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DemiCash level 2 & chart reads and opinions of the stoned mind (let''s call it what it is)

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Last Post: 5/1/2021 8:34:54 PM - Followers: 5 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

New message board for DemiCash's Level 2 follows and chart posting
So heres the deal, my followers have come to realize I tend to give Level 2 updates on break out plays on the board of the ticker that broke out.
This is EXTREMELY good for investors to follow because it gives you a great insight on Level 2 for tickers without having to fully understand how it all works.
I personally have been watching Level 2 for over 2 years, and can pretty easily break it down to see what the odds of what are; having ThinkOrSwim Charting and a general understanding of reading 10q and 8k also helps. 

***With that said Level 2 can be misleading since it only shows the people who have buy/sell orders in***
So charting helps determine which direction it may go with seeing the level 2 board for each ticker. *Chart can say it's a good buy but level 2 may show drying momentum*

*GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND* Well maybe not how they track your information...
If you don't know what an oscillator means (the indicators on my charts) Google that shit!

If you don't understand one webpages explanation, move onto the next link in the Google search *one author may word it differently in a way that helps YOU understand what it means*

We have near infinite resources on the internet, use em! =P

Charts and level 2

*****I also recently was granted the ability to show and give my impressions for charts. So thats why that started*****

With that said, I dont just follow any breakout for any reason.

Not all my educated guesses on plays pan out, I dont have a lot of capital after all so were playing in the OTC!
As we know the OTC is highly succeptible to manipulation!

So follow me and if you see a board I've been on recently you can ask me to follow its Level 2, and post it for you to follow!

I may also start posting one im following myself, first on the board of the ticker, then on my own board.

This can give you a GREAT idea of when to short or go all in for quick gains or to see if you may just be buying into the hype!

Not all companies I follow are breakouts, some may be on a cusp of a breakout but need an added element*, some are personal pet projects ive been watching, or maybe a company who's  management was so bad I got screwed... Or sometimes I'll take the word of a chart player, and try to check their work. I make errors I'm human, but I'll always try to apologize if I'm truely wrong, unless ya piss me off =P

I, for the most part, am honest in my posts.
You wont usually see me blatantly lying, in fact I try to avoid it, although sometimes I slip. lol.

So there ya have it, my board. 

The posts on here will be infrequent ,but frequent, as I do have a life to live with a lot of current problems I need to solve and when work comes up of course*

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