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Helloooo.... Echoooo, Anyone home? DollarDan 06/08/22 9:49 AM
Who here remembers .15?? :) IoT II 09/28/21 10:43 AM
Time to board...... the submariner 09/13/21 10:37 AM
DTST - Thursday Rundown, Friday Expectations Jake L 09/09/21 7:36 PM
$DTST: Nice pop there to $7 makinezmoney 09/09/21 2:25 PM
DTST - Major Buy Alert Update Jake L 09/09/21 5:33 AM
https://www.stockscores.com/chart.asp?TickerSymbol=%20dtst&TimeRange=365&Interva The Night Stalker 09/02/21 12:22 PM
https://www.stockscores.com/chart.asp?TickerSymbol=%20dtst&TimeRange=365&Interva The Night Stalker 09/02/21 12:22 PM
so weird The Night Stalker 09/02/21 12:22 PM
its comeing... canes1964 08/27/21 2:28 PM
There a lot of short volume in this member1234 07/28/21 11:11 AM
i am hoping you are wrong, but what pitacorp 07/24/21 9:41 AM
I just follow Boilerroom around and do the Staypositive1 07/08/21 6:28 AM
Any idea why it spiked up? I still king koopa 07/07/21 10:00 AM
$DTST took huge position here $12.70 BoilerRoom 07/07/21 9:34 AM
Loving this stock !!$$$$$ Fres 07/07/21 9:05 AM
$DTST being found today double digits soon wickerman 07/06/21 12:42 PM
$DTST 2M float cybersecurity stock trading below the wickerman 06/11/21 3:36 PM
DTST moved from the OTC to the Nasdaq. Renee 05/14/21 9:13 AM
DTST one for 40 reverse split. PPS closed Renee 05/13/21 7:13 PM
I see someone is accumilating lieterally 1 share Patchezz 03/09/21 5:09 PM
Nice cheapies today... recently hit .95 $DTST WorkinGreen 02/17/21 1:36 PM
Response We have not disclosed any affiliation. Crljeff1 02/15/21 11:28 AM
I wonder if dtst has investment or tied Crljeff1 02/13/21 11:44 AM
Here it goes! Heel Hulk 02/11/21 10:38 AM
Might buy mid teens. willlbone 01/21/21 3:00 PM
What we did in Vegas stays in Vegas baby, speculator gypsy 01/11/21 7:13 PM
Big tech buyout small tech for monopoli and growth speculator gypsy 01/11/21 7:11 PM
just like in vegas baby Ms Labonte 01/11/21 6:31 PM
well its the same way i love 6 Ms Labonte 01/11/21 6:29 PM
There will be a shift away from big Okie1950 01/11/21 6:16 PM
777 speculator gypsy 01/11/21 4:07 PM
KaaaaaBBoooooooooMMMMMMMMMMMM$$$$$$$$$$$$$_ speculator gypsy 01/11/21 4:07 PM
It seems like it's only the beginning buy speculator gypsy 01/11/21 4:05 PM
cheapies hun cheapies, where did you sleep Ms Labonte 01/11/21 3:17 PM
how long have you been in a coma baby??? Ms Labonte 01/11/21 3:16 PM
This a great stock to buy and hold Okie1950 01/11/21 2:10 PM
Increased my net worth by 200 thousand here Rekaewt 01/11/21 2:08 PM
its a rocket headed for mars Ms Labonte 01/11/21 12:48 PM
its already gone to an all inclusive resort Ms Labonte 01/11/21 12:45 PM
the cat is out of the hat, Ms Labonte 01/11/21 12:44 PM
The big tech's are going down and these Okie1950 01/11/21 12:43 PM
no stopping this now, out of the ball park Ms Labonte 01/11/21 12:41 PM
If they would allow Parler on their cloud Okie1950 01/11/21 12:30 PM
up and up and up and up and away Ms Labonte 01/11/21 11:42 AM
yes it did, now we party like there Ms Labonte 01/11/21 11:31 AM
I don't see any promo. what's going on funnyG986 01/11/21 11:31 AM
Patience paid nice here! JJ24 01/11/21 11:25 AM
This is one of my otc stocks I Okie1950 12/20/20 7:26 PM
Agree making steady progress Okie1950 12/15/20 5:45 PM
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the submariner
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Ms Labonte
01/11/21 6:29 PM
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speculator gypsy
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speculator gypsy
01/11/21 4:05 PM
Ms Labonte
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Ms Labonte
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Ms Labonte
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Ms Labonte
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Data Storage Corporation (DTST)

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Asigra transforms the way businesses manage and protect their data by delivering market leading cloud backup solutions that seamlessly and efficiently manage, scale and deliver data protection services. Asigra Cloud Backup™ is built for new and existing MSPs/VARs who focus on data protection, IT constrained organizations, and industries with compliance mandates that are looking to improve their backup with a secure, reliable and predictable data protection cloud backup model. With 25 years of experience as backup/recovery pioneers, Asigra technology protects more than 100,000 sites globally ranging from the Global 100 to SMBs.

For more information, visit www.asigra.com.

Blue Arc

BlueArc is a leading provider of high performance unified network storage systems to enterprise markets, as well as data intensive markets, such as electronic discovery, entertainment, federal government, higher education, Internet services, oil and gas and life sciences. Our products support both network attached storage, or NAS, and storage area network, or SAN, services on a converged network storage platform.

For more information, visit www.bluearc.com.


VMware, the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, delivers customer-proven solutions that significantly reduce IT complexity and enable more flexible, agile service delivery. Leveraging VMware vSphere™, the most widely deployed foundation for cloud computing, VMware accelerates the transition to a cloud computing approach while preserving existing investments and improving security and control. With VMware vCloud™ solutions and services, VMware enables private, public and hybrid cloud deployment models that ensure application mobility and portability. With more than 190,000 customers and 25,000 partners, VMware helps organizations of all sizes lower costs, preserve freedom of choice and energize business through IT while saving energy - financial, human and the Earth's.

For more information, visit www.vmware.com.

Vision Solutions

Vision Solutions, Inc. is the world's leading provider of information availability software and services for Windows, Linux, IBM Power Systems and Cloud Computing markets. Vision's trusted Double-Take®MIMIX® and iTERA™ high availability and disaster recovery brands support business continuity, satisfy compliance requirements and increase productivity.

For more information, visit www.visionsolutions.com.


International Business Machines is a United States multinational technology and consulting firm headquartered in Armonk, New York. Founded in 1911, IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software, and it offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology

For more information, visit www.ibm.com.


At Cisco customers come first and an integral part of their DNA is creating long-lasting customer partnerships and working with them to identify their needs and provide solutions that support their success. The concept of solutions being driven to address specific customer challenges has been with Cisco since its inception. Husband and wife Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner, both working for Stanford University, wanted to email each other from their respective offices located in different buildings but were unable to due to technological shortcomings. A technology had to be invented to deal with disparate local area protocols; and as a result of solving their challenge the multi-protocol router was born. Since then Cisco has shaped the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees, investors and ecosystem partners and has become the worldwide leader in networking transforming how people connect, communicate and collaborate.

For more information, visit www.cisco.com.


Since the first Dell PC was introduced in 1986, Dell has continued to shape the industry by breaking new ground and pioneering critical developments in home, small business and enterprise computing. Dell's research and development (R&D) efforts now span the globe, driven by some of the industry's foremost product designers and engineers. At the core of Dell's innovation approach, however, remains an unwavering commitment to deliver new and better solutions that directly address customer needs.

For more information, visit www.dell.com.


Stonesoft Corporation is an innovative provider of integrated network security solutions to secure the information flow of distributed organizations. Stonesoft customers include enterprises with growing business needs requiring advanced network security and always-on business connectivity. StoneGate™ Secure Connectivity Solution unifies firewall, VPN (Virtual Private Network), IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and SSL VPN blending network security, end-to-end availability and award-winning load balancing into a unified and centrally managed system.

For more information, visit www.stonesoft.com.

Data Storage Corporation (DSC) is a leading provider of professional services focused on data protection and business continuity solutions that help organizations of all types and sizes protect their data, minimize downtime, ensure regulatory compliance, and recover and restore data quickly.

Incorporated in 2001 as a result of a merger between Emergent LLC, a broadband service company and Data Storage Corporation, we are headquartered in Garden City, N.Y. and has additional offices in Warwick, R.I., Boston, Mass., and Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Following the merger, we quickly became a leading-edge service bureau of off-site data backup, providing disaster recovery solutions. In 2010, we acquired SafeData, LLC, a data protection and recovery company focused on the IBM iSeries market. Over the years, we have emerged into a one-stop shop for all your data protection and business continuity needs.

Through our four data centers and by leveraging leading technologies through our partnerships with industry leaders such as IBM, Dell, Cisco Systems, and VM Ware, we deliver and support a broad range of premium solutions for both Windows and IBM iSeries environments. These solutions help you save time and money, gain more control of and better access to your data and enable the highest level of security for that data.

Our solutions include: offsite data protection and recovery services, High Availability (HA) replication services, email compliance solutions for e-discovery, continuous data protection, data de-duplication, virtualized system recovery, and telecom recovery services.

We offer our solutions and services to business, government, education, financial services, and healthcare industries across the U.S. and abroad by leveraging leading technologies, such as virtualization, cloud computing and cloud storage.

As your organization faces the unstoppable growth of data on a daily basis, the need for disaster recovery/business continuity and the ever-increasing industry and governmental compliance requirements, our team is here to share its vast knowledge of compliance regulations and deliver customized and tailored solutions to fit the needs of your unique business.

Value Proposition:

  • Save time and money
  • Gain more control and better access to your data
  • Provision of customized solutions
  • Enable the highest level of security
  • Provide State-Of-The-Art technology
  • Great customer experience
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