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Share Structure

  Market Value1 $816,893 a/o Mar 11, 2021
  Authorized Shares 1,000,000,000 a/o Mar 11, 2021
  Outstanding Shares 22,882,146 a/o Mar 11, 2021
  -Restricted 16,986,643 a/o Mar 11, 2021
  -Unrestricted 5,895,503 a/o Mar 11, 2021
  Held at DTC 5,729,414 a/o Mar 11, 2021
  Float 5,895,503 a/o Jan 04, 2017



Securities Transfer Corporation

Transfer Agent

2901 Dallas Parkway

Suite 380

Plano, TX 75093



Contact Us

Global Water Technologies, Inc.

125 W. South Street #702

Indianapolis, IN 46206 


Global Water Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: GWTR) is a small, clean technology water treatment and services company providing innovative non-chemical and filtration technologies for process cooling water and other uses.
The company also seeks to identify, develop and commercialize proprietary new technologies to increase water and energy efficiencies.

Intellectual Property


Global Water Technologies had a small patent portfolio that includes U.S. Patent No. 5,951,856 for Water Hardness Reduction Through Interactive Molecular Agitation and Filtration. 
On January 11, 2011, the company was issued U.S. Patent No. 7,867,470 for the On-Site Manufacture of Sulfuric Acid.


Click here to learn more about On-Site Manufacturing of Sulfuric Acid

Click here to learn more about Water Hardness Reduction


Company Affiliations & Partnerships


Global Water Technologies, Inc. has developed a number of strategic partnerships with related companies, academic institutions and other organizations that seek to improve water efficiency. 

The company was one of the first to participate in the new 16 Tech district in downtown Indianapolis.

Learn more about 16 Tech -


INDIANAPOLIS, September 22, 2016 -- Global Water Technologies (OTC Pink: GWTR) Global Water Technologies is participating in the launch of a new
North American alliance of the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) during WEFTEC, the world's largest annual water quality exhibition. Initial alliance partners include:
3M, Bentley, Bluefield Research, CH2M, DC Water, Echologics, EMA, Eramosa, EPA, FATHOM, Frost and Sullivan, GE, Global Water Technologies, Global Water Works,
Gutermann, Hach, Kisters, Las Vegas Valley Water District, Optiqua, Qualcomm, S::can, Schneider Electric, Seattle Water, Sensus, Sierra Wireless, SmartCover Systems,
Smart Utility Systems, Syrinix, TaKaDu, Trimble and Xylem.

Learn more about SWAN here

AquiSense Technologies was acquired by Nikkiso America in August 2016. For more than half a century, the Nikkiso Group has continued to innovate by providing
original technologies and products – always striving to meet the demands of our customers, of society, and of the times in which we live.

Learn more about Nikkiso America

Global Water Technologies announced its partnership with AquiSense Technologies, the world’s first supplier of UV-C LED disinfection systems in November 2015. 

Learn more about AquiSense Technologies

Global Water plans to work on further development and commercialization with Agua Dulce, a world leader in alkaline water and soil treatment.
Agua Dulce is an innovative company that uses sulfurous acid to treat water for agriculture, industry and other specialized uses.

Learn more about Agua Dulce

Electric H20

Electric H2O, Inc. is a subsidiary of Global Water Technologies that utilizes non-chemical water treatment to prevent scaling in cooling towers through its line of
ED2000™ ED2000PLUS™ and AquaPhysic™ systems.
Developed through research at Drexel University, the three proprietary technologies address scale, microbiological growth,
corrosion and fouling in cooling water systems. Reducing scale in such heat transfer equipment is a key way to improve efficiency and save energy.
The ED2000™ line of products have been designed to use a patented electronic control box and offset coil enclosure to fit around pipes and deliver
an oscillating electric field that precipitates dissolved solids into crystals so they do not form scale inside the equipment.


Click here to learn more about the ED2000 line of products

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