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G6 Materials
Financial Snapshot

About US

G6 Materials is a technology company and world-leader in creating value through the development of innovative graphene-based solutions. The Company is strategically focused on serving the global air filtration and purification market with new products to meet growing demand. G6 also sells a range of graphene-based products and other materials, including but not limited to 3D printing materials, conductive epoxies, fine chemicals, high performance composites and R&D materials, with numerous customers from among the Fortune 500 list of companies, as well as NASA and leading universities.

G6 has identified new graphene-based applications to accelerate growth into the future. Accordingly, the Company has a valuable portfolio of intellectual property currently comprised of several granted patents and multiple provisional patents, with more patent applications filed.

                                              Press Releases (click on any headline to be redirected)

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G6 Materials Corp. Develops Disinfection Products to Fight the Spread of COVID-19

G6 Materials Corp. Reports Surge in Orders and Provides an Update on COVID-19 Situation

G6 Materials Corp. and Gilman Industries LLC Start Working on Green Energy Project.


Product Categories


Air Purification Systems

Air pollution is a severe health risk factor in the 21st century, with millions of premature deaths caused by poor air quality. Since 2020, the need for clean indoor air has become even more vital. Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic with its unprecedented lockdowns that forced a significant part of the world’s population indoors for long periods of time and, locally, the wildfires on the US west coast, among other factors, have resulted in a surge in demand for air purification systems.

Conductive Adhesives


Our team uses the remarkable properties of graphene to enhance polymer resins. This incorporation of graphene additives offers an effective technique to improve
the electrical and mechanical properties of our epoxies. Graphene nanoparticles increase electrical conductivity of the epoxy, enhance the strength of the material, and prevent the formation of cracks, improving the durability of the bond. This is especially vital for bonding dissimilar materials that are subjected to temperature variations and shocks. Additional benefits of using graphene may include increased tensile strength and stiffness, reduced flammability, and improved thermal and UV stability. Graphene reduces the overall density, weight, and cost of epoxy resins, and it increases the durability of the cured epoxy.

Advanced Materials and Composites

Technology’s rapid development imposes strict demands on material performance. As planes, cars and marine vessels move faster they experience higher static and dynamic loads. For example, the pursuit of a reduced carbon footprint is leading to the replacement of gasoline-powered engines with electric ones, while the green energy industry is looking to improve wind turbine blades. These transitions require lighter and stronger materials to be used. For many years, carbon fiber and fiberglass composites have been proving their ability to replace conventional materials such as metal, wood and plastic in critical applications due to fiber-based materials having a better balance between their strength and weight. Similarly, graphene has the potential to improve fiber composites in a variety of ways.

Organic Materials

Worldwide Supplier of Organic Chemicals

ChemApproach™ is a worldwide supplier of a wide variety of chemical building blocks to research facilities in the pharmaceutical, agricultural and biotechnological industries, as well as to academic institutions and leading technology companies. It offers customers many substituted aromatic and heterocyclic compounds and many supplied molecules, for example, can be further synthesized as medicinally relevant drug candid

Graphene Supermarket

An e-commerce platform owned by G6 Materials offers the world’s most extensive selection of graphene and other 2D based R&D materials. Product selection includes graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide in powder or solution form; CVD grown graphene transferred onto substrates such as silicon dioxide, glass, and quartz; graphene on TEM grids, graphene aerogels and foams; and much more. All materials can be customized, and bulk quantities can be manufactured on demand. Please visit for more details.

Head Office

760 Koehler Avenue, #2
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Phone: (516) 382- 8649
Fax: (781) 287- 1248


Share Structure

Issued and Outstanding Shares: 96,908,575 (as of August 31, 2020)

For further information about shares outstanding including the most up to date financial information, <click here> to be re-directed SEDAR

************** For access to the company's latest corporate presentation, <click here>.

Familiarize yourself with G6's Directors and Officers by reviewing all their bios by <clicking here>.

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