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Student Connect Ad Aggregation Platform

"Partnering with Verizon on this product has been one of the key milestone accomplishments for StudentConnect "

"We continue to expand our business in the school transportation space. We are deploying services across the country for the next school year, we are quite pleased with the successes we are experiencing with the launching of StudentConnect and acceptance by schools across the country"
"Investors are our Best Assets"

Call Us  (866) 503-9316

Fax Us (866) 503-9318

Address: Our Office 810 Franklin Court
Suite H
Marietta, GA 30067


Studentconnect Facebook:
Vir2o Facebook:
Earth Search Communication:
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StudentConnect Scores Big at the 2014 GAPT Conference

More Than 10 Georgia School Districts and Counties Requested Meetings for Deployment of StudentConnect on Their School Buses

"With our key subsidiaries (StudentConnect and Vir2o) now out of development and in deployment phase, 4th quarter 2014 will be a key turnaround quarter for us; the business units are finally maturing, said Andrea Sousa, Comptroller, ECDC."
"East Coast Diversified Corp. (OTCBB: ECDC) offers a portfolio of GPS devices, RFID interrogators, integrated GPS/RFID technologies and Tag designs. These solutions help businesses worldwide increase asset management, provide safety and security, increase productivity, and deliver real-time, continuous visibility of the supply chain through automation."

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Asset Tracking

Keep tabs on important assets.

Know the exact location of your high-value equipment and your most important assets—your students. The right technology can provide the location details you need.

With Asset Tracking solutions, you can:

  • Find out if a student made it on the right bus on time.
    Recover lost or stolen tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices.
    Easily manage lab and sporting equipment inventories.
Quarterly Report: "We launch the StudentConnect app on Android and have submitted the app to iOS as of August 15, 2014 for publishing. "
Quarterly Report: "We have begun to integrate the Content Delivery Network to our platform that would allow us to host media files for delivery of content to end users. "
Quarterly Reprot: We completed the integration of Halo 2 into our GATIS platform in May 2014 and have begun the marketing efforts to deploy services with the product and are continuing discussion with several local police authorities regarding the sales of Halo. Halo 2 is now deployed for commercialization. We delivered pilot units to our partner in Nigeria and potential partner in Costa Rica.

Quarterly Report about Studentconnect: 

We have completed the deployment of hardware and software for Logan County School District in KY, Chattooga County School District in GA, Demark Olar School District in SC, Napa Valley School District in CA, and a 100 bus deployment for Auntora Private Catholic School in Beirut, Lebanon. We completed software deployment for Moore House Parish in Louisiana, and completed a pilot for Clovis School District in central California and awaiting board approval for full deployment.

We engaged in joint marketing activities with the Verizon sales division in presenting StudentConnect to several School districts in GA and are anticipating several pilots to commence by September 2014 in some of Georgia’s largest school districts.

We launch the StudentConnect app on Android and have submitted the app to iOS as of August 15, 2014 for publishing.

We executed an agreement with Mobisoko Group in Kenya and Zultec Fleet Management in Saudi Arabia to introduce StudentConnect to their respective countries.

Quarterly Report about Vir2o:

We are currently implementing commercial content to Vir2o including a free music service named VMaestro, which is under our licensing agreement with Medianet. We are also currently implementing the retail site “Discounted College Books and We completed the integration of the Amazon shopping site API to our social media site.

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