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Share Structure

AS OF 9/30/13 (per financials 1/13/14):
Shares Authorized Common Stock: 3,500,000,000 (unchanged from prior financials).
Shares Outstanding: 3,417,417,549, less 9,530,000 which will be cancelled that where owned by the Parent company.
Float: 1,553,931,402 shares.
Preferred Shares 1,000,000 total (500,000 held by Bill Chaaban) that do not need to be converted
for 5000:1 voting rights.




Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. (CENergy) is a publicly traded company now under the symbol FITX . Creative Edge Nutrition Inc. will be the umbrella company for several brands, E-Commerce sites, and Brick and mortar stores, with more announcements forthcoming. The CENERGY brand will be only ONE of their core subsidiaries. 

Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. is the umbrella company for the flagship Cenergy Brand. There are now company owned E-commerce sites and brick and mortar stores.  The company has a vision to become vertically integrated to keep multiple levels of profit inhouse. 

With products that are scientifically designed and formulated to enhance athletic performance and well being.  Our product formulations are "cutting edge". 

Cenergy is poised to set the new nutritional standard and is committed to excellence.









ROGUE - is unlike anything that has ever appeared on the market before it, and represents an entirely new class of supplements that work through a process called "Systemic Physiological Optimization." Unlike most other products that focus on just one or two biological mechanisms that induce hypertrophy, ROGUE creates the ideal internal anabolic environment throughout every system in the body so that you become a literal muscle growth machine…24 hours a day!

REGIME - Finally, physique enhancement can be accomplished without the need for cycling or hormonal-therapy, REGIME creates a nonstop natural anabolic hyper-drive. REGIME neither causes a negative feedback-loop (that diminishes the HPTA function and cycle) nor desensitizes the androgenic receptors (AR). Allowing athletes to more efficiently harness the innate anabolic measure of their nutrition.

REIGN - a Testosterone potentiating force of all-natural nature! By suffusing this unprecedented supplement with an inspired septet (7) of clinically born and bred compounds, a comprehensive and exhaustive spectrum of body bolstering additives combine to achieve a synergism unseen and once thought impossible via natural metabolic pathways.

RUTHLESS - Never waste a second in the gym again! Attack your training sessions with verosicty, aggression, determination and leave no man standing attitude. Become RUTHLESS..I dont think there is a better way to decribe a preworkout product, in what results it will produce. RUTHLESS is formulated to target each aspect of Nitric Oxide Delivery, Vasodilatation, Mental Focus and Awareness, and Intensity!   Flavors: Watermelon or Lemondade

REDEMPTION - Will flawlessly serve as your anabolic foundation, providing an unshakable base to build the rest of your supplemental protocol, and your physique off of long into the future.


CANADA DISTRIBUTION:                  EUROPEAN DISTRIBUTION:  http://www.supplementstogo.com/



I. COMPANY SUMMARY OF FITX: (Most up to date headlines/articles/DD section follows summary below.) 
Creative Edge Nutrition (FITX) is the umbrella holding company. They are based in Madison Heights, Michigan. The company vision has been to build by organic growth and strategic acquisitions in a "vertical integration" strategy, for the purpose of quickly increasing revenue streams for company growth, while cutting out middle man costs. Revenue brought in from all subsidiary revenue streams listed below comes into the umbrella company, FITX. Bill Chaaban (CEO), has repeatedly stated, "There are NO current plans for a reverse split or an increase in authorized or outstanding shares. We are exploring the share buy back options." This was again publicly stated 2/2/14

Under the FITX umbrella, there are 2 primary business subsidiaries: 

This subsidiary is involved in production and distribution of medical marijuana, and is based in Lakeshore, Ontario, just outside Windsor in Canada. FITX is one of the very few true "MMJ" stocks which will actually produce the marijuana, as opposed to most other that are involved with other derivative aspects of the marijuana such as CBD extracts, CBD research, edibles, smoking or growing devices, etc. Basically, these other "MMJ" revolve and exist around the actual product (marijuana) that we will be producing in MASS quantity. Their 85,000 square foot buildings with multiple floors and 10.3 acre production facility is expected to have the capacity to produce up to 1.3 million pounds of dried medical marijuana annually for Canadian distribution, as well as planned export to multiple legal countries. FITX expects to generate revenue of $20 million in the 1st 12 months of operations, and $100 million/year by the 5th year of operations. FITX plans to grow 50 strains of marijuana, from seeds sourced in Canada, Mexico and Colombia. The website is CENBIOTECHINC.COM

This subsidiary is our personalized sports supplement nutritional line. Cenergy products are sold on the biggest online supplement stores including Amazon, Bodybuilding.com, GNC, Europa Sports, Prosource, NutritionExpress, multiple others, and getting great reviews with rapid movement up the bodybuilding.com product popularity charts. Our products out sell more than HALF of the 418 products sold on the biggest online supplement store, bodybuilding.com (#189 as of 2/4/14). The website is CENERGYNUTRITION.COM

-->Notably, Leonard Armenta serves as Vice President of Brand Management & Marketing. Prior to joining Cenergy in 2013, he served as the Chief Operating Officer and later, Executive Vice President of MusclePharm (MSLP). He was instrumental in MusclePharm becoming one of the leading U.S. nutritional brands with massive growth and revenues, and he was responsible for placing MusclePharm into the largest US distributors and in over 35 International countries. 

-->We sponsor several MMA fighters (who continue to win with Cenergy plastered on their shorts), an NFL player, and several fitness models. The supplement side of this company is a tremendous asset to us, and will continue to be. 

-->As part of Cenergy Nutrition, there is also a "Cenergy Natural" line. One is a premium grade Hemp Protein supplement line at HEMPNORTHAMERICA.COM, and the other is a premium Chia Seed based supplement line at CHIANORTHAMERICA.COM. 

II. As part of the strategic acquisitions and vertical integration strategy discussed above, FITX made multiple company acquisitions: 
1) 4 active revenue-generating online nutritional supplement stores: SUPPLEMENTSTOGO.COM, A-Z-NUTRITION.COM, WORLDCLASSNUTRITION.COM, CHESAPEAKENUTRACEUTICALS.COM. If you go to these sites, at the top you'll see they are owned by Creative Edge Nutrition (FITX). These additional websites not only give us revenue from our own Cenergy line, but also revenue from selling all the major supplement and bodybuilding brands out there. 
2) 3 active revenue-generating brands/companies: SCIENCE DEFINED NUTRITION (makes the popular Rogue sports nutrition supplement line), SCI-FIT, NATURE'S SCIENCE. 
3) 3 active revenue-generating "Canadian Nutrition Superstores", which consist of brick and mortar nutritional supplement stores in Canada, selling all the major supplement and bodybuilding brands. 
4) Seeds R Us Inc., which imports and distributes nutritious seeds such as chia seeds. Many of these seeds such as chia are incorporated into our products. 
5) SCD Enterprises, LLC 
6) Innovative Fulfillment Corp, which was an already profitable company producing sales. 
7) The CEO hinted at continuing this vertical integration strategy recently on the official company Facebook page 1/22/14: "New exciting targets for acquisition. GO FITX !!! Time to implement the vertical integration model for the medical cannabis sector." 

The building of FITX up to this point has been carried out strategically in a very small amount of time in a business sense. Let me outline why in 4 generalized points: 

1) Bill Chaaban didn't become CEO until April 2012. Prior to this, we had no products or business. Everything before this, including the reverse merger into the LBGE shell in 2011, is now irrelevant history and the shell has been cleaned up. History begins when he became CEO. When he came on board, we had an idea for a single product, Metabolic Xtreme, but nothing tangible. He has put an impressive team together with 4 attorneys (Bill himself is a licensed attorney and dual citizen in both US and Canada), doctors, and scientists. 

2) From day one, Bill described his long term plan of vertical integration and strategic acquisitions to not only build organically, bring in instant revenue streams to fund future company projects (obviously CEN-Biotech has been the major one), as well as build long term shareholder value. I have outlined these strategic acquisitions and vertical integration strategies above. 

3) Only 1 year and 9 months later, the Cenergy line now has multiple products selling on multiple websites. Cenergy products are sold on the biggest online supplement stores including Amazon, Bodybuilding.com, GNC, Europa Sports, Prosource, NutritionExpress, multiple others, and getting great reviews with rapid movement up the bodybuilding.com product popularity charts. Our products out sell more than HALF of the 418 products sold on the biggest online supplement store, bodybuilding.com (#189 as of 2/4/14). THIS IS MAJOR PROGRESS. 

4) On 3/25/13 FITX announced it's entrance into the medical marijuana industry. Here we are now, only 9 months later and we have made tremendous progress thus far in a VERY SHORT time period, which has catapulted us into a leading position in this new multi-billion dollar industry of medical marijuana: 

-FITX has caught the eye of the soon to be booming medical marijuana industry, and were invited to present at the ArcView meeting 1/23/14. Arcview is the largest angel investor/private investor network in this space. This group has been featured on the front page of Fortune Magazine, and interviewed on major financial stations. They don't allow just any company to present at their meetings. They are hand picked. 

-We have The Town Of Lakeshore Mayor, Former Canadian Provincial Minister Of Trade, President and CEO of the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation, and Royal Canadian Mounted Police backing us. No other publicly traded MMJ companies have this perfect set up. We also have the land, existing buildings, and building permits/plans for expansion as weather will allow to progress. Our CEO is installing live video feed of the ongoing building. We received the "Ready to Build" letter from Health Canada in November 2013. On 1/9/14, we received Health Canada's approval of tracking compliance by utilizing a new state-of-the-art M3Hub Seed to Sale Tracking platform with our partner, EDXC, which meets and exceeds Health Canada's tracking compliance thresholds. We are only awaiting the final license from Health Canada, pending inspection of the finished build-out, projected to be done in April. Then the grow operation will begin. 

-FITX is actively involved with advancing the medical marijuana bills in Michigan, involved with the local government, and has hired lobbyists to assist in this. FITX has announced that they are poised to be a leader in the Michigan medical cannabis industry as legalization becomes reality. 

-FITX has formed a strategic partnership with PHOT (officially approved by 88% shareholder vote 2/7/14) and EDXC. FITX + PHOT + EDXC = the foundation of a legacy company. PHOT extended partnership with FSPM on 2/4/14 for a new line of professional components co-branded under FusionPharm's PharmPod™ brand name and GrowLife's Stealth Grow™ line of equipment raising speculation of FITX utilizing the new technology in their grow operation. This is setting up to be a historical building block in this new medical cannabis industry, and sets up this group team to be leaders in it. Pictures of Bill Chaaban (FITX CEO) and Sterling Scott (PHOT CEO) can be seen here, as well as Bill wearing a PHOT hat recently: 

-We are represented by the 2013 PR Agency of the year, 5W. They work for a huge list of household name celebrities and companies (such as McDonald's, GQ, 1800 Tequila, Barne's & Noble, Microsoft MSN, Welch's, Cold-EEZE, IHOP, Wyndham, Snoop Dogg, Pam Anderson to name a few). This company doesn't take on just some typical "penny stock" company. Proof of this can be seen on the 5W website, where Creative Edge Nutrition is listed under the "Healthcare" category as seen below: 

-JIM CRAMER of MAD MONEY tweeted out articles discussing FITX + PHOT on 2/10/14 (this article talks specifically and only about FITX), 1/31/14, 2/3/14! (I believe this is the first time he ever tweeted or discussed a penny stock)! 

-Bill Chaaban (CEO) made a recent business trip to Humboldt County and the Emerald Triangle in CA, and he stated that there was "Business for Creative". This suggests MASSIVE things to come. For those that aren't familar with the marijuana subculture, Humboldt county and the Emerald Triangle have always been the Mecca of marijuana grow ops and the best grown marijuana. If CEN-Biotech is working with ANYONE in this area, this will be a HUGE development! These were the tweets: 
2/7/14: Day 1 in the Emerald Triangle has been amazing! It's my personal goal for the "next" deal to top the previous one! 
2/6/14: Another trip... Humboldt County here we come ..... 



2/17/14: This Public Company Has A Plan To Make $5 Billion A Year From Selling Pot. 

2/17/14: FITX CEN Biotech means business! (Eye witness video showing ground breaking by excavator). 

2/16/14: CEN-Biotech is officially listed in the Marijuana Index and receives a Pioneers of Growth Award (marijuanaindex.org). 


2/12/14: Will Creative Edge Nutrition Become The Jolly Green Giant Of Medical Marijuana? 

2/12/14: Marijuana manufacturing 2.0 - Fortune Tech. (CNN Money/Fortune article): 

2/11/14: CEN Biotech Inc. (FITX) makes Headlines on National News Outlets. 

2/11/14: The Long, Strange Challenge Facing Marijuana Entrepreneurs. 

2/10/14: "420 Investor" founder Alan Brochstein's 2 hour interview with Bill Chaaban, CEO of Creative Edge Nutrition (FITX) to discuss the CEN Biotech project in Windsor. He also discusses partners GrowLife (PHOT) and Endexx (EDXC). THIS IS A MUST LISTEN!!! 

2/10/14: Super Grow Cannabis Facility Launched by Makers of Aminoplex. (JIM CRAMER of MAD MONEY TWEETED THIS ARTICLE OUT as linked to above) 

2/10/14: Creative Edge Races From Sports Nutrition to Pot Producer. The Street (Jim Cramer's site) interviews CEO Bill Chaaban. 


2/10/14: CEN Biotech Inc. (FITX) Accelerates build-out of the World’s Largest and Most Advanced Legal Cannabis Production Facility. 

2/7/14: $12M medical marijuana investment made near Windsor, Ontario. CEN Biotech hopes to be up and running in 7 months. 

2/7/14: The Cannabis Financial Network Highlights CEN BioTech, Inc. in Video interview. 

2/6/14: 3 Marijuana Stocks with Potentially Strong Niches: Medbox, Inc. (MDBX), Creative Edge Nutrition Inc. (FITX), Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA). 

2/6/14: 4 Stocks Winning Canada’s Medical Marijuana Market. 

2/6/14: Madison Heights firm eyes Canadian cannabis commerce. 

2/5/14: Cannabis Financial Network Executive Interview with Bill Chaaban, CEO of Creative Edge Nutrition (FITX), from TDM Financial: 
In this episode we will be talking to Mr. Bill Chaaban, President and CEO of Creative Edge Nutrition, a publicly traded company in the legal cannabis sector which trades under ticker symbol FITX. Mr. Chaaban discusses the company's partially owned subsidiary, CEN Biotech. CEN Biotech, Inc. was established in 2013 as a partially owned subsidiary of Creative Edge Nutrition (FITX) for the sole purpose of supplying the Canadian public with pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis under the newly established Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) CEN Biotech Inc. has submitted a comprehensive application to become a licensed producer (LP) of dried marihuana for medicinal purposes and has received a ready-to-build approval from Health Canada. 

2/5/14: 4 Marijuana Penny-Stocks Inch toward Becoming Players: Creative Edge Nutrition Inc.'s (OTC Pink: FITX), Growlife Inc. (OTCBB: PHOT), Cannabis Science Inc. (NASDAQ OTC: CBIS), Hemp Inc. (OTCPINK: HEMP): 

2/3/14: CEN Biotech Inc. (FITX) Clarification on Ownership of the World's Largest and Most Advanced Legal Cannabis Production Facility. (This was for clarification to shareholders that FITX owns 75% of Cen Biotech, Inc., stamping out rumors of only 10% ownership) 

2/3/14: Are Marijuana Stocks Shady? (JIM CRAMER of MAD MONEY TWEETED THIS ARTICLE OUT as linked to above) 

1/31/14: Marijuana Equipment Gives GrowLife a Buzz. (JIM CRAMER of MAD MONEY TWEETED THIS ARTICLE OUT as linked to above) 

1/31/14: CEN Biotech Inc. (FITX) Enters into Licensing and Operating Agreement with RXNB Inc. for Technology Use and Transfer for World's Largest and Most Advanced Legal Cannabis Production Facility. 

1/31/14: GrowLife Enters into Strategic Partnership with RXNB Inc., an Emerging Innovative Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Company with Extensive Technology Assets Applicable to the Medical Marijuana Industry. 

1/30/14: 7 Companies Capitalizing On Canadian Cannabis. 

1/30/14: OTC Markets FITX Attorney Letter with Respect to Current Information/Filing. 

1/29/14: GrowLife and CEN Biotech Announce Collaboration on the World's Largest and Most Advanced Legal Cannabis Production Facility. 

1/29/14: CEN Biotech Inc. (FITX) And GrowLife Announce Collaboration On The World’s Largest And Most Advanced Legal Cannabis Production Facility. 

1/28/14: Creative Edge Nutrition (FITX) Seeks Investment. 

1/27/14: Creative Edge Predicts Faster-Growing Canadian Demand for Medical Marijuana. 

1/24/14: CEN-Biotech presentation (part) at ArcView Investor Group. The primary significance of this video is the fact that FITX and PHOT officially announced a partnership together on stage. FITX is already a partner with EDXC as well, so now FITX + PHOT + EDXC have joined forces. There are a couple very wealthy investors that were interested in CEN-Biotech following their appearance at the ArcView meeting, but additional official financing offers are not currently known. 

1/13/14: Cen Biotech Inc. (FITX) Medical Marijuana Business Featured in Crain’s Detroit Business Magazine. 

1/12/14: Firm looks to light up pot sales with Canadian unit. 

1/11/14: CEN Biotech: the next BIG Marijuana Growers? (VIDEO): 

1/10/14: A SUMMARY OF SENATE BILL 660 FOR PHARMACEUTICAL-GRADE CANNABIS IN MICHIGAN, AS REPORTED FROM HOUSE COMMITTEE 12/10/13: (At the bottom under "Positions", CEN-Biotech is the first listed supporter of the bill. CEN-Biotech has also announced that they have hired lobbyists to assist in helping obtain approval of the bill). 

1/9/14: Creative Edge Nutrition (FITX) Launches Cenbiotechinc.com For Canadian Medical Marijuana Business. 

1/9/14: Endexx to Track a Million Pounds of Medical Marijuana in Canada. 

1/8/14: CEN Biotech Welcomed To The Town Of Lakeshore By The Mayor And Former Provincial Minister Of Trade. 

1/8/14: CEN BioTech Inc - Ready to Build Press Conference (Video). This is a press event held by the Essex Windsor Growth & Development Council for the announcement of a 12M Investment by CEN BioTech Inc. to build a state of the art production facility in the Lakeshore Ontario region. THIS IS A MUST WATCH VIDEO!!!! 

1/8/14: CEN Biotech invests $12M for medical marijuana facility in Lakeshore. 

1/7/14: Investor On Lakeshore's Medical Marijuana Plant: TheWindsorStar (VIDEO). Joseph Bryne, investor with CEN Biotech, talks about the announcement of a $12-million investment by CEN Biotech to build a medical marijuana plant in Lakeshore near the OPP branch on Manning Road. 

1/7/14: Company invests $12M to grow medical marijuana in Lakeshore (with video). 

1/7/14: $12M medical marijuana investment made near Windsor, Ontario. CEN Biotech hopes to be up and running in 7 months. 

1/7/14: Windsor-Essex Parlays Expertise In Agriculture Into A Whole New Industry. 

1/7/14: Medical marijuana industry grows with $12 million investment in Lakeshore. 

1/7/14: Medical Marijuana Facility Coming. 

1/7/14: Medical marijuana growing. 

1/3/14: Is Cannabis The Next Big Thing? As State and Local governments begin decriminalizing marijuana, big money is scrambling to find a way to invest. (FITX featured in YouTube video at minute 1:45). 

1/3/14: U.S. Firm Approved to Tap Canadian MMJ Market. 

12/30/13: Cen Biotech Receives Ready To Grow Letter From Health Canada And Featured In Forbes Magazine. 

12/30/13: Big Marijuana: Is It The Future? 

12/10/13: CEN BIOTECH, Inc. Releases Site Photos of Proposed Medical Marijuana Facility. 

12/5/13: Cen Biotech Presence at Michigan House of Representatives Hearings on Potential Medical Marijuana Law Changes. 

11/21/13: CEN Biotech Breaks Ground to Add 58,000 sq. ft. to Its Future Medicinal Marijuana Operation. 

11/21/13: Another firm applies to grow marijuana. 

11/19/13: CEN Biotech, Inc. Leases Property for Medical Marijuana Product and Sales. 

11/13/13: Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. Hires 5W Public Relations as Agency of Record. 

11/13/13: Endexx and CEN Biotech Launch Operations in Canada. 

10/29/13: A New Audio Interview With Bill Chaaban, CEO of Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. 

9/6/13: Endexx Provides Contract Clarification (regarding CEN-Biotech) and Compliance Requirements. 

9/6/13: Creative Edge Nutrition's Subsidiary CEN Biotech, Inc. Announces a New Contract With Endexx Corporation to Provide Software to Track the Production and Sale of Medicinal Marijuana. 

9/6/13: Endexx Corporation and CEN Biotech, Inc. Enter Into Business Contract. 

9/5/13: Creative Edge Nutrition Announces the Formation of Cen Biotech Inc. for Its Medicinal Marijuana Business Sector. 

6/5/13: Creative Edge Nutrition Announces Ground Breaking Products For The Medical Marijuana Field- Hemp Tea And Coffee Additive. 

4/18/13: Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. Announces the Second product into the Medical Marijuana Sector. 

3/25/13: Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. Announces the Entrance into the Medical Marijuana Sector. 


1/21/14: GNC order placed to Creative Edge Nutrition to begin selling (picture): 

11/25/13: Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. Signs Multiple Country Distribution Contracts For Full Scale Product Distribution. 

10/17/13: Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. Adds Additional Product to Bodybuilding.com. 

10/10/13: Creative Edge Nutrition Signs Exclusive Distribution Deal With Europa Sports. 

10/8/13: Creative Edge Nutrition Ships First Order to Bodybuilding.com. 

**Product popularity is rapidly rising on the biggest and most popular on-line sports nutrition supplement store, bodybuilding.com. As of 2/4/14, Cenergy Nutrition was ranked #189 most popular among 418 brands sold on the site, outselling more than HALF of all products sold there. Follow popularity movement up at http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/popular-brands.html 

8/27/13: Creative Edge Nutrition Received Vendor Sales Approval for Nutritionexpress.com. 

7/16/13: Creative Edge Nutrition Signs Retail Contract With Bodybuilding.com. 

7/15/13: Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. Letter to Shareholders. 

6/28/13: Dr. Sam Alawieh Will Head Up Creative Edge Nutrition Advisory Team. 

6/27/13: Creative Edge Nutrition Announces They Are an Approved Vendor of Amazon.com. 

6/25/13: Creative Edge Nutrition, Announces the Addition of Dr. Sam Alawieh, to Their Advisory Team. 

6/2/13: ESPN's MMA Meltdown Interview of Cenergy's Jeff Thomas: 

5/31/13: Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. Announces The Addition of Online Retailer www.ProSource.net. 

5/8/13: Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. Announces The Acquisition of 3 Nutrition Super Stores. 

5/1/13: Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. Expands Industry Management Team. 

2/6/13: Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. Announces GNC Vendor number. 

10/15/12: Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. Acquires Chesapeake Nutraceuticals. 

9/27/12: Creative Edge Nutrition Inc Completes Acquisition Of Sci-Fit And Nature's Science Brands. 

9/26/12: Creative Edge Nutrition Inc Acquires A-Z-Nutrition.com. 

8/20/12: Creative Edge Nutrition Inc Acquires SCD Enterprises, LLC. 

7/31/12: Creative Edge Nutrition Inc Acquires Innovative Fulfillment Corp. 

5/15/12: Creative Edge Nutrition Inc Completes Acquisition of Science Defined Nutrition. 

Wall Street Newscast Interviews Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. CEO Bill Chaaban 
9:20a ET May 18, 2012 (Market Wire)

Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: FITX) Chief Executive Officer Bill Chaaban discusses the corporate vision and strategic marketing initiatives of the company on Wall Street Newscast http://www.wallstreetnewscast.com/profile/fitx.html . Chaaban discussed the Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. strategic acquisition of Science Defined Nutrition. Inc., and the new vision of the company since becoming Chief Executive Officer. He noted that he has full support of the board of directors to implement his vision as he builds shareholder value and increases market share through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, and other experienced key executives and officers that will lead Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. in implementing its strategic business model.

Bill Chaaban, CEO, stated, "It was important for us to communicate to our shareholders through this interview. Although Jeff Thomas and I are in the UK from May 18-20, 2012, for the Body Power Expo, the UK's largest health, fitness and nutrition expo; we want to continually avail ourselves for our shareholders, which was why we conducted the interview. We are positioning the company for growth, including international growth in regions such as the UK. The board, executives and management are committed to the success of Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. and our subsidiary brands."

Jeff Thomas added, "We are excited that Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. will have a presence at the Body Power Expo. This is the perfect environment to showcase all our products as well as meet with current and potential future distributors."


FINRA Approves Laufer Bridge Enterprises, Inc. Name Change To Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. 

ORLANDO, Fla.May 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Laufer Bridge Enterprises Inc. (Pink Sheets: LBGE), Ticker symbol (Pink Sheets:FITX) has announced today that the Company's shareholders and board of directors approved a name change to Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc.  Concurrent with this name change Creative Edge Nutrition has changed its stock ticker symbol from "LBGE" to "FITX".

Bill Chaaban, Creative Edge Nutrition's CEO, stated "The name change symbolizes its new identity of the company and we plan to grow the company through our strategic marketing and acquisitions. This will reduce complexity, provide one point of reference and build greater awareness for our business." 

About Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc.
Creative Edge Nutrition is a Nutritional Supplement Company focused on developing innovative, high-quality supplements. The company offers a broad spectrum of capsules, tablets, and powders, as well as science-based products in the principal categories of weight management, nutrition challenges, energy and fitness. The Company manufactures under strict GMP guidelines at GMP Certified and/or FDA registered facilities. www.CenergyNutrition.com

To request an investor packet on Cenergy Nutrition register online at

PHONE: (917) 937-8968


Cenergy Nutrition Sponsors NBA All Star Event 

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2012 - 5:30pm EST 


(NEW YORK)--Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. (Cenergy), which is traded under the name Laufer Bridge Enterprises, Inc. (Pink:LBGE), was the sponsor of an basketball event for children at the recent NBA All-Star games. 
The former CEO of LBGE, put together this event during NBA All Star weekend in Orlando FL Feb 24-26 2012, which was held at NBA City, inside Universal Studios. The event was called 'Flying Buddha', Slam Jam, hosted by NBA star Javale Mcgee, from the Washington Wizards, runner up to Blake Griffin in last years All-Star Slam Junk contest. 
The previous CEO, who has extensive contacts with NBA, NFL, and other sports stars, together with the current CEO, Keith Thomas, bring a combination that could develop Cenergy Nutrition into one of the largest, and best known sports nutrition players in the field. 
Photos of the event, which were supplied by the company's public relations firm, show the Cenergy banner at the kids basketball event during the NBA All Star weekend. (see photos below) 
In addition, the company released the ingredients for their Metabolic Xtreme, Cenergestic Maximizer supplement on their corporate Facebook page. After some final tweaks, the release of the ingredients could finally clear the way for the company to embark on their production launch, and what sort of sports star backing could be involved remains a mystery

To see photos go to 

Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc., (Cenergy) is a health and nutrition company engaged in the development of nutraceuticals. Cenergy will offer a wide range of science based products in capsules, tablets and powders in three principal categories: Weight Management, Nutrition, Energy and Fitness, The Company's objective is to successfully market, distribute and continue to develop innovative nutritional supplements. Cenergy creates attitude; attitude creates muscle. www.cenergynutrition.com



FITX Security Details
Share Structure
FITX Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $282,354,876 a/o May 02, 2014
Shares Outstanding 3,405,969,548 a/o Mar 21, 2014
Float 2,295,374,724 a/o Mar 21, 2014
Authorized Shares 3,500,000,000 a/o Mar 21, 2014
Par Value 0.0001
Transfer Agent(s)
Action Stock Transfer Corporation

UNOFFICIAL BOARD SONG:  EMPIRE - Queensryche  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lAvkeioshs

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#194162   CenBiotech still trying. Accordingly, Issuer's do not apply yachtsailor 03/04/20 12:37:59 PM
#194161   Greensmeans, Bill called me. I just found this...Investor yachtsailor 03/04/20 11:11:04 AM
#194160   Thanks for posting the quote. It's not always swingingRichard 02/28/20 04:56:41 PM
#194159   $fitx $.00001 Taurus69 02/28/20 04:13:09 PM
#194158   I was meaning to reverse that number but swingingRichard 02/21/20 11:23:56 PM
#194152   Best that fraud can do. Brentley 02/16/20 03:28:07 PM
#194151   LOL. Newest? That article is from 2013. swingingRichard 02/15/20 11:52:16 PM
#194150   $fitx https://www.zoominfo.com/c/creative-edge-nutrition-inc/356903236 Taurus69 02/15/20 02:05:49 PM
#194149   $fitx Cenergy Nutrition is one of the newest Taurus69 02/15/20 02:01:46 PM
#194148   $fitx Share Structure Taurus69 02/15/20 02:00:02 PM
#194147   $fitx Creative Edge Nutrit (FITX) Taurus69 02/15/20 01:58:49 PM
#194146   Fat Batty Addy still stinkin up DaJoynt. shajandr 02/12/20 10:49:39 PM
#194144   SMH - The fat one is trying to swingingRichard 02/07/20 02:36:23 PM
#194143   0.000001 -0.000009 (-90.00%) Way to go, "Bill" shajandr 01/17/20 04:22:49 PM
#194142   Wow a whole $1.30 paint job! Apenny 01/14/20 03:50:00 PM
#194141   Really? I haven't seen a single financial statement ChabaanFraud 01/08/20 02:04:09 PM
#194140   I tried to send you the contact information Greensmeans 01/02/20 10:24:33 AM
#194138   512-257-0460 # ozzy Norman posted try him ask Greensmeans 01/02/20 10:01:22 AM
#194137   A shareholder named Ozzy Norman on Facebook got Greensmeans 01/02/20 09:58:42 AM
#194136   A shareholder posted a telephone number in a Greensmeans 01/02/20 09:38:14 AM
#194135   Billy split it with Jimmy for the porn swingingRichard 12/31/19 09:06:47 PM
#194134   Some of it went to buy Bill a shajandr 12/31/19 01:52:17 PM
#194133   We are asking for prospectus for $fitx & Greensmeans 12/31/19 01:05:14 PM
#194132   I would love to see expense report figures Greensmeans 12/31/19 12:53:54 PM
#194131   0.000001 ? 0.0 (0.00%) shajandr 12/18/19 07:34:37 PM
#194130   What did you expect? shajandr 12/18/19 04:55:56 AM
#194129   6 years and still no products or prospectus Apenny 12/16/19 12:02:43 PM
#194128   CenBio has it's own board. swingingRichard 12/13/19 04:04:25 PM
#194127   Everybody will always think of Cen biotech as Greensmeans 12/13/19 09:46:41 AM
#194125   CenBio - nothing to do with FITX swingingRichard 12/12/19 01:42:38 AM
#194123   of course all this revenue, it's documented right? swingingRichard 12/12/19 12:55:59 AM
#194122   Lol plenty of revenue and ready to trade. Senator2020 12/12/19 12:23:29 AM
#194121   So a company with no money and zero ChabaanFraud 12/11/19 06:44:18 PM
#194120   With what? More shares? swingingRichard 12/11/19 04:58:32 AM
#194119   Not for long. They’re all slowly going broke. Senator2020 12/10/19 10:53:34 PM
#194118   You don't understand. Those cannabis sites all over swingingRichard 12/10/19 07:17:45 PM
#194117   Three trades per day. Billy and Randy and swingingRichard 12/10/19 05:57:40 PM
#194116   Hilarious. [pre] Summary Overall **************** swingingRichard 12/10/19 05:57:02 PM