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Defense Technologies International Corp. (DTII)

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The Company: 

Defense Technologies International brings products to market in the areas of personal and collateral protection by creating technology that is unique in design and operation. The company currently has two products in development that will change the face of their respective industries. The company's primary product has application in addressing the serious issue of school security and safety.
How safe are your schools and universities? Over the last five years there has been a marked increase in violent crime at elementary and secondary schools and universities. The National Crime Victimization Survey reported “students ages 12-18 were victims of about 1.5 million nonfatal crimes while they were at school.” According to the National Center for Education Statistics, from 2006-2008, there were nearly 2,000 homicides, 1,500 suicides and 50 violent deaths of children ages 5-18 at schools. These statistics come from reported incidents; there are any number of crimes that go unreported. Defense Technology Corporation’s
Offender Alert Passive Scan can positively impact these numbers. The Offender Alert Passive Scan can give students, teachers and staff members a safer, more secure learning environment. The Offender Alert Passive scan also has applications in terms of venue security where large public crowds gather, such as nightclubs, convention halls, sports arenas, among other venues.


The Product:

The DTII Offender Alert Passive Scan (US Patent: US7408461) is a portable scanning security device that uses the Earth’s magnetic fields to detect potential security threats. The Offender Alert Passive Scan is the only product of its kind that uses passive scanning.
Traditional detectors use X-ray (radiation) imaging - the same type of technology that can have harmful effects after prolonged exposure; the Offender Alert Passive Scan eliminates any exposure to students. When students step through the Offender Alert Passive Scan, sensors embedded within the aluminum frame alert security personnel to the level of threat with color-coded LED lights and an audible buzz.
The Offender Alert Passive Scan also can link with a computer to give an instant view, using numbers or colors, of the threat area, which can then be transmitted to a handheld device for ease of use, threat tracking and neutralizing. The Offender Alert Passive Scan can be set to specific levels of detection, giving the school the ability to “ignore” cell phones and Mp3 players, but still detect more serious threats. The unit can scan one student in 1.2 seconds or 300 in 10 minutes.

The People:

1. Mr. Merrill Moses: President, CEO and Director
Past President/CEO of InterContinental Oil and Gas, a National Oil & Gas Concern in 5 western States with 640 Oil and Gas wells and billions of dollars in reserves for over a decade.
b. One of
the Originators in the 1970's of the National Franchise; Jiffy Lube.
c. Founder of Solana Beach Escrow which successfully operated for over 10 years handling billions of client's dollars without a single dollar lost. 

d. Served as President George W. Bush's Honorary Chairman of the "House Majority Trust'.
2. Mr. Charles Cortland "Cort" Hooper: Director

a. Mr. Hooper as a missile guidance engineer lead a team designing and building missile guidance systems for the U.S. Army ground to air combat installations and the Hawk and Nike missiles. He has a distinguished career as an officer in the U.S. Navy during the Viet Nam war, received the Gold Medal from the American Society of Military Engineers, and many other distinctions. 

Mr. Hooper was the owner of 'Organizational Diagnostics Associates' in San Diego, California, a private financial and business consulting firm to Fortune 500 and local companies, pioneering the development of business, financial and legal software systems.
3. Frank Thorwald: Advisory Committee 

a. Mr. Frank
Thorwald has extensive professional experience in the minerals and the protection technology sectors and in government. He has served as Special Assistant and Acting National Security Advisor to U.S. Attorney Generals, as senior advisor to the Attorney General's Task Force on Family Violence and Protecting Our Children, and as Director of Public Affairs for the President's Task Force on Victims of Crime. 

b. He has also served as an advisor to the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense and as Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary and Executive Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education.
c. Active in public service, Mr. Thorwald serves as Commissioner of the Arizona Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, is a former commissioner of the Arizona Commerce and Economic Development Commission and former Chairman of the Arizona Employers Advisory Council state board. He was also a part member of the Arizona Governor's Council on Workforce Policy. 
4. Stephen M. Studdert: Advisory Committee
a. Stephen Mark Studdert (born 1948) served on the White House staff as Advisor to United States Presidents George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Ford.
b. Studdert has represented U.S. Presidents in diplomatic assignments to over one hundred nations. Between 1983 and 1987 he served on the President's Export Council, the Export Advisory Now Council and the Foreign Trade Practices and Negotiations Subcommittee. He was a United States Delegate to the United Nations Energy Conference in Africa and to the 40th anniversary NATO Summit. He has been extensively involved in post-conflict reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Kurdistan since 2005. Since 2016 he serves as a senior advisor to the World Energy Forum.
e. He
directed the 1989 Presidential inauguration of George H. W. Bush, having previously served as an Advisor to the 1981 and 1985 Presidential inaugurations of Ronald Reagan. He provided counsel to the 2001 and 2005 Presidential inaugurations of George W. Bush. In 1992, during the Clinton Administration, he was appointed a Federal Home Loan Banks Director in Seattle.

The Market Size:

The market for schools in the USA is over 250,000. If the Company secures 10 percent of the education market, then revenues would be 25,000 x $2,995 USD = $74,875,000 USD or $62,375,000 Gross Profit for DTIII. An achievable goal over the next 5 years.

Note: this does not take into account for schools in other countries around the world, nor the many other venues of public assembly like government buildings and sports arenas.

Recent News & Company Events (Past Year Highlights):

1. August 30, 2016: Demonstration and Proof of the Offender Alert Passive Scan at the Department of Homeland Security:

On August 30, 2016, the original DTII prototype was
successfully demonstrated and proven at the Science and Technology Offices of Homeland Security in Washington DC’s Offices. John Richardson, a retired Airline Pilot, arranged last fall for DTC to demonstrate its former Prototype to Science and Technology at the Homeland Securities Offices in Washington DC.

Mr. Richardson said: “The Metal Detector (Passive Scan) was demonstrated at the DHS Washington DC Office in the presence of the Deputy Secretary of Science and Technology Mr. A. Trent DePersia and a group of workers. Each worker was instructed to bring some concealed object to test the detector unit that was set up in the office. Not a single person was able to pass through the detector without triggering the alarm. Everyone present was very impressed."

He continued, “With the new patents added to the device, I am sure that it will be even better and I am pleased that DTC is succeeding. This device is a must especially for schools as well as other venues of assembly. It will trigger an alert for any metal object such as guns, knives etc. I believe that our country and the world need the DTC Scanner device which will save many lives and give especially parents peace of mind while their children attend school.I am completely a neutral party and have never been paid by the Company concerning anything with Defense Technologies and my statement is factual and unbiased,” Mr. Richardson concluded.




2. Released March 27, 2017: Reduced Liabilities and Increased Capital 

Defense Technologies International Announces Reduction in Debt Las Vegas NV Defense Technologies International Corp. (OTCQB DTII) (The Company), a developer of security technologies announced today it has reduced its corporate debt by almost a half million dollars.  

As reflected in the companys latest quarterly SEC Filing, Defense Technologies International Corp. has
reduced its liabilities by $436,773 and increased its capital by $920,420 during the months of November 2016 to January 31, 2017. 

Defense Technologies remains committed to reducing liabilities and starting production of its Non-X-ray Scanner in the very near future. We appreciate and thank all our shareholders for their support, stated Defense Technologies International Corp. CEO Merrill Moses.  

As part of the financial improvements for the Company, three creditors agreed to retire their outstanding claims against Preferred Shares at a conversion rate of One Preferred to Ten Common Restricted Shares. 

In addition, the Company
retired a Convertible Note with a cash payment of $49,377.22. 

3. Released June 22, 2017: Debt Reduction, Issuance of Preferred Shares, Funding Negotiations

Las Vegas, Nevada--(Newsfile Corp. - June 22, 2017) - Defense Technologies International Corp. (OTCQB: DTII) (The Company), a developer of security technologies announced today it has reduced its corporate debt by $175,182. 

Further to
the Debt Reduction of $500,000 as announced in March, Defense Technologies International Corp. reduced its liabilities by an additional $175,182 during the months of February 2017 to May 31, 2017. 

"Defense Technologies remains committed to starting production of its Non-X-ray Scanner in the very near future. We have
initiated negotiations with a Swiss Corporation, a former Lender and Shareholder, to secure future necessary production funding. We appreciate and thank all our shareholders for their support," stated Defense Technologies International Corp. CEO Merrill Moses.  

The Companys current goal is to raise capital in order to start the production and marketing of its Passive Security Scan Portal for use at schools, universities, and commercial buildings, added Mr. Moses. 

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Share Structure

Authorized Shares: 200,000,000 a/o Mar 15, 2017
Outstanding Shares: 191,405,645 a/o Apr 17, 2017
Float: 169,853,971 a/o Apr 17, 2017
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