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I wonder what the scammer Charlie is going Laster 05/28/23 11:19 PM
YESSSSSSS splintered sunlight 04/05/23 1:05 PM
Exactly splintered sunlight 04/05/23 1:05 PM
POS at $0.01. Hahahahaha. Laster 04/05/23 11:47 AM
$0.02 POS scam stock. Laster 04/04/23 8:11 AM
Fourth Wave Energy Inc., FWAV, changed to EdgeMode Renee 04/03/23 6:12 PM
Oh Laster, so true. This crew paddles the lambchops 03/15/23 12:10 AM
Hi LC. FWAV sucks and I am Laster 03/14/23 11:52 PM
Looks like our GSOL shares will never be WinningNoMatterWhat 02/02/23 6:43 PM
Hey Laster, I appreciate your info but don't lambchops 02/02/23 1:56 PM
52-week low. I am loving this carnage here. Laster 01/30/23 3:26 PM
Anyone noticed what these scammers did today? Laster 01/26/23 10:08 PM
Dump. Dump. More dump. Laster 01/25/23 9:53 AM
Bitcoin up and this “scam” stock back down Laster 01/18/23 9:44 AM
Remember who guessed Bitcoins demise earlier this year. Laster 12/21/22 2:01 PM
6mo to complete an offering? I’m not holding WinningNoMatterWhat 12/01/22 2:00 PM
Charlie what’s your plan here? Laster 11/16/22 11:45 PM
Will geosolar ever IPO? Laster 11/13/22 7:26 PM
Check out this news from LUXX. Laster 11/02/22 2:44 PM
Has Charlie destroyed this stock enough? Laster 10/11/22 5:39 PM
Come on toxic lender Alumni Capital. Laster 09/29/22 1:43 PM
Getting cash from toxic lenders is not the Laster 09/28/22 3:47 PM
Looks like they need cash and a guaranteed WinningNoMatterWhat 09/26/22 10:35 PM LVLT 09/26/22 10:20 PM
Someone was liquidating their position. Laster 09/21/22 5:21 AM
These assholes just gave themselves some cheap options. Laster 09/20/22 6:08 AM
Looks like I was right about Bitcoin collapse Laster 09/18/22 11:13 PM
No one will pay $1 for this IPO. Laster 08/27/22 8:21 PM
In other news, the FWAV spinoff doesn’t appear WinningNoMatterWhat 08/25/22 11:09 AM
Don’t get your hopes up yet. Laster 08/07/22 3:06 PM
Horrible news. Absolutely horrible. Laster 08/07/22 2:59 PM
I’m more excited about my spinoff shares now. WinningNoMatterWhat 08/07/22 12:16 PM
Is this POS stock defunct yet? Laster 08/05/22 9:29 PM
What are your plans Charlie? Laster 07/28/22 9:41 AM
Mine hit last week on TDA. They just WinningNoMatterWhat 07/24/22 2:54 PM
I got mine through E*trade a few days jip53 07/24/22 9:45 AM
Nope lambchops 07/23/22 11:51 PM
Anybody ever get GeoSolar shares? WinningNoMatterWhat 07/21/22 1:46 PM
Will this recover as bitcoin bounces off lows? Laster 07/20/22 10:10 AM
"Bow-wow!" Should be the name of this company, lambchops 07/07/22 10:48 AM
Give me some 5555555555555555’s Laster 07/06/22 12:45 PM
Bitcoin crashing. Laster 06/30/22 11:32 PM
I think we see $0.05 this week. Laster 06/26/22 12:01 PM
FWAV now under $0.10 as predicted. Laster 06/23/22 10:10 PM
How does this worthless POS have MC $50 million? Laster 06/22/22 9:43 AM
Bitcoin at $20,000. Laster 06/17/22 9:56 AM
Was I right about Bitcoin? Laster 06/13/22 12:29 PM
FWAV at $0.14. Laster 06/10/22 10:58 AM
Yep, this position has been a disappointing play lambchops 06/08/22 11:57 AM
At the least it’s just another addition to WinningNoMatterWhat 06/07/22 9:15 AM
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splintered sunlight
04/05/23 1:05 PM
splintered sunlight
04/05/23 1:05 PM
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03/14/23 11:52 PM
02/02/23 6:43 PM
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09/21/22 5:21 AM
08/27/22 8:21 PM
08/25/22 11:09 AM
08/07/22 3:06 PM
08/07/22 2:59 PM
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08/05/22 9:29 PM
07/28/22 9:41 AM
07/24/22 2:54 PM
07/24/22 9:45 AM
07/23/22 11:51 PM
07/21/22 1:46 PM
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06/30/22 11:32 PM
06/26/22 12:01 PM
06/23/22 10:10 PM
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06/13/22 12:29 PM
06/10/22 10:58 AM
06/07/22 9:15 AM

EdgeMode Inc. (EDGM)

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Merger is done

Nov 22, 2021

The Company expects to execute a definitive merger agreement with EdgeMode, Inc., a Wyoming corporation (“EdgeMode”) on or before December 31, 2021 (the “Signing Date Deadline”) and to complete and close the merger contemplated thereby (the “Merger”) on or before January 31, 2022 (the “Closing Date Deadline”).

The ex-dividend  date,  record date and distribution date for the Company's Spin-Off from Fourth Wave Energy, Inc. have been reset to the following dates:

Ex-Dividend Date:   12/06/2021
Record Date:        12/07/2021
Distribution Date:  12/14/2021 has added San Francisco Bay Area to their list of office's of Chicago and London. Fourth Wave Energy's has a main office in San Jose, California, which is in the Bay Area.
October 6th interview with DiffuseTap: Tapping into Crypto Mining.
We actually have a two-year purchase agreement for over $125 million of hardware
We've got 600 megawatts
In our case, we are at $40 million in our current raise, which is open for
another week or two before we move forward with our listing.

The transcript left this part off
We are listing initially on the OTCQB market by way of an RTO, with a company that you will hear about when we announce in about 10 days.
That is not the final destination, it is really a steppingstone. Our intention is to rapidly up-list on to NASDAQ. We expect that could take up to 9 months, but more likely 6 months post listing.

On August 20, 2021 the Company entered into a Letter of Intent with EdgeMode, Inc. Pursuant to the Letter of Intent, the Company will, at the closing, acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of EdgeMode for that number of shares of the Company's common stock which, at closing, will represent 80% of the Company's outstanding shares of common stock.

EdgeMode is a high performance computing infrastructure management platform. EdgeMode deploys Bitcoin mining data center containers fully-integrated into the locations of its energy asset partners. For more information regarding EdgeMode, go to

The acquisition of EdgeMode is subject to a number of conditions, inclosing the execution of a definitive agreement between the parties.

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