 25th Dynasty." As an independent producer, Mr. Roberts produced the feature films "The Truth About Layla," and "The Marina Murders." He acted as an Associate Producer on the feature film "Seducing Spirits," and was the executive in charge of production for the feature film "The Perfect Argument," and the documentaries "Film Struggle," and "Living with Cancer."  Mr. Roberts has a BSBA in Finance and an MA in Real Estate and Urban Economics from the University of Florida. 

               Kaila Criscione, age 24, has already garnered experience in the entertainment industry. She was the cinematographer/editor for  Chosen By God- the Great Black Pharaohs of the 25th Dynasty, and has written, directed and/or acted as cinematographer of several short films and commercials. Kaila Criscione has presented a number of television and film roles, including starring in "The Biggest Fan" under the name Kaila Amariah, in which she won the Best Actress, Golden Spirit Award, Best Up and Coming Actress by Pop Star Magazine, and starring in The Truth About Layla, Sacred Terror, Seducing Spirits, and Dizzyland.   Ms. Criscione has also won four national titles in public speaking, and graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelor of arts in Cinematic Arts Film and Television Production.

               John Ballard, age 53, was elected as Chief Financial Officer in October, 2011. From September 2003 to 2009,  Mr. Ballard was Chief Financial Officer of Worldwide Manufacturing USA, Inc.., a publicly traded company headquartered in California. John Ballard has nearly two decades of business management, project management, and accounting experience. From January 2002 to the present, Mr. Ballard has been a financial consultant and director of Reveal Systems, Inc., a software development company and Internet provider based in Longmont, Colorado. Mr. Ballard was the Chief Financial Officer of Call Solutions Inc., a publicly traded company, from October 1999 to November 2002. Call Solutions was in the business of opening call centers. From 1997-1999 Mr. Ballard owned and operated the food operations Cookies N Kreme and Lincoln Street Cafe in the Denver Metropolitan Area. In 1993, Mr. Ballard retired and he traveled until 1997.  From 1988 to 1993, Mr. Ballard was Chief Financial Officer for Apple Sundries, Inc., a Denver retail chain. Mr. Ballard holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management and Marketing from the University of Colorado where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. Mr. Ballard also holds a Masters of Business in Administration from Regis University.

Goliath Film and Media Holdings announces appointment of NBA legend AC Green to head Educational Division
LOS ANGELES, April 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Goliath Film and Media Holdings (GFMH.OB) is pleased to announce that NBA legend AC Green has accepted his appointment as director of the Company's Educational Division.  Known as the "Iron Man," AC Green played more consecutive games (1,192) than any other person in NBA history. Mr. Green's commitment to education is less well known, but his dedication to youth development and education has made a lasting effect on the lives of tens of thousands of children nationwide and in particular in the school districts in cities where he played, including Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon, Phoenix, Dallas and Miami and nationwide.  A.C. Green founded the AC Green Youth Foundation ( in 1989 to help young people build self esteem and character and learn moral and ethical principles which will help them make responsible decisions throughout their lives. 

As previously disclosed, Goliath has the distribution rights to 1,500 educational videos, and intends to acquire additional videos in the near future. The educational videos will soon be accessible through Goliath's streaming website, simplifying distribution to and utilization by school districts nationwide. This website will permit students to view and review films individually, thereby tailoring the educational experience.  School districts can save significant resources by using the company's streaming website to access effective, educator-designed instructional videos for much less money than comparable products. 

CEO Lamont Roberts stated, "Instructional materials comprise a significant cost for school districts, and our materials, plainly and simply can save districts' money. I can think of no better individual to take our educational film library to school districts around the country than AC Green. Mr. Green has the contacts, the marketing savvy, and above all the integrity that we need to get our educational products to the market."

Mr. Green stated. "I am pleased to join the team at Goliath.  The educational films which it has and which it will acquire can help school districts around the nation teach more efficiently. Schools can make better use of their scarce resources and reach students who have grown up in the computer age more effectively, by using Goliath's educational resources."... More News

Being a distributor is not glamorous like being a producer, director or actor, but like in any other business, most of the money made in Hollywood is made by the distributors. A good movie (regardless of whether it can be theatrically released)  can be sold to 30-50 foreign markets for a total of about $200,000 at one of the international film shows. Goliath has 10 good movies. That is $2 million in gross sales or $600,000 to Goliath for its 30% cut as a distributor. Goliath has stated that it thinks it can get a couple hundred movies this year, but let's assume they only get 40 more. That is $3 million in net revenues to Goliath, with only a couple hundred thousand in expenses and minimal out of pocket cost to acquire the distribution rights. This does not count the revenue from the educational films nor from streaming.

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