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CINT? DEAD FOREVER!!! okwife 03/22/22 1:21 PM
always a we wait for it, but ortco1 02/23/12 5:35 PM
is there a chance to get back to trade? luckystock84 02/15/12 4:12 PM
maybe that monkey can file for us??? ortco1 12/22/11 7:48 PM
Dead for now... no response hence being revoked ~ $treet $inatra 10/20/11 2:02 AM
Did management give up on this company?Any chance stations 10/18/11 1:41 PM
CINT revoked: Renee 10/05/11 9:34 AM
The last they got in order to trade....i ortco1 09/23/11 12:01 AM
Clear to trade. ortco1 09/22/11 11:57 PM
what do you mean ? stations 09/22/11 4:25 AM
Back on....Good ortco1 09/21/11 4:25 PM
Another shell bites the dust~ $treet $inatra 09/09/11 9:19 PM
Looks like the end of the line. stations 09/07/11 1:25 PM
CINT SEC Suspension: Renee 09/07/11 9:41 AM
8 on bid & 2 on ask only~ $treet $inatra 06/29/11 1:25 PM
level 2 is awesome~ $treet $inatra 06/29/11 1:24 PM
looks good~ $treet $inatra 06/29/11 1:16 PM
why is it garbage? $treet $inatra 06/29/11 1:15 PM
CINT is garbage buck007 06/18/11 9:17 AM
I have sell shares on two yesterday gladly Jarco 06/15/11 2:16 PM
Okay. Thanks. StockPrez 06/15/11 9:25 AM
absolutely nothing.. its been the equivalent of a OptionsBoy 06/15/11 12:29 AM
Anyone know what's going on with the company? Thanks. StockPrez 06/14/11 3:39 PM
Agreed Jarco 05/23/11 12:13 PM
I still like this shell.....I will pick up ortco1 05/19/11 8:34 AM
woo woo the big .0001 OptionsBoy 05/12/11 2:22 PM
Need some volume and we fly semipro11 05/10/11 1:28 PM
It looks strong think were gonna see some Jarco 05/10/11 9:19 AM
Exact same thing happens every couple of months OptionsBoy 05/09/11 5:47 PM
CINT thinning out huge on ask!! .0003 available semipro11 05/09/11 3:54 PM
CINT .0003 looks like a nice low float miltonjayro 05/09/11 2:29 PM
0004s are up(!) Jarco 05/09/11 12:13 PM
This looks very interesting, seems like some mysterious pero_gonz 05/09/11 8:22 AM
CINT looks like it has a BIG WEEK ahead.............. 21ZNA9 05/07/11 2:33 PM
CINT @ .0004! Estrella 05/06/11 3:47 PM
Companies look for clean shells and cint is ortco1 05/01/11 11:56 PM
bid falling and everyone buy 1000 to 0003. l2 hunter 04/29/11 3:36 PM
CINT @ .0003! Estrella 04/29/11 3:35 PM
CINT .0002 x .0003! Estrella 04/29/11 1:58 PM
So true thats what I have done and ortco1 04/06/11 12:24 AM
Yeah, CINT could be one you buy and Kev2128 04/05/11 10:24 PM
I still like cint I will be buying ortco1 04/05/11 10:22 PM
good post Kev2128 04/02/11 5:20 AM
umm that you can now buy at .0002 Kev2128 04/02/11 5:18 AM
Anybody thinks CINT is going anywhere? Kev2128 04/02/11 5:17 AM
and that means? luckystock84 04/01/11 3:29 PM
CINT @ .0002! Estrella 04/01/11 3:25 PM
A lot of companies come up with the JBJD 03/14/11 2:05 PM
Whois entry for CINT site (has Gallic's email JBJD 03/14/11 1:57 PM
I think in our future we are on ortco1 03/06/11 10:42 AM
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Crystal Intl Travel Group Inc. (fka CINT)

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Business Website:
2160 Headquarters Plaza
East Tower 10th Floor
Morristown, NJ 07960
PH:  973-644-0900
Fax: 973-995-1662
Crystal International Travel Group, Inc. operates as a diversified multi-asset travel company. The company offers products and services to address price stability in the travel industry with a focus on higher income, frequent, leisure travelers. Crystal offers IntelliFares™, a service that provides five years of air travel at a fixed price. The IntelliFares flat pricing model enables consumers to engage in multi-year marketing programs with travel product retailers. Additionally, Crystal owns and operates a travel agency business, The Travel House.  Crystal International Travel Group, Inc. currently trades on the Pink Sheets Electronic OTC Market under the symbol CINT.

Share Structure & Investor Info:

Stock Symbol CINT
Authorized Shares: 2,500,000,000
Outstanding Shares: 215,660,159
Restricted Shares: 104,476,333
Free Trading Float: 111,183,826
Transfer Agent:
Interwest Transfer Company, Inc.
1981 East Murray Holladay Road, Suite 100
P.O. Box 17136
Salt Lake City, UT 84117
PH: 801-272-9294
Fax: 801- 277-3147
Accounting Firm:
Scharf Pera & Co., PLLC
4600 Park Road
Suite 112
Charlotte, NC 28209
PH: 704-372-1167
Fax: 704-377-3259
Law Firm:
Quick Law Group PC
1035 Pearl Street, Suite 414
Boulder, CO 80302
PH: 720-259-3393
Fax: 303-845-7315
Current As Of 11/19/2008



Key People:

Peter Dugan CEO/President
Peter Gallic Chief Financial Officer
Fabrizzio Busso Chief Operating Officer  
Hank Cohen Board Of Director Member  
Frank Salerno Board Of Director Member  
Tony Soich Board Of Director Member  
Dan Gallic Director Of Marketing  


Company Info:
Why should you choose to invest in CINT!
  • Crystal International Travel Group (CINT) business model merges the knowledge, reliability and human touch of the travel agent community with the advanced technology, speed and flexibility of online travel planning to address one of the travel industry’s most pressing issues - price stability.
  • CINT focuses on business and leisure customers who travel frequently and in predictable patterns such as timeshare owners, vacation home owners and others. It addresses the needs of this lucrative travel niche segment with an innovative new offering that allows them to lock in five years of roundtrip travel at fixed rates and discounted prices.
  • CINT offers two complementary products which address the broad spectrum of travel needs.  These two products IntelliFares and TheTravelHouse bring together two opportunities to bring genuine revenues year over year to the company. These two business units are detailed in the following sections

IntelliFares(TM) was created to address the needs of business and leisure travelers for flexibility in their travel planning, a rich variety of travel options and competitive fares. Customers are able to purchase airline tickets for future travel between two designated cities at competitive prices. Authorized distributors of IntelliFares (or I-Fares, depending on the distribution channel) sell round trip tickets for five years of travel; customers on average realize 20% savings on their air fare over the course of the 5 years.

By design, the IntelliFares™ flat pricing model enables consumers to engage in multi-year marketing programs with travel product retailers. To date, this has not been possible with airlines. The company believes the product model provides the airlines revenue stability as it positively addresses short and long term revenue management requirements, subsequently enhancing performance through the rest of the travel industry. Benefits include revenue and margin improvement for Travel Agents; component cost savings for Cruise and Tour Operators; marketing cost and rescission expense reduction for the Timeshare business, to name but a few.

IntelliFares™, is a patent pending service that provides 5 years of air travel at a fixed price, and is partnering with the timeshare development and travel agent communities for distribution. The company intends to distribute its product through traditional travel supplier networks to include; airlines, both online and off line travel agencies, cruise lines, time share developers and sellers, etc.



Acquired in 2006, The Travel House is the pivot point for fulfillment of all of Crystal International’s travel services. TTH is a traditional travel agency which holds the licenses and other operating agreements which enable us to make reservations for airlines, hotels, rental cars, tour packages and cruises and then issue your tickets and reservation confirmations. Moreover, it is the centerpiece of our customer care operation, where our knowledgeable travel concierges are ready to lend a hand…we are the friendly voice at the end of your phone assisting you with all your travel needs. We offer the warmth of the human touch in stark comparison to the coldness of the internet. Our Travel Concierges also reside at The Travel House, ready and waiting to handle the complex needs of corporate travel, meeting planning and incentive development.

Rae Hanneman, Executive VP of Crystal International leads our team of travel professionals, bringing her twenty-two years experience to the job, including 16 years at Club Med, and a multi-year stint at 1800CheapSeats where she introduced and implemented corporate travel. In addition to assisting you in the purchase of individual travel components (air, hotel, etc.) her team of experts create travel packages, melding multiple travel components sold as a package, which bring you fabulous vacations at extraordinary prices. Since they negotiate bulk contracts with travel suppliers for wholesale costs that are much lower than individual components, your choice of buying travel on the phone rather than through the web can be quite rewarding.

The Travel House employs teams of travel experts who create attractively-priced travel packages for customers. Prices are low because the Company negotiates bulk contracts with travel suppliers at wholesale costs. The Company’s Travel concierge team assists leisure customers in planning their next vacation and helps business travelers ensure their next business trip is free of hassles.

CINT creates relationships with travel suppliers through a wide range of promotional strategies designed to increase its visibility while reducing marketing and customer service costs.



Company News, Press Releases, and Filings:

October 7th 2008: Intellifares Pre-Registration Opens at  
September 29th 2008: Crytsal International Travel Group YTD Financials 3rd QTR 2008  
September 9th 2008: Crystal International Travel Group Release Select Financial Information ...
September 3rd 2008: Intellifares Announces Pre-Registration Date  
August 26th 2008:  Intellifares Announces Public Fares Available November 1st  
November 2nd 2007: 
IntelliFares(TM) Announces Hawaii Fare Sale  
October 23rd 2007:  SmallCap Sentinel: Travel Industry Research Report Released     <------------
October 5th 2007:  Intellifares(TM) and Mexicana Enter Commercial Pact  
September 15th 2007:  IntelliFares(TM) to Include a Travel Insurance Plan on Clients' First Trip  
August 27th 2007:  Crystal International Signs Letter of Intent with ResortCom International  
August 13th 2007:  Crystal International Readies Launch of IntelliFares  
August 9th 2007:  Crystal International Completes Sale of Crystal Hospitality Holdings  
July 16th 2007:  Crystal International Travel Group Appoints Peter Dugan to Head Company  
July 12th 2007:  Crystal International Travel to Acquire Flying Dutchmen Travel(TM)  




Moderator's Disclaimer - This board is for (CINT) discussion purposes only and is in no way a recommendation to buy or sell. Any investment decisions should be based on your own due diligence and decision. You are solely responsible for your choices to buy or sell.


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