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BREAKING NEWS: November 21, 2016

Steven R. Mann elected President,
CEO & Director of Global Clean Energy, Inc

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Global Clean Energy, Inc. (GCE)

Global Clean Energy, Inc. (GCEI:OTCPink) is a Maryland publicly traded cleantech corporation with its’ corporate office in Houston, Texas developing and marketing proprietary technology in waste to energy management and feed stock conversion. The company’s SIC code is 2860, and its IRS taxpayer id is 84-1522846.

The Board of Directors accepted with regret the resignation of Kenneth Adessky as Chief Financial Officer and a Director of the company as of November 26, 2015. Mr. Adessky was a founder of the company and will continue to assist the company in attaining its’ goals. He has been devoted through so many changes in the industry, and attacks on his character to making the company a success. A search is underway for a CFO. The company further has consolidated its’ operations in the United States and has closed its’ Montreal office to save an expense of $5,000 per month. Work necessary by our Canadian employees will be handled by Earl Azimov our President.

The company since becoming public in 2008 has been able to adapt to so many changes in the marketplace. Our work with UK Coal provided the company with a vortex pumping system which we have proven to work and when UK Coal could no longer proceed with their cleanup, the company immediately received funding to develop and test a pyrolysis system. It works but the profit margins in the present market conditions does not meet our criteria.

With a multitude of technologies to choose from (bio, solar, wind, geothermal and hydrogen energy) for companies (and investors) whose success relies on choosing the “right” technology, the gamble is great. The company determined that profit and best rate of return revolves around control of feedstock and long term off take agreements and that is our ongoing focus.

By contrast, over the past 8 years Global Clean Energy has kept its focus on waste recovery and has developed two complementary technologies to salvage and reform waste from a variety of sources to produce a variety of clean energy byproducts. Consequently, with a growing worldwide commercial and industrial need for these technologies, GCE is largely insulated from the inherent volatility of a reactive market. Moreover, GCE is well-positioned to exploit fully the opportunities presented by the government policies and programs that are setting the agenda for the alternative energy industry even with the pricing pressure.


Thursday, July 14, 2016
GCEI Quarterly Report 

Thursday, July 12, 2016
Social Media Coming of Age in Clean Tech 

Tuesday, June 22, 2016

Global Clean Energy Acquires TheEcoAppCompany Platform 

Tuesday, May 03, 2016
Global Clean Energy on Track to Close PGM Acquisition by Early June 2016

Monday, May 02, 2016

GCEI Files Quarterly Report

Tuesday, April 26, 2016
GCEI Files Attorney Letter With Respect To Current Information

Monday, April 18, 2016
GCEI Files Attorney Letter With Respect To Current Information

Friday, April 15, 2016

GCEI Files Annual Report

Thursday, March 19, 2015
Update on Global Clean Energy Inc.'s PGM Acquisition

View All Press Releases: CLICK HERE

Global Clean Energy Acquires TheEcoAppCompany Platform

June 21, 2016 - Global Clean Energy, Inc. (OTC PINK: GCEI), has acquired the assets of TheEcoAppCompany, consisting of IP rights, databases and eighteen strategic domains. This acquisition is GCE's latest addition to its ongoing plans in Waste 2 Fuel and PGM sectors. One significant advantage of TheEcoAppCompany is that supply chains and infrastructure are already in place, eliminating the need for large CAPEX funding.

TheEcoAppCompany specializes in 'User Requests' and 'User-Driven Markets', which are Internet-mediated marketing platforms where the requests of customers trigger and influence the ultimate offerings, not unlike the crowd-funding phenomenon.

GCE President, Earl Azimov, stated, "This is the future, as companies move from mass marketing to tightly focused marketing models such as User Requests and User-Driven Markets. The platforms GCE are acquiring create highly motivated consumers. Our goal has always been to increase the adoption rate of products that reduce carbon emissions and waste. TheEcoAppCompany brands meet these objectives and rank extremely high on social media in terms of passion, engagement, and sentiment. By aggregating their online requests, consumers are motivated by a sense of communal social action, the desire for an outcome that addresses their needs, and shared responsibility for the ultimate success. After spending my career in web technologies and Cleantech, this is terrific addition for GCE's growth and value creation."

TheEcoAppCompany was developed by Brian Levine, who previously served as COO of GCE and will be responsible for bringing the applications to market. Levine has an extensive background in retail, distribution, manufacturing, clean tech, Internet and banking. "Being involved in diverse industries, I have always been guided by an unwavering 'the customer is always right' philosophy," stated Levine. "The User Requests/User-Driven Markets model allows us to curate and tailor offerings driven directly by users in a way never envisioned before. GCE will initially focus on the LED lighting market, which is troubled by exaggerated manufacturer performance, and warranty claims. It disturbs buyers who purchase expensive LED's with 10-25 year usage claims; just to see them fail in a fraction of the time. GCE's will address these misleading claims and accelerate the adoption rate of highly energy efficient LED products in this 30 billion dollar market. GCE will offer 'Lifetime Replacement' programs under our 'LED Makeover' and 'Buck-a-Bulb' programs. The Buck-a-Bulb LED program, is an easy way for buyers to give their home or businesses an 'LED makeover,' control energy costs, and enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient technology without paying in advance. 'Install and forget' is our mantra."

The energy industry is changing rapidly. 'Smart energy' solutions will exceed $100 billion in revenue by 2020, according to Green Tech Media. GCE will generate revenue from transactions, finance fees, e-commerce and affiliate sales. The company will offer its top 20 SKUs at a dollar per bulb per month over 9-12 months depending on model. The average net profit per home is estimated at $100.

"We cannot be satisfied with business as usual," stated Azimov. "Our mission is to drive industry disruption via business model innovation. People who lead dynamic, growth-oriented organizations understand that vision, combined with the ability to see around the corner, creates the best opportunity for change. GCE plans to build a thriving business with its well-established fulfillment partners. By aligning our user platforms, we will accelerate the mainstream adoption of smart energy technologies, always in line with our 'Lifetime Replacement' policy, in over 20 different energy categories driven by user preferences."

GCE is pleased with its continued progress on its Tires 2 Fuels venture. The stabilization of oil prices and its EPA Consultants opinion, have confirmed a quick path to permitting. This should allow the Company to commence construction of its facility in early 2017 in Illinois.

Global Clean Energy on Track to Close PGM Acquisition by Early June

May 03, 2016 - GCE is still in the process of finalizing an acquisition of a Platinum Group Metals operation. Adjustments in it s' acquisition due to pressure on metal prices. 

The project will still be totally integrated starting with complete control of the feedstock (spent catalytic converter aggregation), proven technology, smelting and refining the recovered PGM to high value precious metals or high value chemicals. Every aspect of the process will be 100% controlled by GCE. The company is assuring that 
upon completion of the acquisition that the subsidiary will provide positive cash flow. 

With the acquisition GCE will have complete control of the catalytic converter feedstock guaranteeing required volumes through expanded converter purchasing efforts for the smelting plant as well as acquiring the targets existing revenue into GCE. The target acquisition company has established multiple channels into acquiring spent catalytic converters through multiple buyers representing different parts of the southeast; the buyers will draw from regional aggregators, corporate players as well as local recyclers.


Global Clean Energy plans to use proven, commercialized Best Available Technology worldwide
1) Pyrolysis systems are based on 30 ton module designed to convert approximately 9,900 tons of end of life tires or waste plastics annually, specifically targeting polyethylene and polypropylene, to produce in excess of 3.1million gallons of liquid fuel including diesel. Plastic waste and End of life tires are continuously treated in a cylindrical chamber and the pyrolytic gases condensed in a specially-designed condenser system to yield predominantly straight chain aliphatic hydrocarbons with little formation of by-products. These hydrocarbons are then selectively condensed and cleaved further to produce the average carbon chain length required for distillate fuel. The plastic and tires are pyrolized at 370 ºC-420 ºC and the pyrolysis gases are condensed in a 2-stage condenser to produce a low-sulfur distillate. (Pyrolysis is a process of thermal degradation in the absence of oxygen.) The system consists of stock in-feed system, pyrolysis chambers, contactors, distillation, centrifuge, oil recovery line, off-gas cleaning, and residual contamination removal.

2) Plasma arc smelting technology will be used for the PGM business. GCE has agreements with the world’s leader in plasma smelting technology. The Plasma Arc Furnace has been smelting PGM for 30 years while the proprietary plasma technology has been operating in over 80 plants worldwide since 1964. The Plasma Arc Furnace which will be acquired by GCE is the most efficient smelter in the world with recovery rates of over 99%. The high recovery rate creates a highly profitable smelting operation as each troy ounce of PGM can be as valuable as $1400 T/oz. The Plasma Arc Smelter is modular and is pre-built and will then be shipped to the facility in the South East US and re-assembled. The modular design allows for quick and efficient expansion by adding another module to the existing infrastructure as our business expands past the first plant volume.


GCEI is developing waste plastic to fuel sites in the South East United States with F600 Global Recycling and Packaging Group (SONOCO, symbol: SON), that recycles 2 million tons per year of landfill waste as well as owns and operates multiple landfills.  The  company  will  provide  plastics  via  a  long term feedstock agreement for multiple sites. The waste and after life plastics will be shredded and processed through the pyrolysis vessel to create a high value fuel through the on-site thermal cracking system.  Additionally, GCE has an agreement with one of the nation’s largest tire reclamation entities.  For more information regarding the thermal pyrolysis process, please click here.
GCEI is collaborating in the catalytic converter recycling and PGM recovery business  to construct and operate a facility to recover platinum, palladium and rhodium from automobile catalytic converters recycled in the United States and abroad.  Additionally, GCE is in the final stages of its due diligence subsequent to an executed agreement to acquire a nonferrous scrap metal and catalytic recycling company in the US. The Company utilizes proven commercialized systems to deliver the most efficient recycling plant technology available on the market.  GCE plans to build, own and operate fully vertically integrated smelting and refining operations in the Platinum Group Metals (PGM) auto catalyst recovery business, and end-to-end Waste to Fuel operations in the alternative fuel industry.


GCE is uniquely positioned to become the fastest growing developer with its aggregation model for modular waste-to-energy and recovery conversion projects in the multi-billion dollar waste to energy industry.

With a compelling pipeline of market opportunities presently existing in the United States, the Company is finalizing multiple agreements in prime US markets with major waste plastics and waste tire suppliers to acquire the rights to install pyrolysis systems on their facilities, which allow for the waste plastics and tires to be converted into alternative, low emission fuels such as diesel, and syngas, on their facilities. Each of the feedstock operations has numerous sites available to the Company which will increase GCE’s development pipeline of multiple projects extending into the next decade. In 2014, the Company concluded multiyear feedstock supply contracts with Sonoco Recycling for waste plastics and Liberty Tire for end of life tires.

The Company is in discussions with Fortune 500 manufacturing corporations for the engineering procurement and construction (EPC) of the facilities. The EPC will be providing performance guarantees for their work on the development projects, allowing Global Clean Energy Inc. to bring in-line, term financing commitments to secure the construction.

GCE will announce system roll outs throughout 2016 on route to becoming a preeminent modular pyrolysis system integrator in the US. GCE focuses on proven pyrolysis systems allow for the waste plastics and tires to be converted into alternative, low emission fuels such as diesel, and syngas; the utilization of its technology relationships, and the use of its extensive network of service providers and technology specialists, all working as a team to quickly improve upon existing technologies and develop a suite of next-generation technologies. The company partners with F1000 companies to control gasification technologies with other complementary processes.

GCE partners with Fortune 500 companies as capital partners, project development partners and EPCs providing performance guarantees to our renewable energy projects. Projects include the design and build of process skids, automation architecture, software, power control and engineering and start-up services. GCEI has the ability to deliver scalable, complex solutions on a global level. 


The GCE management team has extensive financial and operational backgrounds in the renewable energy, manufacturing, IP, IT fields, having built and sold companies in the hundreds of million-of dollars over the last 20 years. With broad experience in many disciplines and industries, our customers have ranged from large independents through to government agencies, mass distribution entities and Fortune 1000 companies. The team’s industry background affords the company with vital insight and a valuable network of plant construction, manufacturing and EPC resources.

Dr. Earl Azimov, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Earl Azimov has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of Global Clean Energy, Inc. since April 30, 2009.
He served as the Chairman of Global Clean Energy, Inc. from August 2006 to April 30, 2009 and he has been a Director of Global Clean Energy Inc. since August 29, 2006.
Dr. Azimov served and co-founded Miazzi Internet Ventures Inc. where he has assumed leadership roles in early stage companies since 1996, including, which was sold in 1999 for an eight-figure valuation.
He has 20 years of private equity experience, focusing on seed capital investments in early stage companies. He has been active as an advisor and board member of the PME startup fund since 2003 and is an accredited commodity trading advisor (CTA).
From 1992 to 1995, Dr. Azimov co-founded a national Optical Center that was sold to National Vision Associates of Atlanta, which operated the Wal-Mart Vision Centers.
Dr. Azimov has a Bachelor of Science from the University of South Carolina and a Doctorate of Optometry from the University of Montreal School of Optometry, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Steven R. Mann, Chief Development Officer

Steven R. Mann has a solid background in renewable energy projects dating back to the mid 1980s.  At this time, he championed a 3rd-party funded solar technology which allowed condominium communities to leverage solar energy without any upfront investment. From this implementation, these communities enjoyed a shared savings program which saved up to 15% on the energy bills. Some of those solar systems are still currently in operation.

Mr. Mann founded MicroEnergies in 2007 to fill the niche of smaller on-site waste-to-energy projects. He currently is developing alternative energy projects that would convert waste tires and plastics into fuel and carbon char. Mr. Mann has proven his skill in business and leadership at executive levels, through managing over 200 employees, while building the business he founded into one of the nation’s largest companies in its category successfully selling the company to private equity in early 2007.
MicroEnergies currently has numerous waste to fuel projects in development. Some of these include feedstock agreements for waste plastics and waste tires using proven conversion technologies that will convert the waste into high value marketable fuel. As well, there exist off-take agreements for gasoline, naphtha, diesel and jet fuel. MicroEnergies has merged with GCEI to accelerate the development of energy projects in their development division


Hakim Zahar, Chief Technology Officer

With more than 35 years of experience in the clean energy and environment sectors, Mr. Zahar has implemented more than 400 successful programs/projects in both developed and developing countries. Since 2002, Mr. Zahar became very active in the climate change mitigation and adaptation fields with several references in Asian and African countries and around the World. Mr. Zahar is familiar with coordination, management, strengthening and delivery of demand-driven practical services to a large team of experts.
In January 2010, Mr. Zahar joined the International Finance Corporation (IFC)- World Bank Group as Program Manager (STC) to develop a resource efficiency program targeting the SSA region. The program has a cross-sectoral approach to achieve sustainable results in different environments. During this period, he also developed a resource efficiency program targeting the mining sector. In addition, he developed a governmental program for the residential sector in Seychelles targeting the set-up of a guarantee fund to facilitate the funding of interventions in clean energy (Energy efficiency and renewable energy). Also, he contributed to develop pilot clean energy projects in several sector-specific interventions: pulp and paper, glass, agri-business, chemical and tourism.
With a large experience in developing and implementing innovative programs like ESCOs, Mr. Zahar can deliver expert services related to clean energy in partnership with local and international stakeholders.


Corporate Headquarters
Houston: 6040 Upshaw Suite #105
Humble, TX 77396
281-441-2538(Corporate HQ)

Investor Relations
713-852-7474 (Investor Relations)


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