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Dynamic Trading Solutions - Welcome to a Different Trading Community on I-Hub

This board is for serious traders who approach their craft of trading OTC equities with a sense of professionalism and integrity. This is a board where candid, open discussion on various investment strategies is welcome. Vigorous debate on trading strategies is also encouraged, provided the commentary is based in fact and does not degenerate into personal attacks, as the board believes varying perspectives help all those here in the honest analysis of a stock's performance potential and aids in the relentless pursuit of the perfect trading strategy - executing consistently profitable trades.

Those who post here approach the markets with a sense of capitalistic excitement eager to earn an honest income from the diligent application of their trading skills while willing to assist others offering stock plays with honest evaluation of the technical aspects of their picks. No agendas, personal attacks, or unsubstantiated claims of hyper stock performance or negative posts solely designed to incite fear and panic in investors. Mentoring novice traders is encouraged here as every trader's money is a sacred commodity representing their hard work, diligent research and intellectual analysis, and therefore, is treated with the utmost respect. No scams or bullying tactics designed to fraudulently deprive honest traders of their hard-earned capital will be given any safe haven on this board.

CHM Cannabis
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#1228   PLSB Pulse Beverage Acquires Distribution Coverage in Long PENNIEStoSTACKS 08/16/17 09:54:14 AM
#1227   ELTZ: Yes indeed, with this stock's low float, rayinbrooklyn65 04/20/17 11:24:41 AM
#1226   MMEX: Thank you CarJockey; it's always nice to rayinbrooklyn65 04/19/17 04:20:54 PM
#1225   BHGI: Month Chart rayinbrooklyn65 05/14/16 03:52:59 AM
#1224   BETS: You lawyers are easy targets... rayinbrooklyn65 03/22/16 05:50:31 PM
#1223   LVGI: My apologies; my trading service was 15 rayinbrooklyn65 03/22/16 11:38:42 AM
#1222   The Sport Report is "killing it" at Number rayinbrooklyn65 03/21/16 06:34:15 PM
#1221   LVGI: This stock continues to amaze! Another rayinbrooklyn65 03/21/16 04:26:13 PM
#1220   LVGI: Tough day here but not out as rayinbrooklyn65 03/17/16 05:10:54 PM
#1219   LVGI: With all due respect, you know NOT [ rayinbrooklyn65 03/16/16 06:34:58 PM
#1218   LVGI: Nice trading action today: rayinbrooklyn65 03/16/16 03:22:09 PM
#1217   LVGI: We will see what tomorrow and rayinbrooklyn65 03/14/16 08:09:21 PM
#1216   LVGI: That is a great strategy... If people rayinbrooklyn65 03/14/16 04:55:56 PM
#1215   LVGI: Frustrating flippers! rayinbrooklyn65 03/14/16 03:54:25 PM
#1214   LVGI: Absolutely... rayinbrooklyn65 03/14/16 03:22:29 PM
#1213   LVGI: Thank you, AlchemyTrader; I appreciate your confidence rayinbrooklyn65 03/14/16 03:14:36 PM
#1212   ICTB: Thank you for your admonition and perspective. rayinbrooklyn65 03/13/16 07:24:34 PM
#1211   ICBT: Interesting perspective; thank your BrightGuy for sharing. rayinbrooklyn65 03/13/16 04:53:14 PM
#1210   LVGI: Thank you for your kind words, DBS; rayinbrooklyn65 03/13/16 03:47:31 PM
#1209   LVGI: While not direct from the company, I rayinbrooklyn65 03/12/16 10:20:31 PM
#1208   LVGI: I agree. I hope I can rayinbrooklyn65 03/12/16 03:43:12 PM
#1207   RSII: I agree. For its price-point, rayinbrooklyn65 03/11/16 08:16:11 PM
#1206   RSII: Many novice investors trade on the emotions rayinbrooklyn65 03/11/16 07:54:48 PM
#1205   AHIX: Another very frustrating (yet predictable) outcome for rayinbrooklyn65 03/10/16 06:37:02 PM
#1204   AHIX: Amen, BB; I echo your sentiments. rayinbrooklyn65 03/09/16 07:35:48 PM
#1203   RSII: It is important for investors to note rayinbrooklyn65 03/09/16 04:11:31 PM
#1202   RSII: Traders need RELIABLE tools to be effective; rayinbrooklyn65 03/08/16 05:42:42 PM
#1201   RSII: Solid day here to reassure the troubled rayinbrooklyn65 03/08/16 04:30:43 PM
#1200   RSII: Agreed, Frank; I, too enhanced my position rayinbrooklyn65 03/07/16 10:26:46 PM
#1199   RSII: Amateurs here selling at 0.00115 ... [color=r rayinbrooklyn65 03/07/16 03:50:44 PM
#1198   RSII: We shall attain our price objective in rayinbrooklyn65 03/07/16 02:08:13 PM
#1197   RSII: Yes, Benjimane; the outlook for this company rayinbrooklyn65 03/07/16 01:43:55 PM
#1196   RSII: With its low share-structure and value-priced shares, rayinbrooklyn65 03/06/16 03:04:18 PM
#1195   RSII: Thank you, Wishful Thinking; I appreciate your rayinbrooklyn65 03/06/16 12:02:33 PM
#1194   RSII: I believe you assessment of a price rayinbrooklyn65 03/05/16 03:36:20 PM
#1193   RSII: Great to be here Maronti1; I will rayinbrooklyn65 03/04/16 05:31:42 PM
#1192   RSII: I like this stock, it's current price-point, rayinbrooklyn65 03/04/16 04:18:55 PM
#1191   TSTS: Welcome to the fray, sir; great to rayinbrooklyn65 11/20/15 10:50:07 AM
#1190   TSTS: Fine with me... I'll be making money! rayinbrooklyn65 11/19/15 05:35:09 PM
#1189   TSTS: There is great profit-potential here... The opportunity rayinbrooklyn65 11/19/15 04:22:23 PM
#1188   SANP Chart: rayinbrooklyn65 11/19/15 12:40:34 PM
#1187   TCEL: Looking for a lotto play here pending rayinbrooklyn65 11/17/15 01:56:12 PM
#1186   SANP: This ticker has all the right ingredients rayinbrooklyn65 11/17/15 01:34:16 PM
#1185   URBF Chart: rayinbrooklyn65 11/17/15 09:53:53 AM
#1184   NNRX: Absolutely! rayinbrooklyn65 11/06/15 04:32:59 PM
#1183   NNRX: Exciting times for investors and consumers of rayinbrooklyn65 11/06/15 04:10:52 PM
#1180   NNRX: ...well, the shopping malls are already decorated rayinbrooklyn65 11/06/15 11:49:43 AM
#1179   TBEV: High Performance Beverages Company rayinbrooklyn65 09/02/15 11:43:00 AM
#1178   TBEV: High Performance Beverages Company rayinbrooklyn65 09/02/15 11:43:00 AM
#1177   CYBL: Believe me, I have been an advocate rayinbrooklyn65 09/02/15 09:46:08 AM