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Dilution Watching & Huge A/S Warning

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Check Dilution Warning Tickers Here


This is NOT a promotion board.

We are here for
Bash 1)Dilution, 2)Dilution Ticker Spammer Tradex53, 3)Huge A/S Penny(A/S > 5 Billion).

All tickers posted here will be Warning Tickers, Don't Buy !!!

cool We are committed to building the strongest bash dilution team over iHub cool

• • • • • •

♦♦♦ 2016 - Board Main Bash Zone  A/S 5 Billions to unlimited 

(1 Billion = 1000 Million)

Warning sign of diluting now & will dilute soon

#1 Warning sign -

Huge Trading Volume without huge % gain  =  Classic paid promotion dilution.
Don't be Fooled by "Volume Before Price"

If the Volume from Dilution, The price will NOT go up. 

#2 Warning sign -

Preferred stock or other debt & notes... converted to common stock before paid promotion.
SC13-D, SC13-D/A , SC13-G, SC13G/A filling is the sign of note convertion coming !

#3 Warning sign -

A/S increased to Huge or unlimited shares before paid promotion.
Many promoter claim xxxx,000,000 shares are restricted, it is short term only  !  Shares increased for dilution, they will dilute sooner or later.

#4 Warning sign -

Shares increased by Forward Split before paid promotion = Classic APS paid promotion

Forward Split = For Dilution !!!

APS was shut down !!!



#5 Warning sign -

"Low Float + High A/S" Dilution Trap (NEW !!!)
The iHub 2015 latest Dilution Trap is VTEQ(A/S=10Billion),  the whole thing(P&D) was controlled by the company, 
NOT by any iHub member at all ! 
The heavy dilution start right after the first half day pump by the company.

How many iHub newbie was fooled with the Outdated & Fake Float # which repeat dishonestly by the iHub spammer Tradex53?

Dilution Tickers Spammer T53 - Warning !!!

cheekyT53 = Fake Pumper (NO $ for pump at all),  Fake Expert (with stupid theory)no, Clown + Crook

T53 "Alert" whole penny market Tickers 7days/week 365days/year,  
Have you see any successful trader post junk 365days/year ? 
T53 also "alert" tons(hundreds? thousand? ...) tickers at weekend. For collect more new followers(person marks) purpose,
T53 like to be moderators and post "XXXX - Analysis/Target"everywhere,
He will resign moderator and disappear quietly(seem he never be there) if his "Alert"(most of these spam) go to NO bid or R/S !!!


iHub Experienced Trader Respond to T53''s "Alert "(pure spam)

You spam 000 tickers. That is not the same as alerting them.

Thank you for reposting what you wrote in December 2013,
just a little more than a month before OILE was suspended in connection with a fraudulent 
bond scheme.

Nicely done, trader53...only one minor problem... > you alerted over 300 stocks in January, lOl... 

Can someone get rid of T53's fantasy stickie? Or will he come back after the RS to claim he "called" it? 

...The guy is hilarious . Funny thing is how many followers he has from all that BS

yes you must redo those 194 posts about the next runner.....with targets of course....

Since you literally SPAM the boards with every trip play out there (and then take credit when it inevitably moves north)
then I would say that yes there is a huge chance. Annoying as hell. STOP SPAMMING TICKERS!!!

Which stock you don"t  alert ?

Seriously? ...  And you got 2600 marks while saying this????

... lost $25k on RMR*, MDC* and now CTLE by trusting F*****chart analysis of T53 ...

Why Not Post Your Losers??? You don't mind posting your 5 baggers, 10 baggers, and multi baggers.
Why not grow a set and post ALL of the ones that you tout ...


Yes you did call it trader53 and nice job as well. But lets give credit due where it belongs here,
Cheeky is the man that put the DD together and brought it to the markets attention, he didn't call it in a list of ticker symbols.
No offence but, Cheeky gets this one imo.


...Take a look at Trader 53, T53 as i feel he is just as crooked n c if the pattern fits as well. Thnx ...

What a clown - "alerts" every single tripz ticker and waits months or years and then claims alerted it. 


T53 is the only one Top50 believe "Dilution is the best news", Caution !!!
The most stupid "Investment Theory"

Stay Away T53's Dilution Board
(Super Dilution City)

T53's board believe "Dilution is the best news."(intro box)

Tradex53 created lots of bagholders over iHub,

Our Board &  Board Followers will track and Bash, Please join US !!!


SOS website for Tracking A/S









District of Columbia





















New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia


(allow unlimited A/S)





 Well Known MM Diluters   (3V+3B+1P)





Don't buy "Huge A/S Penny", Avoid Dilution & R/S, You Win !!!



A/S - Similar to "Credit Line" of Credit Card, A/S can be tracking by fillings.

A/S increased = Add more room to convert = For the future dilution ! most dilute soon, some may dilute late

O/S - Similar to "New Balance" of Credit Card, It is hard to tracking the actual O/S if the stock trade big volume daily.

O/S increased = Diluting now or just finish diluted


Question and Answer(Q5/A5 New !!!)

Q1 : Why your board bash Huge & unlimited A/S penny over the penny market ?

A1: The Dilution of Huge & unlimited A/S penny will out of control once the dilution begin, because they will need large amount money to clear the new shares.

Most small size A/S penny has no dilution or very light dilution, 
Small size A/S penny is easy to control in case of the dilution happen, small amount money will clear the new shares.

Note:  Our Board don't bash Real & Strong Pumpers(A/S< 5 Billion), but we bash the Fake Pumper & Fake Alerts Claimer(T53) spam over iHub.


Q2: Many huge A/S or unlimited A/S penny stock show Level 2 very thin, where the dilution will come from?

A2: Level 2 is the showroom only,   The Diluter don't need to show everything on Level 2.

 A/S is their warehouse, The Future Dilution shares will come from A/S,  most dilute soon, some may dilute late.


Q3: Do you agree"Authorized Shares has no bearing on the price" that post repeated many time by one iHub Top50 (T53)?

A3: NO !!! A/S increased will add supply, Huge A/S mean Huge Supply, most dilute soon, some may dilute late.

The future price trend is decided on "Supply and Demand", It is same reason why oil price droping down at 2015 when supply overwhelming demand.



Q4: How do you evalute these "Analysis" or "ABCD - 0.00XX" which have same appearences repeat post by one iHub Top50(T53)?

A4: These "Analysis" or " ABCD - 0.00XX" are made by template(software), Like McDonald's fast food Burgers/Sandwiches, all same look and made very quickly(mouse Click).

If you see T53's board created hundreds stock's ((ABCD - 0.00xx)) at weekend or see T53 deliver his fast food ((ABCD-T53 Alerted 0.00xx)) to today's breakout board , Don't waste time!  all Trash !!! 

Penny stock trading is an intelligence(Brain) job that is NOT any idiot's IQ can handle it,  Each penny stock own unique story incude different R/S history/SS/filling/industry.

Don't trust these stupid "Analysis" "Alert" from "All - in -one" templates (software), Good lucky with your trading !


(New !!!) Q5: As a newbie, I read these spam posts for more new tickers only, How to build my own Scanner&Fliters and avoid to read these spam posts from the spammer(T53)? (New !!!)

A5: All brokers provide free trading platform with Scanner&Fliter to help you build your own penny symbol source. OTCmarket have around 9000 tickers,

Price under $0.01 have around 3000 tickers which is the most active field, so set your filter from $0.0001 to $0.01, Etrade Pro use Strategy Scanner, ScottradeElite use Market Movers.

If you like to use paid trading platform, please try http://www.equityfeed.com/ or http://www.quotestream.com/


Support Low A/S(A/S < 5B) !!!   Bash Huge(A/S > 5 B) & Unlimited A/S !!!

Support  All Real & Strong Pumpers(A/S < 5 Byes) !!!   Bash the Fake Pumper & Fake Alert Claimer !!!



♦♦♦2016 - Board Main Bash Zone  A/S 5 Billions to unlimited 



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