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EHouse Global Inc., a publicly listed company under the ticker symbol: EHOS, is acquiring, merging, and joint venturing with fully operational marijuana businesses. The Company currently is seeking acquisitions in cultivation. The second tier of development for the company is to expand into other sectors that support the growing marijuana industry. The company will expand its operations as the laws for each individual state change and allow. The Company will focus on high quality medical grade marijuana and expand into high quality recreational branding of its products in states where it is legal.

- EHouse Global, Inc. (OTC PINK: EHOS) (the “Company”) announced today that it has signed a joint venture agreement with Greenlink Financial of Boulder, Colorado. The Company also announced that it has appointed Jonathan Smith as its new Director, President, and CEO. Mr. Smith is also the founder of Greenlink Financial, LLC.

Greenlink Financial provides financial solutions for highly regulated industries. Highly regulated industries include the medical and recreational cannabis sector.

"As an entrepreneur that has been developing unique financial products for years, I look forward to deploying our current and future products into the cannabis industry," said President & CEO Jonathan Smith. “EHouse Global has already proven that it has a vibrant shareholder base and we look forward to executing on our business plan and providing value to those shareholders.”

Management of the Company and Greenlink are extremely aware as to the value of the large and influential shareholder base that the Company represents; having this large built-in audience for new product development will be essential to the success of this new endeavor. The Company looks forward to communicating with shareholders directly to develop and enhance these business opportunities.

"We can offer under-banked businesses Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) registered banking solutions, asset based lending, debt financing and credit cards services," continued Mr. Smith. “Finally, high-risk industries can function as normal businesses, and perform simple functions such as delivering payroll services to their employees.”

Additional upcoming events include:

The Company looks forward to disclosing strategic relationships that will come with the new agreement with Greenlink.
The Company will also provide an outline of how the new joint venture between Greenlink and the Company will proceed.
About President & CEO Jonathan Smith

As the Founder & CEO of Greenlink Financial, Jonathan has been providing compliant financial and security solutions for high risk businesses for many years. Throughout his career, Jonathan has specialized in creating financial options for high risk businesses and secure technical solutions for his clients while using an ecosystem of partners and other service providers to create a custom client-centric approach.

More about Greenlink Financial, LLC

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