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Mark my words....remember when under FDR they outlawed Trinityz1 03/13/23 8:17 PM
Interestingly enough, our cops now have body cameras Trinityz1 02/22/23 7:32 PM
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Know what else TDS stands for? Trinityz1 11/23/22 3:49 PM
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" and finally >> SkeBallLarry 11/04/22 1:59 PM
The genocide has begun in earnest .... Trinityz1 09/10/22 11:08 AM
wow, had the same reaction and then Trinityz1 08/15/22 9:57 AM
Starbucks asks labor board to suspend mail-in ballot > SkeBallLarry 08/15/22 9:03 AM
Thanks, Gmenfan ~ I stand corrected .. !! SkeBallLarry 08/11/22 9:42 AM
Larry, That took effect July 10. Gmenfan 08/11/22 9:26 AM
Crickets today . . . . . . Trinityz1 08/10/22 11:12 AM
USPS gives discounts to corps like UPS Trinityz1 08/10/22 9:22 AM
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RNC names Milwaukee as 2024 GOP convention host SkeBallLarry 08/05/22 1:03 PM
think she's still woke? Trinityz1 08/04/22 12:29 PM
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that's at 6 tonight for me....thanks Larry Trinityz1 08/03/22 5:10 PM
*LIVE* ~ President Donald J. Trump, 45th President > SkeBallLarry 08/03/22 3:28 PM
wow Trinityz1 07/30/22 9:48 AM
$1.3-Bil...$747-M Cash ! ~ Winner in Illinois ... SkeBallLarry 07/30/22 8:49 AM
Garland is a pencil necked geek that should've Trinityz1 07/29/22 3:42 PM
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Free > SkeBallLarry 07/29/22 12:26 PM
Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk on 'The View's' > SkeBallLarry 07/28/22 6:39 AM
Larry, glad to see that you follow Levin. back2basics 07/25/22 5:12 PM
Mark Levin > SkeBallLarry 07/25/22 5:21 AM
*Live*: *Donald Trump* AT TPUSA Student SkeBallLarry 07/21/22 7:32 AM
Cherokee tribe supports renaming Clingmans Dome in Smoky Trinityz1 07/19/22 1:56 PM
wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Decimal: 343440448 Trinityz1 07/18/22 10:20 AM
when one person tells the truth Trinityz1 07/15/22 10:08 AM
Statement From Donald J. Trump > SkeBallLarry 07/13/22 4:51 AM
See what happens when you give women the Trinityz1 07/11/22 11:08 AM
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Article the ninth... In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

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