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Dermisonics, Inc. cash4 04/03/20 10:21 PM
DMCI SEC Suspension because of questions regarding the Renee 05/13/19 9:42 AM
Hey pennystockeallstreet, I’ve already sent an email to moneybags888 01/20/19 8:02 AM
Float like a butterfly and sting like a OTC_Buyer 08/31/18 7:15 PM
$DMSI .02 someone buying it up, any updates here? Mark 08/31/18 7:12 PM
It’s like throwing gasoline on a fire OTC_Buyer 08/17/18 3:47 PM
I’m green!!! LOL but how long?? OTC_Buyer 08/17/18 1:20 PM
DMSI - Lucky Lotto. You have to be pennystockwallstreet 08/04/18 10:03 AM
Need to stay above $0.005 OTC_Buyer 07/29/18 1:17 AM
I am going to kick back and enjoy Goodbuddy4863 07/20/18 10:23 AM
I agree. DMSI will be another lotto play Patient shareholder 07/20/18 12:46 AM
Another Great Lucky Lotto Play. Goodbuddy4863 07/19/18 11:34 PM
Looks like stair steps on the chart last OTC_Buyer 07/05/18 9:23 AM
DMSI - It appears Mgmt is making silent pennystockwallstreet 07/05/18 9:13 AM
:) Our time will come. Goodbuddy4863 07/05/18 9:12 AM
DMSI - Good morning DMSIers hope everyone had pennystockwallstreet 07/05/18 9:11 AM
DMSI - Same here Goodbuddy. One day pennystockwallstreet 07/05/18 9:10 AM
Yes...just waiting for a NEWS Break! Goodbuddy4863 07/05/18 9:08 AM
I like that also. Still at .01 here Patient shareholder 07/05/18 1:08 AM
I love the $.01 share price and no Goodbuddy4863 06/21/18 6:13 PM
DMSI - I agree pennystockwallstreet 06/09/18 12:12 PM
Excellent post! Could be some easy big money Patient shareholder 06/08/18 7:02 PM
DMSI...easy money both short and Long term. Goodbuddy4863 06/05/18 5:27 PM
The share structure is the reason I bought easymonee 05/27/18 2:10 AM
I will agree it floats very well and OTC_Buyer 05/25/18 11:02 PM
Holding from last year looking another 50k to easymonee 05/25/18 10:32 PM
Are you still holding onto it from last OTC_Buyer 05/25/18 9:12 PM
It was me adding today I will continue easymonee 05/24/18 8:23 PM
DMSI 300% move on 30K vol? Looks Mark 05/24/18 7:50 PM
I see and understand “a little now” on moneybags888 05/21/18 7:20 PM
Good morning. Hope you had a great weekend also. DMSI Patient shareholder 05/21/18 10:27 AM
Good morning DMSIers hope everyone had a great weekend. justbecause516 05/21/18 9:42 AM
DMSI - I understand. Will update when pennystockwallstreet 05/21/18 8:41 AM
Yes congratulations to Mojomn and thank you PSWS, moneybags888 05/21/18 12:10 AM
Yes indeed..should start sometime in 2018. Goodbuddy4863 05/20/18 10:13 PM
Excellent. In my opinion it seems DMSI will Patient shareholder 05/20/18 8:41 PM
WOW...All the slots are filled now. Goodbuddy4863 05/20/18 8:19 PM
Congrats on the mod spot mojomn. Welcome to DMSI Patient shareholder 05/20/18 8:17 PM
Welcome aboard. Goodbuddy4863 05/20/18 7:50 PM
Can't pay attention to otcmarkets on this one. Goodbuddy4863 05/20/18 7:42 PM
Thanks now lets see mgmt start to make mojomn 05/20/18 7:37 PM mick 05/20/18 7:20 PM
Yes indeed. Goodbuddy4863 05/20/18 7:14 PM
reading some information $DMSI mick 05/20/18 6:50 PM
anything on this one ????? 'Dermisonics (DMSI)' mick 05/20/18 6:49 PM
Dermisonics, Inc. (P (DMSI) mick 05/20/18 6:48 PM
READING 'Dermisonics (DMSI)' mick 05/20/18 6:47 PM
DMSI - Congratulations to Mojomn on becoming a pennystockwallstreet 05/20/18 6:28 PM
Looks like we have a new admin. Lets mojomn 05/20/18 6:14 PM
Yes, thinking about adding here easymonee 05/19/18 11:51 PM
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Dermisonics (DMSI)

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US Address Dermisonics, Inc. 2 Park Plaza, Suite 450 Irvine, California 92614 TOLL-FREE: +1-888-401-DERM (3376) Tel: +1-949-733-1101 Fax: +1-949-266-8426 =============================================================== North American Investor Relations Contact: International Marketing Trend, Inc. Phone: 877-676-4447 European Investor Relations Contact: Michael Drepper Phone: +49-621-430-6130 =============================================================== Dermisonics is an advanced technology incubator thatis primarily focused on developing and marketing its transdermal and subdermal technologies for applications in the drug (U-Strip), skin care (U-Wand), and antiseptic (A-Wand) fields. Its breakthrough system, called the U-Strip, facilitates the efficient and needle-free delivery of drugs with large molecular structures into the bloodstream. In a radical departure from heretofore unsuccessful “needle-free injections” attempted in the past, Dermisonics’ technology is based on the use of ultrasonic impulses of variable intensity and frequency delivered to and through a unique drug patch that enlarges the skin’s pores and pushes drugs into the bloodstream, bypassing the potentially harmful effects of the human digestive system. Needle-Free Injections - Tests have shown that the U-Strip facilitates the transdermal delivery of Insulin as well as potentially at least 175 other existing drugs through the pores of the skin. Conventionally available transdermal technology cannot effectively deliver these drugs due to their large molecular size. Based on this technology, the Company has also developed major line extensions for applications in the medical (A-Wand) and skin care (U-Wand) fields. =============================================================== Dermisonics Develops Working Model of Antiseptic Wand Monday February 6, 7:18 pm ET In Talks With U.S. Army to Build Battlefield Version WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., Feb. 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Dermisonics, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: DMSI.OB - News), a pioneer in the development of ultrasonic transdermal drug-delivery technologies, announced today that it has completed the first working model of its A-Wand antiseptic delivery system and is in talks with the Army Institute of Surgical Research under the Combat Casualty Care Research Program to develop a battlefield version. ADVERTISEMENT The A-Wand (TM) is a handheld, portable, ultrasonic wand device for applying antiseptic solutions to cuts, abrasions and wounds with a replaceable Patch-Cap (TM), which holds up to 40 ml of antiseptic solution. It uses alternating ultrasonic waveforms to enlarge the diameter of the skin pores enabling antiseptics to permeate through the skin (Stratum Corneum) into the dermis through the sweat pores. Attacks Critical Problem of Infections in Wounded Soldiers -- Infection is a major, potentially lethal, battlefield hazard for wounded soldiers before they can receive full medical treatment in a hospital. The Medic on the scene applies antiseptic and bandages the wound but the antiseptic only affects the outermost layers of the damaged tissue. Infection frequently results and is a major cause of amputations. The A-Wand Encapsulates the Wounded Area with Antiseptic -- The A-Wand would be used by Medics in the field, by Mash units and for follow-up wound care to significantly reduce this hazard. Through the use of the A-Wand's ultrasound system, the antiseptic solution is "pushed" to the deeper tissue where it can more effectively fight infection by surrounding and encapsulating the wounded area with antiseptic. It also has the added advantage of being able to penetrate scared tissue without damaging this basic body defense system. Technology inventor and Dermisonics Executive Vice-President Bruce Redding commented, "The A-Wand represents a huge opportunity for Dermisonics and the various patients who could benefit from increased infection-resistant technologies. Dermisonics especially is pleased by the response from the US Army and we hope this technology finds acceptance in the field as soon as possible" The Next Generation in the $1.2 Billion Wound Care Market -- The Company believes the A-Wand will represent a significant shift in wound-care medical science and will fundamentally change the $1.2 billion wound-care market. Industry Opportunity and Receptivity -- As a harbinger of its immediate industry impact, the Company has already received, in addition to the military, strong indications of interest from major companies in the pharmaceutical and hospital fields. About Dermisonics, Inc. -- Dermisonics is an intellectual property company and advanced technology incubator that is primarily focused on the ongoing development, testing and eventual commercialization of a transdermal patch that has been designed to facilitate the efficient and needle-free delivery of drugs with large molecular structures into the bloodstream. Its breakthrough system, called the U-Strip, is based on a radical integration of microelectronics and ultrasonic science with a product-carrying patch and represents a quantum leap in non-invasive, transdermal delivery technology. Tests have shown that this system facilitates the transdermal delivery of insulin as well as potentially at least 175 other existing drugs that at present cannot be effectively delivered through the pores of the skin using conventionally available transdermal technology due to their large molecular size. The Company has also developed other portable ultrasonic systems for applications in the medical (Antiseptic Wand) and skin care (U-Wand) fields. ================================================================ Info from January 2007 A/S = 100,000,000 Shares Outstanding: 46.15M Restricted approx 25 million Float: 26.29M =============================================================== Daily Chart:
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