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Decision Diagnostics Corp. (DECN)

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GenPrecis® Precision Monitoring System

Designed to be the Most Accurate Home Monitoring System on the Market

The GenPrecis® Precise meter along with the GenPrecis® test strip will allow the diabetic to perform a most accurate and precise glucose test while automatically adjusting for hematocrit interference, the interference most often associated with less accurate glucose results.




 DECN Solutions

Decision Diagnostics is a small and friendly company that specializes in prescription and non-prescription diagnostics and home testing products. Through our subsidiary, PharmaTech Solutions, Inc., we provide blood glucose home testing device including Genstrip50 and GenUltimate! test strips, as well as three exciting new concepts for blood testing monitors. These FDA cleared products are an affordable alternative for patients and healthcare providers. Decision Diagnostics also provides smart phone based electronic medical record (EMR) applications to be used by physicians at the point of care. These mobile applications allow physicians to easily and efficiently access and update their patients’ histories, medication data, and care guidelines.


Diabetes Testing Solutions

Through our subsidiary, PharmaTech Solutions, Inc., we provide blood glucose home testing device including Genstrip50 and GenUltimate! test strips, as well as three exciting new concepts for blood testing monitors. These FDA cleared products are an affordable alternative for patients and healthcare providers. Learn More »


EMR Applications

Unlike other medical information systems using standard computer terminals, Decision Diagnostics Corp. uses smart phones, which allow physicians to carry, access and update their patients' histories, medication data, and best care guidelines - all at the point of care. Decision Diagnostics Corp. is a leading provider of prescription drugs, home testing products for the chronically ill, a leading fulfillment provider of direct to patient diabetes programs, and a leading developer of revolutionary cell phone centric e-health products and technologies. Learn More »


GenUltimate! Test Strips

We are excited to offer a new, even more affordable test strip for use with OneTouch® Ultra®, Ultra®2 and UltraMini® Meters at the same high quality you expect from us. Now you can get the care you deserve at the ultimate low price.

PharmaTech Solutions, Inc.

Family of Products

Managing your diabetes efficiently means a healthier, happier life. And the flexibility to enjoy your favorite activities and spend more time with your loved ones. Designed with the user in mind, our products can put you on the track to consistent diabetes management.


PharmaTech Solutions, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of affordable glucose home testing products. Our FDA cleared glucose test products are cost-effective, high-quality alternatives for home testing. Our goal is to provide patients with the best care possible at the lowest price.


PharmaTech Solutions, Inc. is excited to bring to you the ultimate in accurate and affordable test strips for users of OneTouch® Ultra®, Ultra®2 and UltraMini® meters.

Now available in 50 and 100 count boxes!

(View FDA Device Identifier Information)

(Download the GenUltimate! presentation here) | (en Español)


The original low cost test strips for the OneTouch® Ultra® family of meters. We took this popular product and made it even better!

GenUltimate!® test strips are more accurate, easier to use, give faster results and deliver a greater value than any other test strip on the market!


Discretion Companion

The Discretion Companion is a new concept in diabetes monitoring and wireless communication devices. | Designed for ease of use by children and others who need help taking care of themselves, this companion will send the test results to the guardian’s mobile device, giving them peace of mind that their loved ones are in good health.

For more information: Download Powerpoint | Download PDF

GenUltimate! Meter

PharmaTech Solutions' own low-cost blood glucose testing meter - for international markets

The soon to come GenUltimate! Meter will be the #1 affordable option for blood glucose testing. Not only is it safe and easy to operate, it will use low-cost GenUltimate!® test strips making it the most affordable meter on the market. Not available in US or Puerto Rico.
More information coming soon!


PharmaTech Solutions, Inc is excited to announce the development of a new product.

Our new diabetic product for the developing world. 

PharmaTech Solutions is dedicated to bringing the latest technologies to diabetics at a reasonable cost.
More information coming soon!


PharmaTech Solutions, Inc is excited to announce the development of a new line of test strips.

Our latest diabetic product for domestic and international markets.

PharmaTech Solutions is dedicated to bringing the latest technologies to diabetics at a reasonable cost.

2660 Townsgate Rd. #300
Westlake Village, CA 91361

Phone: 805.446.1973
Fax: 805.446.1983


OTC Disclosure & News Service

May 15, 2017 Management Discussion and Analysis - OTC PINK QUARTERLY REPORT 1Q2017 MANAGEMENTS DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS    
Mar 31, 2017 Management Discussion and Analysis - OTC PINK ANNUAL REPORT 2016_MANAGEMENTS' DISCUSSION & ANALYSIS    
Mar 30, 2017 Attorney Letter with Respect to Current Information - OPINION LETTER FROM ATTORNEY THOMAS COOK: CURRENT INFORMATION    
Nov 15, 2016 Supplemental Information - OTC PINK CURRENT 3Q 2016 SUPPLEMENTAL DISCLOSURE INFORMATION    
Nov 15, 2016 Management Discussion and Analysis - OTC PINK CURRENT 3Q 2016 MANAGEMENTS' DISCUSSION & ANALYSIS    

Recent Updates

Keep track of the latest developments:

Pharma Tech Solutions, Inc. et al v. Lifescan, Inc. et al,_Inc_et_al_v_Lifescan,_Inc_et_al

DECN Subsidiaries File Amended Complaint Against Jonhson & Johnson Alleging Infringement Under Authoritative Doctrine of Equivalents (May 4)

DECN Wins Opening Round in Innovatory Patent Infringement Suit Against Industry Goliath Johnson & Johnson (Mar 21)


 The GenSure! product has completed its clinical
trials, and is currently in registration and is seeking a CE mark in the EU, and will be launched in July 2017. We have
identified International distributors for this product..

In March 2017 the company was approached by its Korean partner, The Bio Co., Ltd to design and fund a
new product which the company will call GenPrecis!. This product, when completed, will represent a major
improvement in diabetic glucose monitoring. The GenPrecis! system will be the first of its kind +/- 10% system.
Current ISO (2013) and FDA (2014) guidelines call for glucose monitoring systems to meet a +/- 15% standard,
whereby the meter and strip must be within +/- 15% in repeated samplings 95% of the time. GenUltimate! and
GenChoice! are +/- 15% test strips, but in each case 97+% of the time in repeated samplings. GenPrecis! is designed
to meet the written standards of the ISO and FDA at +/- 10%, 95% of the time – effectively setting a new standard.
The company has been funding the development of this system product, and a test strip only derivative version. The
system product will be ready for testing in September 2017 and will be registered for International sale in November
2017. However, the natural market for this product will be the U.S, and Canada where precision standards are higher
for new products.

The company entered into two international agreements in the latter part of 2016. The first agreement,
executed through the company’s exclusive Korean agent, allows for delivery of the GenUltimate! product in quantity
to the Korean market. As of this writing, the Korean partners have ordered and paid for over 65,000 pieces (units) of
GenUltimate! Another almost 20,000 pieces (units) are on order for late June 2017. The company’s second
international agreement is through a South American financier who has businesses in Bolivia and Spain. This group
has placed a single two-year (term) order for approximately $17 million in GenUltimate! product, GenUltimate!
meters and the company’s new (2017) Firefly! Lancets. Almost 11,000 pieces (units) of GenUltimate!, 3,000
GenUltimate! meters and cases of lancets have been delivered to Bolivia. In addition, the South America financier has
funded the company’s regulatory applications (through a Spanish pharmaceutical company) with the EU, to gain “CE”
marking for its GenUltimate! and GenSure! products (and later in 2017 the company’s GenChoice! and GenPrecis!
Products) in return for the Spanish distribution rights to these two products. And lastly, the South American financier
has notified the company that he and those closely associated with him wished to subscribe to a $3.25 million to $5.0
million capital investment in the company. As of this writing the company has not concluded this capital investment,
at its choice, but recently received a signed and dated a Subscription Agreement for this upcoming investment from
the financier. Among the many terms in this investment, the South American financier will not be able to convert and
sell any securities that underlie the investment vehicle for 36 months from the time of the investment.

On May 5, 2017 the company was contacted by a worldwide private label manufacturer and distributor for
the purposes of worldwide distribution of our products under their brand(s). We are in discussions with this entity
currently. This company has headquarters in the U.S. (Midwest) and France.

The company’s stock currently trades on the OTCMarkets OTC Pink Current tier of the market. The company’s shares are
DTC eligible. On May 12, 2015 the company made an application for a tier change to the OTCQX (common) tier. When the company’s
common stock fell in price beneath the $.10 threshold, and when our sponsoring broker shuttered his operation, our application went
into hiatus. Subsequently, we have been in contact with OTCMarkets and we plan to revive our application after we complete an M&A
transaction. To that end we have agreed to work with an M&A partner, a current SEC filer with a large shareholder base. We have
executed a Preliminary Agreement and are in the final stages of completing a Definitive Agreement. We anticipate closing this
transaction late in the second quarter 2017. Subsequently, the company received direct communication from OTCMarkets concerning
a new uplist program offered, beginning May 18, 2017, whereby the company might uplist within the OTCMarkets tiers as a Current
Alternative reporting company and filer. Regardless of which of these uplist paths the company’s Board of Directors decides regarding
the OTCMarkets programs, we plan to continue working through the M&A plan now in progress

At a hearing in March 2017 the Federal judge denied Lifescan’s Motion to Dismiss, granted the company’s request to allege the Doctrine
of Equivalents and set dates beginning in early April 2017 and ending in early November 2017 that could set the stage for a ruling.
Sometime in June 2017 the company expects to amend its suit a second time and name other “infringers” as well as adding additional
counts to the suit. Federal rules for patent infringement suits have changed, and these suits are now adjudicated over an 18-24 month
period. The trial judge’s ruling in mid-March seems to foot with this schedule. In addition, if the schedule set by the judge does not end
the litigation, there are five scheduled Mediations in front of a Federal Judge Magistrate pushing the process along. The company
amended its suit in April 2017, alleging patent infringement on behalf of the J&J entities under the Doctrine of Equivalents. The J&J
entities answered the amended complaint later in April, and the (next step) expert testimony has begun.

On May 5, 2017 the company was contacted by a worldwide private label manufacturer and distributor for the purposes of
worldwide distribution of our products under their brand(s). We are in discussions with this entity currently. This company has
headquarters in the U.S. (Midwest) and France.

As a part of the company’s strategic plans, we have applied (to register) for seven Trademarks with the USPTO. The company’s
Genstrip product is a registered Trademark of Shasta Technologies LLC. Our applications were filed with the USPTO in 1Q and 2Q
2015 and 3Q 2016. The company intends to use these Marks, as granted, to brand new products, rebranding of existing products, and
the establishment of a family of Marks associated with our company and its place in our industry. As December 31, 2016 the company
has received registration confirmation from the USPTO for the following Marks:
In early May 2017 the company filed for a mark on its GenPrecis! Product.




DECN Press Releases

May 2017

DECN Subsidiaries File Amended Complaint Against Jonhson & Johnson Alleging Infringement Under Authoritative Doctrine of Equivalents (May 4)

March 2017

DECN Wins Opening Round in Innovatory Patent Infringement Suit Against Industry Goliath Johnson & Johnson (Mar 21)

DECN Victorious as U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Johnson & Johnson Appeal Ending 65 Month Patent Infringement Litigation (Mar 1)

December 2016

DECN Increases Manufacturing Capacity, Opens International Markets for Popular GenUltimate! (Dec 1)

November 2016

DECN Opens International Markets for Popular Genultimate!, Increases Factory Capacity (Nov 30)

August 2016

DECN Litigation Victory Against Johnson + Johnson, Launches Foothold in On-Line Retail Markets for Its Popular "Gen" Products (Aug 23)

July 2016

Decision Diagnostics Ends Plans and Communications With Tauriga Sciences, Inc. Concerning Possible Reverse Merger Transaction (Jul 1)

June 2016

Decision Diagnostics Emerges Victorious in End to Acrimonious Patent Litigation With Divisions of Johnson + Johnson (Jun 2)

May 2016

Decision Diagnostics Nears Positive Ending of Its California Patent and Trademark Infringement Litigation With Divisions of Johnson + Johnson (May 12)

Download Available: Federal Circuit Court Order Denying Appeal made by Lifescan and Johnson & Johnson and imposing mandate on May 17, 2016

Download Available: Schedule Report for GenStrip50 TV Advertising (May 1)

April 2016

Download Available: Schedule Report for GenStrip50 TV Advertising (Apr 25)

Forbes Article: David-Goliath Fight Over Glucose Tests For Diabetics Hits Boiling Point (Apr 20)

Decision Diagnostics Engages Retail Monster LLC to Procure Big Box Retailers for Company's GenUltimate Product (Apr 14)

March 2016

Decision Diagnostics and Subsidiaries Elaborate on the Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson and Two of Its Divisions (Mar 16)

DECN Subsidiaries Sue Johnson & Johnson and Several Divisions for Patent Infringement (Mar 14)

February 2016

Decision Diagnostics Conveys Opportunities and Potential Following Landmark Circuit Court Ruling Against Diabetes Testing Division of Johnson & Johnson (Feb 9)

January 2016

DECN Assesses Its Recent Landmark Legal Victories Over Diabetes Division Of Johnson & Johnson (Jan 28)

Decision Diagnostics Wins Federal Appeals Court Victory, Ruling Affirms J&J Division's Loss of US Patent No. 7,250,105 (Jan 21)

We Win! United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit - Opinion Filed for LifeScan Scotland, Ltd. v. Pharmatech Solutions, Inc. (Jan 20)

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December 2015

Download Available: United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit - Oral Argument Recording for LifeScan Scotland, Ltd. v. Pharmatech Solutions, Inc. (Dec 18)

June 2015

Decision Diagnostics Completes Investment in Korean R+D and Contract Manufacturing Partner (Jun 15)

Decision Diagnostics Executes Broad Manufacturing and R+D Agreement With Korean Manufacturer (Jun 4)

May 2015

Decision Diagnostics States Johnson & Johnson Division Offers Partial Surrender in Long Running Patent Battle (May 19)

Decision Diagnostics Files Application for Uplisting to OTCMarkets OTCQX (May 12)

April 2015

Decision Diagnostics Shrugs Off New Attack As Johnson & Johnson Panics In Patent Case (Apr 21)

U.S. Solicitor General Intervenes Against Johnson & Johnson in DECN's Long Running Patent Battle Over GenStrip 50 (Apr 14)

March 2015

Johnson & Johnson Division Attempts Final Appeal in Effort to Overturn Multiple USPTO Decisions Issued in DECN's Favor (Mar 31)

Decision Diagnostics Rejects Settlement Offers From J&J/Lifescan, Company's Prosecutions of Court Bond and Anti-Trust Actions Now Move On (Mar 4)

January 2015

Updated TV Commercial Fulfillment (Jan 20)

DECN Plans New Legal Challenge After LifeScan (J&J) Admits to Using Sworn Testimony From Expert With Falsified Credentials (Jan 14)

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December 2014

DECN Initiates End Game Strategy For Litigation With Division Of Johnson & Johnson (Dec 3)

November 2014

DECN's Subsidiary Initiates First In Industry Social Media Marketing Campaign For Genstrip50 (Nov 5)

August 2014

David Defeats Goliath (Again), DECN and Pharma Tech Solutions Awarded Victory Over Johnson & Johnson Lifescan in USPTO Final Ruling (Aug 11)

David Beats Goliath in Patent Rematch (Aug 7)

June 2014

DECN's Pharma Tech Subsidiary Places Significant Order for 50,000 Units of Genstrip 50 for Immediate Delivery to Select U.S. and International Distributors (Jun 3)

May 2014

Decision Diagnostics Corp. Subsidiary Pharma Tech Enters International Markets With Conformité Européenne (CE) Mark Submission (May 29)

GenStrip Opportunity Expands Under Full Control of DECN's PharmaTech Division (May 1)

April 2014

Decision Diagnostics Responds to Shasta Technologies FDA Safety Warning Letter (Apr 30)

Decision Diagnostics Subsidiary Acquires GenStrip (Apr 16)

March 2014

Decision Diagnostics Announces Posting and Airing of Its New GenStrip Commercial Titled "Monolith"(Mar 31)

Decision Diagnostics Announces Engagement of Mark Krakauer to Head Up Genstrip Private Label Sales Efforts (Mar 11)

TV Commercials Fulfillment #3 (Mar 4)

February 2014

TV Commercials Fulfillment #2 (Feb 26)

Decision Diagnostics Announces Agreement for Funding of Its Prosecution of Anti-Trust and False Advertising Suits Against Division of Johnson & Johnson (Feb 18)

TV Commercials Fulfillment #1 (Feb 15)

January 2014

Decision Diagnostics Announces Posting and Airing of Its New GenStrip Commercial Titled "A Winter Patchwork" (Jan 15)

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December 2013

Decision Diagnostics Closes $12.5 Million (Non-Dilutive) Credit Facility With Division of Platinum Credit Management (Dec 19)

Decision Diagnostics Starts its Turnaround (Dec 17)

Decision Diagnostics Receives Mandate From U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in the Long Running Dispute With J&J Division (Dec 17)

Mandate from Federal Appeals Court (.pdf) (Dec 11)

Decision Diagnostics' Board Votes to Uplist to OTC QX (Dec 10)

November 2013

Decision Diagnostics Takes Victory In Major Case Ruling (Nov 11)

Diabetes: J&J loses a round in glucose testing battle with Shasta (Nov 7)

Decision Diagnostics On Track For Growth And Increased Revenues (Nov 7)

DECN And Pharma Tech Solutions Receive Anticipated Ruling From The U.S. Federal Circuit Court Of Appeals, Reversing A Ruling By Lower Court Judge (Nov 5)

DECN Wins Only Case That Matters in Federal Circuit Court (.pdf) (Nov 4)

October 2013

Well Ahead Of Schedule, Decision Diagnostic's Pharma Tech Division Completes First Major Shipments Of Its Popular Genstrip Test Strip (Oct 31)

Decision Diagnostics Receives Signed Term Sheet Agreement For $12.5 Million Revolving Credit Facility Which Will Complete DECN’s GenStrip Roll-Out Plan (Oct 29)

Decision Diagnostics Could Be The New Vringo (Oct 24)

Recognized Healthcare And Financial Publications Acknowledge Decision Diagnostics’ GenStrip Market Potential (Oct 22)

DECN Set To Climb As GenStrip Enters Blood Glucose Monitoring Market With First Shipments (Oct 22)

Decision Diagnostic Blood Glucose Test Strip Technology Enters Market with Genstrip (Oct 22)

Court Ruling for Decision Diagnostics Order Staying Proceedings (.pdf) (Oct 9)

Decision Diagnostics' Pharma Tech Division Schedules Shipments For Its Popular GenStrip Test Strip (Oct 3)

Decision Diagnostics' Pharma Tech Division Schedules Large Order Shipments for Its Popular GenStrip Test Strip (Oct 1)

September 2013

David And Goliath Case Offers A Surprising Opportunity (Sep 26)

J&J feels Decision Diagnostics' sting in glucose strip patent fight (Sep 12)

J&J's Blood Sugar Testing Patent Spat Turns Sour (Sep 12)

J&J Seeks Court Aid To Protect Its Glucose Monitoring Test (Sep 11)

Decision Diagnostics Corp. Announces Completion and Airing of Its New Genstrip Video Titled "A Patchwork of Life" (Sep 10)

Decision Diagnostic's GenStrip Could Change the Blood Glucose Market (Sep 1)

August 2013

Court's Ruling on PharmaTech's Motion for Contempt (Aug 28)

GenStrip™ and USPTO Ruling (Aug 15)

Decision Diagnostics Subsidiary Makes Move and Sues Two Johnson and Johnson Divisions for False Advertising in Ongoing Battle (Aug 1)

May 2013

DECN Steps Into Role of White Knight by Offering Strategic Version of GenStrip™ Exclusively for Medicare Competitive Bidding Program (May 29)

  • Decision Diagnostics Corp. is saddened to announce the sudden passing of our long-time friend and Computer and Information Systems Manager, Mr. Alan B Binder (May 10)

April 2013

Decision Diagnostics Corp. and Its Subsidary PharmaTech Solutions Seek to End Pharma Giant's Alleged Restraint of Trade Tactics (Apr 5)

Decision Diagnostics Corp. and Its Subsidiary PharmaTech Solutions, Inc. Sue Johnson & Johnson Division LifeScan, Inc. and LifeScan Scotland Ltd. for Antitrust Violations (Apr 4)

March 2013

J&J Faces Potentially Disrupting Competition In Its Lucrative Glucose Monitoring Business From Tiny Diagnostics Outfit (Mar 11)

January 2013

FDA Review - Decision Summary (Jan 2)

FDA 510(k) Premarket Notification (Jan 2)

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December 2012

FDA 510(K) Clearance Letter (Dec 5)

Opportunity and Market for Decision Diagnostics (OTCBB:DECN) Shasta GenStrip®; at home diagnostic for testing blood glucose (Dec 4)

November 2012

Medical Technology Stock Q&A with Decision Diagnostics (Nov 28)

Medical Technology Stock Decision Diagnostics Lead Product Shasta Genstrip Positions for at-home testing of Blood Glucose Market (Nov 21)

Decision Diagnostics Set to Become Force in at-home testing of blood glucose, estimated $22.5 Billion Worldwide (Nov 16)

January 2012

Decision Diagnostics Corp. is saddened to announce the passing of our friend and financial guidance advisor, Mr. William N. Walling, Jr. (Jan 18)

Medical IT and Diagnostic Product Company Decision Diagnostics Announces Patent Enforcement Strategy for Their Smart Phone Based EMR Technology (Jan 11)

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December 2011

Decision Diagnostic Corp. Clarifies 10% Stock Dividend, Announces Patent Enforcement Strategy (Dec 27)

Decision Diagnostic Corp. (Formerly InstaCare) Announces 10% Stock Dividend (Dec 6)

Instacare Changes Name to Decision Diagnostics Corp.; Will Apply for Nasdaq Bx Exchange Listing (Dec 1)

May 2011

Instacare Corp. Board of Directors Considers Recent Merger Proposal Inadequate (May 11)

InstaCare Corp. Receives Second Confidential Merger Offer From NASDAQ Traded Company (May 9)

April 2011

InstaCare Subsidiary Signs New Agreement for Expanded Management and Sales of Shasta Genstrip Into the $20 Billion Worldwide Diabetes Testing Market (Apr 18)

March 2011

 Download Hudson Securities - OTC Bulletin Board (.pdf) (Mar 11)

MD@Detail coming soon!

InstaCare Announces Ready for Market MD@Detail Mobile Health Media System for Pharmaceutical e-Detailing (Mar 10)

InstaCare Extends MD@Hand & MD@Work Mobile EMR/EHR Technology to Smart Pad Systems (Mar 3)

InstaCare Announces Receipt of Technology and Patent Value Analysis Penned by Joseph Wolf, Ph.D and William Walling, CFA (Mar 2)

February 2011

InstaCare Files Full Utility Patent for MD@Hand & MD@Work Technologies (Feb 28)

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June 2010

InstaCare Subsidiary Inks 5-Year Exclusive Pact for Distribution of Proprietary Diabetes Test Strip Into $9.8 Billion Testing Market (Jun 24)

InstaCare Retains Martin E. Janis & Company, Inc. to Launch Nationwide Comprehensive IR/PR Program(Jun 3)

March 2010

Instacare Corp. Files Patent Application for its MD@Hand Cell Phone Centric Technologies (Mar 2)

February 2010

instaCare Corp. Announces Launch of Infomercial Marketing Strategy (Feb 2)

January 2010

Download Available: Instacare Corp. States Conference Call on January 27 is a Success - Click here to download Conference Call (.mp3) (Jan 27)

Instacare Corp. Announces Details of Conference Call on January 27 (Jan 25)

instaCare Corp. Finalizes MD@Hand Parallel Marketing Strategy (Jan 25)

DownLoad Available: Download Chairman's Letter to Stockholders(.pdf) (Jan 20)

instaCare Corp. Elects William Lyons to Its Board of Directors (Jan 14)

instaCare Corp. Finalizes MD@Hand Parallel Marketing Strategy (Jan 12)

Instacare Corp. to Host Shareholder Conference Call on January 27, 2010 to Discuss Recent Events (Jan 4)

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December 2009

Instacare Corp. Board of Directors Sets Growth Plans for 2010 (Dec 17)

Instacare Moves to Secure Patents for Its Newest Technologies, Announces Parallel Strategies for Its Revolutionary MD@Hand Cell-Centric Products (Dec 3)

November 2009

instaCare in Renewal and Increase of its $2 Million Monthly Revolving Credit Facility With Centurion Credit Resources, LLC (Nov 30)

ISCR Becomes Instant Player in the Obamacare EMR/Cost Savings Sweepstakes (Nov 23)

instaCare Corp. Continues Turnaround, Reports 58% Revenues Increase for First Three Quarters (Nov 18)

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May 2008

InstaCare Corp. in Turnaround Reports 258% Revenues Increase in 1Q 2008 (May 21)

September 2007

InstaCare Corp. Reviewing M&A Plans (Sep 26)

April 2007

Instacare Corp. Announces Expanded Product Lines, Group Vendor Agreements and Enhanced Customer Base (Apr 04)

July 2006

InstaCare Corp. in Contract Deliberations With Mexican Government Health Institute ISSSTE for E-Health Implementation Pact (Jul 20)

InstaCare Receives Enhanced Targets and Rating From Wasserman Morris in Latest Research Report (Jul 17)

May 2006

instaCare Corp. to Hold Conference Call May 25, 2006 (May 23)

September 2005

instaCare Corp. Comments on Recent Significant News Concerning the Efficacy of Cost Saving Wireless Technologies in Healthcare (Sep 13)



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#46450   These companies trade at pink sheets, if they zeynoc 07/24/17 07:32:32 AM
#46449   What does matter when a company is "at zeynoc 07/24/17 07:29:51 AM
#46448   So am I. I agree this could be zoran 07/23/17 09:15:53 PM
#46447   LOL that sure does explain a lot. One Rootjim 07/23/17 06:36:49 PM
#46446   Remember the "good old days? Way way pumper_stumper 07/23/17 04:19:02 PM
#46445   "Oh well you never lose if you do pumper_stumper 07/23/17 04:16:54 PM
#46444   I sure would like to see the math nonsequetor 07/23/17 02:38:14 PM
#46443   No not much of a loss? At that Rootjim 07/23/17 02:22:52 PM
#46442   DECN now has GenUltimate: DirkEaston 07/23/17 02:19:06 PM
#46441   If all the shares traded since nonsequetor 07/23/17 01:27:43 PM