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Re-juv by Caci was created because of a demand for high quality, affordable, anti-wrinkle beauty-restoring essentials. Our Cosmetic Chemists at Re-Juv by Caci have formulated and designed specialty anti-wrinkle creams for beautifying your skin by tremendously helping to hide, and even eliminate those fine lines and unwanted wrinkles. These anti-wrinkle creams are expertly formulated to be very safe, yet effective to ensure satisfaction for anyone seeking softer, smoother, healthier looking skin at any age. The Re-Juv Essentials, the 3-product combo that you have been waiting for, that you have been hoping for, is here! Three amazing products that will effectively and safely improve your skin, making it softer, smoother, more even-toned, younger-looking. Wrinkles? No problem! For temporary relief, just apply Re-Juv Instant Results and in seconds you will see most fine lines have disappeared, and most wrinkles look greatly reduced. You look younger, instantly. For more lasting wrinkle reduction noticeable in 2-3 weeks, and to make your skin feel softer, smoother, more resilient and even-toned, apply Re-Juv Night Cream before bedtime for the miracle to happen. Then, in the morning, after cleaning your face and neck, apply Re-Juv Day Cream for protecting your skin from the pollutants and contaminants in the air, against the dangers of sunlight and heat or cold, making your skin much smoother and softer.  

Rejuv Anti-Aging Essentials info

September 02, 2009
Cross Atlantic Commodities, Inc. a successful manufacturer of specialty health and beauty products, announced today the launch of a new and
major Internet marketing program. "Combining the efforts of two leaders in Internet marketing, ClickBooth and Online Performance Marketing, LP, with the necessary resources and the proven marketing program for RE-JUV by Caci. will be a successful formula to drive new customer acquisition cost effectively," said Jorge Bravo, CEO. Online Performance Marketing will promote our product on major search engines such as, Google, Yahoo and Bing, using their latest technology to drive internet shopping traffic through optimized clicks, phone calls and conversions to generate a marked increase in our product sales. The company expects to expand both Brand recognition and continuity of sales. "We have now put together all the elements that are needed to grow our products and sales pipeline as never before," said Bravo. The Company estimates that it will add $500,000 in revenue growth by year-end 2009, and estimates the largest growth to come in years 2010 and 2011; topping $5 million in revenue growth by year-end 2010 as it adds additional brands to its line-up. According to a report from market research company Global Industry Analysts, the market for anti-aging products is predicted to reach an astounding $115.5 billion by 2010. The report notes that both changes in lifestyle and grooming practices are occurring amongst consumers in an attempt to fight against aging and to minimize its visible effects. The report further concludes that younger consumers - those aged between 25 and 30 - are progressively more interested in anti-aging products, particularly topical skin treatments. This is leading to an increase in spending on anti-aging products, which in addition to an ever younger consumer base, result in improved market opportunities for our evolving suite of products. 

September 04, 2009
1. Both programs with Clickbooth and Online Performance Marketing, LP have been successfully launched and we are tracking our order flow. We will follow up with actual sales figures in approximately 15-20 days.
2. Within 15 business days we will be updating our financials to have them current, and have our outside counsel issue an Opinion Letter on our Disclosures and Financials to receive Pink Sheets Preferred Status. This will remove any trading restrictions at most firms and we hope that by Year's end we can apply to the OTCBB to again raise our profile to a larger investing audience.
3. We will update the investing community in the next 20 days via a National press release on the joint venture deal with a second product line. Our manufacturer has costed the product and we should have preliminary samples ready within two weeks. After they are approved for sale to the public we will announce our deal. The product was sold nationwide via, infomercial, major retail chains including Wal- Mart, CVS and Walgreen's and historically reached total volume of 45 million dollars over a seven year period. The patent owner is unable to produce the product and CXAC believes that with our Internet marketing network we can revive the line with minimal effort. The gross profit margins on this product based upon the historical data exceeded 65% on an annualized basis and the market cap for the product line exceeds 175 million dollars.


Finally we are on the verge of launching our new product: SNOR-ENZ! This product was sold throughout the US
and Europe and is being revived by our Company. It will add significant
revenue to our bottom line and was the industry leader several years ago. There is nothing in the market that can
compete with the product and our commercial launch is imminent.


Cross Atlantic Commodities, Inc. (CXAC.PK), a successful manufacturer of specialty health and beauty products, announced signing a distribution agreement with the holders of the Snorenz patent. Snorenz(R) is a nationally well known snoring product.

"We have done our homework on Snorenz(R) and are very excited about the research that the previous company has done and the size of the
snoring category", states Jorge Bravo President / CEO. In 2002, the Company completed a double blind study at Northwestern Hospital's Sleep Center in Atlanta, GA, under the direction of Dr. Samuel Mickelson of the Advanced Ear Nose and Throat P.C. The results of that study concluded that SNORenz(R) is an effective product to reduce the noise associated with snoring. We will begin marketing Snorenz, first through Online Marketing, Pay Per Search and Affiliate Marketing Programs. Within the next few weeks our new Snorenz website will be live.


Florida Atlantic Stock Transfer Inc.
7130 Nob Hill Road
Tamarac, FL 33321
last TA update, September 24th, 2009
Authorized Shares (AS) = 6,500,000,000
Outstanding Shares (OS) = 6,499,953,268

Sept 28 2009 Filing for CXAC


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