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This happens about this time of year.maybe some
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Share structure recently updated , can’t find any iamadog 03/03/23 6:05 AM
nofear 03/02/23 5:58 PM
Hey hopefully I am wrong! A year ago Eiversen 10/02/22 3:41 PM
We’ll see JimBoStevens 09/29/22 8:15 AM
We got fleeced, we’re all stuck with this Eiversen 09/28/22 4:17 PM
HMMR, remember. rcaselli 09/24/22 3:36 PM
Remember someone cleaned up the debt and acquired JimBoStevens 09/24/22 1:17 PM
Only thing will turn this around now is Eiversen 09/09/22 10:45 AM
Imo this eventually has a “damn, I should’ve Gravity 08/27/22 12:11 PM
You think we ever come back to life Eiversen 08/16/22 10:13 PM
Someone small wanted out. Illiquidity at its best. rcaselli 08/02/22 2:49 PM
Why the price push down ? Eiversen 08/02/22 1:02 PM
Same still have 1/3 of my position Eiversen 07/21/22 8:29 PM
#metoo Still have half my tickets from the rcaselli 07/20/22 3:51 PM
No volume take down this whole time, lil Bids JimBoStevens 07/20/22 12:58 AM
911 buy means news is coming..could be good nofear 05/10/22 10:58 AM
DFTC IS DONE! Added to the baggy list! Eiversen 04/25/22 12:36 PM
10. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION nofear 03/25/22 11:11 PM
Annual just hit DikFritz 03/25/22 6:46 PM
They’re only filing it because they have to HJ72 03/18/22 3:03 PM
Yes. Format is the same. rcaselli 03/18/22 2:53 PM
10k ? they don’t report to the SEC, HJ72 03/18/22 1:38 PM
Awesome!!!! Finally been a difficult hold but will Eiversen 03/15/22 12:39 PM
FYI, received an e-mail from $DFTC stating filing rcaselli 03/13/22 9:35 PM
Great timing! HJ72 03/10/22 6:08 AM
Got a starter. Let’s moon. DikFritz 03/09/22 4:02 PM
Verified profile … things are happening https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/DFTC/ov HJ72 03/08/22 7:45 AM
Ppl tired of waiting with all these incredible HJ72 03/07/22 4:21 PM
Interesting volume. rcaselli 03/07/22 3:10 PM
https://twitter.com/suhweetness90/status/1494713696127488006?s=10 Thanks for sh HJ72 02/21/22 12:08 PM
Also it’s kinda funny, it will go up, Eiversen 02/04/22 11:34 AM
That’s because it turns my Green Day’s to Eiversen 02/04/22 11:31 AM
Paint up and paint down … hopefully news soon HJ72 02/03/22 2:24 PM
Eggzactly. Today’s action is one for the history rcaselli 02/02/22 4:37 PM
You’re hyper observant when crumbs touch bids but HaasCat 02/02/22 10:32 AM
GASE energy inc announced LOI back in July HJ72 01/27/22 9:48 AM
Sure is quiet, hopefully calm before the storm! Eiversen 01/10/22 10:27 AM
Good news for us too…we should be very close HJ72 01/03/22 9:59 AM
https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/108908 HJ72 01/03/22 9:55 AM
Buying today! :) Eiversen 01/03/22 9:44 AM
https://www.otcshortreport.com/company/DFTC I was how accurate this site is? HJ72 12/21/21 9:45 AM
Wish transfer agent was verified so we could HJ72 12/21/21 9:06 AM
With her share structure she can run to Eiversen 12/19/21 11:23 PM
Facts. Not saying it’s a fact that we’ll HaasCat 12/16/21 2:18 PM
Couldn’t agree more Haas. Think some folks are Gravity 12/16/21 1:15 PM
Just thinking about selling that people feel the HaasCat 12/15/21 3:50 PM
I shouldn’t be chiming in helping people manage HaasCat 12/15/21 3:46 PM
Yeah surprised to see that kinda of stupidity Eiversen 12/15/21 1:08 PM
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Defentect Group Inc (DFTC)

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http://ceocentral.com/m/sounds/view/dftcinterview  Very informative interview!

DFTC interview with CEO James Ackerly



DFTC Security Details                                                                                           

Business Description

Business Description

Defentect Group, Inc. (Defentect), formerly Splinternet Holdings, Inc., is a developer and provider of rapid response software applications for the threat detection industry. The Company offers a global management and alerting system, which reacts to the detection of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) threats, as well as to data sent from other types of sensors. Defentect's technology detects the threat and notifies key personnel and first responders so that appropriate action can be taken.



Share Structure

Market Value1 $4,647,727 a/o Feb 04, 2011
Shares Outstanding 78,775,040 a/o Nov 22, 2010
Float N/A
Authorized Shares 250,000,000 a/o Dec 31, 2009
Par Value 0.001
Shareholders of Record 82 a/o Apr 14, 2009
Beneficial Shareholders 275 a/o Apr 12, 2010


News for DFTC
Tue, Jan 25, 2011
8:02 AM Defentect Group, Inc. Commences Installation at Major Northeastern Medical Facility - PR Newswire
Wed, Jan 19, 2011
11:18 AM Defentect Group, Inc. Receives Follow-On Order for Its Radiation Detection System From Major Military Medical Center - PR Newswire
Thu, Jan 13, 2011
10:31 AM Defentect Group, Inc. Announces Order for Public Facility - PR Newswire
Wed, Jan 12, 2011
8:20 AM Defentect Group, Inc. Announces High Level Security Project - PR Newswire
Tue, Nov 16, 2010
9:01 AM Defentect Group, Inc. Completes Initial Installation of Its Radiation Detection System at Major Military Medical Center - PR Newswire
Mon, Nov 01, 2010
8:30 AM Defentect Group, Inc. Announces Installation of DM3? Compatible System at Air Force Base - PR Newswire
Thu, Oct 28, 2010
2:13 PM Defentect Group, Inc. CEO James Ackerly to be Featured on CEO Central Tonight - PR Newswire
8:29 AM Defentect Group, Inc. Announces New Certified Integrator - PR Newswire
Tue, Oct 12, 2010
8:01 AM Defentect Group, Inc. Technology Featured on CBS News New York - PR Newswire
Thu, Sep 30, 2010
10:14 AM Defentect Group, Inc. Technology Featured on FOX5 News - PR Newswire
Thu, Sep 23, 2010
8:30 AM Defentect To Demonstrate DefenCall at Global Disaster Event, Exercise 24 - PR Newswire
Tue, May 11, 2010
9:18 AM Emerging Stock Report Initiates Independent Research Coverage on Defentect Group, Inc. - Globe Newswire


Defentect develops and delivers intelligent communications and messaging software solutions to facilitate the response to the detection of a threat. We improve customer's safety, security and continuity by facilitating an appropriate, informed and timely response.

Defentect's flagship product is a software platform called DM3 (Defentect Management, Monitoring and Messaging). This enables the integration of multiple sensors to security systems through a simple Graphical User Interface, facilitating communication and data-driven messaging between systems and to emergency personnel.

Our recent smartphone initiative has yielded DefenCall, an iPhone application which links to DM3 and creates a mobile personal safety device and service. You can now protect yourself and those you love by carrying the DefenCall on your iPhone and pressing its panic button to let family, friends, and caregivers know where you are and that you are in distress.

Call us today to see how our technology can improve your security procedures and to learn more about our SmartPhone initiative.

Defentect’s securities are traded on the OTCBB under the symbol DFTC


Investor Relations


Defentect Group (OTCBB DFTC) is a leading developer and provider of a unique IP based alerting system that protects against chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (“CBRNE”) threats. Defentect’s sensor agnostic platform can be easily integrated into any existing security system, including CBRNE sensors other than our own state-of-the-art GammaTect™ radiation sensors. Defentect has a first to market advantage with threat detection software of this nature, positioning our company for significant growth in the multi-billion dollar threat detection industry.




Across the world today, physical and information security are of paramount concern as we seek to protect our borders, citizens and critical infrastructure. Integrating data from globally distributed detection devices is critical to communicating immediate and accurate information regarding security threats or events directly to responders in the field, or command and control centers.

One key to protection of people and property is to distribute information that enables key personnel to make decisions and take quick and appropriate action.

DEFENTECT'S TECHNOLOGY: Initially conceived as a radiation sensor communication system, Defentect management has expanded the scope of our technology to a broad array of input devices including the full range of Chemical, Biological, Radiation, Nuclear and Explosive sensors and other devices and systems. As part of this change in focus we have recently announced a smartphone initiative to partner with developers and organizations with large groups of people they want to protect. We would be glad to talk to you about your needs in the large and growing market for enterprise security.


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